NHL Rumor Mill – September 18, 2019

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The latest on Patrik Laine, Alex Pietrangelo, Brayden Schenn, and Tristan Jarry in today’s NHL rumor mill.


TSN: Darren Dreger downplayed comments by Patrik Laine to a Finnish reporter in which he appeared to complain about not getting playing time on the Winnipeg Jets’ top line. He doesn’t think there’s much to read into the comments, adding it’s taking his remarks out of context to suggest they’re a slight against linemates Bryan Little and Nikolaj Ehlers.

Recent comments by Patrik Laine about his playing time could raise questions over his future with the Winnipeg Jets (Photo via NHL Images).

Dreger thinks Laine could return to the top line if he adds a little more power to his game. The young winger is currently mired in a contract impasse with the Jets and is now practicing with Swiss club SC Bern.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Mike McIntyre wonders if Laine’s remarks might make his lukewarm relationship with the Jets more complicated. “Words were said. Feelings were likely hurt. And you wonder just how many episodes of this soap opera are left before what is starting to seem like an inevitable breakup occurs,” said McIntyre.

McIntyre cited Jets coach Paul Maurice defending his decision to deploy Laine on the second line last season. Captain Blake Wheeler also praised Laine’s skills. While not taking Laine to task for his comments, he noted the 21-year-old winger is still growing on and off the ice. Center Adam Lowry thinks the remarks were tied to the ongoing contract negotiations and could blow over once the winger is re-signed.

McIntyre notes he’s long maintained trading Laine would be a big mistake. He’s hopeful the winger and Jets management can quickly get on the same page to avoid another “Jacob Trouba “get me out of here” situation on their hands” in four years when Laine is eligible for unrestricted free agent status.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Laine’s recent remarks follows those he made to Sportsnet’s Chris Johnston last month when he indicated he was prepared for anything. He claimed contract talks at that point with the Jets were non-existent and expressed uncertainty over his future with the club.

Laine’s latest comments will only stoke the internet trade speculation that flared up following his August comments. The longer his contract standoff drags on, the more likely he’ll become a trade-rumor fixture.


NHL.COM: Louie Korac recently reported St. Louis Blues general manager Doug Armstrong remains hopeful of re-signing defenseman Alex Pietrangelo and center Brayden Schenn. Slated to become unrestricted free agents next summer. the pair were instrumental in the Blues’ Stanley Cup run last season.

Armstrong said contract talks would be ongoing. Both players are pleased to hear the organization hopes to retain them. They also said they’re focused on the upcoming season and won’t let their contract statuses become a distraction.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This report isn’t a trade or a free-agent rumor but it’ll be worthwhile keeping an eye on Pietrangelo and Schenn during this season. If contract negotiations stall for one or both, or if the Blues struggle to shake off the dreaded “Stanley Cup hangover,” perhaps their names will surface in the rumor mill. Both popped up as trade candidates during the Blues’ awful first half of last season.

Salary-cap space will also be a factor. As per Cap Friendly, the Blues have over $59 million invested in 15 players for 2020-21. New contracts for Pietrangelo and Schenn could push that payroll to over $72 million.


TRIBLIVE.COM: Seth Rorabaugh recently reported the Pittsburgh Penguins are believed to have shopped goaltender Tristan Jarry this summer but couldn’t find a satisfactory return. He speculates Penguins GM Jim Rutherford could consider trading Jarry rather than risk losing him for nothing through waivers.


  1. Remaining 7 unsigned RFAs
    Connor & Laine – Wpg – $15,450,836 – 20 – no LTIR available
    Tkachuk – Cgy – $6,341,625 – 22 – LTIR of $894,166 for Valimaki available;
    Rantanen – Col – $15,615,239 – 23 – Cole’s $4,250,000 LTIR available to late Dec + the ELC amount for whoever is demoted if and when he signs
    Point – TB – $8,476,669 – 22 – no LTIR available – add in a possible $1.4 mil of Condon’s & Domingue’s cap hits if they remain healthy enough to be demoted
    DeAngelo – NYR – $1,160,201 – 22 – no LTIR available
    Honka – Dal – $970,001 – 22 – Hanzal’s $4.75 mil LTIR available (Honka has asked to be traded)

