NHL Rumor Mill – September 14, 2019

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Updates on Brayden Point and Travis Konecny, potential Penguins trade candidates, and more in today’s NHL rumor mill.


TSN: Pierre LeBrun yesterday reported little progress in contract talks between the Tampa Bay Lightning and Brayden Point. LeBrun speculates negotiations “might be even more stalled than people think.” He still believes a deal will get done but “right now not remotely close as far as I can tell.”

The Tampa Bay Lightning and center Brayden Point are reportedly still far apart in contract talks (Photo via NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As we saw with Mitch Marner’s negotiations with the Toronto Maple Leafs, things can change very quickly, especially with training camps underway. With Marner under contract, restricted free agents like Point will increasingly draw more attention.

Cap Friendly indicates the Lightning has over $8.4 million in salary-cap space. They’re trying to get Point’s new deal within their cap payroll while leaving sufficient space for anything that might come up during the season. 

NBC SPORTS PHILADELPHIA: Jordan Hall reports Flyers general manager Chuck Fletcher and head coach Alain Vigneault are disappointed Travis Konecny isn’t in training camp yet. The 22-year-old RFA winger’s camp reportedly prefers a long-term deal and Fletcher said he’s willing to be flexible in negotiations. Hall suggests a long-term deal for Konecny before he reaches a higher level in performance might be better for the Flyers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With Ivan Provorov re-signed earlier this week, the Flyers have around $6.6 million in salary-cap space. My guess is they’d prefer to bring in Konecny for around $5.5 million annually in order to leave sufficient wiggle room for other moves this season.


THE ATHLETIC: In his latest mailbag segment, Josh Yohe was asked about the chances of the Pittsburgh Penguins trading Bryan Rust. He thinks the winger is a prime candidate if GM Jim Rutherford feels the need to make a cost-shedding move. Nevertheless, Yohe believes Rust will be in the Penguins’ lineup when the season opens.

Yohe noted they’d love to move Jack Johnson, pointing to Rutherford’s attempt to include the defenseman in a failed late-May attempt to ship Phil Kessel to the Minnesota Wild. He also suggested Nick Bjugstad as a trade option but feels the Penguins don’t want to touch their forward lines.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Yohe pointed out Rutherford also said he can find other means to get under the salary cap besides making a trade. I expect Rust, Johnson, and Bjugstad will be skating for the Penguins when the season opens.

Should the need arise to make a trade for cap or roster reasons, we probably shouldn’t overlook the possibility of Rust or Bjugstad getting shopped. I don’t see a market for Johnson unless his performance significantly improves this season.


TSN: cites Dallas Morning News’ Matthew DeFranks yesterday reporting Stars GM Jim Nill told him Julius Honka has requested a trade. Nill has reportedly attempted to trade the 23-year-old restricted free agent defenseman during the off-season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A first-round pick (14th overall) in the 2014 NHL Draft, Honka’s stock declined as he struggled to crack the Stars roster. They won’t get much in return for him, perhaps a third- or fourth-round pick.


  1. Now that Marner’s out of the way who’ll be the next to sign from among the remaining 12 “key” RFAs (of course, most of the teams involved can’t front-load contracts in th e same manner as TO so that remains a factor). I see it unfolding with these 3 coming any day, and in this order

    Konecny – Pha – $6,667,421 – 20 – no LTIR available
    Connor – Wpg – $15,450,836 – 20 – no LTIR available
    Mangiapane – Cgy – $7,056,625 – 21 – LTIR of $894,166 for Valimaki available;

    The following 9, however, could drag on for quite a while now that the Marner cap numbers are known:

