NHL Rumor Mill – September 10, 2019

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The Ducks and Hurricanes are discussing a Justin Faulk trade. Get the details, plus an update on Mitch Marner, in today’s NHL rumor mill.


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman yesterday reported the Anaheim Ducks and Carolina Hurricanes have “intensely discussed” a deal that would send Justin Faulk to the Ducks. The 27-year-old defenseman is slated to become an unrestricted free agent next summer. Friedman reports the Ducks are interested in signing Faulk to a contract extension. However, they’re on his 15-team no-trade list. 

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Elliott Teaford reports the trade talks hinged on Faulk’s desire for a contract extension. His potential addition to the Ducks would bring them a much-needed right-hand shot to their blueline. With around $8.5 million in salary-cap space for this season, they can easily afford Faulk’s $4.83-million cap hit.

Could the Carolina Hurricanes ship Justin Faulk to the Anaheim Ducks? (Photo via NHL Images)

Teaford observers the Hurricanes need a right-winger after Justin Williams announced he was taking some time away from the game. 

NBC SPORTS: Adam Gretz cited the News & Observer’s Luke DeCock belief the two sides have a deal in place depending upon Faulk’s decision. DeCock noted the Hurricanes have long coveted Ondrej Kase and he’d be surprised if he wasn’t involved.

Gretz questions the Ducks’ interest in Faulk, believing it’ll take more to reverse their declining fortunes. He doubts Faulk will improve their struggling defense.

THE ATHLETIC: Eric Stephens reports a contract extension could be key to sealing a trade. He speculates the Ducks could be interested in making a trade now and working on a new contract later. Stephens believes Faulk’s next deal could be worth over $6 million per season.

If the Ducks are forced to part with Kase in this deal, Stephens doesn’t see that sitting well with some Ducks fans. Despite Kase’s injury history, he has 30-goal potential. Stephens also admits it’s questionable if Faulk can make the Ducks a playoff club.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s up to Faulk if this deal goes down.Their recent addition of Jake Gardiner suggests he won’t be part of their plans beyond this season. That could convince him to accept a trade, especially if the Ducks are willing to meet his asking price for his next contract.

I agree with Gretz that this move could be a short-sighted one for the Ducks. This is a club that must transition toward younger, affordable talent. The addition of Faulk won’t guarantee a playoff berth. Even if they make it, they could face long odds getting past the opening round. 


TSN: Barring a change in Mitch Marner’s contract talks, Darren Dreger believes the Toronto Maple Leafs winger will head to Switzerland to train with the Zurich Lions. Earlier this month, Leafs GM Kyle Dubas said he remains hopeful of getting Marner re-signed before training camp opens and isn’t interested in trading the youngster. It’s believed the Leafs offered between roughly $9 million to $11-million annually on three, six, and seven-year deals.

BOSTON GLOBE: Kevin Paul Dupont recently noted the Toronto Star’s Damien Cox suggesting the Leafs should consider trading Marner for young, promising (and affordable) talent, such as a top-four defenseman and a top-six forward. Dupont doubts many clubs could currently afford to pay Marner $11 million annually. Only Colorado, Winnipeg and Columbus could afford to do so and they have restricted free agents of their own to re-sign.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Blue Jackets’ re-signing of Zach Werenski yesterday takes them off that list. Yes, a creative GM could find a way to take on Marner by sending some salaried talent to the Leafs, but that’s easier said than done. If we take Dubas at his word, he has no intention of trading the youngster so making a pitch would be a pointless endeavor right now.


  1. Here’s my suggestion on getting a response from Mitch Marner and handler.

    TML organization should announce the Captain of the team be it, John Tavares; Auston Matthews and or Morgan Rielly for the foreseeable future.

    Sign a lucrative deal or ask for a trade.

    End of ” News cycle”.

  2. Bob Mackenzie recently said “I keep hearing people say three-year bridge deal will work best for Mitch Marner in TOR. Perhaps. Many throw around $9M or 10M AAV but critical question is what is the Year 3 number? If it’s $12M or $13M and TOR has to qualify at that level and he’s one year from UFA, well…

  3. While the Jackets could, conceivably, offer Toronto Savard, Murray, or another defenseman and a forward for Marner – thus clearing cap space – the oft repeated rumors that he wants a 4 year, high salary ($9 million + per) make it a no go. The Jackets are not giving up that much talent for someone who will, likely, walk away as a UFA in a few short years.

    • @Paul.
      good point and after 3 important UFA had no interest to stay in Columbus.

      • I wouldn’t look too much into that ds.
        Columbus is a very nice city.
        The 3 that departed were a pair of Russians who wanted beaches and the big stage, and a guy who already built a house in the city which he desired to be in.
        Absolutely, very little wrong with living in Columbus Ohio.

      • @shoreorrpark
        Would still make management skeptical of a short term deal to a player might walk. And mix in with some players not wanting to play for Torts….