    These 6 teams, while having everyone signed, are over the cap by the amount shown, so watch for other imminent roster moves as necessary (current # of players at the ML level also indicated – any team over 23 has the additional cap space of those demoted

    Toronto – $13,365,199 – 23
    Vancouver – $1,716,539 – 26
    Carolina – $2,254,791 – 25
    Washington – $1,364,294 – 23
    Buffalo – $1,059,824 – 23
    Pittsburgh – $331,625 – 23

    Just to add fodder for the discussions, these are the teams with everyone signed and remaining cap space with ML level roster number as shown by CapFriendly – those showing 24 and over obviously will have additional cap space as dictated by who gets demored, while those below 23 will add in the cap space of the player(s) making up the difference
    Ottawa – $10,890,001 – 22
    Columbus – $10,765,918 – 22
    Anaheim – $8,500,242 – 21
    NJ – $6,461,667 – 22
    L.A. – $5,240,606 – 24
    Minn – $4,958,911 – 21
    NYI – $4,653,334 – 25
    Det – $4,270,457 – 22
    Mtl – $4,044,524 – 25
    SJ – $2,682,583 – 22
    Chi – $2,462,414 – 21
    Edm – $1,533,001 – 23
    Nash – $1,334,524 – 24
    Pha – $1,467,421 – 21
    Bos – $1,153,334 – 23
    Veg – $1,025,001 – 22
    Fla – $781,331 – 22
    StL – $495,406 – 24
    Ariz – $178,099 – 21

    • You’d think some sort of roster moves/trade will soon need to take place in Arizona, unless they plan on entering the season with just 21 at the ML level. In that instance, they had better hope they don’t run into early-season type short-term injuries which precludes bringing up anyone from the AHL.

      • Arizona has Hossa contract that can go ltir

      • True. It’ll certainly cover any two ELCs they’d want to promote from the AHL. Do you see that as their plan, or will there perhaps be a move to bring in a higher-priced veteran in another trade?

      • @ CAPER & Big Bad Bruins


        Your GM should get GM of the year this year 1000%

        Sweeney did an amazing job getting his players signed to deals that were all very realistic for the progression of there respective organizations ….and below what the craziness of other markets were getting …
        If MaCavoy was in Toronto he would of been a
        $7 million D man …for sure and Carlo would have been on the outs and would have to have been traded.

        I look forward to talking hockey with you guys this year …I just hope we don’t meet you guys again in the first round…. F –K!!… LMAO


      • @ Kal El not to mention Sweeney will have 14 million next year to resign Coyle, Krug, DeBrusk and to find a backup goalie and replace a third or 4th liner or two.

        Could easily be done. If you gave each of those listed a 2 million dollar range, there is still 8 million to fill the other roles.

        Sweeney started off slow, but he has definitely done well.

      • Not to imply Boston has done poorly setting up thrir future but I doubt most of those listed come in at 2.

      • @Chrisms I meant to say raise…. not range.

      • Your numbers are strange to me…

      • How are they strange? Bruins have Belesky’s 1.9 and Seidenberg’s 1.16 coming off. As well as Halak, Ritchie, Miller, Chara, Nordstrom and Wagner. That is a total of 14 million.

        Krug is making 5.25 and has said he would take a hometown discount to stay. So 7-7.25 should get that done. Coyle is at 3.2 and a raise of 2 million or so should tempt him to stay home. DeBrusk may be the tougher one since he is coming off his entry level contract and playing on the second line. I can see Sweeney getting him in between 3-4 million.

        That still leaves plenty of money to fill out the 3rd and 4th lines and get a backup.

    • Wings would have about 14 million in cap space after they place Zetterberg and Frankenmuth on LTIR.

      • Perfect room for a 32 year old DMan from Pens !

      • Detroit does not need nor want Johnson. How many 1st round draft picks does Pittsburgh want to pay Detroit to take a 4 year contract for an overpaid bottom pair defenseman? We already are waiting for Ericsson’s contract to expire or trade.

