NHL Rumor Mill – September 12, 2019

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The latest on Mitch Marner, Charlie McAvoy, Brandon Carlo, and Jesse Puljujarvi in today’s NHL rumor mill.


TSN: Darren Dreger tweeted the Toronto Maple Leafs were persistent in pushing for a seven- or eight-year contract for Mitch Marner. “The $11 mil per offer was made in June and included the $1.6 mil in B bonuses Toronto wouldn’t pay Marner in his entry-level contract. 3 yr ext remains the focus.”

No end in sight in the contract standoff between Mitch Marner and the Toronto Maple Leafs (Photo via NHL Images).

Dreger’s colleague Bob McKenzie replied those numbers “help to illustrate why it is so difficult to see a path to a Mitch Marner contract settlement any time soon.” He adds those long-term offers by the Leafs were around $11 million annually. Because they were lower than Auston Matthews’ AAV, they weren’t palatable to the Marner camp.

McKenzie feels a three-year bridge deal is a logical solution. However, “because Marner wants an AAV in the $9M to $10M universe and the third year (base for QO) would be substantially higher, TOR has no incentive to do the bridge at those numbers.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: While a resolution is always possible it appears both sides have dug in their heels. This could drag on into the regular season just like William Nylander’s negotiations a year ago.

If social media is anything to go by, this isn’t sitting well with Leafs Nation. It seems to be costing Marner a lot of goodwill among Leafs fans, though all will be forgiven and forgotten if he re-signs soon. The longer this drags on, the uglier it could get. 


NBC SPORTS BOSTON: Joe Haggerty reports Bruins general manager Don Sweeney said contract talks are ongoing with defensemen Charlie McAvoy and Brandon Carlo. Haggerty believes the three-year, $15-million contract signed by Zach Werenski with the Columbus Blue Jackets earlier this week will affect McAvoy’s negotiations. McAvoy could get a similar bridge deal if a long-term contract can’t be worked out, while Carlo could get $3-$4 million annually on a three-year deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The key to the Werenski deal is he gets a much higher actual salary in the final season of his new deal ($7 million) than the annual average value of $5 million. That means his next qualifying offer will be $7 million, regardless of his performance. If the Bruins pitch something similar, that could prove enticing to McAvoy and Carlo.


EDMONTON JOURNAL: Derek Van Diest reports Oilers GM Ken Holland hasn’t received any decent offers for Jesse Puljujarvi and is willing to let this situation play itself out. The 21-year-old winger is playing in Finland waiting for the Oilers to action his trade request. Holland believes there are teams interested in Puljujarvi but things have gone quiet in recent weeks. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Oilers don’t sign Puljujarvi or trade him to a club willing to sign him, he becomes ineligible for the remainder of this NHL season. However, Puljujarvi isn’t a core player so his absence won’t hurt the Oilers’ performance this season. It wouldn’t surprise me if he spends the entire season in Finland. The Oilers will still hold his NHL rights.


  1. Reading the comment section late last night I want to reply to Ray Bark comment about MM.

    Ray states facts of MM being fourth on Toronto with scoring chances and his point total went up more then JT

    Here are some more numbers PPG MM 1.15, JT 1.07, AM 1.07 +/- MM +22, JT +19, AM -9 Toi MM 19:49, JT 19:05, AM 18:33
    s% MM 11.2 JT 16.4, AM 14.7

    Yes MM points went up but maybe that’s just his natural progression of only being in the league for three years and not yet fully develop.
    Clearly by the numbers MM doesn’t need as many offensive opportunities as JT and AM to be more productive then both of them. Judging by his TOI Babcock prefers him on the ice over the other two and MM is a much better defensive player then AM. Just a reminder last year MVP played RW.

    • I don’t know how you can say that MM is a much better defensive player than AM. To me, that is absolutely ridiculous to say. Matthews is a full 200′ player. Plus, you get paid for goals in this league as they are the hardest things to come by. Matthews is the top scoring 5 on 5 player on the planet, that is why he is worth more than Marner. Harder position to play, and he scores goals.

