NHL Rumor Mill – September 13, 2019

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Kyle Connor could be an offer-sheet target plus updates on Justin Faulk, Mitch Marner, and Michael Frolik in today’s NHL rumor mill.


SPORTSNET: Sean Reynolds reports at least three teams have considered signing Kyle Connor to an offer sheet. The 22-year-old winger is a restricted free agent coming off back-to-back 30-goal seasons. Reynolds said several teams checked into offer-sheeting Connor back in June. Contact with them has been ongoing and at least one club “checked in with interest” following the August long weekend.

Could Winnipeg Jets winger Kyle Connor sign an offer sheet? (Photo via NHL Images)

Reynolds suggests Arizona Coyotes center Clayton Keller’s new contract (eight years, $7.15-million annually) could be a good comparable. Jets general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff has said he intends to match any offer for his unsigned RFAs.  The Jets have over $15 million in cap space but must also re-sign winger Patrik Laine.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A rival GM could wait until close to the start of the season to sign Connor to an offer sheet. it could complicate Cheveldayoff’s efforts to match and remain salary-cap compliant when the season opens next month. That depends on whether Connor’s still unsigned by then and if he’s willing to agree to an offer sheet.

CapFriendly indicates six teams (Boston Bruins, Tampa Bay Lightning, Anaheim Ducks, Columbus Blue Jackets, Ottawa Senators, and Colorado Avalanche) have sufficient cap space to sign Connor. Half of them – the Bruins, Lightning, and Avalanche – have RFA talent of their own to re-sign.


THE ATHLETIC: Josh Cooper reports there’s nothing new to report since rumors broke earlier this week claiming the Anaheim Ducks and Carolina Hurricanes have a deal in principle that would send defenseman Justin Faulk to the Ducks.

Cooper wonders if this situation was made public by the Faulk camp to drum up interest in the blueliner, who’s slated to become an unrestricted free agent next July. He also wondered if the Hurricanes leaked the news to make it known Faulk’s available.

It’s possible the Ducks can’t afford the Hurricanes’ asking price. If a deal doesn’t happen, Cooper wonders what will happen to Ducks winger Ondrej Kase, who was said to be part of the return to the Hurricanes. If this falls through, he also pondered what defensemen the Ducks could pursue.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Ducks are said to be on Faulk’s 15-team no-trade list. It’s also said Faulk or the Ducks want a contract extension. Ultimately, it’s up to the blueliner to decide if this trade goes through.


TSN: Toronto Maple Leafs GM Kyle Dubas remains optimistic of getting Mitch Marner signed before the season opens on Oct. 2. He told reporters he won’t comment again about this situation until it’s resolved “one way or another.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Folks will zoom in on the “one way or another” remark to mean Dubas could trade Marner if a deal can’t be reached by Oct. 2. While I don’t rule anything out, I believe the Leafs GM doesn’t want to go that route.

If he changes his mind and put Marner on the trade block it could be difficult finding suitors willing to part with what would be a hefty asking price from Dubas and Marner’s rumored demand. It’s said the winger seeks over $11 million annually on a short-term deal.


SPORTSNET: Eric Francis reports Calgary Flames winger Michael Frolik could be a cost-cutting trade candidate. The Flames still have to re-sign RFA forwards Matthew Tkachuk and Andrew Mangiapane and their combined cost could exceed the club’s $7 million in salary-cap space.

Frolik was nearly shipped to the Minnesota Wild last season but the deal fell through by the trade deadline. He carries a $4.3 million cap hit for this season and Francis suggests moving the winger would address the Flames cap quandary. Frolik said he’s never requested a trade and hopes to remain with the Flames this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Frolik seems an obvious trade candidate but his cap hit and 10-team no-trade list could complicate things.