        If it was a UFA year for Johnson then it could be worth it to get paid to take him, but not now.

      • Hi Yzerfan

        How many 1st rounders is GMJR willing to give up to rid JJ… Zero

        Now for me …. 🤓😎

        Re Ericsson …if he didn’t carry a cap $1 M higher than JJ or if Pens had no Cap concerns ….. I’d take Ericsson for JJ every day ; forever

        JJ and Ruhweedel for Ericsson ($300 K retained) …. what say you good sir

    • @ GEORGE ” O ”

      Ottawa is one of my teams that will surprise this year ..Iam going to say it now ..they will be a playoff team and will make it in the final stretch of the season as a Wild Card spot…so copy and paste ..for reference ! LOL

      I really like this teams direction coach and players they have to choose from along with the simple mix of some veteran players …they are a total sleeper team …they are faster and tougher than anyone gives them credit for and if Andy has a very good year they will make a push …Nillson will fill in as well very nicely.

      I expect good things from Logan Brown this year as well…

      I think Ennis and Batherson will be a very significant surprise addition to this team

      If any injuries arise I am very interested in seeing Beaudin and Forementon along with Balcers and Klimchuck.

      I really see this Sens team doing realy good things …they have dumped a lot of OLD WAYS and tis new team is going to be VERY TOUGH To play against ..Big Surprises coming here with the Sens this year ! Mark my words !

      Obviously you have to temper expectations for where your at ..BUT ..this team is way better than what any pundits or FANS are giving credit for ..IMO !

      • Welcome back Kal El. While I agree the Sens will be better this year – in terms of points (hard to be worse! 🙂 ) – it will likely come from having vastly reduced the goals against and not from any expected increase in scoring. From this vantage point, what I expect to see is improvement in all aspects of the defensive game – forwards who back-check and support the D – fewer turnovers (especially in their own zone) – and steady goaltending from Anderson and Nilsson.

        In that regard I liken the situation to when Jacques Martin took over and instilled disciplined structure. And with these kids anxious for NHL jobs, you know they’ll be toeing the line. And what veterans they do have, 7 at least have no history of “dogging it” and will be good influences on the kids (Anderson, Hainsy, Pageau, Borowiecki, Zaitsev, Ennis, Anisimov). I’m HOPING some of that rubs off on Ryan and Bodker.

        To my mind, if the team gels as a unit and make themselves tough to play against and turn in a solid season – but don’t make the playoffs – that will be fine by me. Get in the lottery with a chance at Lafreniere.

        Having said that, I hope you’re right. We were both bang on with St. Louis last year, although you latched onto them a lot sooner than I did!

      • They will be an exciting team and much improved but there is just too little experience for them to make the playoffs. Great things on the horizon no doubt.

    • The Penguins have plenty of candidates to send down. No worry there. I was reading yesterday that the Leafs will have no choice but to only carry one extra player on their roster. Sidney Crosby has never made more than 8.9 million a season, just saying.

      • Hi Deee

        Yes they could send down …. easiest resolution is sending JJ down ; burying $1.08 …. will they ….. ?????

        He just can’t be part of this team if they want success

        Re Jarry …. Pens won’t carry 3G’s so he’d have to be waived I think …. gamble

        Yep Sud’s cap hit of $8.7 M is mind boggling

        Actual cash rec’d per year though …. other than his 3 ELC years and 12/13 he has always got $9M or more

        His last 3 years of this contract are only for $3M per though 🧐

        🤞🙏🤞🙏 for GMJR to act like a GM and move JJ

    • Hey George!! Thanks for the post, it’s very informative and I appreciate the effort that went into it.

      • You’re welcome styxcanad. I just like to provide fodder, as I say, for discussions on the board.

      • And if you’re basing your nick on the rock band Styx, loved their music.

      • Don’t mean to be a dick, but I couldn’t/can’t stand Styx.
        To each their own I guess.

      • à chacun son goût Ray. 23 top 100 hits from 1972 to 1991, 8 of them top 10 and 17 top 40 tells me they were popular with many. But hey, not everyone could stand the Stones either.