      • Pretty easy too see the Marner is a fair bit better defender and all around and all around player, I’m pretty sure Tavares hit 40 goals for the first time with Marner

      • Anders Lee hit 40 goals playing with Tavares, couldn’t hit 30 without him.
        Marner and Tavares complement each other, simply as that. Neither’s success can be separated from one another
        Matthews plays with a rotating set of wingers.
        Lets call a spade a spade fellas

      • 40 goals with Tavares also comes with a plus minus of -25. 28 goals under Trotz came with a plus 20. It’s much harder to score goals when you are actually playing defense. If you credit Tavares for Lees 12 extra goals then he also had something to do with the 45 goal difference in plus minus

      • I agree brettzky marner is way better on the defensive side at 22 than Tavares ever was or will be, it’s funny leaf fans don’t take the defensive side into it? Let alone marner lead the team in points also the last 2 seasons! I’m glad marner is holding out for Matthews money, I’ve said from the start he is as important or more than Matthews

      • @Brent I can say based on the stat of MM +22 and AM -9 it is clear who is more responsible defensively. Funny how you then say it doesn’t matter because AM scores more goals.
        Personally I take AM over MM but I’m not discounting MM contribution to the leaf overall success just because he didn’t sign as of date.

  2. We can knock another off the RFA list with the signing of Lemieux by the NYR. Details are apparently still being confirmed by CapFriendly – it’s either their qualifying offer of $874,125 or, as reported by TVA Sports, $925,000.

    Yesterday I posted a revised list of RFAs still to be signed and, with the demotion of Beleskey and an added $1 mil to their cap space, making it $2,085,201, moved Lemieux and DeAngelo up to the first grouping of players I thought would sign before or during camp.

    Depending upon which figure is correct for Lemieux, they now have either $1,211,076 or $1,160,201 to sign DeAngelo who’s coming off an ELC of $863,333 and a 4g 26a 30 pt season in 61gp. This might drop him back down to the second list of players I see missing all of camp and part of – or all – the season if his demands continue to be in excess of $1.5 mil.

    • NYR4life has a closer grasp of the NYR than most in here – would like to hear this thoughts on DeAngelo. Deemed as a necessary up-and-comer or someone they could manage without for a time?

      • I will jump in too ..Tony D’s last third of the season was solid and consistent. I would of thought after getting Quinn’s confidence finally he would just sign a one year deal and then cash in if he stays at this level next summer

      • Thanks ds. His production certainly looks good as it projects to a 40 pts over 82 gp and his D was obviously adequate with a +6. What do you see as a fair deal to get him signed?

      • Hey George! Popular opinion seems to be whoever’s in that slot, be it DeAngelo or someone else, will be burdened with the task of lugging Marc Staal around the ice all season. This assumes they don’t put Staal with one of Skjei or Trouba, the assumed top pair. If not DeAngelo, that leaves someone like Foxx or Brendan Smith (who will likely spend a significant part of the season in Hartford). Think I’d rather give that assignment to ADA.

      • I agree with Ds on a one year deal. Deangelo has value, because NY doesn’t have another rd ready to jump in.

        My biggest concern with Deangelo is his temper / self control. He has a tendency to easily lose control , take bad penalties. He has to learn to control himself.

        I’ve never been a huge fan, but last years play has turned me around a bit. I think he’s a guy that could put up 50 points in 82 games. He put up 30 in 61 on a much worse team last year. Averaging 19 minutes a game.

        IF and that’s a big IF , he practices a little self control….he could earn a much better contract.

        Until then, he needs to prove himself on a one year deal.
        The guy was traded twice before the ink on his elc was dry…. extremely unusual for a right handed d-man drafted in the 1st round.

        Unless NY is totally blown away by Fox, My guess is he’s signed before camp.

        I don’t know that I’d put that much stock in Fox at this point.

      • Thanks for the clarifications chaas and NYR4Life. Puts that holdout in a whole new light given the state of their D. So the question remains, is what they have left in cap[ space sufficient in your minds for a 1-tyear deal? or do they need to make another roster adjustment to accommodate him?

      • Thanks Slick62. That’s interesting too in that, according to Brooks, the deal for Lemieux is indeed $925,000 but, more importantly, he shows Gorton’s remaining cap space to be considerably more, saying “Following the Lemieux signing, the Rangers have approximately $2.6 million in cap space relating to a shadow roster that includes two goaltenders, 13 forwards and five defensemen (and assumes Brendan Smith will be assigned to AHL Hartford).”

        If that happens they should have enough to get DeAngelo signed … but wow, with Beleskey already shown as demoted, they’d be paying to guys $6,250,000 to play in Hartfordf (?). Shades of Wade Redden. And if DeAngelo uses up the bulk of that $2.6 mil Brooks claims they’ll have, there will be no wiggle room and no way they could bring up Beleskey or Smith in the event of short-term injuries.