  1. Now that training camps have opened and, following several recent signings, that list of 19 unsigned “key” RFAs has been shaved down to 13, at least 9 of which may be seen as essential to their team’s fortunes this coming season. Looking at the list, the CURRENT cap situation of the team concerned, the number of players shown at the ML level, and availability of LTIR funds (all courtesy of CapFriendly – any roster number 23 or over signifies additional funds available with demotions) I can still see these 3 signed any day now:

    Mangiapane – Cgy – $7,756,625 – 20 – LTIR of $894,166 for Valimaki available;
    Connor – Wpg – $15,450,836 – 20 – no LTIR available
    Konecny – Pha – $6,667,421 – 19 – no LTIR available

    Based on the big divide between player expectations and what a team is prepared to offer in terms of both money and length of contract, as circulating around the media (and it has to be a fairly big divide in each case otherwise a settlement would have been reached long before now) , these 10 could very well miss most if not all of training camp and perhaps sign on Day 1 after LTIRs become available OR, drag on well into the season as did Nylander last season

    Rantanen – Col – $15,615,239 – 23 – Cole’s $4,250,000 LTIR available to late Dec + the ELC amount for whoever is demoted to make room for Rantanen (earlier I thought sure this would be settled – the impasse is puzzling with little in the way of rumored demands/offers – has to be related to term)
    Marner – Tor – $3,847,199 over the cap – 24 – LTIRs – Horton’s $5,300,000. Clarkson’s $5,250,000, Dermott’s $863,333 to late Nov & Hyman’s $2,250,000 to late Oct + the cap hit of whoever is demoted to make toom for Marner
    Point – TB – $8,476,669 – 22 – no LTIR available – possible $1.4 mil of Condon’s & Domingue’s cap hits if they remain healthy enouygh to be demoted
    McAvoy & Carlo – Bos – $7,294,167 – 23 – no LTIR available – but the cap hits of the 2 to be demoted to make room if and when they’re signed
    Boeser – Van – $4,158,461 – 25 – no LTIR available – but the cap hits of the 3 to be demoted to make room if and when he’s signed
    DeAngelo – NYR – $1,160,201 – 22 – no LTIR available
    Tkachuk – Cgy – $7,056,625 – 21 – LTIR of $894,166 for Valimaki available (see Mangiapane above)
    Honka – Dal – $970,001 – 22 – Hanzal’s $4.75 mil LTIR available
    Laine – Wpg – $15,450,836 – 20 – no LTIR available (see Connor above)

    These 4 teams, while having everyone signed, remain over the cap by the amount shown, so watch for other imminent roster moves as necessary (current # of players at the ML level also indicated)

    Carolina – $1,554,79 1 – 24
    Washington – $1,364,294 – 23
    Buffalo – $1,059,824 – 23
    Pittsburgh – $1,031,675 – 24

    • Hi George

      Agree re Mangiapane and Konecny but I’m a little less confident in a quickie sign by Connor

      • Cheveldayov HAS to sign one of Connor or Laine sooner rather than later – unless he too is marching to the drum of an interfering owner like Dorion is – or his job could be in jeopardy.

        And the longer it d rags on the greater will be the cap hit in the first year of whatever term is signed.

        They can’t enter the season with 50% of his D from last season gone and 100% of his top two offensive threats on the sidelines. Otherwise, that’ll make Ottawa look like a well-oiled machine from an administrative viewpoint!

      • George O no interference by the owner in the Peg. Simply how Chevy has operated from day 1. Evander Kane asked to be traded every year but Chevy was only doing it on his terms. Jacob Trouba held out as an rfa and Chevy let him sit and it was Trouba who caved and signed. Everybody and their dog knew Trouba wanted out but yet again it took until this summer to make the move an got less then we would’ve it he traded the previous summer.
        Chevy negotiating the way we needs to, Winnipeg isn’t a desired market for most players who haven’t played in Winnipeg (Morrissey, Byfuglien, Wheeler, Scheifele and Hellebuyck all resigned in Winnipeg) Chevy must play hardball and get the best value he can.
        What’s interesting was Wheeler comments in a interview with Sara Orlesky which he said it’s different with the new guys coming in and filtering into our dressing room, where you have to hold their hand and coddle them and it wasn’t that way when he came in. Not a direct quote, but help provide an explanation to some of the rumours of late with tension in the room and Laine not be happy about how he is being approached.
        Back to Connor and Laine in the end Chevy will do what he thinks he needs to do and the threat of a offer sheet I don’t believe will affect nor should it how he operates.

    • wrong, the leafs are not $3 million over the cap. Check your numbers big guy

      • You tell us then, where you see CapFriendly as being wrong – I can only relate what they provide

        PROJECTED CAP HIT: $85,347,199
        PROJECTED LTIR USED: $3,847,199
        PROJECTED CAP SPACE: $0 ($0)

      • Their cap space is minimum $9,490,301, with a 22 man roster, including Hyman and Dermott, and Marner still to sign. Then there is the extra cap space they get from however long Hyman and Dermott are on IR, plus if need be they can run with a 22 man roster, which gains them another $700,000 at least.

