NHL Rumor Mill – September 16, 2019

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The latest on Brock Boeser, Mikko Rantanen, Brandon Carlo and more in today’s NHL rumor mill.


THE PROVINCE: Ed Willes believes the Toronto Maple Leafs didn’t make it any easier for the Vancouver Canucks to re-sign Brock Boeser with their expensive re-signing of Mitch Marner on Friday.

While Marner had more points (94) than Boeser (56 points in 69 games) last season, the latter’s average production (.42 goals per game, .41 assists and .81 points) is comparable to the former’s .28 goals per game, .65 assists and .93 points. If the Canucks are offering Boeser $7 million annually, Willes suggests Marner’s contract could push that figure even higher.

Mitch Marner’s new contract could affect the Vancouver Canucks efforts to re-sign Brock Boeser (Photo via NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canucks limited salary-cap space also complicates things. Cap Friendly indicates they have over $4.1 million, well below what Boeser could be seeking. They’ll have to make a cost-cutting move or two to fit Boeser within their cap payroll.

THE DENVER POST: Mike Chambers speculates it could cost the Colorado Avalanche around $10.5 million per season to re-sign Mikko Rantanen. The 22-year-old winger is currently skating in his native Finland awaiting a new contract. Chambers also noted Marner’s new contract could be used as a comparable. Rantanen’s coming off a career-high performance of 31 goals and 87 points.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unlike the Canucks, the Avalanche have plenty of salary-cap space (over $15.6 million) to re-sign Rantanen. Avs general manager Joe Sakic probably hopes to get the winger under contract for less than $10.5 million to squeeze out enough long-term cap room for other signings down the road.


BOSTON HERALD: Steve Conroy reports Bruins GM Don Sweeney offered no timetable for when Brandon Carlo will be reporting to training camp. The 22-year-old defenseman is the Bruins’ only remaining restricted free agent after Charlie McAvoy re-signed yesterday.

The Bruins have a little more than $3.2 million in salary-cap space but Sweeney feels he can get the blueliner under contract without making another move. He could also place Kevan Miller and/or John Moore on long-term injury reserve if they’re not ready to start the season.


TSN: Former Vancouver Canucks defenseman Ben Hutton “has received multiple offers and he’s currently weighing all of his options, which reportedly include the Kings, Rangers, Red Wings and Wild.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With training camps now underway, Hutton might not want to take too much longer weighing his options. Those clubs could decide to look elsewhere if he doesn’t soon reach a decision. 


TSN also reported veteran center Brian Boyle has attracted interest from four or five clubs. However, all have been in a holding pattern trying to clear sufficient salary-cap space.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Athletic’s Scott Burnside recently reported the logjam of unsigned restricted free agents has also prevented Boyle from landing a contract with a new team. Perhaps the recent signings will make improve his chances.


  1. Wonder if Habs would consider a one year deal for Boyle to help the young centres in their development. 1 million or a 2 year 1.5 with .5 k in incentive bonuses

    • Hi Andy

      I think Boyle would be a good add to Habs ; he’ll be a good add to some team

      Great character/mentor player that is a good 4C that can in a pinch slot in 3C and even winger on many 3rd lines

      • The Canadiens already have Nate Thompson on the roster. They re-signed him in April.
        I’m not saying Thompson is better than Boyle but he is already on the roster.
        I assume that is part of his role withe the team.

      • Pengy…Sorry long day to answer you question from yesterday..they had Mccann in and out with Hornqvist and Simon with a splash of (Bujgstad)

        Mccann is so fast they need him at # 3 center. Kahun was working well with Sidney and they pout Tanev in with malkin and Galchenyuk.

        Geno was quoted as saying these two are so fast and quick…… Galchenyuk & Tanev

        Buffalo and Pittsburgh from State college (Penn states icers rink) where I played…

        The powers that be will all be there chatting. our pal Botterl needs to move a defense man. Can i have an order of SCANDELLA PLEASE… for picks then move Rust somewhere else

      • Mike Of The Habs, soon-to-be 35 y/o NateThompson was largely invisible in Ottawa and his last year with L.A. Good luck with that.

      • Thanks BlackNGold

        Glad to see those that are flyin’

        I hate to see McC’s speed crimped by the slower Horny and Bjugstaad

        Again; I’d love be to see him with Sid and Guentz

        Re tonight’s game ; my cousin texted that Sabres playing many of their top players including Skinner, Scands ; Dahlin; and Eichel and that Pens are only throwing out AHL players and prospects plus Rust, Simon and JJ

        That should be a Buffalo blowout!