        The holes these guys have created for themselves as GMs keep getting deeper and deeper.

      • George, I don’t think Smith will go down, especially if they decide to go with a 22 man roster. Keeping him as a 7th D or a 4th line wing is an option. I don’t see them dressing more than 1-2 rookies on defense. And the savings don’t make a huge difference since you’ll be replacing him with another guy, even if it’s on an elc.. I don’t see DeAngelo getting much more than a million. With his past, it would be in his best interest to sign a 1 year deal for whatever they’re willing to give him

      • I should mention that chaas already alluded to the Smith demotion earlier today in this thread.

      • I hope Smith goes down. I just have a weird feeling they keep him up. Besides using him at forward, he plays both sides.

      • with D you can never have too many. Today I heard that Wolanin suffered a shoulder (torn labrum) injury after “slipping on the ice: that projects to keep him out of Ottawa’s line-up for 4 months. That, apparently, opens the door a bit wider for Branbstrom to crack the line-up

  3. Mitchell Marner benefited from William Nylander being out of the lineup thus padding his increased production in points total..

    Truth be told my sense is Marner’s camp is most likely upset that “TML and management ” will not trade William Nylander to sign him for whatever money and term. There’s definitely a narcissistic element in Marner’s demand to be paid equal or more than both Auston Matthews and John Tavares.

    I surmise in my opinion that William Nylander will immediately impact negatively in Marner’s total point production as was demonstrated last year lining up with John Tavares and skating extra minutes in the Special Team. Easy enough to prove: https://www.nhl.com/player/mitchell-marner-8478483?stats=gamelogs-r-nhl&season=20182019 and look at the log from October to end of November.

    Mitch Marner had 36 points prior to William Nylander signing.

    Mitch and handlers must know that the gig is up! TML organization check mated his camp. The money’s he wants is not available. There’s simply no putting the genie back in the bottle in this juncture. Kyle Dubas left with no choice but to be transparent through the media. Kyle Dubas and Management team are just being polite for the perceived optics of this Contract debacle.

    • That makes no sense. The gig is up? Reportedly the leafs offered him 7 or 8 years at $11m clearly the gig is up.
      The only reason MM didn’t sign that deal is because he wants a 3 or 4 year deal and is betting on himself that his production will grow and he’ll demand more money on his next contract.
      Personally hope it drags on until the end of November or make him sit the year. I be very happy with that.

      • LOL. I always thought the term was “the jig is up.” Isn’t a gig an entertainer contract?

      • Yes George ..my bad! “Jig is up..

        Not used to using term. Spelling..

        Au contraire .

  4. A good article by Frank Seravelli today at TSN.ca showing how important it is for Winnipeg to sign Conner and Laine as quickly as possible.
    He uses William Nylander’s contract scenario from last year to illustrate how a drawn out negotiation bumps the cap hit in the first year of the new contract and how that would be a big problem for the Jets.
    Definitely worth a read.

    • That IS a good read highlighting details of which I certainly wasn’t aware following that portion of his article which says “There is a quirk in the NHL’s salary cap that when an RFA signs after the regular season has begun, the cap hit for the first year of their deal is higher than the remaining years of the deal.”

      The implications for the Jets could be devastating!

      Many thanks for the link BCLeafFan

      • Anyway, at least a pretty good one likes and wants to stay in the ‘Peg as they’ve inked Josh Morrisey to a long-term extension at $6.5 mil per to kick in next season.

    • Marner + ceci (50% retained) + mid round pick(s) for dumba and zucker.

      • Wendell17Higgins, most of us in here float trade scenarios based upon perceived team needs – some of them admittedly unlikely – but you keep coming up with deals involving Marner that can only be filed under “pipedream” – until there is a definitive statement stating exactly what Marner and his camp wants and expects – both money and term – there is simply no way any GM who values his job is going to buy a pig-in-a-poke.

      • That’s gonna be a hard pass from the Leafs camp sir

  5. Again I reiterate that I side with MM’s right to negotiate for what he feels is a contract that works for him

    I truly believe term is more important to him than virtual $’s…. I’m saying he wants a 5 year deal … to be in same negotiating window (next contract) as AM and WW

    that’s fair

    Media has got a hold of what he’s rejected and it’s turned many into believing he’s greedy

    If he under NO circumstances wants an 8 year deal and GMKD offers 8 * 12 and MM is reported as not accepting that he’s deemed greedy????

    What if the above proposal was offered and he countered with 5 @ $10.5… but the counter proposal is not reported ????