      • “Toronto is 3.8 million over the cap”

        With a 24 man roster, plus all 4 guys on LTIR counting against the cap. This is not how the league will tabulate it at the start of the season.

        I’m assuming you guys know this, giving you the benefit of the doubt here.

      • How many dagnamit bears we gots round these parts?

      • That applies to just about half the teams listed in CapFriendly. We know that. But, until something actually happens, they are $3.8 mil over the cap. When that changes we’ll look at it from the new perspective – especially if Marner gets $11 mil!

        And Chrisms, just remember that sleeping bags are the soft tacos of the bear world!

    • did mitch marner sign just curious cause all the nay sayers said tor can’t sign him just let all us tor fans know because we knew he wanted to play in tor and did he sign for 11 or more cause that is what you guys predicted

  2. Oops. That roster number for Philadelphia should now be 20 rather than 19 following the Provorov deal

  3. Not a chance in Hell Dubas will be able to trade Marner anywhere unless he gives approval first to allow the potential trade partner to negotiate first with Marner and his agent to see exactly what they want and for how long. Even then, there’s no indication that Marner has ever compiled a list of teams he has no interest in joining. Nor does there appear to be a team anywhere who could accommodate his rumored cap demands without some major shake-up of their existing roster. That’s just not in the cards.

    I still say he’ll sign as soon as Dubas can use all he needs of the LTIR funds – including those of Dermott and Hyman if necessary and then deal with the issue of their later returns to the line-up in other ways.

    • Agree

      It’s sign (I’m very confident in ) or sit for year (bad message …. Dubas wouldn’t sit WW a far inferior, IMHO, player, but he’ll sit his top point getter????)

      • If it were me, I’d sit him for the year to send the message that we screwed up with Willy last year and it hurt us, we aren’t doing that again. You don’t want to sign, cool. Take the $11M hit and tell me later if it was worth it to hold out for ego money. I’ll just trade your rights for something good at the deadline or at the draft.

    • Teams don’t need permission to talk to Marner.
      As an RFA they can talk to him anytime they want and have a deal all worked out before they try and make a trade.
      Whether Dubas accepts the trade offer or not is another story.

      • Lyle, can you weigh in on this? As I understand it any team can negotiate with an RFA only IF that player has received and rejected a QO. Even an Offer Sheet can’t be made with prior negotiation unless the team owning the player’s rights give their permission. Or am I reading this all wrong?

      • As per Cap Friendly:

        “The player must be an RFA and therefore the receiving club must have made a qualifying offer (QO) to the player by the later of:
        5:00pm EST on June 25th
        5:00pm EST on Monday following the NHL Entry Draft
        If the player has not received a QO they will instead become a UFA.”


      • So, any other team attempting to approach him and/or his agent now to discuss a possible contract would be viewed as infringement – or whatever the heck it’s called?

      • Well wouldn’t a discussion about an offer sheet not be considered as approaching to discuss a contract? Yet that isn’t considered tampering, or whatever it’s called.

      • Thanks KevJam …. that’s the question I was trying to get across to Lyle …. but I worded it poorly. CAN a team discuss an Offer Sheet with an RFA and his agent, or does it need to be made on the basis of what the offering team thinks will be sufficient? For example, did Montreal discuss their OS with Aho and his agent beforehand? I don’t think so.


        Where’s that Philadelphia Lawyer? 🙂

      • Aarrgh – that link was for Hockey Canada – here’s the NHL stance

        “Please be advised that clubs are permitted to discuss the potential interest in as well as general parameters of a potential future contractual relationship with another club’s pending RFA or UFA during the applicable interview periods. The clubs may not enter any agreements or make any binding offers, promises, … oral or written concerning the terms of a potential SPC (standard players contract) with another club’s pending RFA or UFA.”

        That pretty much settles it Cap Williams, unless you have some other reference.

    • Sign and trade. Agree to the return with another team and get their top end salary and term and offer to Marner. If he accepts then sign and trade immediately.

  4. I don’t see a trade or an offer sheet scenario either; especially considering the amount of money and term he wants and the way he wants it structured.

    So I guess its Oct 2, with or without Marner or Dec 01, with or without Marner. Guess we’ll see

    • Thanks for the link Joey. That article also alludes to the effects a hold-out can have on the first year cap hit of any contract eventually signed. And the cap hit in rthe first year gets bigger with every passing day once the season begins.