    Rantanen – Col – $15,615,239 – 23 – Cole’s $4,250,000 LTIR available to late Dec + the ELC amount for whoever is demoted to make room for Rantanen
    McAvoy & Carlo – Bos – $7,294,167 – 23 – no LTIR available – but the cap hits of the 2 to be demoted to make room if and when they’re signed
    Boeser – Van – $4,158,461 – 25 – LTIR of $3 mil for Roussel may be available for a period – nothing definitive one way or another yet – + the cap hits of the 2 to be demoted to make room if and when he’s signed and another contracts takes Rousell’s spot on the 23-man roster (convoluted or what??)
    Point – TB – $8,476,669 – 22 – no LTIR available – possible $1.4 mil of Condon’s & Domingue’s cap hits if they remain healthy enough to be demoted
    DeAngelo – NYR – $1,160,201 – 22 – no LTIR available
    Tkachuk – Cgy – $7,056,625 – 21 – LTIR of $894,166 for Valimaki available (see Mangiapane in the first grouping)
    Honka – Dal – $970,001 – 22 – Hanzal’s $4.75 mil LTIR available (has asked to be traded – another Puljujarvi?)
    Laine – Wpg – $15,450,836 – 20 – no LTIR available (see Connor in the first grouping)

    These 5 teams, while having everyone signed, remain over the cap by the amount shown, so watch for other imminent roster moves as necessary (current # of players at the ML level also indicated)

    Toronto – $13,365,199 – 23 (but everything’s under control with the LTIRs available)
    Carolina – $1,554,79 1 – 24
    Washington – $1,364,294 – 23
    Buffalo – $1,059,824 – 23
    Pittsburgh – $1,031,675 – 24

    • Everything’s under control that is, until Hyman and Dermott return – then it’s demotion time for 2 – at least

      • Wow, Dubas and Pridham are going to be surprised. I bet they never noticed that or thought of it.

  2. Honka and another good prospect for PJ in EDM?

    I still say JJ ($1m retained) & Rust to EDM for Gagner & Manning

    Think Carolina would take Hanzal & Honka and a good pick for Faulk? Hanzal to make some of the dollars work

    Dallas certainly could use a Faulk for the next few years for that right side.

    • IHC

      Now I’m very angry at you… I gave you the go ahead to make that Oil/Pen deal weeks ago and here we are still sitting with the Albatross around the Penguins neck

      Get the deal done good sir or “no soup for you”

      Re Jimmy thinking he can start the season without a trade and start with 23 on roster ?????

      Me thinks he drinky allotty

      1.03 over 24 on roster

      Sending down one of the guys making < $1M to get to 23 ; still not enough

      So it’s either 2 lower paid players (22 on roster) sent down and only $400 K in Cap room for the year ; or

      *Waive (and gamble on not losing the player) and bury freeing up $1.08 …. start year with 23 on roster and just $5K under cap

      * Of course waive/bury JJ (no one picks him up) does it … but 5K wiggle room in cap for year

      Nope …. it’s comrade IHC finally coming through on his assignment above or another deal

      I’ve thrown out Kessler for Jj before …. Kessler then on LTIR…. roster at 23 ; $2.2 M in space… waive Ruhweedel and Trottman …$3.6 M and bring up or sign $700 K depth winger ; and sign Hutton…. under cap; prob $1M to spare and

      Tanger Dumo

      Shultz Hutton

      GudB Pettersson


      If it’s Rust going and Colonel IHC can’t get the pen to paper as above

      Jj, Rust for Kessler and Ritchie; Kessler on LTIR; waive Ruhweedel and Trottman ; sign Hutton …. even more Cap wiggle room

      IHC …. let me know when you get this done; or I’m going to have to get on a Plane to Orange County and demote you from Colonel to PFC

      • Pengy,

        Youre moves may free you of the much despised JJ but leaves you icing 1/3 of the Canucks brutal defence from last season. Do you really want two Vancouver turnstiles on the Pens defence?
        Hutton and Gudbrandson are horrid, imobile pylons with zero offensive upside.

        Best get a truckload of SPF sunscreen for Murray because with those two playing in front of him the red light will be going off so much behind him he’s going to get a sunburn on his neck.