  2. Lower the Senators available cap by just over a million after they sign Alex SkyChiefwashingbull to a one year one way deal. He played in the ANCL (American Native Casino League) last year and is a highly touted prospect.

    The Blues need to walk away from both of those players mentioned in the article. Those “feeling” signings after Stanley Cup win cripple teams for years.

    • 🙂 heh … close, Dark G, but not quite THAT desperate. Yet.

  3. NHL network recent rankings had Pietrangelo as 11th best d man. Ahead of Subban (9m) and Trouba (8m). Have to figure he’s going to get at least 10m per, maybe more. Has a full ntc, so St Louis needs to pay him or risk losing him for nothing.

    • When do we queue Pietrangelo to the Leafs next summer? STL will only have 3 D under contract next summmer. Schenn will be a tough decision.

      Perhaps Steen find a way on LTR

      • @ DS

        I dont see Pietrangelo to teh Leafs on a few fronts !

        Pietrangelo is teh Captain of teh Blues …and now having won a Cup he has a legacy building there till the day he retires…he may go down as one of the best D men ever in that franchise …point 2 …Morgan Rielly has to be signed the follwoing year …he will be commanding what Pietrangelo will be asking and the Leafs can NOT have 2 D men at the cap they both will be askig for …so it only makes sense that Rielly stays and Pietrangelo stays with there respective teams as first D top 1 A D men.

        Leafs need to keep the eye on the ball with Sandin and Dermott in a few years …as well as they should try and get Barrie to a decent contract instead of Pietrangelo…unless Muzzin takes a MaCovoy type deal ..he will be gone along wit the stop gap Ceci ….

        This Leaf D will look very different and younger in another year or 2 …they just dont have the DOUGH to do what Chicago did with Seabrook and Keith in the Toews Kane era ..with 3 big players now signed.

        Pietrangelo…should and IMO will re up in St Louis

  4. Re Liane and his comments

    I think it’s a combination of some true feelings ; some quotes out of context (and don’t forget translated from Finnish where there could be meaning embellishments or degradations ); and some contract negotiation positioning

    Individually they mean nothing really ; together they are leading to some believing in bitter relationships necessitating a trade

    Methinks he stays; short term contract ; ready to prove himself and then cash in

    • @ Pengy

      God morning

      Not a big fan of Pitts bottom 6 forwards and not a fan of Galchenyuk …unless he has a significant break out year…he just does not make anyone on his line better!

      With Hutton signing I really think Honka would be a great get for Rutherford at this point …but I think there is going to be some significant waivers on D men …with final cuts …the only problem with Pitt is they HAVE NO CAP ROOM TO ADD ANYONE ..good even at an entry level deal …hence why they are trying to dump Jarry contract.

      Rythrford is watching the waiver wire as he has nothing to deal away !

      Bujgstad and Shultz are the trade chips …IMO but not to many teams can take on an extra player at $5 mill …so this is not looking good in PItt to add any more quality depth !

      Have a good day !

    • Hi Kal El

      Yep bottom 6 not great but manageable

      I’m holding judgement/eval. on G-Chuck until I see how he fairs out with Geno… I actually think he will fair well

      Under no circumstances should GMJR consider moving Shultz

      It’s JJ that has to move . Period. End of story

      Shultz out (for cap reasons) and JJ staying as a regular …. that basically stops the playoff streak in its tracks

      Rust and Bjug have been the most recent names bandied about by media as the more likely trade chips for Pens


      Now that LA got Hutton and have Cap and need scoring and speed

      JJ & Rust

      for Hutton and another player (a must in deal as LA already at 50 contracts and can’t net an extra in a trade) …. so maybe include Clifford

      Ducks still need a D…. have space ; have expressed interest in JJ before; and want scoring ; and have LTIRs that they are paying INS costs for nothing

      I mentioned Kessler for JJ before ….. he’d have to approve the move …. but Ducks (cash restricted team) are paying over $4 M in ins. payments just to let him stay at home for next 3 years

      straight up trade nets them JJ at around $2M cash per

      after that ; Pens put Kessler on LTIR ; waive Ruhweedel….. sitting then with about $3.6 M in space for a fed acquisition

