NHL Rumor Mill – September 15, 2019

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Updates on Brayden Point, Mikko Rantanen, Ondrej Kase, and Julius Honka in today’s NHL rumor mill.


THE ATHLETIC: Joe Smith believes Mitch Marner’s new contract with the Toronto Maple Leafs won’t affect the Tampa Bay Lightning’s negotiations with Brayden Point. Smith’s colleague Pierre LeBrun reported the two sides are far apart, with the Lightning’s offer believed to be a three-year bridge deal worth $5.7-million annually. Marner inked a six-year deal worth over $10.893 million per season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Smith indicates the Lightning have over $8.4 million in cap space for this season. That’s more than enough to re-sign Point to a much higher annual average value but Smith points out the Bolts are also looking beyond this season. They’ve got over $67 million invested in 13 players for 2020-21. Whatever can be saved from re-signing Point will be put toward a pending RFA like Mikhail Sergachev, Anthony Cirelli and Erik Cernak.

COLORADO HOCKEY NOW: Adrian Dater reports Marner’s contract won’t influence the Avalanche’s negotiations with winger Mikko Rantanen. He cited sources within the club indicating they won’t follow the Leafs example.

The Colorado Avalanche won’t let Mitch Marner’s new contract influence their negotiations with Mikko Rantanen (Photo via NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly indicates the Avalanche have over $15 million in salary-cap space. They have plenty of room if they want to invest over $10 million annually in Rantanen on a long-term deal.

GM Joe Sakic has indicated he’s will to be flexible on a long-term contract or a bridge deal. However, there’s speculation suggesting they don’t want to invest more than $9 million in the 22-year-old winger. Sakic is looking beyond this season, while players such as Gabriel Landeskog, Cale Makar, Philipp Grubauer, Nikita Zadorov and Tyson Jost will need to be re-signed over the next two years.


THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Elliott Teaford reports Anaheim Ducks GM Bob Murray implied Carolina Hurricanes owner Tom Dundon leaked the name of winger Ondrej Kase as the player his club wanted in exchange for defenseman Justin Faulk. Murray acknowledged he’s in the market for a right-shot defenseman but declined to say who he might be targeting or willing to part with.

Teaford believes Faulk didn’t get the seven-year contract offer from the Ducks that would’ve prompted him to waive his no-trade clause. Kase, meanwhile, claims to be unfazed by the rumor. He’s putting his focus on returning to form following off-season surgery to repair a torn labrum.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Looks like things have cooled significantly from last week when the Hurricanes and Ducks reportedly had a deal in principle that merely required Faulk’s blessing. If the Ducks aren’t willing to give the blueliner the contract he wants, this proposed trade is probably dead on arrival. 


SPORTSNET: Eric Engels reports the Montreal Canadiens are among several clubs interested in Julius Honka. The 23-year-old defenseman last week requested a trade from the Dallas Stars.

It’s believed the Canadiens prefer a player-for-player deal rather than a player-for-draft pick swap. The Carolina Hurricanes are also said to be interested in Honka.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly lists Honka, a restricted free agent, as a right defenseman. The Habs could use more depth on the left side unless they’re concerned over the health of right-side blueliner Noah Juulsen. Perhaps they simply want more depth in their system.


  1. Seems like the modern-day Finns are developing a united position on their value in the NHL. First there was Puljujarvi who went from demanding a chance at a Top 6 role in Edmonton to asking for a trade, followed by Honka in Dallas, and now Rantanen turning his nose up at what Sakic has offered. I’m not claiming he,, too, has asked to dealt, but you wonder how quickly that will change the longer this drags on.

    • There is only so much cash to offer and when you think you are entitled to it all….well sometimes the GMs know better. Their job is to build a winning team not your checking account

  2. The players holding onto the hope their agents can find a patzi like gm mb to do their dirty work are running out of time. Biggest winner of the offseason so far has been aho

    • Marner and Keller have done alright too.

      • After dubas gave into to marner I bet aho is wishing he got more! You have to wonder who is more important to their team mcavoy or marner? Marner makes twice as much dubas caved again

      • Aho didn’t get ufa years bought out cha Ching. And Charlie forced a major payday at the end of his deal. They both won. Marner in all likelihood left money on the table in his next deal.

      • Lol you reallly don’t understand how the salary’s work do you? Ba bang

      • Neither did bergivan I guess.

