NHL Rumor Mill – September 6, 2019

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Breaking down the Patrik Laine internet trade rumors plus an update on Torey Krug in today’s NHL rumor mill.


FEATURD.IO: Daniel Love took note of what appears to be tension between Patrik Laine and the Winnipeg Jets to speculate about a possible trade of the restricted free agent winger. Off-season reports from Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek suggested Laine chafed under the club’s leadership last season. Love also compared Kyle Connor’s stated desire for a long-term extension with the Jets to Laine’s recent tepid remarks about his future in Winnipeg.

Does Patrik Laine face an uncertain future with the Winnipeg Jets? (Photo via NHL Images)

Laine is a rising young offensive star but he tends to be a one-dimensional player who makes mistakes with and without the puck. His rumored clashes with the club’s leadership core add fuel to the trade speculation. If the Jets decide to shop Laine, the Carolina Hurricanes and New Jersey Devils are among the rumored destinations. Love also wondered if the Florida Panthers might come calling.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Laine internet trade rumors ramped up since the Labor Day weekend. The Hurricanes are supposedly offering Andrei Svechnikov and either Jaccob Slavin or Brett Pesce while the Devils are said to be offering three of their next four first-round picks and blueliner Damon Severson. Another rumor has the Montreal Canadiens dangling Max Domi while the New York Islanders are also supposedly pursuing Laine. There’s nothing, meanwhile from the Winnipeg media, any of the media in those other NHL cites, or respected NHL media insiders suggesting Laine going anywhere.

I’m not dismissing the possibility if he and the Jets can’t reach an agreement on a new contract. Nevertheless, I’m skeptical about those aforementioned destinations.

Cap Friendly indicates the Hurricanes have around $2.4 million in salary-cap space. Assuming Laine wants at least a $7.5 million annual cap hit on his next contract, they’ll have to shed considerable salary to accommodate him. Slavin and Pesce are two of their best defensemen. They’re not going anywhere. The Devils ($8.7 million) can afford Laine’s new contract but I don’t see them moving Severson or three first-round picks to get him.

I don’t believe the Canadiens will part with Domi. He was the their top forward last season and loves playing in Montreal. Moving Domi would also weaken their depth at center. They’ve got some promising young centers in Jesperi Kotkaniemi, Ryan Poehling, and Nick Suzuki but they’re not yet ready for prime time.

The Islanders, meanwhile, have over $4.6 million in cap space. Unless they’re shedding considerable salary, they can’t afford Laine. Defenseman Nick Leddy has often surfaced as a trade candidate this summer. However, he’s a left-side blueliner and the Jets need depth on the right side.


NBC SPORTS BOSTON: Nick Goss cites USA Today’s Kevin Allen reporting Torey Krug said there have been no contract extension talks with the Boston Bruins. The 28-year-old defenseman is slated to become an unrestricted free agent next summer. He understands management’s focus is currently on re-signing restricted free agents rearguards Charlie McAvoy and Brandon Carlo.

Krug didn’t rule out accepting a hometown discount to stay in Boston. “Would I take less to stay in Boston? It’s something that I’ve talked about with my family and my agent. It’s something I’m interested in,” Krug said. His current salary-cap hit is $5.25 million. Goss suggested Nashville Predators d-man Ryan Ellis’ contract (eight years, $50 million) as a comparable.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A $6.25 million cap hit could be a reasonable amount to keep Krug in the fold. His future in Boston will depend upon his performance, as well as the club’s, throughout this season.


  1. Svechnikov AND either Slavin or Pesce for a one-dimensional (albeit a nice dimension) forward? If this happens, the newly-resigned Waddell better be out of a job within an hour after the deal is announced.

    • btw, I’m not sure I’d trade any of them for Laine straight up, let alone 2 of the 3.

    • The rumoured deal with the Islanders was D man Ryan Pulock, Josh Bailey and a 1st. I thought that was too much but after reading the article I guess not.

