NHL Rumor Mill – September 2, 2019

by | Sep 2, 2019 | Rumors | 24 comments

Updates on Torey Krug and Tyler Toffoli plus the latest on the Capitals in today’s NHL rumor mill.


NBC SPORTS BOSTON: While Torey Krug has surfaced in this summer’s trade rumors, Joe Haggerty doesn’t expect the Boston Bruins to trade him. The 28-year-old defenseman has been mentioned as a trade option to land a top-six winger. He’s slated to become an unrestricted free agent next July and could prove too expensive to re-sign.

The Boston Bruins aren’t expected to shop defenseman Torey Krug this season (Photo via NHL Images).

With Krug playing at the top of his game, however, he’ll be crucial to the Bruins hopes of staging another run at the Stanley Cup this season. Uncertainty over restricted free agents Charlie McAvoy and Brandon Carlo is also a factor, as well as the difficuty of replacing Krug on the power play.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless the Bruins are out of playoff contention by the Feb. 24 trade deadline, don’t expect them to put Krug on the trade block this season. Krug will not only help them remain a Cup contender this season, he’ll also buy time for McAvoy to develop into his eventual successor. 


NHL.COM: Washington Capitals general manager Brian McLellan told Tom Gulitti he isn’t ruling out making a trade to become cap compliant before the season opens next month.

“I think we’ll probably have to move someone,” MacLellan said. “Injuries and all the stuff that happens in training camp and exhibition season probably dictates it a little bit, but we’re going to be patient. We’re not in a rush. We’ll wait and let it play itself out.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly indicates the Capitals have over $82.8 million invested in 23 players for 2019-20. They’re above the $81.5-million salary cap by over $1.3 million. It’ll be interesting to see how things play out. With 14 forwards under contract, they could shop someone like Chandler Stephenson ($1.05 million). They could also demote him but he’ll have to clear waivers first.



SPECTOR’S NOTE: A strong performance by Toffoli in his contract year will make him among this year’s most coveted players leading up to the Feb. 24 trade deadline. He carries an affordable $4.6-million cap hit and lacks no-trade protection. Don’t be surprised if his name starts frequently popping up in trade speculation, especially if the Kings are out of playoff contention by New Year’s Day. 


  1. Krug is a one way hockey player, McAvoy if given a chance to be on the PP could and will put up the same or better #’s than Krug, how much stock you put into plus/minus if a lot then McAvoy right now with a lot less GP has +34 to Krug +27, after this coming season Krug will be looking for 8-9 mil per are the Bruins going to give him that I doubt and hope not, he needs to be moved for a 2nd line goal scorer with size

    • I’d rather move him for a good, young LD to replace Chara. W’ski?

    • Krug is a top tier, point producing defenseman. The blue line would be in shambles without him directing traffic.
      He’s way undersized for a physical defenseman, but he puts up points like Josi, Karlsson, Burns, Barrie and the rest of em.
      Need to out score the opposite side in the end right?
      Unless its a 1RW coming back, no thanks from me.
      May as well trade Bergy, Marchy and Pasta.
      Just my opinion.

      • Agree especially with Chara heading towards retirement.

      • You lost your argument when you made the last statement. And no they wouldn’t be in shambles.

      • When I said it was just my opinion?
        Charlie isn’t ready yet.
        Carlo needs to improve way more, but like Charlie, he’ll be a good one. Just not there yet.
        Z has what 7 good years left?
        Moore is out till Christmas.
        Miller might be longer.
        Grz and Clifton will be solid defenders around the same time as the others. ie Carlo and Charlie.
        The kids in Providence, although great young prospects, are just that. Prospects.
        So, it looks to me like we need Krug to stay right where he is, or it is indeed shambles or quite near that state on the back end.
        Again, just my opinion.
        And for what its worth, I wouldn’t move either of the other 3 mentioned in my last post. I forgot the sarcasm font.

      • That exactly what Krug is a offensive Dman he’s bad on the D he’s not on the ice at end of games when they have a goal lead the opposing wingers punish him every time he touches the puck in his own end, again my point is if aren’t going to resign him then trade him

      • shoreorepark, mostly everything posted on here is an opinion and that’s what we reply to; just like mine is my opinion.
        Everyone has an opinion and my opinion is that your opinion is wrong. But again that is just my opinion in regards to your opinion and you may have an opinion about my opinion in regards to my reply on my opinion on your opinion.