      • @ George: Ya that little cap hit detail kind of struck me as quite the little “tidbit” moving forward. Oh ya, this could get really ugly, really fast. Good times and a lot of entertainment value for us all.

      • Based on that article, if push comes to shove, Dubas might be best served to let Marner play in Switzerland and maybe learn how to yodel which may result in new Ricola endorsements

      • Don’t those rights belong to a Pittsburgh d-man?

  5. I would say most of the wrestling going on with these top rfa’s is over term…not $’s….can’t find fault on either side of this…players want total freedom sooner so they don’t get stuck with a below market contract in a couple yrs and the gm’s want to lockup the top guys for 7-8yrs….. my feeling is players will win…..

    • 2001AvsAttack

      This is exactly what I’ve been saying all along re MM

      Every right to negotiate for whatever term is right for him

      Media has got the public frenzied and dumping on MM calling him greedy as they repeatedly report what he was offered and declined but we don’t know what his counter offer is : eg :

      GMKD: Mitch, how about $11 M for 8

      MM: Sorry but I need a 5 year… how about a 5 year at $9.5, structured…..

      GMKD: Sorry can’t go 5

      ….. 5 mins later

      GMKD calling….


      High Elliot , guess what..,,,shhhh DON’T say a word

      Headlines next day

      “ Sources say Mariner rejects Lucrative Signing Bonus Laden $88 M (8 year contract”

      Now public say …. “greedy”, “ not worth it”, “trade him”

      Just sayin’

      • Maybe Pengy, but didn’t Elliott report that a 3 year bridge was offered at a similar # you mention earlier this week?
        If MM was so concerned about being a UFA at the youngest age possible, why wouldn’t he take that deal?
        New TV deal done then as well. What that means remains to be seen. Not an automatic that it moves the cap up. But odds are pretty good as of today.
        If that was the #1 concern for MM, they would have gotten the bridge done by now. To me it is obvious that it isn’t just term.
        MM wants the term of his choice and the $$. Wouldn’t be surprised if he wants it structured for a bunch of $$ up front. Wouldn’t we all. Don’t ask, don’t get.
        But Dubas needs to do what’s best for the Leafs this year and the next 3-5 years as well. As does every GM, which is why so many haven’t signed yet. This isn’t only MM.
        This is a big moment for many GM’s and all it takes is one or 2 to crack and the levee breaks.
        To me the multi million dollar question is will they make these guys sit, if need be the entire year.
        Will they hold strong and reduce the offers as the season goes on due to cap implications discussed above.
        If these players have received fair offers and still won’t sign? I’m siding with the teams. They are trying to win after all.
        Or this is simply taking the negotiations to a new level by agents and trying to use the only leverage they have, withholding their services.
        To me, they never get a lost season back in terms of dollars lost. Leverage shifts back to team. Big time.
        Gonna be interesting!

      • Hi Ray

        Concur and that’s my main point…. reporting is what was (in most cases even this is speculated on) offered and not accepted but not what counter proposals were; if any

        I stand by my assertion defending his right to negotiate for term and $’s he thinks he is worth

        I truly believe term is much more important to him than $’s and he has every right to demand same term as AM to be in same negotiating window for next contract as AM and WW

        Re SB…. I have no challenge to amounts until I see literally what is agreed upon ; but the precedent of Leafs already paying WW over $20 M for 61 games and 30 points is sticking out there like a sore thumb

        I can’t use any descriptor “greedy”, “fair”, “ too much” , “not enough” until final contract signed and made public

        Agree GMJD job is to make Leafs better in long run … needs to do what he needs to do

        I stand by my assertion that all of this would have been moot had he made WW sit all last year … WW contract then when signed would be lower and maybe different term; AM would not have got contract he did ; and MM already signed and at camp ; and because of that perhaps many more holdouts already signed

        🤞🙏🤞🙏 for quick resolution

      • Ray, it’s akin to long strikes … the longer they drag on there’s very little prospects of the workers making up what they’ve lost during the strike.