        Yes Scands as aPen would be great…. first move though HAS to be bye bye to JJ

    • @Mike of The Habs – Thompson’s performance makes the need for Boyle. Just what Boyle can teach the younger kids is worth a contract. He still has offended although limited now so his worth outweighs Thompson

  2. Can’t see Rangers having any interest in another left shot dman. Even if he could play right side, is he a huge upgrade over Smith?

  3. Re TSN report on Hutton above:

    “….which reportedly include the Kings, Rangers, Red Wings and Wild.”


    I’m still hoping Pens get him…. JJ moved …. Ruhweedel waived ….. enough for Hutton plus depth winger (from WBS or UFA) at l ague min


    Dreger …. I need you to re-canvass Jimmy and put the “ Hutton” tweak in his mind

    Better still, I need Leo DiCaprio to take Jimmy down 3 layers on the Inception ladder and make him think a JJ move is his own idea 👍😁

    • Good morning everyone ….

      Hey Pengy

      Glad to see you are still plugging away on the posting

      I like Hutton as well…..

      but I also Honka from Dallas ..this player is a good puck mover very mobile and can use a change of scenery AKA Justin Shultz …as reported …I think he could be had for a low to mid level draft pick.

      I am rather big on Honka still …and I think is the best VALUE get available for taking a chance ….especially with his age and low cost …in my opinion this is a no brainer and should not be overlooked for the Pens team.

      Perfect style player to replace the minutes and style of play of Matta and could also be a lower cost replacement player as Shultz could be on the move as well…

      would be a great depth & security signing to help make other moves.

      Looking forward to talking Hockey again this season !

      Last year the Flames & Blues were my 2 teams to watch as I posted regularly and at the start of the season last year …this year …teams to watch are going to be Ottawa, Panthers and the Yotes …these 3 teams have done a marvelous job over the past 2 years …and are going to take a step that could be an issue for some teams in the division for that last Wild card spot !

      have a good day …Cheers

      • Kal El
        I do think the Sens will take a step but competing for a playoff spot is a giant leap for hockey kind. What they have going for them is no expectations. So I imagine it will be like last year, they can score goals and surprise some teams but ultimately they will lose the tight ones and get blown out every couple weeks. Any injuries will derail them too. I’d predict a decent start, around 500. Then as we get into December the losses will start piling up.
        Which will be ok with me! Lafreniere or Byfield would be more than welcome

        I hope the Coyotes finally get some traction. I’d like to see them in the playoffs again.

    • Pengy do you know who needs a defenseman like JJ…..wait for it……… No One!

      • Caper,

        Yes …. there’s a beer League in Whitehorse; flu epidemic ; all of their top 8 D are down …. said they’ll take anybody

        I’m holding them at their word

      • Pengy sorry no one is riding in on their Whitehorse.

      • Caper

        Kickin’ a guy when he’s down… eh?

    • Hi Kal El

      Welcome back…. long Vacay????

      Re Honka …. agree ; however he’d cost assets from Pens (and I don’t think Dallas accepting JJ in trade) and Hutton just costs $’s and Cap

      Something must be done though

      Good call last year on Blues !!

      SC champs and only lost one player Maroon!


    • Pengy..

      Yeah the Sabres are playing a lot of top guys..

      I want to see how this Marino kid holds up on defense against Buffalo’s better players.

      A couple moves are coming by Rutherford this week…

      Rust could be headed out west.

      love to see

      d-man Nikita Zadorov 24 $3.2 million to Pittsburgh

      winger Brian Rust + a pick to Colorado..

      Rust will score 20 in that line-up and Zadorov be a nice fit with Schultz…

      • Hi BlackNGold

        My gut sense is that Marino is a next year Pens player; WBS this year.

        Fair trade proposal but unfortunately doesn’t help the team further their playoff hopes

        Still has JJ with Pens

        Unless you were meaning Rust AND JJ and pick for NZ….. if so then booooyyyaaaaaaahhhh

        Under any trade circumstance ; if JJ stays and plays a season as a reg …. pens absolute zero chance at cup and I truly believe about an equal probability of (1) out in first round and (2) just missing the playoffs…. Pens only made playoffs by 4 points last year

        Ducks short a D; had interest in JJ; looks like Faulk deal not happening……

        Eaves (LTIR for year) for JJ
        Waive Ruhweedel and Trottman; bring up WBS winger or sign league min winger

        Leaves $2.9 M in Cap space for UFA D (Hutton?)

        Or ….