        Offer Point a long term deal…. instantly shifts the power of the divison and Tampa’s forward depth..but everyone loves to play in the bay…

      • ds. Solid points. No argument here.
        Location is, and has always been very important.
        The factors are numerous.
        I believe that’s why the Habs have so much trouble attracting free agents. To make matters worse,
        GMMB often trades guys who want to be there. Like PK, Shaw, and Patches.
        I’d personally take living in TB, as opposed to Montreal or Columbus or about 20+ other cities for that matter.

    • Paul, Marner would be a nice replacement for Panarin, even if he only signs for 4 years. Wouldn’t consider that a few short years since there’s no guarantee anyone you give up will still be with team then either. Savard and Murray both ufa in 2 years.

  4. It’s all in the magic of math

    I truly believe that MM would like a term exactly like AM’s and that is far more important to him and his camp than the exact $ amount …. at 5 years his next contract is then on the same negotiating timetable as WW and AM

    Setting that aside a bridge deal is better for MM than 7 or 8

    The media has reported an offer by Leafs of 3 years just shy of 9

    With what happened yesterday wrt Werenski’s and the magic of math; the following scenario is not out of the realm of possibilities

    GMKD to MM…. $8 M SB; 3 years Sal each at $6.1…. Total contract = $26.3 M; AAV (Cap hit) $8.8M

    MM …. I’ll take the $8.8 AAV but I want it structured :

    $12 SB, 19/20 $700 K; 20/21 $1.6 M; 21/22 $12M… Total $26.3 … Cap/AAV $8.8M

    GMKD…. “No thanks”

    Public hears and reports that 3 year offer at close to 9 is offered by Leafs and not accepted and the public dumps on MM and pegs him as greedy and asking for more than he’s worth

    I will repeat and be transparent here; I don’t challenge any player for negotiating for what they feel they are worth especially if they are the leading point getter on the team and witnessed (1) a far inferior (production and talent wise) player hold team management at bay last fall and become successful in a contract higher in value than he’s worth ; and (2) his good friend rewarded an extremely lucrative contract that walks him to UFA at 26 ; mostly due to the capitulation of the contract deal listed in #1 above

    What’s the difference in the two $8.8 M deals..,

    GMKD offer …. end of year 3 Qualifying Offer (QO) is $6.1…. in essence only guaranteeing $32.4 M over 4 years ….$8.1 M

    MM Offer requires QO Of $12M…. 4 years $38.3 M… AAV $9.6 M

    All in the magic of math

    I repeat … we as Leafs fans are in this mess all due to the GMKD capitulation with WW last December

    If WW sits; he prob gets $6M or less; and AM contract definitely comes in <$11M and MM is already signed for a reasonable Cap hit; plus likely many of those current RFAs are not still holding out

    🤞🙏 that his contract gets signed very soon

    BTW… if the above offer and counter offer scenario did happen …. a workable deal would be $11 M year 3? Y/N?

    • You can’t seriously believe Dubas caved to Willy Pengy…or do you…he maybe got another 300k…that is not caving.

      • Hi Gary

        I absolutely believe he caved/capitulated

        It has less to do with price

        WW camp (lead by his father) was holding out

        After say Nov 1st (I’m just giving an arbitrary date here) then there was likely only relatively small amount in $’s apart or term was not agreeable

        However after that point GMKD should have made him sit the year…. I don’t say this in retrospect ; I said it then and readily posted about it…. many times

        By signing WW at the last minute left GMKD in a disadvantage over future negotiations

        If he made WW sit; then the AM deal is less; MM IMHO is already signed at less than what has been stated ; and WW is traded OR signed for much less and perhaps even to a term that GMKD was pushing for

        Again , not all about $’s/term in the WW deal but capitulating left GMKD with less bargaining power in the future

        He should never have caved

        Now he is having trouble negotiating with a far better player

      • Pengy, WN called Dubas at the 11th hour to get a deal done. I would say that indicates he caved and Dubas was willing to let him sit.
        Agree with Gary that it isn’t much of an overpay, if any over the term of the deal.
        We shall see how it works out, but IMO WN is a very good player on a fair contract.
        Long term deals with young players are always risky, but if they believe in the player, like I do, then I think it might be a bargain in a few years.

      • Hi Ray

        It still caused the situation that we are in now

        $7M per for WW might be worth it in 3 or 4 years (yes 4 and 5 of contract) but it wasn’t last year and I don’t believe it will this year

        I truly believe that if he sat; his contract ends up being closer to 6 per to start this season AND AM > $11M and/or NOT for a term of 5 and walk to UFA; AND MM already signed

        We’ll see how this plays out


  5. Werenski’s qualifying offer is $7m at the end of the 3 year deal. Provorov are you watching ?
    Can’t see a solution to Marner’s situation . For all our sake I hope it does not drag on and for Mitch’s sake he doesn’t get hurt in Europe.
    Not sure what the Canes need in return for Faulk. The Ducks have quite a few young prospect forwards . Kase has to prove he can get through a season. I would prefer Terry Jones Comtois or Steele and some form of a pick

  6. I want Leafs to trade Marner, not to make a point but to improve the TML…..he is wildly overrated, largely due to fancy-dan skills that often leave him and his teammates stranded and not able to play D. To oilers for Nurse and Puljularvi (SP)

    • Hi Jon

      I wouldn’t trade MM

      Leafs big need long term is D (only Reilly on board past next July)

      Leafs can improve by trading WW …. for a early/mid 20’s DMan either at or trending to top 3D / top 4D…. and come out with extra cap space

      Trading MM … rids team of top point getter and sends message that they value the highly underperforming (and overpaid ) WW more

      I don’t think they will trade MM… there was no need to take on another LTIR contract if they had any thought whatsoever of trading him

      🤞🙏 for a quick signing

  7. Trade Marner, not to make a point but to improve TML.

  8. re: Faulk, I can’t imagine why he’d OK a trade to a team on his no-trade list, just to sign an extension.