      • Hi George

        Ya sort of; slightly different dynamic

        Did a research paper in Grad school on strikes and economic outcomes … 3 1/2 decades ago mind you but the gist of the findings remain …. on average strikes less than 10 -15 bus days …. union/workers end up long term economically better; after that it swings in favour typically to ownership

        This Player/GM/Owner has somewhat a pattern akin to union/ownership game-play in negotiations but there are so many more dynamics/ influences involved …. and certainly the rarity of the current situation … with so many simultaneous quality/prominent RFAs unsigned …. the atmosphere is uncharted/untested and perhaps one could argue “unstable”

        Interesting times

      • The point you all seem to miss is the players and their union signed a binding agreement, players got an earlier ufa age and the owners got some cost certainty in the form of the current rfa deal.

        Now the players, as per usual with unions are demanding more than their share if you will.

        Don’t forget this is going to cause fracture within dressing rooms as 50% of the revenue is all the players get, if more goes to the Marners of the world that leaves less for the other half of the roster.

      • Good point!

      • Ya Gary I tried to make that point in a back and forth earlier this week when I mentioned that Marner could be labeled as greedy in this situation.
        Only so much $$ available for the entire roster and IMO he wants a bigger slice then is warranted.
        ELC guys get what they get, it is the mid range guys getting squeezed.
        Often veterans with 4-5 years in the league plus a few in the AHL, who have proven themselves for years.

        If you’re the #4 D getting your face planted into the glass retrieving pucks on a nightly bases, to get it to 22 yr old open ice Mitch, not sure you’re feeling thrilled when your $4M x 4 year life changing contract just went to $2 x 2.
        Ya, could be interesting.

    • Agree totally – in fact, I mention that in the above list where Rantanen is concerned. That hold-up (no pun intended) HAS to be based on differences over term.

      • yup $ settled with avs…but acs want longer…..

  6. Re: Cooper post: Faulk/ Ducks

    “If this falls through, he also pondered what defensemen the Ducks could pursue.”

    I’ve posted this before:

    Murray expressed interest in JJ

    A straight JJ for Kessler works

    Right now Ducks (a tight budget team BTW) will pay $4M + in insurance payments over the next 3 years to watch Kessler sit at home

    The flip gets them the missing D at a net of $2M per

    Ducks have the Cap space

    Pens are already over the cap and MUST do a move

    The end result is Pens at 23 on roster with about $2.20 in space

    They could then waive Ruhweedel and sign Hutton to a 1 yr… and still have over $1M in room

    Tanger Dumo

    Shultz Hutton

    GudB Pettersson


    Fwds remain as is

    Just sayin’

    • if GM JR offered JJ for Kesler with no salary retained on either side GM Murray would do it instantly. Kesler would have to ok it I think.

      • Hi IHC

        I’ve no idea if either GM has considered this … it was just me arm-chair GMing a solution

        Yep Kessler would need to approve …. no idea where he and his family live off-season (well … permanently now)

        If he’s never playing a game again … and will stay where he is …. financially the take home should be better as an employee of a Pennsylvania .org. than a Cal one … I’m not up on the US tax laws ; I know some is equated/calc’d wrt res and some re place of work …. Cal taxes I believe higher than Penn??

        Just wishful thinking

        I think GMJR , if reading this; will instruct Sully to play JJ/Ruhweedel as top pairing every game just to spite me or maybe just to double ? triple ? quadruple ? Down on his defence (pun intended) of JJ


      • Anaheim’s rumored interest was also prior to them signing Del Zotto.

        Since that signing that rumor disappeared.

      • Thanks Ny4 Life ;

        kick a guy when he’s down 😭


    • Poor Pengy, always trying to find a move to trade the untradeable. JJ isnt going anywhere, I think the Pens are stuck with him.

      I think Ive finally found your way out. Perhaps someone should suggest to Gubrandson to accidently get very careless with his stick
      in a Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan manner. All upside in that. JJ gets hurt and goes on LTIR freeing up a roster spot and cap room. Gubrandson gets suspended which removes another slug from the Penguins. All upside in this scenario, lol.

      Well Pengy, are you in? Will Gubrandson be your Jeff Gillooey?

      • Hi Ron ,

        Sneaky !!