      Or if Kessler won’t waive NMC/NTC…

      Eaves (gone for year) and Ritchie for JJ and Rust

      Waive Ruhweedel; Eaves on LTIR….. $5.6 M in space …. they could sign Vanek for low $’s and basically be flipping loss of Rust’s production for Ritchie and Vanek ; and ridding team of major thorn in side… that team for sure vies for Div lead and could certainly be in ECF against Bolts


      Bjug is a Minnesota lad
      Wild has a painful contract in Rask

      JJ + Bjug + ZAR

      For Rask and Staal

      Waive Ruhweedel and bring up depth winger or sign depth winger for same cap …. leaves about $800 K in space and a dominant Troika at C for Pens …. Sid; Gino ; Staal

      That team would make a best of seven against Bolts interesting

      Notice the thread throughout …. JJ out …. Chance ; JJ in 😡😭

      • Pengy…….Lines today at training camp you should be happy with the d corps.

        Crosby Guentzal Kahun

        Malkin Galchenyuk Tanev- (super fast & good (200ft game)

        Mccann Hornqvist Bujgstad

        Blueger ZAResse Rust

        letang Dumolin

        Petterson Schultz

        Johnson Grudbranson

        Also Dustin Bufyglein Winnipeg Jets is taking a long term undisclosed no time table leave of absence from the team to think things through..

        This is a team that has already lost Jacob Trouba and Tyler Myers, to lose big Buff this is a team that might need A Jack Johnson.

        wohooo fingers crossed..

        Hutton just signed out here in LA with the Kings 1 year $1.5 million

      • Thanks BlackNGold

        How did Horny and Bjug do with McC; did they slow him down or work out OK?

        I still think McC is better with Sid and Guentz than anybody else ; but if it’s Bjug or him at 3C I get why they would want McC

        If they are trying Rust out in the 4th line perhaps they are testing life w/O him and trying to move him (has to be with JJ tho)

        Top 2 pairings you listed fine. 5th D ; fine …. 3rd LD ….. ouch!

        My Minn trade suggestion would have had

        Sid Guentz McC

        Geno GChuck Tanev/Kahun

        Staal Rust Tanev/Kahun

        Blueger- Horny Rask/Simon

        Rask or Simon
        ? League Min

        Shultz/ Pettersson
        GudB/ Riikola

  5. Pengy….

    Hutton signs with LA.

    Jeff Gilooey on line one …. lol

    • Hi Ron

      Ya saw that ; and mentioned in my post below

      I’m working off an iPhone single finger typing that takes a while so by the time I’ve done any sort of fair sized post and send and hit refresh ; many have posted in between

      That LA acquisition was NOT music to my ears

      I never wish injury on anybody so the JG option is a no go

      Prudent GMs would have made a trade long ago or bought him out or waived him …. that’s Prudent GMs

      I can only wish for a bout of Montezuma’s revenge for JJ that lasts ‘till July


      the Hossa itch

      Or payoffs to evaluating Dr’s (hello Mario get Ur chequebook out)

      Or that GMJR finally puts team first, ego second; and trades JJ

      Now he’s only got a very few trade partner options (Ducks and Wild and maybe a couple more)


      • No chance of a JJ buyout?

      • Hi Ron

        Next buyout window not until next June

        He could have been bought out this past June and Pens would have only had a $270 K hit for him this year (that’s not a typo…, it truly would have only been $270 K this year)

        ….. so for Ego and $270 K; GMJR has jeopardized the franchise this year…. and window is waning … next year Sid and Tanger 33; Geno 34…. and if Horny still around ; he’ll be 33…. and JJ even worse than last year and this year ; and he’ll also be 33 next year


    • Well he Ben Hutton for a job and found one in LA.

