NHL Rumor Mill – September 22, 2019

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An update on Torey Krug and the latest on the Oilers in today’s NHL rumor mill.


NBC SPORTS BOSTON: Joe Haggerty reports Bruins general manager Don Sweeney expects to have contract extension talks with Torey Krug. The 28-year-old defenseman is slated to become an unrestricted free agent next July. Krug has said there have been no contract talks yet but indicated he’s willing to take a hometown discount to stay in Boston.

Torey Krug hopes to start contract extension talks with the Boston Bruins (Photo via NHL Images).

Krug told Haggerty he assumed the reason why there have been no contract discussions was that the Bruins were focused on re-signing young blueliners Charlie McAvoy and Brandon Carlo. He said he’s eagerly looking forward to those talks.

Haggerty suggests Minnesota’s Jared Spurgeon as a reasonable comparison. The Wild recently re-signed Spurgeon to a seven-year, $53.025-million contract with an annual average value of $7.575 million.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With the Bruins hoping for another run at the Stanley Cup this season, don’t expect them to shop Krug if unable to reach an agreement on a new contract. Sweeney could take a wait-and-see approach this season before opening contract talks. How much of a hometown discount Krug’s willing to take will also be a factor.

Cap Friendly indicates the Bruins have over $56 million invested in 13 players for 2020-21. Of their pending free agents, Krug would be the most expensive to re-sign. If he’s willing to accept under $7 million per season on a five-year deal, Sweeney could go for it. Things could get dicey, however, if the rearguard seeks much more than that for seven or eight years.


EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson reports the Oilers still haven’t found a suitable third-line center. “Riley Sheahan could get the 3C but really he’s a solid No. 4. Same as Colby Cave, with good camp but hasn’t shown much puck creativity.”

Kurt Leavins notes the Oilers had a scout in attendance at Saturday’s game between the Ottawa Senators and Montreal Canadiens and wondered if he was looking for a third-line center. Senators centers Chris Tierney and Jean-Gabriel Pageau are slated to become UFAs next July. A dip in the latter’s production last season could lower the asking price.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Senators are rebuilding with youth. Tierney, 25, has a career-high 48 points last season. Pageau missed over half of last season recovering from a torn Achilles tendon. Tierney’s cap hit is just over $2.9 million while Pageau’s is $3.1 million.

One or both could hit the trade block at some point this season, especially if the Sens are out of playoff contention by the trade deadline. However, it remains to be seen if they’re willing to move either guy right now.


  1. At the moment the Sens have White, Tierney, Ansimov, Pageau, Logan Brown, Norris and Chlapik at C – the last 3 still in camp hoping to catch on. You have to think Norris, fresh out of U of Michigan, will get some AHL seasoning – unless he really makes and impact at camp. Chlapik is fast running out of options so it would appear Brown has the inside track at making the team. If any of those 3 do well enough in the remainder of camp to catch on, I’d say Pageau might be out the door sooner rather than later.

    None were among the cuts yesterday with the only notable demotions being Formenton and Lajoie after poor efforts against the Habs last night in that 4-0 loss.

    • Norris was sent down with that group. But as you said that was to be expected.
      If the Sens trade a centre I would hope it to be Tierney. Not that I don’t like him, I just think Pageau resigning as a top 9 utility player offers good depth and veteran leadership as the players grow. Great PKer, can play in the top 6 with injuries, he’s a French army knife!

      I’m expecting Brown to get NHL games but totally performance dependent. I’m in the patience column for the team right now. No need to fill holes with players that could still use learning on a lower level. Even if they are really close.

  2. Chrisms, further to your comments yesterday about age, being in your 30s you’ll soon begin to find that aging is one body part saying to another “hah … you think that’s bad … wait’ll you see THIS!”

    • It’s already starting George.

  3. Missed that Norris one cmac. Thanks. It’s not that I have anything bad to say about Pageau – just that (as was discussed yesterday) that Centres on the small side tend to show the effects of the pounding more as the years go by. He;s listed as 5′ 10 184 – which isn’t “small” by any means, but I also have always felt that that is being generous. While he’ll also turn 27 in Nov you have to wonder what kind of extension he’s going to seek next season, and for how much more than his current $3.1? Tierny, just turned 25, is 6′ 1″ 195 and is an RFA next year (currently making $2,937,500.

    I suppose it would depend on what Holland might be willing to relinquish for one vis-a-vis the other (assuming he’s even interested in either one)

    • Well the Oil have a definite hole at 3C, but would also need to send some $$ back, or move separately.
      What the Oil do have is of young D knocking at the door that they don’t have room for.
      Lagesson, Jones & Bear. Lagesson and Jones seem ready now. Bear maybe too.
      None are star quality but can be NHL regulars. Lagesson getting rave reviews from Tippet already.
      Is there a need for that in OTT?
      Bouchard, Broberg and Samorukov aren’t getting traded unless the return is greater.

    • I don’t really buy into size aging better or worse than others. I mean Chara is somehow still playing. Raphalski played till he was in his mid 30s and was a very small player. It comes down to genetics and the type of game the player plays. Sometimes bigger players breakdown quicker because they aren’t concerned about being hit, where as smaller guys need to be aware and avoid the big physical play. Matthews was/is a great example. He always drove the net, shoulder down expecting contact. Until that contact caused a shoulder injury. Marner hasn’t missed nearly as many games.

      We also don’t know what Tierney would want in terms of extension too. He may be an RFA but 1 year away from UFA status he will want to get paid long term buying up those years.
      Unless Tierney is a significant upgrade over Pageau this year, I kind of want the guy we watched develop.
      I guess we can’t go wrong with either guy, I just like chanting Pageau when they play the Habs lol

  4. I like Krug but don’t think he will ever be a top pairing guy.
    Hard to pay him over 7 million. Also not sure his body will last on a long term deal like 8 years.
    7×5 sounds fair for both sides.
    If he’s looking for 8+ and 8 years don’t think he’s staying here.

    • Ya Dave, that sounds about right. Krug has been very clear that he wants to stay and wants to win.
      That doesn’t add up to max $ and term as it doesn’t make sense for the B’s at this point and time.
      Krug and Carlo make a good pair, but ideally I think you would prefer him on your bottom pair and getting 2-3 minutes a night on the PP.
      Pair Carlo up with another excellent defender (Vaak next year) and form a shut down pairing, who eat the hard minutes.

    • I’d bet Krug’s gonna ask for 6 x 5.5 – 6. Leaves him with a possibility of 1 more short term contract, or if he’s played out by then, its still a good haul for a guy who was never drafted.
      In my thoughts, he won’t want to break the bank. He understands the hierarchy of the club, and the great position he’s in.
      The Bruins are fortunate they have Bergeron for so many on ice factors, hardly anyone considers the financial and cultural impact he’s had.
      I’d think it’d be hard to ask for more than he’s getting if I’m sitting on the bench watching him work everyday.

      • I think with Miller and Chara off the books, those two alone should give Sweeney enough to re-up Krug and Gryz! That would give them Krug, MacAvoy, Carlo, Gryz, Clifton, Moore and a couple kids from Providence. The defense for the future looks great!

  5. Chara should be done After this season . Krug is worth more and next summer there should be enough to pay him . I think even with a discount consideration he has to be closer to $7m as an elite offensive defender. Term not sure .

  6. Busy night.

    • What are you up to?