      • Hi Ron

        Cede your concerns from performance past

        We’re talking JJ here

        Any … and I mean ANY replacement at all is a tremendous step in the right direction and immediately moves Pens from Zero chance at a cup to fair shot at winning Div

        GudB with Pettersson numbers (albeit small sample size ) were the best pairing possession stats of team….. again small sample size but he wasn’t an anchor by any stretch and was leaps and bounds better than JJ and JJ was monumentally more costly to the performance of every single teammate he was on the ice with …. every

        I think Hutton will sign a very reasonable 1 yr contract and will outperform his contract value


        Go Pens Go

      • IHC

        New assignment

        Realize now that Eaves out for season

        Please call Murray

        JJ; Rust ; Ruhweedel

        For Eaves and Ritchie

        Call me when it’s done ; I’ll waive Trottman

        Then I’ll sign McQ , Hutton and Vanek to 1 year very reasonable contracts

        And still have $1m – $2 M in Cap room

        Loss of Rust replaced by Vanek and Ritchie

        JJ, Ruhweedel ; Trottman

        Replaced by

        McQ and Hutton and Riikola

        Me thinks that works out super for Pens…. that has to make them Div favs

        For Ducks …. Rust replaces Eaves who won’t be playing this year; and Ducks only had 6 D on Roster …. they’d now have 8 …. and JJ and Ruhweedel can play rock-paper-scissors to see who gets sent to Ron Burgundy’s city

        Thanks IHC

  3. Hopefully point stands his ground and gets the term he wants. The leafs got a big win buying those ufa years. Dubas just earned back some clout.

    • I don’t know, Chris, I think a lot of these young guns saw how Nylander’s season went last year and don’t want to push the envelope like he did. We’ll find out soon enough.

      • Not sure I buy that. Older more experienced than individuals might learn a lesson like that but most talented young men in his position would likely not doubt their ability to turn it on like a light switch.

      • I can’t believe you actually think the leafs won! Lol NO hockey minds think they won

    • Agree Chrism, imo Marner caved, he didn’t meet in the middle, he just gave up.

      • Just as soft and spineless off the ice as he is on it. Perfect fit for the one and done Leafs.

      • How do you figure caper ? By report he wanted Mathews money and term . The leafs wanted 7/8 term , do you think they started at 11 million ? They both gave a year . At 10.893 , the richest rfa winger contract ever handed out , its hard to argue he caved on dollars . Especially after we watch the rest of the list sign for less in the coming weeks. The player always aims high , team low . They both moved and at the end you have a sizeable overpayment . Advantage marner camp .

      • Craig, he turned down a 7 and 8 year deal for $11 m. My statement has nothing to do with if it’s a good deal. Simply put he didn’t get what he wanted and wasn’t willing to wait it out. We know by Dubas pass he would’ve gave Marner the deal he wanted if he said I’m sitting. He caved on his original demands.

      • Exactly Craig.
        The narrative by some on here has been it’s only about the term.
        Not sure I understand where that is coming from.
        Would he be a UFA earlier? Ya.
        Why did he want to be a UFA earlier? To maximize the $$.
        He is overpaid for his play today relative to other high end players with better numbers than him and better overall players.
        Will he be over paid during the term of the deal?
        We don’t know.
        Leafs made a bet on him, and he took it.
        Because of the $$. They bought some UFA time.
        He didn’t cave, he got paid and the Leafs bet on his future.
        Not sure what the Leafs are going to do after this season if the cap doesn’t move substantially.
        A forward will need to go I guess.
        IMO Marner didn’t cave, he hit it big.

      • WHat do you think the leafs initial offer was ? You think he started at 11 million x 7/8 ? I don’t . I think he sat long enough to get the number he was comfortable with . As I stated , aim high , like always . If dubas offered 6 x 10.893 on July 1 we may have never got here to begin with . They both moved . Marner wind clearly imo because in the end he was able to do the deal Centered around Mathews as his 1 and only comparable. Like his camp wanted .