      • I think that means he did if aho signed and for 2 million less than marner?? Your comment solidified my last comment

    • Thanks Joey

      I’d never seen a video of Dangle before

      Outside of the video editing that had me almost have an epileptic seizure …..with his face popping left and right so rapidly); it was entertaining

      He makes some very valid points

      I think he could also set himself up for a gig at Yuk Yuks with his animated facial expressions (reminded me a bit of Jim Belushi in tone, manor and energy)

      Thanks 👍

      • Pengy…..Marcus Pettersson should fire his agent one year $875,000

        First three days of camp Dominik Kahun is looking good with Crosby and GuenTzal

        they moved Tanev yesterday with malkin and Galchenyuk..

        yesterdays scrimmage Hornqvist Simon and Bujgstad beat Sid, Guentzal and kahun.

        just need to move Rust and J.J and get one more D man a top 4 guy

      • @ Pengy: Ya he can be over the top but as you said, he does make so valid points but where or not his thoughts on the pending RFA’s will translate, is another issue altogether.

        As for a Yuk Yuk guy; perhaps; but I wonder if he missed his calling as an auctioneer?..

        I like to find the gems on people’s perspective on things rather than stick to the meat and potatoes postings that sometimes predominates on here.

        Don’t get me wrong we need that and its often at the root of discussion but I also believe that a certain amount of “off the wall” in its proper perspective, has great value too; and Dangle is one of those off the way perspectives. Glad he made you think. That was the whole idea !

      • Yep BlackNGold

        $875 K …. unbelievable

        Where/Who did they have McC playing with? I was really hoping to see more of Sid-Guentz- McC …. they didn’t play a ton together but when they did , they connect very well

        JJ must get moved ; if it costs Rust; it costs Rust… JJ MUST GO!!!!!

        No matter what …. a move has to be made …. and sending two down to WBS and starting season at 22 on Roster and only $400 K in Cap space works…. but it is not sustainable

        Oh BTW …. JJ must go

      • Hi Joey

        Ya he talked quick and snipped … like an auctioneer

        We’ll see ; like you said; re his prognostications


  3. Bruins sign McAvoy to a 3 year deal, with a 4.9 million average. That is way less than most thought. Now to lock up Carlo and the Bruins will be set!

    • Great deal for Boston. Mac does get the third year at 7.3 so he will at least receive that in the forth year so not bad on his part either.

    • McAvoy had less leverage than other RFA’s because like Boeser he is a 10.2c RFA.
      He did manage to get it backloaded so that his qualifying offer for year 4 would be much higher.
      For those not knowing about a 10.2c RFA,

      10.2(c) players can’t get offer sheets. 10.2(c)’s aren’t UFA for another 4 years; RFAs are UFA in 3. 10.2(c)’s have to wait 2 more years to get arb rights; RFAs get them in 1 year. So 10.2(c) players — Johnny Gaudreau, Jaden Schwartz etc in past — have less leverage than RFAs.

    • Seems a little team friendly, I had him pegged at $5M to $5.5 on a bridge.
      The last year at 7.3 is big though.
      Might even have room for a TDL 2nd line winger!.

      • That is a good signing – but considering the cap space they had all along it makes you wonder what McAvoy and his agent ask for at the outset. It had to be of considerable difference otherwise you’d think it would have been done long before now.

        Now they have $3,203,334 in cap space with 23 showing at the ML level, but no LTIR available, to get Carlo signed, plus whatever the cap hit is of the player to be demoted to make room for him.

        Good job by Sweeney.

      • McAvoy Caved.

      • George O it was reported he wanted a deal like Aaron EkBlad 8yrs @ $7.5

      • Not sure if you are being sarcastic Caper?
        I just don’t see how Marner and McAvoy caved?
        Marner got way more than I thought he would and McAvoy is a very good prospect but is far from a #1 d-man today and has his warts. To be expected for sure but not a sure thing to becoming the #1 guy. Got paid for what he is, a good young developing player. He isn’t Drew Daughty.
        Plus he had no leverage and loves playing in Boston.
        The B’s didn’t have the cap space for a rich long term deal and are trying to win a cup right now. They weren’t going to pay him. Simple fact.
        When you are holding a pair of deuces and up against a full house, it is the smart move not to go all in and try an bluff. Especially when your cards are face up. Not a cave but the right decision for him.
        By all accounts he loves playing in Boston. Charlie will be OK and if he plays well will be a rich man.