        JJ + Rust for Eaves and Ritchie; waiving Ruhweedel and Trottman

        Leaves $5.6 M for UFA D AND UFA winger…. Hutton and Vanek ??? and still $1.5 M or more to spare?

        All in Jimbo’s hands

      • I think the Avs are set up front with their wingers. They will already have:

        Landeskog – MacKinnon – Rantanen
        Burakovsky – Kadri – Compher
        Jost/Wilson – Jost/Wilson – Donskoi
        Bellemare – Kamenev – Calvert,

        with Dries, Nichushkin, Nieto, Greer, and possibly Bowers in the wings providing injury depth.

        In my estimation there is no need for them to move Zadorov and his reasonable contract for a potential 20 goal winger at 27 years of age.. Donskoi and Burakovsky were brought in for that.

        If they wanted to add a genuine 30 goal scoring right winger for the second line, just entering his prime, sure, go for it. Rust, however, is on par with the rest of the Avs’ middle six wingers in terms of his potential output and so doesn’t add anything new to the team.

      • But right now they don’t have Rantanen. With the kind of cap space he has ($15,615,239), Cole’s $4,250,000 LTIR available to late Dec + the ELC amount for whoever is demoted if and when he signs, you have to wonder what the difference has been between Sakic’s offer and his demands? The hold-up HAS to be related to term. If this drags on into the start of the season – and there are no indications so far that it won’t – that first year cap hit is going to jump exponentially with each passing day.

  4. 5/6 days into training camp- – and first ex games tonight – there remains these 10 “key” unsigned RFAs

    Carlo – Bos – $3,203,334 – 23 – no LTIR available – but the cap hit of whoever is demoted to make room when Carlo is signed
    Konecny – Pha – $6,667,421 – 20 – no LTIR available
    Connor & Laine – Wpg – $15,450,836 – 20 – no LTIR available
    Tkachuk – Cgy – $6,341,625 – 22 – LTIR of $894,166 for Valimaki available;
    Rantanen – Col – $15,615,239 – 23 – Cole’s $4,250,000 LTIR available to late Dec + the ELC amount for whoever is demoted if and when he signs
    Boeser – Van – $4,158,461 – 25 no LTIR yet available but add the cap hits of the 3 to be demoted to make room if and when he’s signed
    Point – TB – $8,476,669 – 22 – no LTIR available – add in a possible $1.4 mil of Condon’s & Domingue’s cap hits if they remain healthy enough to be demoted
    DeAngelo – NYR – $1,160,201 – 22 – no LTIR available
    Honka – Dal – $970,001 – 22 – Hanzal’s $4.75 mil LTIR available (has asked to be traded)

    These 5 teams, while having everyone signed, remain over the cap by the amount shown, so watch for other imminent roster moves as necessary (current # of players at the ML level also indicated)

    Toronto – $13,365,199 – 23
    Carolina – $1,554,79 1 – 24
    Washington – $1,364,294 – 23
    Buffalo – $1,059,824 – 23
    Pittsburgh – $1,031,675 – 24

    • Oops. Didn’t realize Vegas & Arizona already opened the ex season last night

    • Looks like Connor, Laine, Boeser and Tkachuk are all going to have to accept bridge deals and fairly team-friendly ones at that.

      • the problem gm’s have by making these guys wait is that huge pro-rated charge. look at nylander screwing the leafs and plain useless the rest of the year. if they are going to make anyone sit it better be for the whole year. i know the cap is expected to go up a lot but this is silly. can’t see any left wingers to replace him tho so a trade is doubtful. if he Does sign, who do we dump to clear the space and again when roussel comes back? it’s great to have realistic hopes instead of the despair of the past few years

    • Hi George

      Thanks again for the list

      Leafs won’t need to worry Re: Cap for opening day …. LTIRs fix the Cap issue

      Dermott return negligible … Dermott in ; one Leaf to the Marlies ….. max Cap hit is $163 K ( Dermott Cap over League min of Leaf sent to Marlies) times fraction of year left at Dermott return

      Big issue is when Hyman returns …. $2.25 M …. a move must be made then

      For the other 4 ; even burying (max Cap savings of $1.08 M) a contract doesn’t get them opening day at 23 and under Cap; small moves agreed; but still …. imperative moves

      You know my painful thoughts re:Pens 😡😭

      • Pengy..interesting deal you have… J.J is gone no matter what I’m assuming he gets released or buried that’s a given. Ishould have been more clear on that wasnt including him in the Av’s deal.

        Brian Rust plus a second round pick for Nikita Zadorov is a good fit for both teams.