      • Well, one thing for sure. In these pages (this thread and the Marner signing thread) it’s pretty much split equally on who caved – Dubas or Marner.

        Not surprising I suppose.

      • Not sure anyone caved George O.
        Do I think it is an overpay. Yes.
        Been wrong before, and will again.
        I was on the other side with Draisaitl and McDavid and defended the term and $$.
        I think I was right about that one and this may turn out the same and I am wrong about this one.
        If the cap moves up substantially and Marner keeps improving, then good deal for Leafs.
        If neither or only one happens, not so much.
        I guess I don’t value Marner as much as others when you get right down to it.

      • Oh he definitely caved. Nothing to do with what he got. JT, AM and WN all got what they wanted and MM didn’t because he caved.

      • Yeah, in retrospect Ray, I shouldn’t have used the term “caved” – just to easy to type in to keep things as short as possible – what I should have said (and meant) was “split equally on who got the better of the deal.”

        And, as you say, only time will tell.

      • Fair enough George. I had him valued at Kucherov.
        Better #’s for longer.
        Yes, lower taxes but also way more UFA years purchased. Seemed like a wash.
        Cap hasn’t gone up that much in the 1 year since he signed.
        We will see.

      • Caper
        When Willie Negotiation began the initial “demand” was draisaitl money , 8.5 was his ask . And he called dubas at the last minute where they both moved . How did he get exactly what he wanted ? Again an overpayment but he too aimed high . Mathews it was reported was asking 13-14 on mcdavid type deal so they shifted to 5 year term quickly and he still came within a million of mcdavid on max term . Another who aimed high . Do you not count those as caving if Mitch did ?

      • Craig I never seen any reports of Nylander asking for more then $7m. You’ll have to show me that. No only did Nylander get what he asked for he got paid the full season.

      • Caper dubas caved AGAIN! Nylander did in fact ask for more I don’t believe the first offer for marner was 11 million for 7,8 years

    • It’s all about the term in second contract. In order to parlay that into an early third massive contract, the term must be short.
      Matthews got his.
      Marner compromised.
      Still a decent deal for both sides, but Marner should have stuck to his guns.
      It’s only business after all.

  4. Leafs need to stay healthy or nothing will look very good. In a vacuum an elite team and should be top 2 in goals for and one of the favourites. It is a very long way so you can’t plan the parade route just yet Tough division and who ever wins it wins the cup.

    Let the Dominoes Fall RFA’s

  5. Winnipeg and Boston you’re on the clock.
    Report out of Boston McAvoy wants a deal like Morrissey and Provorov; the Bruins prefer Werenski type deal.
    I’ll take either. Prefer longer deal but cap dollars are not there.

  6. Nazim Kadris is a p.o.s. but am I the only one that thinks the Leafs are going to miss him on the roster?

    • Yes you are. And no he isn’t a p.o.s.

  7. Brayden Point had 92 points in 79 games including 41 goals. After the Marner signing, he’s going to want to get paid; state tax or no state tax.

    • Just give him league max, give everyone the max money. I think the league should cut down the roster, get rid of the 4th line, just play all the guys with league max deals 40 minutes per game.

  8. Just wanna say one thing! Marner signed! Told all you arm chair managers all summer that he would! Go LEAFS!

    • Yeah, only YOU knew. Never sweated it (you were strangely silent the past two weeks and only popped up from you den AFTER the fact. Kreskin revisited. Give it a break. Of course he would eventually sign. There were NO other options as NO other team in the league would take a pig-in-a-poke. Even now that’s he’s signed it’s damned near impossible to trade him as there isn’t a team left that could accommodate that cap hit without completely screwing up their rosters.

      Now get to the emergency for that dislocated shoulder from patting yourself on the back.

      • Been a long time since I have seen a Kreskin reference.