      • LOL. By my standards, Ray, he’s already a rich man!

      • Caper. Not as much as Marner.

      • Compared the importance to their teams Sweeney raped mcavoy and marner raped dubas! Wow!

      • Raped? Seriously? I treat people… young men and woman who have been raped on a week to week basis. You need to look in the mirror and reflect how pathetic you are. Nobody got raped. Jesus Christ.

      • Oh here we go…… you have a sick mind if you thought that in a sexual way, you’re pretty pathetic

  4. Great signing by Sweeney, no issue for year 3 if Charlie keeps trending he’ll get that on a long term deal.

    There is enough $$ now to sign Carlo and Sweeney didn’t have to give a pick away to move out Backes.

  5. Didn’t Sweeney win top GM of the year? Signings like Marchand Pasta and now Charlie no wonder wow great signings.Those three at a combined 18 million will keep Boston competitive for awhile. Now sign Carlo and trade one d man too many signed. Remember when Sweeney moved Lucic everyone thought he was nuts looks like a pretty good move now.

    • I didn’t think he was nuts as the return was good for a guy with a year left on his deal.
      Lucic has always had frying pans for hands. He played on a great line and pounded guys and whacked in goals from close in.
      Valuable guy at the time, but as a rule they don’t age well when those are you 2 main skills.
      The B’s had a cap problem and were a bubble team at that time.
      Sweeney has made some good moves and bad ones (Backes), just like all GM’s. Drafted well in the 2nd round, but also blew the 3 consecutive picks he had, hitting OK with Debrusk.
      The reason I think he blew it is he went against the consensus and didn’t take guys like Conner and Barzal that were ranked higher and they have a prospect hole at which could have been addressed.
      Too smart by half. Perhaps that is why he made some changes in the scouting department.

      • Prospect hole at center.

  6. Sweeney and Neely have a nice job in Boston, it will be interesting to see what transpires with Krug over the next 12 months.
    Still scratching my head over the Spurgeon signing , good player ‘yes’ but to sign a 30 yrd old to a sizable $, seven year deal with a NMC is a mistake IMO. Guerin got caught with his head down.

    • Agreed on all of that.
      Spurgeon deal is out of left field.

  7. Sometimes you need grit, clutch & moxie maybe more than flash-that is if winning the Cup is of any true interest.

  8. Pretty good deal for McAvoy, considering he hasn’t played a full season yet.

    • Good point. Until your post I hadn’t really looked at that angle. In his 2 seasons he’s missed a fully 29% of his games. Is that a cause for concern? Know nothing about the injuries. Are they a repeat of the same problem or different completely?

  9. McA got less than I thought, didn’t have the negotiating adv (due to his RFA status) as other RFAs but did; IMO; give a nice team friendly deal.

    Good maneuver on 3rd yr $’s (QO relevancy to keep rights)

    If somehow McA’s talent falls flat or tumbles (very unlikely )…. Bruins don’t have to extend and current cap not a huge risk

    If he keeps going at trending path … he will be at or above his required QO for year 4

    Win win

    Bruins, once Carlo signed … set

    I just realized … unless I’m wrong …. only 3 players from the SCF in June have changed teams … Maroon ; Accairi ; Johannsson

    Did I get that right?

    If so …. 👍🧐

  10. What has McAvoy done exactly ? A good young defence man but the way he plays exposed to injury. 3 years from now will be much better but not there yet and that is why bridge deals are necessary . The finances get out of whack. The new generation wants it now and from what I heard on the recent Wheeler interview also need to coddled

  11. Matthews, Tavares & Marner. All make more $$ than Art Ross and Hart Trophy winner Nikita Kucherov.

    Talk amongst yourselvesl

  12. Bruins fan using “raped” and does not quite get why that might be offensive? Please: nobody with an IQ of more than a chicken uses that word in “slang” or in normal language except as it it meant to be used-to describe horrific events. Certainly not to describe financial negotiations.

  13. Bruins fan: no one uses the word “raped” in the way you did, so please be advised that there are no “slang” uses or “everyday” uses, certainly not to describe financial negotiations. The word describes horrific events!

    • Agree. The use of words like “rape” and “hate/hater” in regards to sports events/preferences have NO place in these pages.

      • no offense George you’re older and rape has different meanings than what you know, if it was used the way FD used it as the leafs gang raping my girlfriend than yes that’s wrong