        Av’s need secondary scoring outside that amazing 1st line Brian Rust had 19 goals last year and was injured for a long time.

        Zadorov can skate, shoot and he is physical for the likes of the Caps, Flyers and other teams that want to get froggy with the Penguins.

        We would now have Zadorov who’s tough, Grudbrason who’s tough, and both forwards Tanev and Hornqvist play with an edge to their game.

        Zadorov gives us a solid top 4 and makes us a contender! Nikita is young, signed longer term, and is valuable in case we move on from Schultz.

        Plus Letang is as fragile as a potato chip…next year.

    • Trevor van Riemsdyk is expected to start the season on injured reserve for Carolina.

    • Honks for DeAngelo. Straight up trade

  5. Two things about Boeser – cap problems and his health. I’d say he needs to show that he can play a full season before he cashes the big bonus. A real talent but still to some extent unproven.
    All adds up to a bridge contract, doesn’t it?

    • Totally agree that Boeser needs to show he can play 82 before he breaks the bank. Rumor is Boeser is looking for 7 million per which to me seems over the top.

      Vancouver has about 4.1 million in cap space remaining which means the Canucks are going to have to make a move once they get Boeser signed.

      How teams like the Canucks, Sabres, Coyotes and Oiler all noted cellar dwelling bottom feeders have little or no cap room is mind boggling.

      Boeser is good, a talented piece for the Canucks Hes just not 7 million dollars worth of good, at least not yet.

      • The Canucks have more than 4.1 million in cap space. Capfriendly shows a roster of 15 signed forwards (not including Boeser) and 8 D. With all forwards signed, they will probably carry 13 forwards with another on LTIR (after the season starts). So two forwards are going to get sent down (saving 1M per). Those player are likely Schaller and Eriksson (or Goldobin lost on waivers).

        So the Canucks really have $6.0 to $6.1 M in cap space for Boeser. After season starts, that number will expand by quite a bit due to Roussel going on LTIR.

        Conclusion, unless the Canucks make a trade (Virtanen or Leivo), they will be offering a 2 year bridge deal to Boeser for 6M.

        The smartest thing they could do at this point, is try to move Tanev out to Nashville or Anaheim and go after a player like McKeown with a late rounder. After that, moving one of Pearson or Baerstchi in the early part of the year, or Sutter (if his game recovers) could give them the cap space they need longer term.

    • @ Bc Leaf Fan

      Congrats on the Marner signing ….being a Leaf fan ..its good to see this team set for the next 5 – 6 years and ready to make a charge now !

      Iam a HUGE Marner fan by far my favorite player in the league …so very happy !

      As far as Boeser goes…the Canucks are really being idiots here …this guy has an ELITE shot and goal scoring prowess …the likes of not many young players in the league…REGARDLESS of any injuries …many players have smaller issues that don’t result in this treatment …

      This guy SHOULD have been the ABSOLUTE #1 priority this off season and should never have gone into training camp without a contract !

      Canucks playing hard ball here ..this team has improved dramatically …and I think Management is getting wayyyyyy to cocky ..with Boeser with the emergence of Petterson …If Iam Boeser ..Iam not signing for anything less than what he wants …as if he ends up being the guy on the way out after Petterson gets his deal he will be stuck with a sub par contract on his next team that would have paid him much more handsomely …

      Boeser is a very very special player for his size and shot !

      If Iam him I ask to get the hell out of that town …he will be better served elsewhere …and will flourish in another organization ..IMO

      Just my 2 cents anyways….Cheers… GO LEAFS!!

      • Yes, he should have been priority, and then they trade away their first for Miller ????? GM of the year haha

      • Benning should have been fired ages ago.

      • Kal El, good to have you back. Couldn’t agree more about Boeser’s talent – he is a darn good forward. The Canucks just look so much better on paper provided they can figure out the cap and have Boeser, and their defence corps, stay healthy.
        Right now, Benning has to get a handle on the cap and get Boeser back on the ice.

  6. Here hoping we have labour peace. The NHLPA will make their announcement today.

    • Cheers to that Caper. No one is talking to the press which is usually a good sign.

    • Looks like you got your wish. For a couple seasons anyway!

  7. I would think adding Boyle doesnt make sense for most teams. For a team that considers itself a contender and needs a depth piece at an affordable salary he would be a great add.