      • Hi Caper

        That deal is a win win IMHO

        LA’s risk is paying $800 K over league min if he seriously falters; if he plays at $1.5 M value no risk; plays above this (what I think will happen); then LA can extend or trade at TDL for pick (basically getting 2/3rd year of work and a pick for $1.0 M actually paid)

        Hutton gets a contract; gets to play ; could be traded at TDL to a contender; and has opportunity to showcase to get rewarded with better contract next year

        Why couldn’t Mofo Jimbo have thought of this

  6. Re Petro and Schenn

    Unless there is a big team falter; I think Petro is extended.

    I’m not quite as confident re Schenn; but I think it’s a fair probability

  7. George, Rangers roster doesn’t include Kravtsov, who most think will be on team to start season. That puts them at 23 with about 200k in space left. Assuming they send down 1 or 2 guys, maybe Smith, they’re still in a tight space with DeAngelo. Without getting into it with Bruin fans, Carlo getting 2.85 per for 2 years doesn’t help Rangers cause. Carlo is a decent dman, but gives you zero offense. DeAngelo tripled his point total and played 11 less games! I’m really surprised nobody has tried to offer sheet him. Is his immaturity still a huge issue? Rangers reportedly don’t want to move from the same 1 year offer they gave Lemieux. If someone offered what Carlo got, compensation would be a 2nd rd pick. Offering 2.1 per would only cost you a 3rd. That’s not much for a guy that put up 40 points in 61 games… on a lottery team!

    • @Slick:Making me wish we could swap TonyD for Carlo. Yes offense makes you the money…… Trouba and Fox can handle the PP and we know coach Quinn has trust issues with Tony.

      If Fox is the real deal Tony is expendable for a 3rd pairing right side more physical guy

    • Fully agree Slick

      I really thought there would be more offer sheets by now

      That said …. as I’ve stated before; offer sheet by definition is only official after player has signed.

      It is possible that ADA has had talks and has rec’d an OS; but just has not agreed to it

      As GMMB said …. it’s in the CBA so why not use it

      These are strange times

      • @Pengy
        Would you want your team to bring in ADA?
        And yes I know you will say over JJ

        As a Ranger fan not keeping ADA just makes the Arizona trade worse if Lias does not pan out above a 3rd line center role.

      • ds


        but already over Cap in Penville

        and absolute priority must be to rid JJ

      • ds, hard to judge the Stepan trade. The 7th overall pick plus a former 1st rd pick for Step(6.5m) and a back up goalie? Looking at how the teams trades since. Considering the Av’s reportedly wouldn’t part with the 16th pick for Kreider. Lias should develop into a solid 3c, maybe even a 2. With Lundqvist developing nicely oversees and Keane coming off a good showing in Traverse, I don’t think Rangers will up offer. Smith starting on right side tonight and if they’re confident in Fox at 2nd pair, not good for DeAngelo.

  8. Re Rorabaugh on Pens re Jarry trade

    “risk losing him for nothing through”

    This quote made me smile

    Yes it is quite true that he could be lost for nothing via a waiver acquisition ; but Pens have much bigger fish to fry

    Jimbo …. rather than “risk losing player for nothing”

    How about the much more important

    “Risk season for keeping”….. you know who

    Mofo Jimbo, He HAS to go

    No matter what…. Pens are over
    (Per CF Trottman showing below the line) by a little more than $0.3M with 23…. so it’s starting season at 22 and still tight against Cap or a trade …. Hello McFly

    And Jimbo let LA get Hutton for only $1.5 M

    JJ out and Hutton in …. Pens skyrocket from ZERO chance at cup to fair odds at winning the Div

    Jimbo …. wakey wakey

    If Jarry is a waive casualty possibility … use him as part of the incentive for a JJ move

  9. Millennials need to be coddled .
    Laine needs to show me last season is not indicative where he was absent for long stretches (probably pouting) . With his size as a consideration he also plays soft and needs to battle more frequently.
    I wonder if the comment was aimed at Connor who did play a lot on the top line and produced .

  10. Never looked at it from that angle, Slick62. But now that you mention it, it certainly looks like a no-brainer to get a D-man with some sand who can also contribute offensively without giving up anything of significance. I can think of several teams in that last list above that could use him in a 5/6 pairing and which have plenty of cap space to cover $2.1.