    This is all negotiations and stances …. when the contract is finalized and we see the end numbers then we can decide if it’s greedy

    WW did not get anywhere near the flak the MM is getting and IMHO MM is by far a better player everywhere on the ice in any circumstance

    Note : final contract that WW held out on …. $20 + M so far to play 54 reg season, 7 playoff games ….30 points

    I realize this production couldn’t have been foreshadowed ; but even if his production had increased by 10 % over previous rate …. the end result would have been around 50 points instead of 30…. for 20 + $M

    Let’s see what the contract works out to be in the end and I will join all then in lambasting him if it turns out exorbitant

    I personally would like to see a 3 year match to WW first 3 years….WW gets $27 M over first 3 years

    $27 M …. 9 Cap

    This kind of deal just might work for both sides:

    Yr1: $8 M SB, $2 M Sal
    Yr2: $4.6 SB , $0.7 M Sal
    Yr3: $11.7 M Sal

    Above contract and he makes less than WW in first 2 years; same as WW in 3 (but note 3 full seasons not 2 1/2) and then gets QO to match AM in AM’s 4th year (‘22/‘23)

    For argument sake let’s say he extends then for 8 * $12 M

    That’s 11 years AAV at $11.7M …. and $11.7 M in 6 years (28 yrs old) in his prime is much much less in relative percentage of overall cap than it is today; just sayin’

    Numbers , term, math …. leads to different perceptions and all in the bubble of speculation as to what he will sign for

    Let’s see what it finally comes out as and then decide if he warrants the apparent lynching that some fans seem game to do

    🙏🤞🙏🤞on a quick resolution

    • Pengy, 1st off, it seems that MM won’t accept $9 million per year on a 3 year deal. Second, this is precisely the structure that is unacceptable to Shanahan. Qualifying offer for a 4th year would be $11.7 million, and MM would also be entitled to arbitration rights. So, a minimum $37.8 million over 4 years, equivalent to $9.65 million per year, and at the end MM is a UFA.

      As Darcy Tucker said yesterday, Mitch needs to decide where he wants to play. If it’s Toronto, then he likely has to accept the fact that he won’t be paid as much as he wants.

      Leafs Nation sees through all the BS. This is all about Mitch’s dad demanding that his son be paid like AM. These greedy people need to be given a dose of reality. There is a finite cap and, at this stage, Dubas should not have to disrupt the roster to accommodate MM. That would negate all the summer moves Kyle made to strengthen the team for a shot at the cup.

      • That should be $38.7 million / $9.675 per year

      • Hi H of the G

        Yes fully agree with ur points re: 3 year with high QO…. crappy ; has a chance to walk in 4 …. but that’s “cup half empty” viewpoint ; “cup half full” …. might say opportunity to extend/renegotiate as early as 1/7/21

        However I’m sorry but I disagree with the other main points

        This is all about perception , speculation and reporting

        Again, we’ve predominantly been given reports on what he has turned down …. and they are always for terms that are inequitable/not conducive to him … his rights to bargain for a term that he wants

        Since the reports are always what he turns down he’s been earmarked greedy

        We’ve no idea what he’s really countered with (I’m pretty confident that most if not all counter offers are for 5 years)

        For instance …. would anybody call him greedy if he countered GMKD’s offer of $11M * 8 with $9 M * 5…. methinks not

        We just don’t know for sure what his offer back has consistently been

        I stand firm on his right to bargain for the term and contract that he feels he is worth

        Until I see the final ink I reserve my opinion on “greedy” , “fair”, “ripped off”, whatever

        We’ve all seen WW’s contract …. that to me was (then at time of signing) and remains ; overpayment …. over $20 M for 60 games … regardless of stats

        I remain with hopes for a quick resolution


      • Well said and I agree with everything you expressed.

        Kyle Dubas and Management team in my opinion put together a well thought out plan to strengthen the Overall team composition and still leave ample dollars in re-signing Mitch Marner to no avail.

        It’s a bit of faith as TML will be able to see what they have in the players signed and plenty of $$ to upgrade and wheel and deal as they see fit to achieve a better result playing deep into the playoffs.

        I’m pessimistic in Mitch Marner ever suiting up for the Toronto Maple Leafs and I’m personally okay with it.

        It’s a TEAM first and not a narcissistic “I’m the best” – regardless of where he lands.
        His flawed representation and camp should have accepted a more than “fair value” deal in back June.