    He’s a year away from free agency, why forego that?

  9. Hi Lyle,

    A team does not have to actually have 11 million in Cap space to sign Marner.

    For eg the Habs have only just over 6$ million.
    But were they to send Drouin to Toronto (just an eg, and no!, I do NOT think this is a credible trade) in the deal, then they do have the space to make the trade.

    I haven’t looked very closely, but I do suspect there are more trade possibilities than the three Dupont listed.

    imo, they the Leafs will sign the guy.

    • Rattus, I believe teams can be as much as 10% over cap but must comply by day 1. Even then I’ve heard they can be over but there’s penalties. Maybe Lyle knows

  10. For anyone that read morning coffee report on Zacha. Friedman just reported that He has agreed to an extension in NJ. No deal in khl

    • He also said it wasn’t official yet but heading in that direction. Either way looks like he’s returning to the Devils.

      • Official 3 years. 6.75 m

      • Official. 3 years. 6.75

  11. If Carolina trades Faulk after already trading Calvin de Haan they will have a much softer defense than they had last season.

  12. What I don’t understand is how does this stuff get leaked? Why does public need to know this? (like Kessel for Dumba or whomever) Now, Faulk is being made bum? All we know is Faulk is being shopped. How does he feel? Unless it’s an agent.

  13. Marner: Next: I”m tired of Mitch and his father and his agent too. Lindros 2.0 is all this has become.

    The team leaves for NFLD on Thursday I think it is to begin training camp. Let the rock star skate overseas

    Let him sit KD; or trade him to some s**th*le place, grab your assets from that team for him and let the runt throw his weight around there..

    You,KD allowed WW to bully you into signing him by DEC 01. How did that turn out? You overpaid JT, but he was a UFA and did deliver too but part of the reason he signed here was because MM pitched long and hard for him to come here too and you overpaid AM and now look at the mess you are in?

    & somehow, Shanahan, who oversaw all this, has clean hands on all this?

    Ya ok, whatever. Have a great day everybody

    • MM singing “Joey” (Concrete Blonde) in 5…4…3….

    • All part of the Shanascam, I mean plan.

  14. So say Marner skates in Europe and God forbid he gets hurt there, what happens?
    How is training in Europe any different than being a practice camp?
    I’m genuinely not certain here and hoping someone can clear this up

    • He’s without contract.
      If he signs in Europe or the NHL there will be insurance paid for by the team.
      If he doesn’t sign and just practices in Europe he’s probably liable to foot the insurance costs himself.
      Either way, he needs insurance just in case.
      This is merely a guess on my part.

    • Without a contract, I don’t believe the nhl or nhlpa allows him to even be in the building for Toronto. Never mind skating or practicing.

  15. Phila rumor. Provorov and Konecny to tml for Marner. Fits both teams needs. Saves tml money, fills 2 spots and allows the Flyers to promote 2 more of their prospects

    • Complete pass on that. A #1 or 2 defenceman plus 2nd line winger? Both with huge upsides? For Mitch the B*tch Marner?

      Flyers have already had their Bonnie and Carl.Trade rejected with malice.

      Your deal doesnt fit any “need” for the Flyers and certainly wouldnt save the Leafs any money once Vyle Dumbass resigned them.

      Fletcher blocks your ph # and sends your trade proposal straight to his Spam box.

  16. Leave should trade marner for Taylor hall and check for faulk.

  17. Marner to Columbus for either seth jones straight up or Josh Anderson, savard and 1st

    • CBJ would not trade Jones for Marner.

      If you had to pick one Defenseman to be the #1 for the next decade I have Seth Jones as a top5 easy

  18. Sign then trade based on what Columbus is prepared to accept

  19. So MM is better than WN. is he 3-5m better on a shorter deal, I dont think so. MM is a really good player but is a bit overrated because he plays in Tornto. The Athletic did several pieces before the summer and I think they had a fair price at 9-9,5 at 6-8 years, anything over 10 would be overpayment. In my book that sounds about right but I do have him higher than MR since he has McKinnon as center

  20. if CAR needs right side scoring

    LA should offer Tiffoli (32) for Faulk (27)

    move 32 yr old Martinez (RD) for picks and depth up front and cap space

    salary and cap are pretty close
    Faulk @ 4.83
    Tiffoli @ 4.6

    makes good sense to me

    Faulk anchors the new 2nd pairing behind Doughty

    and give him the extension . Age 27 gets him a nice 5 year deal.