    • George, after watching Smith tonight I’d give DeAngelo what he wants! Lol

      • That bad huh? But it’s early get-the-rust-out time, Some just take longer than others. Last night in Ottawa, by the 3rd period Matthews looked in mid-season form while others – on both sides – looked like they were dragging their butts through deep mud.

  11. Laine is a scoring machine playing mostly on the 2nd line all he is saying is put me on the first line and than look at the numbers. I agree with him but that can be said about many great players like when Krech played with Marchand and Pasta his numbers went through the roof. Difference is Krech is highest paid player on team.

    • Fair point but, he scored half of his goals standing in one spot, on the powerplay, getting fed by Blake Wheeler. So that leaves 15 even strength goals. Still a lot however, on the first line, you go up against the first line and top defensive opposition. That requires some meaty play and that hasn’t been Laine’s style so far. I’m hoping to see more minutes and meat from him this year.

    • Well, he certainly is in the month of November – 18 in 12 games last season …. but the other months not so much – 4 here … 5 there … throughout the rest of the season

      • Nailed it George, he disappears for long stretches. Not sure how a coach can justify giving him more minutes when there is no consistency.
        And then look at the rest of his team, who he asks for, and expects the same from.
        Coach needs to be consistent too or he loses credibility.

  12. In other news : Wild who have many old guys with bad contracts sign Jared Spurgeon 7 years, soon to be 30. Lol

    • Some teams just never learn, lol.

    • Owner needs to be clear with the GM : if you sign anyone over the age of 30 to more than a 3 year deal, youre fired.

  13. In Winnipeg for work this week . Big Buff May retire breaking news this morning out here

    • Swany seen that from Bob Mackenzie Twitter account so if Bob is reporting it you know it’s true.

      If big buff decides to retire that is a huge blow to Winnipeg who already lost Trouba, Myers and Chairot from their back end.

      The Jets very likely go from Cup contenders a year ago to playoff hopefuls this year.

      • Yes it was Bob the reported it . Lots to talk about out here in the Peg today . Work out here about once a month so good week to be here if there is one lol.

      • @ Caper and Swany

        Bobby Mac was on First up live on TSN 1050 this AM as he is every morning Live as I drive my kids to school …so yes its true !

        Waiting on Buff to make a decision ….

      • 2.0, yesterday you wrote

        Connor will sign. negotiations seem a little like the morrissey negotiations from last year. It may end up being a 2 year contract in spite of the long term talk.

        Laine is a difficult contract to value due to grossly inconsistent production. 5m is on the low side of the ‘fair’ window for a bridge/show-me contract. This is right where chevy should be starting.

        Trouba was a loss, Pionk is a fair Myers replacement and Chiarot is replaceable from within the organization. Jets are still a very young team and natural internal growth is still on thier side. No panic in winnipeg.”

        With Laine burning his bridges yesterday and Byfuglien maybe calling it quits, how about now?

  14. Love watching BUFF he is a great player! But like football when guys make big $$$ maybe other sports will see earlier retirements like Luck as money can’t buy your health back as we age.

    • Fulll on panic if Buff retires. There are some other rumours out there about what might be going on but really hoping retirement isn’t where this is going. He brings a different element to the game with his physicality, skill, awareness and playfulness.

      I think he would be missed, not just in winnipeg but in the whole league and by many fans throughout.

      Curious that Maurice said ‘nothing sinister is going on’ in reference to buff taking the personal leave. Starting to sound sinister. Hopefully it is something like a veteran player being allowed to skip training camp due to ‘injury’.

      All the best to Buff and his family, hoping they get this sorted out for the best. Even if it doesn’t include winnipeg in the future.

  15. Wild already have enough old guys on big contracts. I would be shocked if they would take on JJ in a trade from the Penguins. I also think Wild are satisfied with their top 4 D and dont want to take on the toxic contract for a bottom pairing guy.

    • Hi Freddy

      No team really “wants” to have JJ but in any trade there is always a give and take

      So what’s it “take” for me to “give” you JJ

      Joking aside …. Rust or Bjug as the incentive tip(s) just might be what it takes

      I’m grasping at straws

      I have a full head of hair ; but my hairline just may start rapidly receding over this ☹️

  16. If i’m not mistaken if Byfuglien does retire the Jets are still on the hook for his cap hit for this season and next, right?