      • Dubas brought all this on himself let’s be realistic fellas! He left marner to long and he’s paying for it, marner is well worth matthews money

      • Seems pretty foolish for Dubas to throw all his careful plans away because he won’t let the player have a deal that takes him to ufa. Leafs fans should be livid with him.

  6. I still say Toronto made screwed up on the Mathews deal I have no problem with Tavares getting 11 he earned it and plenty of teams would have paid that. Mathews hasn’t proven anything yet sure he is an exciting young great player but every team has those and none are making 11.6. Marner now wants to compare himself to Mathews which is up to him but what about all the other young studs who make under 8 million who are just as good. Leafs can’t keep over paying or will have to find a lot of 700k contracts for many years to come.

    • Obe, couldn’t agree more when you say “or will have to find a lot of 700k contracts for many years to come ..” which is more or less equivalent to the term I’ve used often when describing top-heavy teams in terms of the cap % – “they’ll need a bunch of guys named Joe.”

      Edmonton immediately jumps to mind every time as a classic example. And the problem with that approach is, when some of those 700k guys named Joe have good years and come up for RFA negotiations, we’ll wind up with even more stand-offs than the league is experiencing at this writing. It’s inevitable and surely the legions of figure-filbert number-crunchers hired by just about every team can see the writing on the wall!

    • Hi Obe

      Agree AM deal is problematic …. can walk in 5

      AM contract is a result of, IMO, GMKD capitulating last Dec…. Domino effect

      If WW sat the year IMO :

      1) Leafs still out round 1
      2) WW eventually signs for less and maybe better term
      3) AM signs for less and/or term more favourable to Leafs
      4) MM already signed for a reasonable $/term
      5) Camp opens with full roster ; more Cap room than they will eventually have this year
      6) *Since MM has signed; many of the current hold out RFAs already signed
      7) * due to 6 above ; perhaps Aho would have been extended before any offer sheet … no offer sheets!

      Speculation yes… but with valid underlying rationalization

      • Who is “WW”?

      • Hi LeafsAdvocate

        WW … Wee Willy and sometimes Wee William (Nylander) as coined by Joe Bowen a couple of years ago

        Sorry … single finger typing on iPhone … I take shortcuts where I can


    • @ OBE: Agreed: Tavaras, as a well documented UFA getting $11 million per season is understandable and being a #1 centre was worth every nickel offered him.

      Matthews, should have been offered $9.5-10.5 tops..with likely $10 over 5-6 years which then would probably have resulted in none of this present who will flinch first scenario.

      I don’t blame Matthews for signing that deal; nor do I blame Marner taking his position either. But sadly, the pay structure on TML has become unbalanced; and that is on both Dubas and Shanny for allowing this to become a needless media circus.

      Dubas today stated in his ” speech to the press” that from here on in, he’s not talking about Marner until he is signed. Well good luck with that Kyle.

      Frankly, IMO, the pay structure should have been, for chat sake, $11 for Tavy, $10 for Matthews, $9 for Marner..plus or minus $500k thereabouts for each of Matthews and Marner.

      So now, only two dates matter; Season opener..with or without Marner…Dec 01…with or without Marner..all the rest in between? Just a lot of methane.

  7. Hi George re Ur RFA list … thanks …. always good to see that summary

    Simple math now ….. add all players up on Rosters on CF…. 15 spots left … 16 RFAs …. of which I truly believe 15 will be NHL contracts (not 100 % sure on Maenalanen with Canes)

    That means UFAs have to be looking at filling LTIR spots … certainly only 7 or 8 LTIRs out for entire year

    So if EVERY team starts with 23 …. 25 + UFAs (that played in NHL last year) vying for about 7-8 slots; including a dozen or more of them 33 and older

    Results….. retirement parties; bargain basement (BB) contracts and some depressed UFAs heading overseas

    Some team(s) is/are going to get McQ or Hutton or Vanek or Boyle at a BB deal

    I’d love Pens to get Hutton and/or McQ in one of those truly BB deals …. but Jimbo has to make a move first just to get Pettersson signed

    • Pengy, I don’t see a spot for Maenalanen on the Canes roster. He is good enough to play in the NHL and deserves a shot with another team.

      • Thanks GP

        I had no real knowledge of him

        So if he takes an NHL spot … one more UFA won’t get an NHL contract …. another chance at a BB deal

      • Carolina is shown in CapFriendly with 24 at the ML level and are currently $1,554,791 over the cap. So, signing and fitting a guy on the ML roster currently shown on their minor league roster isn’t a priority, as that would mean they have to demote 2 players to get under the cap.