      • Kreskin was the shi* in the 70’s.

      • I’m just friggin; OLD Robert . it was either him or David Copperfield 🙂

      • Loved Kreskin George

        6PM Saturday’s on CTV

        He mesmerized me as a kid

  9. Let me guess Travis Konecny wants 9-10 million per season for his 49 points? Starting to get turned off to hockey again. Next work stoppage the GMs have to figure out a way to get rid of washed up players easier.

    • Big dice rolls on 7.1 Kevin Hayes and 6.7 Provorov already. Ivan could be a deal of he continues to mature.Hayes……

      • You have to wonder what effect that Spurgeon contract extension will have on negotiations, not only for McAvoy, Carlo and DeAngelo, but also when it comes to extension talks for players like Chabot!

        For a little twerp (5’9″ 167 lbs – soaking wet??) he sure has put up some impressive offensive stats and, except for dips to low – the past two seasons, consistently in the high + the rest of his career so far.

        Turning 30 in Nov, depending upon which term is correct, he’s either going to age 34 or 38 before it runs out. Can a little D-man last that long?

    • Yeah I hear ya. Like the dork up above that is suggesting Mikko get 15 million now?? Okay then I suppose Mackinnon is going to get 18 million? It is clearly becoming a big joke and the NHL simply does not have the TV revenue to suggest all this crap. You can expect to have 3 stud lines then scrubs bottom lines. Maybe squeeze in 1 or 2 top D man Good luck if you’re goalie is hot and expects 7 or 8 million lmao

  10. Kuznetsov’s punishment for testing positive for cocaine use by the NHL??? 3 whole games.

    • As well as being in the substance abuse program I believe. That can be punishment in and of itself

      • Remember Chrism you and I disagree on this. I think this is fair.

  11. Mr Jull,
    Marner is neither soft or spineless.
    He gives as good as he gets.
    In the Boston series he was one of the toughest players out there.
    Not sure what games you watch, but your glasses are broken.

    • If Marner was one of the “toughest” out there as you claim then the Leafs are done before they even drop the puck.

      • Do you even watch?
        He took on Chara and came out on top a few times too.
        He gave it and he got it. Tough in my books but hey enjoy your obvious hatred of all things Maple Leaf

  12. If Matthew Tkachuk is going to insist on that kind of money, I would trade him now. To Ottawa. For Drake Batherson and Alex Formenton.

    • Uhhh – THAT is not going to happen. Not that I wouldn’t love to see the Tkachuks united (in Ottawa that is) – but those two kids are cost-effective for the next few seasons and are going to be factors in the league as they gain NHL experience,

      I’ve gone up and down the Sens complete roster wondering if there was any way to make a pitch for Tkachuk – other than the OS route – but there’s simply no way.

      • Besides, it’s not Matthew Tkachuk’s fault that Treveling has painted himself into a corner with $7,056,625 in cap space (plus the $894,166 for Valimaki also available from LTIR) to sign him and Mangiapne (who, coming off a ELC of $705,000 shouldn’t get much more than that Valimaki cap hit considering his 8g 5a 13 pts in 44 gp).

        Say Mangiapne settles for 1 year at that $894,166, do you think Tkachuk is going to sign for less than $7 mil?

    • Thanks for the confirmation Joey … so, when it runs out he’s nudging 38. For his and Minnesota’s sake I hope he isn’t worn down by the grind midway through the term.

      • Ya no kidding George. Dman especially start to feel the effects of the game around age 34-35; depending what happened to them along the way?
        Dion being a perfect example of that.
        Like you say, let good karma go its way on the signing.

  13. Kyle Dubas: If the PTO on Scottie Upshall doesn’t pan out in Dallas, give him a call. Stanley Cup champ on a team that you could badly use what he brings.

    Every team needs guys just like that. The guy is a warrior. If anybody knows how to win, he does and he just did last year.