      • Hi Probert fan

        That offer would surprise me big time …. but if that truly was the offer … Chevy should seriously consider it

        I’m extremely pro on Pullock …. trending towards top 2 IMHO … only $2M this year; 24 and the best yet to come ; Bailey at a reasonable $5 M gets them combined for cheaper than Laine ; adds space ; re-fills one of the Big D losses ; puts time that was to be focused on negotiating 2 big RFAs into focusing just on one ; added bonus of a first that can be used as a trade chip!!!

        We’ll see

  2. What’s interesting is seeing the growing list of PTOs as training camps near and both GMs and RFAs/agents are holding firm to their contract stances.

    At this writing there are 15 PTOs ranging in age from 26 (Noesen and Rieder) to 35 (Upshall) – average age 34.

    Look for it to grow with the possible additions of Boyle (34), Girardi (35), McQuaid (32), Phaneuf (34)


    • Of those 3 George I would figure McQ gets signed (to play not just PTO) for sure and a more than likely chance for Boyle.

      The needle for likely retirement , at least for me; is past 50% for DP


      • Maybe – but a quick scan of the current cap situations along with roster “needs” say that none among Toronto, Washington, Buffalo, Vancouver, Pittsburgh, NYR, Boston, Calgary, TB, Philadelphia, Winnipeg, Arizona, St Louis, Florida, Vegas. Nashville, Dallas and Carolina are either currently in no position to offer contracts to those players – and not likely to be as camps open – or simply don’t need the services they offer. That’s 18 of the 31 possible landing points.

        While any of the remaining 13 could accommodate minimal contracts with their cap situations, some are either already loaded for bear at all the positions concerned, simply don’t see how such an addition would make any difference in their seasonal prospects, or have opted to take a complete re-build approach with a preference to developing their kids with a sprinkling of veteran players already signed.

      • Quite valid George

        But I would be aghast if McQ at only 32 ; not landing an NHL contract

        Some team will fit him in

        You know for me … waive JJ and sign McQ ….., MASSIVELY improves Pens’ deep post season odds ….. Huge

        Now GMJR doing that ????

        Again, some team will pick him up at a pretty reasonable cap hit IMHO

      • Pengy, what McQuaid is also up against is the face that, if any team has the space to take on a D-man the first to go will be Gardiner to a team needing a puck-moving type to fit in their Top 4, and Hutton to a team looking for a 7 slot D-man capable of stepping into the 5/6 role as and when needed.

        And by the time that transpires, given the slow pace so far, no one’s going to be in a hurry to open up a roster spot for a RD-man offering NO offense, who turns 33 in Oct and who, since 2012-13, has missed a full 38% of his team’s games due to injury while, for the past 4 years, having a cap hit of $2,750,000 per.

        Just my opinion.

      • ” … is the fact that ….”

      • Of course, no sooner say that, and Gardiner signs with Carolina. So perhaps McQuaid’s prospects of getting a contract before cap just went up a notch.

  3. If Laine was only looking at 7.5 mil per, the compensation on an offer sheet would only be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd round pick. Sounds like Laine would be interested in an offer sheet if presented. There’s no way under that scenario that NJ would need to surrender package suggested in a trade. Honestly, after moving Trouba and letting others walk, I don’t see how Jets could afford to lose Laine and stay competitive.

    • Laine is not the key to the Jets success yet. In fairness he is an outlier due to his shooting ability and is hard to value.

      Consider that since 2017/18 he trails teammates Sheifele, Connor, Little and is tied with Ehlers for game winners. He doesn’t protect the puck well, linemates are forced to accommodate for him defensively at the expense of their own production.

      All his issues fade away when he scores, however, the only consistent thing about his game are the negatives. At 7.5 the Jets would take a risk on his professional development, but not at 10m.

  4. Firstly,

    I know this is a hockey site…. but I have to proudly throw out a huge congrats to Bianca

    Re Laine …. I really do not think Jets should move him…. a down year for an explosive scorer who I think has a future of many seasons approaching or just over 50 Gs

    Re :

    “Devils are said to be offering three of their next four first-round picks and blueliner Damon Severson. ”

    Here is the exception trade that Jets should consider

    That’s greater than max comp in successful offer sheets (4 1sts) and Severson is very good IMO.