        Coming off an ELC of $925,000 I don’t see any evidence that he deserves a shot in the NHL – 4g 4a in 34 NHL games, Nor was he much better in the AHL – 31gp 7g 7a 14 pts

    • Whoever picks up Hutton is going to be happy they did. He is a solid 3rd pairing guy who can play 2nd pair minutes when required.

      • Hi BG

        And …. he’s going to come in at a pretty fair Cap hit 👍👍

      • I hope youre not referring to legendary ex Canuck turnover machine Ben Hutton.

      • I know you hate him Ron

        Your talking to a guy who has lived a season nightmare with JJ

        Hutton in JJ out ….. F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C


    • There’s no need to worry about Penguins defensemen. Jack Johnson plays both sides. In fact, he plays them both on the same shift.

      • Hi Francis

        You took the words right out of my mouth … I uttered something like that probably 100 times over the season

        He cost Murray 3 shutouts last year by chasing his own D partner and the puck to his partner’s corner leaving a player uncovered in front of the net who ended up scoring

        I have an embolism every time his skates touch the ice

        He HAS to be traded ; sat; or waived/buried

        This is a must for Pens to have any shot at a deep playoff run

        Playing JJ as a reg could cost them their playoff streak


      • Francis & Pengy……Jack will be going one way or another it is just taking a little longer that’s all.

        He can’t be in the Penguins line-up next year at all.

        With Petterson getting better, Grudbranson who has been decent in Pittsburgh, AND this young Marino kid we traded for is coming fast…he mustl go.



      • Hoping and praying you are right Black NGold

        I truly believe there is a golden opportunity with Anaheim …. they are paying Kessler for doing nothing for 3 years until he retires

        A straight JJ and Kessler flip turns the cash strapped Ducks from paying $4 M in insurance payments over the next 3 years for nothing into a net of JJ for 4 years at $2M per

        Pens then put Kessler on LTIR and use the freed up JJ $’s to sign Pettersson

        Better still:

        Rust + JJ for Ritchie and Kessler …. waive Ruhweedel and Trottman

        Leaves Pens Sitting at cap space of $6.6 M

        Extend Pettersson and sign Hutton

        Tanger Dumo

        Shultz Hutton

        Gudbranson Pettersson


        Now ur talking !!!

      • Pengy and Blackngold

        Pengy and Blackngold

        Why trade Rust, even to send away JJ? He’s young, fast on a team that likes fast, plays either wing, scores some from either wing, and is one of the Penguins’ few right shots. Signing Tanev, a fourth-line left wing, for so much for so long seems dubious to me, but makes even less sense if it means he displaces Rust on the roster. Ritchie offers better pedigree, but less production than Rust, and adds another left wing. Where would he play? I’d like your viewpoints.

      • Marino is coming fast? He’s a former 6th round pick, traded for a 6th round pick…. from a team that desperately NEEDS a coming fast d-men!

        I wish I had 1/2 that optimism for NYs 2nd , 3rd round picks! Hell , to me …. the jury’s still out on Chytl, Andersson, Miller etc in NY and they’re 1st rounders!

        Broken record, a prospect is just a prospect until they’re not.

        It’s great to have potential, and be excited about potential. Let’s not get nuts here….

        Pittsburgh is ranked #31st with their prospect pool. The bottom 5 of the top 10 prospects consist of a 3rd rounder and four 5th rounders.

        It may be time to temper expectations a notch.

      • Hi Francis S

        In reality just grasping at straws to find a way … ANY WAY…..in which JJ doesn’t play

        I’m saying this in all seriousness

        There is absolutely ZERO chance at a cup if JJ plays as a regular …. he’s that bad

        Playing him as a reg imo has the Pens with about an equal chance of (1) out first round and (2) just missing the playoffs

        He has the worst XGADIFF less XGF diff one ice vs off ice ; in the entire league ….. over the entire year… Pens have a 20% better Chance of getting a goal for when JJ is off the ice than when he is on the ice

        Apparently the next worst in the league is a group almost 10 percentage points better… that’s in the entire league

        With the exception of Chad Ruhweedel (who did have worse stats playing with JJ) all other Pens had tremendously worse stats when JJ was in the ice with them

        Geno was hit really bad with stats while JJ was in with him

        JJ all by himself cost Pens 11 individual game points …. those 11 points would have put them 2nd in the entire league. As it turned out ; they made the playoffs by just 4 points