    • Joey, while I like gritty veterans like Upshall – especially on a team that lost some grit when Kadri was dealt, as Lyle points out in the Marner signing thread “Hyman and Dermott, however, will return at some point this season (estimated late Oct/early Nov), meaning the Leafs will have to shed some additional salary to accommodate their eventual return. In other words, general manager Kyle Dubas will continue to walk that fine salary-cap line into the regular season. ”

      There ain’t gonna be much room to add anybody when they get back.

      • Ya know what George;, From what I can see, don’t ever underestimate Dubas or Brandon Pridham’s ability to fit A into B moving forward;

        Does Prime Time WW get traded? Anything is possible but should cap space become available, and Upshall finds himself on the outside looking in, assuming he’s not beat to s**t so to speak, give him a PTO. In short, put a smile on your face instead of sending showers to my posting

      • Hey George, when Hyman and Dermont come back the leafs might have to go down to a 22 or even a 21 man roster

      • Re Hyman and Dermott return

        Zero moves needed for Dremot …. one player at $700 K goes to Marlins; Dermott at $863…, extra hit is $163 K and it’s pro-rated for number of games he returns for …. if he misses 20 games … Cap impact really is about $45 K…. nothing

        Now when Hyman returns …. there has to be a move

        If he misses 1/4 season …. then Dubas has to account for close to $1.7 M

        A trade or a roster at 20 or 21 to fit into the cap

        Uber tight

  14. I know the general consensus was after Marner signed the flood gates would open.
    I think just the contrary, now that he is signed players and agents will be digging in harder to get top dollar. That’s money teams don’t have.
    Take Tkachuk, the Flames only have 7 million in cap space and after seeing Marner almost get 11 million I am sure he will want in the 9-10 million range which will be impossible unless the Flames can dump salary. Good luck with that at this time of the year. Teams that have 4.5 million in cap space do not want Frolik or Brodie.
    Unless Tkachuk signs a short bridge deal for about 6 million he will be sitting out for the season.
    It will be interesting to see how Treliving gets himself out of the hole he dug for himself last year by signing Neal.
    I really like Treliving but that Neal signing was almost a firing offence.

    From my perspective it appears Dubas set the wrong goal for himself and his team.
    His goal was to sign Nylander, Matthews , and Marner after signing Taveras.
    Congratulations you achieved your goal.
    Unfortunately his goal should have been to win the Stanley Cup.
    That goal is now virtually impossible with the massive over pay of those 4 players.
    The leafs will have a very good top 6, but the bottom 6 are a very average AHL top six.
    Most Cup winning teams win with 4 good lines and at least 4 good defensemen.
    They only have half a team with the long range outlook not good.
    Chicago never did recover from having to pay their stars.

    I heard in 2 years time when the US tv deal comes up for renewal it could be worth 2 billion dollars lifting the cap to 90 – 100 million, just in time for the leafs to pay Anderson, Reilly, and Barrie which will all want 10 – 14 million each and of course Dubas new goal will be to keep them, not win the Cup.
    From my perspective that is a good thing, from a leaf fans perspective that is a disappointment.

  15. Flamefan I disagree the economy doesn’t look very strong I see the cap staying similar for the next few years. Whoever said Marner and Leafs are tuff I’m sorry but they could play women’s hockey in a glass arena and no one would get hurt, but the NHL is going soft so don’t fret.

    • Obe

      I think you might have misread my post.
      The cap rising to 90 – 100 million is not because the existing revenue will be climbing, it is because the NHL will hit the jackpot with a new TV deal in the States.
      It is being reported ESPN will be involved along with NBC. The new revenue from that deal will push the cap up to the 90 million range and possibly hit 100 million

  16. So Rust is a “strong candidate” but Bjugstad isnt because the Penguins don’t want to touch their forward lines?

    Do these writers even look at what they write or do they just spew trash onto the keyboard and whatever ends up on the screen, so be it?