        I would never advocate for that but if JJ got the Hossa Hives I would be pretty dang OK with that

        I don’t have major issues with GudB…. his numbers with Pettersson ; albeit a small sample size ; had that pair with micro stats numbers in many categories as the best pairings on the Pens regarding possession … again small sample size

        Anything and everything legal should be considered wrt having JJ not play another game for Pens

        Setting aside Cap for a second ; there is not a single NHL D in a 1 for 1 swap with JJ that wouldn’t make the Pens immediately waaaaay better

        The hold up is not fans; team-mates; ownership or coaches

        The hold up is Jimmy who is stubborn to admit his cataclysmic mistake

        He’s had options …. remember a buyout would have immediately saved $3M in Cap this year (his Cap would have only been $270 K this year after the buyout)…. Jimmy refused to even consider and when the media went ballistic on him he double (triple?, Quadruple) downed on his press conference defending and praising JJ …. complete lunacy

        I’m hoping and praying

    • Just saw that Anaheim will put Patrick Eaves on LTIR. His $3,150,000 added to Kesler’s $6,875,000 will give them access to just over $10 mil in that regard to go along with the $8.5 mil they already have in cap space. They could be one of those teams now pondering an OS for some RFA.

  7. The players are letting the agents rule the roost. One thing I know is hockey players want to play and will step in at some point and demand to their representation to get it done. In most if not all cases.

    Frolik should have been moved at the last year’s deadline. Now the Flames will have to wait until Feb this year unless they are holding back 50%.

    • I think Ottawa would still take him at the full $4.3 – it’s only for this year as he’s a UFA next spring. But it won’t be out of any favours to Treviling so he has the money to sign Tkachuk by giving up anything of any consequence. It has to be a salary dump by Calgary – pure and simple – with maybe a 6th round pick coming back. If he doesn’t like that, then sweat as you enter the season without one of your best all-round players.

  8. Going back to yesterday’s DeAngelo convo, JD made a comment that I found interesting, saying Tony is welcome anytime he is ready. Sure sounded like a take it or leave scenario. As discussed, DeAngelo has had maturity issues and I don’t think he’s in a good spot to hold out. But. Looking at his position, with additions of Trouba and Fox, and Lundqvist coming up in year or 2,he might want to try and force a trade or want more than the 1 year deal that Lemieux took. Must be hard to see Pionk get 3 mil per in Winnipeg

    • @Slick I would rather have Pionk than ADA but i am in the minority…. and yes he must be expecting about that 3mil per. What team would be willing to take ADA?-montreal has the need…but cannot see it.

      As a Ranger fan I do not love being undersized on the right size with Fox+ADA. Lets trade ADA for Santini

      • great idea but will NSH like that idea?

      • @ihate
        NSH would not be interested, no….

      • DS. DeAngelo has no leverage except Rangers aren’t very deep on right side. Fox hasn’t played a game yet. We’re probably going to see Smith as 3rd pair RD. Maybe we should bring Girardi in on a pto!

      • where is adam mcquaid? ;-0

  9. Overall Re RFAs

    To me Bruins and Jets are under most pressure

    Bruins already experiencing some bangs and bruises in D and still have 2 key D to sign

    Jets … only 10 Fwds (per CF) currently signed including 2 key RFAs

    I don’t believe either team can open season as they stand today

    All other teams with minor cap tweaks (sending down an ELC contract or 2) can basically “get by” for opening day

    Still waiting to here about some bargain basement UFA signings and/or retirement parties 🎉

  10. Which team could be least affected by a hold out and which team could be most affected. First Boston and Winnipeg has two quality rfa’s not signed just by quantity it be both of them. But if it just one player.

    I think Tampa Bay be least effective just because of all the skilled forwards they have and all around team strength, this isn’t to say Point won’t be missed but it won’t affect their efforts to return to the post season

    The toss up for Vancouver and the Jets and because I don’t see Vancouver as a playoff team with or without Boeser in the lineup I’ll take Winnipeg. I believe Toronto, Calgary, Col will be playoff teams even if their star players holdout them teams have enough skill to overcome. Travis Konecny will have some impact on the Flyers but i’m not convince they are a playoff team either way.

    The Jets were a playoff team last year and with all the change over this season with the loss of Trouba, Myers, Chairot, Tanev and sending Lemieux to Rangers for the now departed Hayes. This is a bubble playoff team and to remove a 30 or 40 goal scorer from this lineup for any length of time might be too much to over come.

    • Vancouver media is reporting today that Boeser wants 7 million plus per year. Much to brittle for that kind of money. Boeser needs to show he can play 82 to get that type of money. The other problem with that salary is where the Bungling One will find the money for it. Cap Friendly shows Vancouver with just over 4 million in cap room with no LTIR money available. Dim Jim has spent the Canucks into cap problems with his free for all spending spree on 4th liners and pylon defencemen.