        JJ individually cost them 1 playoff game and was a significant contributor in another

        So yes…. losing a good player like Rust sucks and I see ur point wrt Ritchie …. but if that is what it takes …. so be it

        I was only adding a player to my suggested JJ for Kessler deal just to free up more space ; and if Rust is going I was just looking for a Duck that is reasonable to come back in the deal

        The extra player swap gives more cap room for the suggested Hutton on top of Pettersson extension

        If Jimbo can just swing Kessler for JJ ; put Kessler on LTIR; and waive Ruhweedel … leaves $3.8 M to extend Pettersson and bring up or sign a depth winger (to get to 14) at/near league min

        No matter what Jim says …. he cannot extend Pettersson AND start season with 23 players….

        They are $150 K over now ; 23 on roster … even burying a higher Cap player only frees up $1.08 M… leaving …. $858 K for Pettersson …. it’s just not happening


    • Pengy, CapFriendly just posted that Petterson has been signed for 1 year at $874,125 – and is an RFA again next year. That puts the Pens at 23 at the ML level and now $1,031,625 over the cap. Clearly, there is one demotion coming up – either that or a trade. I know what your deepest desire would be – but since that ain’t happening, who do you see sent down to make up that over-spending?

      • Hi George … ya saw it … see below

        Crazy and Nutty all in one

        24 on roster and 1.03 over … bury JJ …. done for opening day … still need to make long time move

        Other than that …. it’s another player making > $1.03 million (if so max buried is lesser of actual cap cap and $1.08 M) or two lesser contracts …. starting at 22 on roster

        Pure logic solutions :

        Best …. trade JJ for 7th rounder a few years from now; frees up $3.25 M in space… so Cap space at about $2.2 M… 23 on Roster

        Next best … JJ for Kessler ; Kessler immediately in LTIR … cash wise more expensive than above but same cap savings

        Next best … bury JJ … basically leaves them with about 5K in space … unsustainable

        Next : send down Trottman ; waive Ruhweedel … 22 on roster … only 395 K in space… again unsustainable

        No matter what … a move still has to be made

        My gut if nothing trade-wise happens is that GMJR sends down Trottman and waives Riikkola … for whatever reason Jimmy blindly believes that JJ and Ruhweedel are better than Riikola ????… still unsustainable with only 22 and right up against Cap

        He HAS to make a trade

        There’s always … JJ wearing Hossa’s gloves 😁

  8. Dumbass and Boobcock gone by Christmas.

    • Wanna bet, Ron?

  9. MM is digging a hole…..and that is fine by me: he is overrated simply on the points piece, and he is not worth what Matthews got, not yet. Matthews by every account will be, if healthy, a contender for MVP and Ross…Mitch is a guy that the other team can plan for, as the Bruins did games four through seven. If camp opens, as it will, without MM then there is a serious risk that MM will not play in the NHL this year. Can’t trade him because no GM is going to touch the agent and dad. Whatever happened to the joy of playing for home town team? That was the ploy used to get some love for MM that, to be honest, his value to the team does not warrant. He would be better off taking a deal with less money for now and if he is as good as he and his dad thin, in five years he will get a boatload! Babs and Dubas need to focus on making this team, right now, as good as possible!

    • Marner is easily worth matthews money! All around a better player! And with Matthews shoulders he might never play a whole season

  10. Morrisey 8 @ $6.25 M…. that is a fair contract IMO

    • Jets fans are ecstatic to see him extended to 8years, and 6.5 (approx) is a great number for a #1 d. It is still baffling that Trouba got 8 from NY.

      • Great deal for the Jets!

      • 2.0 I hope you’re not implying that Morrisey in as good or better then Trouba, because that simply isn’t accurate. Trouba was Winnipeg number 1 dman last year and mainly because big buff missed time. This isn’t to say Trouba worth $8m but $7 or $7.5
        Yes this is a god deal for both, player and team and could be a much better deal for the Jets in Josh continues his growth .

    • Pengy..like the way you are thinking there with the Ritchie & Kessler stuff….here’s hoping!!!

      Johnson could fit bottom pairing on some western conference teams…the game is slower out there.

      he just doesn’t fit Pittsburgh’s get it up quick first pass style.

      Anaheim, Los Angeles, Detroit, maybe even Arizona bottom pairing..

      Here a deal is pending with Pettersson super soon once that happens (he is going to camp) then moves will happen Johnson maybe Rust

      • BlackNGold

        I’m hoping for Christmas to come early this year

  11. “Puljujarvi isn’t a core player so his absence won’t hurt the Oilers’ performance this season.