      • @Joe. Yes, only if it’s to a team friendly $ amount and sensible term. If not, then yes, explore a trade for a 1RW or something Bergy and Marchy can turn into a 1RW. I like Josh Anderson personally.
        I want what Carlo’s going to be and another defensive dman on the ice while protecting a lead.
        I want Krug and what Charlie’s going to be out there when we need goals.
        I know Krug has huge defensive flaws. He’s also a fairly slow skater, but he puts up monster points for a rearguard, and we need that right now.
        @Caper. Opinions are like arseholes.
        Nearly everyone has one.
        Krug fills a dire need if they’re trying to win within the Bergeron window. I’m sure there are other alternatives, but only 10 or 11 of then put up more points in the last 5 years.
        He’s great at generating offense, when not blasting shots into forwards shin pads.

      • Shoreorrpark, nearly everyone has an arsehole What happen to the poor bastard who didn’t?

        Personally I think you overstate Krug value and I know I’m in the minority with my opinion. I believe in asset management and to allow Krug to walk at season end is a mistake.

        The return needs to be worthwhile but it should be if not already being explored.

      • He was full of sh*t

      • So the bruins can’t afford him but another team that has playoff aspirations to take on a rental could? A very good top 4 d man should in theory return at last a top 6 winger… but what team pursuing a rental d man for a cup run has top six wingers to spare? I suppose there could be a hockey trade out there where Boston could get a rental winger back?

      • @Caper.
        Sorry, I must have misunderstood you earlier.
        I’m not at all for letting Krug walk for nothing.
        I’m hoping he resigns for something sensible.
        *Imperforate anus is the condition you’re looking for.

    • Well said Joe, I agree with your points. I would love to keep Krug but not at that price. When to move him is the ??

  2. I would only move Krug if the right deal comes along I believe Grzzz not Charlie could fill that roll. Defenseman are hard to come by and with Chara and Miller almost done they may need Krug. I wouldn’t give Krug more than a five year term at 7.5 but a lot will depend on what Charlie and Carlo sign for.

  3. Jake Debrusk and Matt Grzelyck are both RFA next season that will require a significant pay increase.
    Charlie Coyle and Kevin Miller are the only significant ufas other then Krug coming off the books.
    Boston either trade Krug now or he walks out the door at season end. There is no way he is traded at the deadline, I don’t see a situation were Boston isn’t at the very least fighting for a playoff spot.
    I’m like asset management unless Boston can resign Krug which I don’t think they’ll be able to afford. The time and only time to trade him is now. However with Carlo and McAvoy unsigned and Miller and Moore starting the season on the injury list make this decision tougher. Yes the $5m could help the signing of Carlo and McAvoy but maybe it’s about term and not dollars, in which case the trade doesn’t help. Still don’t think the $7m in space is enough to sign both and the two guys you could trade are injured.

  4. Ottawa should inquire about the price tag of Holtby.

    Having a solid goalie on the backend will ease the burden on the young kids on the backend along with their forwards from having to win every game if your goalie can steal ya a few.

    Obviously do not give any too much and steer from the plan but if the price tag is right, why not?

    • ya donate your 1st round pick to someone else===great idea—holtby lol

    • Having a solid goalie helps win cups too! Washington is not trading Holtby

    • When a team is in full tank mode like the Sens are currently in now, the last thing you want is a goalie to steal a few games for you taking you out of the running of the price for the best tank job, the overall number one pick.

      • Agreed. If Sens get Alexis Lafrenière next summer with their other kids they have a good foundation quick.

      • Agreed, trading for Holtby makes zero sense for Ottawa. But then again it is Eugene Melnyk….


  5. What is up CBJ’s sleeve?
    Cap space and all of these top line RFA forwards unsigned…

  6. With Chara close to retirement kind of need Krug. I really like Carlo but I think he would be the guy to move for a top six forward. Mcavoy should be the #1 right defenseman for a long time.
    Agree that I would only sign Krug if they can get a team friendly deal. Not sure if guys will keep signing in Boston for the Bergeron cap.
    Mcavoy in Toronto would be paid 9-10 million. Don’t see Boston paying that.