      Its going to get a lot uglier in Vancouver before it gets better.

      • Ron, right now CapFriendly shows the Canucks with $4,158, 461 in cap space, with 25 players at the ML level. Should Boeser sign at, say, $7 mil, they instantly become $3,041,539 over the cap, but now with 3 players to be demoted to reach 23. The problem is there are no 3 ELC contracts that add up to that much so, either they try and send 2 down (waivers required??) along with a larger contract to “bury it” in the AHL (as Mtl will likely do with Alzner at least) or trade away one of the larger cont racts to make room (as Calgary might have to do to get Tkachuk signed). The question is, which one do they try and bury or trade? A few days ago someone posted that Benning would have Roussel’s $3 mil cap hit on LTIR until after Christmas, but as I pointed out, most of the sites dealing with the injury situation don’t even mention him and the one that does simply says “expected to be in the opening night line-up.”

      • Ooo-kay. No sooner posted than contradicted. LOL. Now the CBC site reports as follows:

        “Out indefinitely (09/12/2019) Roussel is recovering from a knee injury that ended his 2018-19 season prematurely. It is unknown how long he will be on the shelf.”

        So, maybe Benning does have access to what he needs of Roussel’s $3 mil cap hit!

  11. Anybody take a Marner for either Connors or Laine deal? I don’t care about the greedy label: I argue that MM is more style than substance and that is why leafs should do what they can to move on from him

    • So, if your opinion of Marner is correct – and I’m not arguing one way or another here – y ou may be bang on – why would Cheveldayov replace Laine or Connor with him? I would think, if that were true, he and his scouting staff would have seen that as well.

    • Laine for Marner is trading my headache for your migrain. Id rather have Marner than Laine personally but theyre both Charmin Soft come playoff time.

  12. Krug is making waves wanting to know what’s going to happen with him next season ( a year away) He’s going to want 8-9 mil per year contract, they will be crazy to give him that, he’s a one way Dman who gets involved in the offense but is bad on the D…. his plus/minus tells a lot , trade him for a goal scorer with size

    • Donny not talking to him because he going to trade him

      • If you mean now Caper – and not at the trade deadline – how many teams can accommodate his $5,250,000 cap hit without serious adjustments to their own rosters? And are some potential trade partners on any Krug “no-go” list? And finally, as I indicate above re Calgary and Frolik. the return isn’t going to be anything substantial in the way of picks/prospects if he tries to deal him now. No team is going to do Sweeney any more favours in that regard than Treviling. It has to be a salary dump by a team squeezed up against the wall by the cap and unable to sign a key player (or two).

      • George O I wouldn’t call Krug a salary dump; Boston has Miller, Moore and potentially Backes on ltir.
        This is just a trade that needs to be made for the growth of the team
        Your not talking Backes or Marleau your talking about one of the best offensive dman in the league.

  13. Marker got 6 years

    • Marner

  14. 6 * 10.89

    • Marner caved

      • I see it the other way. $10.8 for 1 good year and one great one after he played with Tavares.
        Seems like too much to me?
        So what does Rantanen get?
        Better #’s over the last 2 years than Marner, both play with elite centers. Rantanen bigger and better down low, Marner more dynamic in open ice.
        Both highly skilled.
        Different players, but seem equal in value IMO.
        Lost the pool I had Marner signing last.

      • Once again, Ray Bark is the voice of reason.

      • Ray I also lost the pool. The reason I say he caved we wanted a 4yr deal, don’t forget he refused 7 and 8 yrs for 11. He didn’t get what he wanted which is different then saying he signed for less.

  15. What a steal Marner should have got 12 or 13

    • Shut up clown, yea Marner’s worth more than almost every player in the league. Ok pal!

  16. Marner signed. 6 yrs. 10.8 mil

  17. Lol I was being sarcastic wing nut, Toronto’s top four like 40 million compare Tampa and Boston for example ice 6 of their top players for 40 million hard to compete.

    • My apologies Obe, my sarcastic font was turned off. It’s been awhile since I’ve been called a wing nut though. Well done sir.

      • It is difficult to express or understand tone in print. Kinda guessing sometimes.\Hence imogi’s.

  18. The only thing I care about is that it is done . Thank Christ ! It was still August and all consuming
    Good move not to miss camp .

    Let the good times role. Next ,