    His absence wont hurt the oilers season, their roster will.

    • Boom!

  12. Marner and his Daddy are fools, starting all these hard feelings is going to lose Mitch a lot of endorsement money. If he seriously turned down 116,000 million Canadian over 8 years his agent and Daddy are fools. What does he think he’s going to make when cap goes up? 15 million per year, league max? Sure the cap goes up sometimes but never as fast as salary go up. Marner couldn’t hold McDavid’s jock strap or even Kucherov ‘s. I would let him sit out all season and lose millions in endorsements and 10 million in contract pay. Oh boo hop he didn’t get rookie bonus…people who should be upset are Leafs fans who watched him only get 4 playoff points in 7 games, superstars don’t bomb like that.

    • Well, you certainly make no bones about how you feel on the issue Matt. At least – and here I assume you’re certain your perception is the correct one – you didn’t then advocate trading him somewhere for some quality 1st-pairing D + as some have done in these pages.

    • Do the star players of the TML really make millions through endorsements in the GTA?
      Serious question here.
      I honestly dont believe Sam the record man or Crazy Als used cars pay that kind of smack for a terrible local commercial or a cardboard cutout near their business.

      • Hi ShoreOrrPark (love the handle BTW)

        Yep …. it’s not necessarily local advertisers but more national ad campaigns with a huge ad blast in Toronto (NHLs biggest hockey market)…. Advertisers pay more …. so they pay the athletes the big bucks

        Most of the remuneration I’m assuming is in the residuals … more ads shown in the GTA …. more residual $’s

        It’s not Sid Ad money but pretty lucrative I would think

      • Thanks Pengy!
        I guess it also depends on what merch/business said player would be endorsing.
        Say Apple vs Chang’s fruit baskets.
        I’m genuinely surprised that they’re encroaching on seven figures to be honest.

      • Eddie Shack advertised for SAM the Man at one point … LOL

      • Crosby and McKinnon still shill for Tim Horton’s! I don’t imagine they’re making millions off that either.

  13. Wow oh wow oh wow

    JIM Rutherford has absolutely stolen a deal

    Pettersson needs to fire his agent… now

    1 year 875 K…. ARE U SERIOUS!!!

    Twice as many goals; twice as many assists as JJ . Pettersson metrics off the charts compared to JJ. Pettersson PLUS 17.

    JJ is getting $4 M this year

    Pettersson just $175 K over league min


    • Pengy is that true 1 year $675,000???? Petersson???

      It helps us maybe there is a handshake in place for next season……. between JR and agent..

      i think Schultz and J.J will be gone next season for sure so????

      i thought $2.1 to $2.5 ???

      • Hi BlackNGold

        $875 K…. a steal… a huge steal

        Yes … I thought $2 – $2.5 on a bridge

        Pettersson has let his agent talk him into a contract that leaves him very vulnerable

        The least of which …. he’s now an extremely valuable trade chip …. who would not want to trade for a player of his talent and only have to pay $175 K more than the absolutely lowest they can pay any player in the NHL

        Pens at 24 now …. 9 D ; $1.04 M over

        Easiest solution to start season…. waive JJ… frees up $1.08 M

        Otherwise it’s another vet making over $1 M or 2 (and then roster at 22) making less than $1M

        No question , Pens better off now than earlier this afternoon …. but still needing a move or two

      • What I find intriguing about the Petterson signing is his settling for that amount at this late date. Clearly, that’s as high as Rutherford was willing to go and for it to drag on this long suggest the Petterson camp was looking for something much much higher. That’s less than Lemieux just got in NY for crying out loud.

    • Twice as many goals. Haha. 2-1. I don’t think any agent could’ve done better. Coming off elc with no arbitration rights. This is why DeAngelo won’t get much more. Interesting Peterson played 84 games. One of those rarities when a player gets traded

      • Hi Slick

        Ya once I hit send I realized that the point is twice the points ; huge difference on metrics and micro stats ; and tremendously better impact in all players he plays with

        No ifs ands or buts even w/o arb rights …. that was an absolute steal of a contract

  14. Provorov signs….. 6 years 40.5 million. A little more than I would have liked but I can live with it.

    Now get Konecny signed!!!

    • Hi Ron

      Ya a bit more than I thought but certainly not crazy money


    • with over $6.5 left in cap space they should be able to – and probably will – get Konecny done today.