    • If Boyle goes unsigned before opening night I would expect the first team with an injury to a similar forward grabs him. What is not to like about boyle on your 4th line

  8. Another outage will not sit well with the fan base.
    Boeser is not in the same class as Marner or Rantanen for that matter who should come in just under at $10m . Aside from Point the balance will need to fall under with shorter terms 8-9 Sorry or sit. The players will instruct the agents shortly. Once the puck drops for real
    How are the Canucks in cap trouble? I know the answer but really

    • SilverSeven: Why should Rantanen come in under US$10M when Marner got just under US$10.9M/year? Rantanen has better stats the last couple years than Marner. If the term is shorter, under US$10M/year may be possible, but not at 6+ years unless he has Labanc’s agent.

      • True that Van. Methinks Sakic wasn’t happy with Marner’s #.

      • The tax rate in the country, state or province are taken into account when deciding on best salary return. So the amount of the contract does not really should the true income for the player.

      • different tax situation…..more favorable in colorado vs canada….. rants at a $9.5 mil is about the same take home pay…term maybe upfront bonus the issue here….it will get done

    • SilverSeven, I don’t know that I’d say the Canucks are necessarily in cap “trouble” – but Benning sure has some tough decisions to make IF and when he gets Boeser’s signature on a deal (and they need him).

      Right now they show 25 at the ML level with cap space of $4,158,461. IF Boeser is signed, the cap hits of 3 players may be added to that to get down to 23 … but here’s the rub. The ONLY obvious AHL demotion is Biega and his $825,000 ELC – now they have $4,983,461. But who are the other two? Maybe Goldobin gets more seasoning in the AHL and, if so, add in his $900,000 – now you have $5,893,461 which should be enough to get Boeser signed with a bit left over. But there’s still one more relegation to go. It won’t be Pettersson, that’s for sure. So, who from this roster. And will there be waivers required?

      Maybe Canucks fans can chime in with how they see the roster being finalized.

      There is the question of Roussel and his $3 mil if he, indeed, is not fit to start the season – but there doesn’t seem to be anything definitive yet in the injury reports – just “questionable for opening day.” If he goes on LTIR then everything is cleared.

      • George, you make a good point about waivers. Not sure about other teams but the Leafs have signed several decent players who will need to clear waivers to be assigned to the Marlies. After last year’s debacle with the backup goaltenders, I’m watching the waiver wire closely this year.

      • Of course, if Roussel’s problem isn’t long-term, Benning then has to adjust somewhere else as soon as he’s back.

  9. Pengy,

    Training camps open, exhibition games are beginning. I would imagine in a week or so you’ll be looking for Jeff Gilooeyes phone number.


    • Nah

      I need JJ to share a beer with (or borrow gloves of ) Hossa

      Or ….Pens to hire Robida’s and/or Lupul’s Physician(s)


  10. Reported today that Marner admitted to receiving a few offer sheets at beginning of summer. I’ll guess Montreal since they went after Aho. Wonder if any of the current unsigned players are sitting on other offers. With training camps opening, could we see some unhappy camper deciding to sign one?

    • Wondering the same thing Slick62. Maybe the settlement from Dubas was a “reward” for having removed the necessity of matching, as Carolina had to do with Aho.

      It wouldn’t surprise me at all to learn that there are other OS still hanging fire. At a guess, I’d say Connor, Rantanen, Tkachuk and Point may have been approached (none of those are exempt from OS are they?).

      • George,not sure if any are exempt.

      • I think it was more Mariners agent saying he got offers to say he wanted to stay in Toronto

  11. Players not opting out! Peace thru 2021/22. Konecny signed

  12. Well, Konecny has signed – 6 years at $5.5 mil per, That reduced the Flyers cap space to $1,167,421 with just 21 at the ML level – not enough to bring up 2 ELCs – so you’d think something else is in the works

    • George O,

      I don’t get to spend much time on here, though I would like, so 100% of the time, it seems, I don’t get to respond to the responses to my messages. In any case, you seem like a vet on this forum and I appreciate your responses.

      Is it not true that a team can submit an opening night roster of between 20 and 23 players? Or do they have to have a list of 23?

      • Hi Augustus

        23 max ; they can open season with less …. I think there will be multiple teams opening with 22 and possibly 1 or 2 at only 21 …. cap issues and outstanding RFA’s the culprits

      • Yep. And Augustus, if I’m a vet in here it’s only because of the years under my belt. A LOT 🙂 The problem with the scenario described by Pengy is, a team would only start with less than 23 because of being smack up against the cap. Anyone in that situation with, say, 22 or 21 run the risk of not being able to call anyone up from the AHL in the event of short-term injuries which precludes getting their cap relief (3-4 games or whatever) because it would put them over the cap. That’s the “wiggle room” we mention frequently in here.