    Rationale —- Jets already down 3 D from last year’s roster. Sever son slots in fantastically and at lower Cap than what Laine will cost. Plus Jets wouldn’t still need to negotiate with two big assets… the focus then could go on the Connor camp. Add to that …. added Cap flex to fill out roster and 3 1sts to negotiate with for any trades

    Agree with Slick62 that this kind of offer from NJ is very strange …. at expected final contract numbers ….. if just 3 years …. would be way less. However, contract could be > 3 years and I believe they have a max number of years (5) to use as a divisor (if total contract amount) to come up with the calculated AAV for compensation purposes .

    For instance if contract offer sheet is signed at $8M for 6 years …. total $48 M divided by 5 …. $9.6 M AAV …. 2 1sts, 2nd, 3rd as comp

    The max comp of 4 1sts comes at AAV of just a hair shy of $10.6 M…. but could be an actual Cap if as low as $7.55 M …. if offer sheet is for 7 years …. 7 * 7.55 / 5 = $10.57 M (4 1sts)

    No matter what though …. 3 firsts (future unknowns) PLUS Severson ; is worth more than 4 firsts (4 unknowns) …. unless you view Severson as having less value than a first in ‘23 ????

    IMHO …. NJ in no way makes that trade offer …. so not happen’

    • Read it again. It says 3 of the next 4 firsts not all 4.

      • Hi Deee

        Yep saw that and knew that

        I was comparing (A) 4 1sts (max offer sheet) vs (B) “3 of next 4” firsts , PLUS Pullock

        The difference between the two : (A) has an extra 1st; (B) has Pullock

        So I looked at a 1st 4 years out (‘23) as the difference ; vs. Pullock

        Even if I used the first in ‘21 (‘20 if in deal, I’m sure would be lottery protected) as the difference; I truly believe Pullock waaay more valuable than an unknown entity 21 months from now

        I just don’t see it happening


    • Amazing, that Bianca run. Tomorrow she’ll face a legend who won her first title when Bianca was just a gleam in her father’s eye!

  5. Rieder signed a PTO with Flames.

    Agreed the suggestions above are not realistic compensations for Laine. Svechnikov straight up is plausible but has 2 years left at entry level why take on $7m for a comparable . The Devils 3 first + is too steep. Although they have had a #1+#2 overall and make think with their current roster they will be outside the top 10 draft picks.
    We will know who will hold and who will fold in a few weeks

    • The Devils have 2 #1 overalls now..Hughes and Hischier in the last 3 years.

  6. Didn’t Gretzky get three first round picks? Must have been leaked by Laine agent.

    • Was that Brent? Keith ? Or Glenn?

      • Yikes … forgot all about Kim!

      • Mortimer snerd

      • 😁

    • Lindros got half a team and he hadn’t even played a game yet

      • He was also supposed to be the next coming of Mario. Laine not quite in the same class. Also it wasn’t a cap era so 1sts were less valuable cause teams didn’t rely on cheap elcs.

      • All of these things have one major thing in common, they all happened long before a salary cap in the nhl.

        Since then, zero, zilch, nada, no trades have remotely even come close to looking like that. And until there is a soft cap or no cap at all… you’ll never see them again.

      • Chrism,

        “The next one” was in reference to Gretzky, not Lemieux. He was supposed to be the next “ great one”

      • I don’t follow ny. You done lost me in the infernet posting communication cluster.

  7. Why would Devils give up 3-1st round picks? Why not then go with an offer sheet. No team, will give up 3/4 -1st round picks.
    This is why there are no offer sheets.
    Svetch & Slavin for Laine. Who comes up with this crap?

    • Gotta agree with you on that.

  8. a 1st round pick plus a 2nd pairing D is fine for a potential 40 goal guy even if one dimensional
    Canes/Devils should make playoffs so looking like 18-24th pick…. two 1st rounders-maybe

  9. I find the comments on here very interesting the every single trade proposal was squashed as an over payment for Laine.
    Lyle what do you envision as a fair trade value?

    No way Winnipeg would give up Laine for Domi straight up, that’s simply a bad trade.