    • Hi KevJam

      No … retires … slate wiped clean

      From TSN re options

      1) The Jets can list him as ‘active non-roster’ while he takes personal leave. He will not take up a spot on the 23-man roster, but the Jets will have to account for his $7.6 million cap hit.

      2) The Jets can suspend him and petition the NHL for his salary cap hit to not count while he’s away from the team. (Every day his cap hit is saved, the Jets could bank valuable space used for restricted free agents Kyle Connor and Patrik Laine if they are not signed)

      3) If Byfuglien does officially retire, his contract would be wiped from the books and the Jets would no longer be tied to his cap hit.”

    • Hi KevJam

      No … retires … slate wiped clean
      From TSN re options

      1) The Jets can list him as ‘active non-roster’ while he takes personal leave. He will not take up a spot on the 23-man roster, but the Jets will have to account for his $7.6 million cap hit.

      2) The Jets can suspend him and petition the NHL for his salary cap hit to not count while he’s away from the team. (Every day his cap hit is saved, the Jets could bank valuable space used for restricted free agents Kyle Connor and Patrik Laine if they are not signed)

      3) If Byfuglien does officially retire, his contract would be wiped from the books and the Jets would no longer be tied to his cap hit.”

  17. I’m sad to hear that Buff may retire

    If he does ; loss to Jets but also loss to League

    Love his game

    Chevy now moves from being in a Super Pickle to a Super Nova Pickle

    Has to start mitigation strategies and in no particular order it would include calls to Botterill (Risto) ; Waddell (Faulk) and the agents for two remaining UFA RHDs… McQ and Girardi (note would be a 35 + contract)

    Not a pleasant next week or so for Chevy

    Fingers crossed on a Buff return ; but if he retires …. thanks Buff for entertaining us for all these years

    • And we all thought Ottawa was the prime example of “disaster” the last two years. Holy crap!

      • Hi George

        well your “disaster” played pretty dang well last night

        Liked Duclair’s game

        Forgot to apologize to u a couple of weeks ago when my “disaster” gridiron club beat ur “disaster” gridiron club


      • Well, that’s filed under c’est la vie when iot comes to the CFL Pengy. Their cap is even more onerous in terms of being able to hold onto free agents who have earned raises with their play. Losing Harris in that manner was the killer. Good to see the Argos becoming a factor again. The league needs them big time.

        On the subject of NHL relegations/promotions and being able to comfortably maintain a 23-man ML roster, Florida is another really up tight. With 22 currently shown they have just $781,331 in cap space and while, theoretically, they could elevate a low-cost ELC, it leaves them with zilch in the way of wiggle room.

        Looking at their roster, it’s hard to see who they might deal in the $2 to $3 mil range to make things more comfortable.

      • Hi George

        One game ain’t saving the ARGOS this year

        Re FLA

        I wouldn’t be surprised with any of the following happening (in no particular order)

        1) status quo; open with 22 , see how things play out

        2) gamble at 23 ; right up against the cap; play it day by day

        3) try to move Psysyk

        Panthers a fair possibility for a WC slot IMO

    • Do the one post where you have even the teenciest credibility if you bring up moving Jj and you wiff?

      • “Whoosh”

    • Jack Johnson to Winnipeg anyone? no Trouba no Tyler Myers maybe no Buff they might even want J.J..music to pengys ears…

      • 👍👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

        Chevy …. all for the bargain basement price of a 7th in 2028/29!

        Joking aside …. Buff out …. he needs an RHD…. Risto; Faulk , McQ, Girardi

  18. Could anyone answer a couple of questions for me as I’m a bit confused? How are the Leafs 13 million over the cap now as I always thought the max over in the off season was 10% which would be only 8.15 million? Secondly if the LTIR guys must be on the opening day roster before being designated LTIR then how is that possible without putting 13 million dollars worth of players on waivers first? Many thanks in advance.