    Living in Winnipeg I never heard of any of the chatter that is posted. I can tell you there is rumbling of discontent in the dressing room but it has to do with two players that does not involve Laine and we’ll see if that gets worked out.

    Laine and Ovi has the best release in the NHL. Laine has season of 36, 40 and 30 goals. His speed was no different in the 1st season then the 3rd season.
    During the playoffs Laine started to hit more and at 6’5″ and 206lbs if he starts to add that physical element to his game he’ll create more space for himself. Laine is potentially a repeat 50 goal scorer or at worst a pp specialist and a 30 plus goal scorer. He is a goal scorer but also has nice hand and can dish the puck. He does need to at some defensive abilities to his game.

    I don’t see Winnipeg trading Laine as he is the best player in any potential trade.

    • And that’s pretty much it, Caper. In most of these trade proposals, he’s the best player in the deal. Besides, all of them are simply internet spitballing. It’s been quiet for rumors today so I felt it was worthwhile addressing them.

    • Winnipeg has to be all in this season with 2 of their most important players at the end of their prime. Even if Connor and Laine resign they still lack that 2nd line pivot and their D is a massive question mark.

      If Laine gets them a solid 20 minute per night D and a 55 point center you need to consider the deal.

    • Fair enough Caper, agree that Laine is the best player in any of these deals.
      But the Jets have a massive hole on their blue line and are deep up front. Plus their cup window is open now.
      Seems to me that the only way they get the D help they need is to move a quality forward. Should that be Laine?
      Seems extreme, but if his contract demands are out of line maybe that makes sense?
      As always depends on the return.

      • The vibe in Wpg about the defense is that it is not a massive hole from losing Trouba, Myers and Chiarot. Of the three Trouba hurts most, however, as a group they didn’t get it done and put up very mediocre numbers.

        AHL Defensive of the year (Niku while in his rookie AHL year) and Tucker Poolman who has nothing left to prove with the Moose and 2 of the 3 lost d are replaced.

        concerning Trouba, every good team should be able to survive losing it’s number 3 defenseman. Morrissey and Buff will still be the ones relied on in most situations, others have opportunitiy to step up and are in a good position to do so.

      • 2.0 last year Trouba was Winnipeg number 1 dman not number 2 or 3 and if he was still a jet he still be their number 1 dman.

    • Caper, I will be amazed if the Jets trade Laine. He is just getting started and should a 30 to 50 goal scorer for the rest of his career. Those players are precious.

  10. Torey Krug is willing to take a pay cut to stay in Boston. That’s nice! It doesn’t matter if he see himself as a $10m per season player because a home town discount of $1m per is going to work.

    Krug isn’t an elite skater, he isn’t a big man, he can dish the puck and see the ice extremely well, he takes to many slapshot instead of looking for a better option, He doesn’t like to go in his own corner (because he is small) he is one of the best offensive dman in the league.

    That is what it comes down to Krug is a stud on offence but a liability on defense but salary are paid for offence and Krug very well might cash in but Boston can’t afford it today and I wouldn’t give Krug more then 5 years at $7m per season.

    • I think waiting until the end of the year with Krug is the right move by Sweeney.
      Take stock then, see how the kids are doing.
      Miller will be gone and Chara has to be near the end. That leaves Moore and Grezlyk as your 2 proven NHL LD.
      Lauzon, Vaak and Zboril are all LD, but that is still an unknown.
      Let’s see how this year goes and it appears Krug is willing to wait.

      • Beleskey retention and Seidenberg buyout (combined just over $3M caphit) come off the books after this season as well.

    • Bingo

  11. I suggested yesterday, Laine for Vlasic. I’d make that trade. He’s still a top D man and the Sharks need more punch up front.

    I am growing more concerned that Jumbo’s knees can’t take another season. The sharks will definitely need to make more moves unless someone from the Barracuda steps up in a big way.

    • That is interesting. Losing Vlasic would leave the Sharks without an elite shutdown defender – especially after moving Braun, however the intrigue of gaining an elite scorer such as Paine makes one stop and think.

    • Winnipeg would want more

    • Pretty fair trade. Weighted in pegs favor a little but definitely one of the more reasonable offers presented

      • Chrism not even close.

  12. Everyone in St Louis newspaper dept wanted Taresenko traded for a few years, good thing they didn’t, he scored tons of playoff goals…he had 11 goals, it took Super Star over rated bum Joey Thornton 5 playoff years to score 11 goals. Great cap hit, I wanted my Sabres to trade for him bad when the Blues were last place. Ricky Nash took that bum 4 playoff years to total 11 goals.

    • “it took Super Star over rated bum Joey Thornton 5 playoff years to score 11 goals. ”

      “Overrated “ 14th leading scorer of all time. Yeah he’s horrible!

      Jack Eichel , zero nhl points in 4 years in the nhl. Joe Thornton made 3 million more his first 7 nhl seasons than Eichel made last year….

      • And Thornton was never a goal scorer, he was a playmaker. The guy reached 30+ goals once in his career.

        Probably has a lot to do with his lack of playoff goals.


  13. Though he stands 6’5″, Patrik Laine may be selling himself short if he’s seeking as little as $7.5 million for his next contract. The 21-year=old’s statistics don’t exactly pale when compared to those of the most famous RFA wing, 22-year-old Mitch Marner, who is supposedly seeking $3-$5 million more. Laine has 184 points and is minus-9 in 237 regular season games, and in 23 playoff games he has 16 points and is plus-4. Marner, in 241 regular-season games, has 224 points and is plus 21, but in 20 playoff games, he has 17 points and is minus-4.

    Marner has far more assists relative to goals than does Laine. Maybe, he’s the better playmaker. Maybe, he has better help. Maybe, the difference in their proposed salaries isn’t justified.

    • The problem now is – where Marner is concerned – is that Dubas, from his perspective, can’t be seen as caving in two years in a row. If Marner, on the other hand, suddenly swallows his expectations and comes on board for $7.5 or thereabouts for however long, would do nothing to help future negotiations when he reaches UFA status – especially if he continues to be the team’s leading points producer over that span.

  14. Joe Thornton resigns with San Jose. 1 year, 2 million.

    Jumbos still good for 40-50 points.

    • Good on ya Jumbo Joe


    • I wonder if I would get kicked out of the swatch if I threw bologna at him.

      • Just not at the beard !!!

        It’ll get lost in there

  15. Gardner signed with Hirricanes

  16. Joe Thornton signs another year with Sharks

    • Sorry Ron. My feed doesn’t reload so fast. Didn’t see your post on Thornton. Wonder now does Carolina look to trade a d man for Laine. Besides Gardner, they recently signed Priskie as a free agent out of Quinnipiac

      • Yeah, Carolina is now shown with a 24-man roster and $1,554,791 over the cap. They list 8 D – Hamilton, Slavin, Faulk, Gardiner, Pesce, Van Riensdyck, Forsling and Fleury – the last 2 are at minimal ELCs so sending one 1 to the minors wouldn’t clear that (and might require waivers), so you have to think another trade is in the offing.

        San Jose is shown with 22 and $2,682,583 in cap space, so they might not be done yet.

  17. Hall of famers are never bums.

    We finally see something worthwhile :
    Thornton $2m one year -I will say respectful on both sides. Can’t see him playing 2 more and how his body holds up is realistically week to month to USA Thanksgiving to the First week off..etc
    Gardner-a dollar wash from previous contract and good for him. It’s about right .
    Canes should be dangerous if they get goaltending .

  18. Laine reminds me of Phil the Thrill in some ways. He’s a completer piece to a championship puzzle but no way do you throw your meat n taters at any team trying to acquire him.

    In the right circumstances, where all he is asked to do is put the puck in the net, he’s your guy. & he’s good at it. Don’t ask anything more of him cuz you are not going to get it.

  19. but unlike Phil, he needs to become more playoff competitive, and he will learn that as he matures; and as the Blues pointed out the Bruins last spring,, there’s never enough bruises to be dished out to your opponent when it comes to winning a Stanley Cup