NHL Rumor Mill – September 7, 2019

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Does the Hurricanes’ signing Jake Gardiner mean Justin Faulk could be traded? What will the Canucks do about Loui Eriksson? Read on for the latest in today’s NHL rumor mill.


NEWSOBSERVER.COM: In his report on the Carolina Hurricanes signing Jake Gardiner, Luke DeCock reported general manager Don Waddell cited the flexibility Gardiner’s presence brings to their blueline. DeCock also pointed out long-time Hurricanes rearguard Justin Faulk is in the final season of his contract. Having five defensemen capable of playing on the top-two pairings provides the Hurricanes the security necessary to trade Faulk if they can’t re-sign him.

Is this season Justin Faulk’s last with the Carolina Hurricanes? (Photo via NHL Images)

SPORTSNET’s Elliotte Friedman tweets Gardiner’s signing spells uncertainty over Faulk’s future in Carolina. TSN’s Pierre LeBrun replied the club had contract talks this summer with Faulk but couldn’t get a deal done.

LeBrun also said the Hurricanes spoke to other teams about the blueliner. “Not saying he’s getting dealt for sure but it’s obviously a possibility.”

THE ATHLETIC’s Sara Civian tweeted a reminder the Hurricanes attempted to trade Faulk at the draft. “I’ve been told as recently as 3 weeks ago that a Faulk deal still isn’t off the table.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Faulk frequently surfaced in trade speculation over the last two years. While nothing came of those rumors, his pending UFA status and the addition of Gardiner could make this season his last with the Hurricanes. He could become an enticing trade chip to bolster their scoring punch.

Trading Faulk still isn’t a certainty. The Hurricanes went with a very deep blueline last season. With James Reimer and Petr Mrazek as their goalie tandem this season, they could prefer keeping the current group intact.


VANCOUVER SUN: Ben Kuzma wonders what the future holds for Canucks winger Loui Eriksson. The combination of his declining performance and expensive contract makes him unattractive in the trade market. His remarks this spring about not seeing eye-to-eye with Canucks coach Travis Green could make this situation more uncomfortable.

Placing Eriksson on waivers and demoting him to Utica provides little cap savings for the Canucks. Kuzma suggests the winger’s situation could become a distraction barring some serious fence-mending.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As per Cap Friendly, Eriksson is entering the fourth season of a six-year contract with an annual cap hit of $6 million and a full no-trade clause. He’d probably agree to waive the latter if an opportunity presented itself.The only way that’ll happen is if his performance improves.

Even then, his cap hit will be a sticking point in any trade talks. The Canucks might have to pick up a significant chunk to make a deal work. My guess is Eriksson plays out the season with the Canucks, who could try to trade him next summer or consider a contract buyout.


  1. All very reasonable speculation on Cains possible plans, but Lyle makes the best point. Which is to improve that goaltending tandem, they might want to keep the D in tact.

    • Mix and matching Top 4 D pairings is, the longer it goes on in order to get useful minutes out of 5 players who fit the Top 4, never a good thing for cohesion. With Hamilton, Slavin, Gardiner, Pesce, Faulk and van Riemsdyk holding down 6 spots and young D such as Forsling, Fleury, Priskie and Bean knocking at the door, and with Faulk and van Riemsdyk both UFAs next year, it wouldn’t surprise me to see Waddell deal one of them for help up front.

      I’m not suggesting Laine should be the target but Lord knows the Jets’ D is way weaker than it has been in years after seeing the departures of Trouba, Myers and Chiarot. And, if last night’s rookie tournament game against Ottawa in Belleville is any criterion, they sure don’t have a lot of prospects in the pipeline. After spotting the jets and early goal, the Baby Sens responded with 8 straight (should be a tighter game tonight against the Baby Habs).

  2. Jake signing in Carolina for the #’s he did is good for both sides to some extent. As a UFA, who nobody apparently wanted; at least at his reported asking price., Jake now has a chance to show everybody his worth.

  3. I still think a Backes/Erikkson swap still makes sense for both clubs. Erikkson has great chemistry with Boston Centers and guys better than Backes at this point. Backes could provide Van with Veteran leadership and if they are going to buy out Erikkson anyway, then it would reduce the term on the buyout due to Backes’s contract being shorter.

    • Hence why Boston wouldn’t do that. That extra time is killer

    • And the B’s get smaller ….their plan going into the off-season was to add some size ….been there done that with LE

    • Backes should of been in the Game 7 lineup. His size is needed for sure

  4. According to NHL Numbers they are slightly more than 900K over the cap. They could go with a 22 man roster but it is an awkward $ amount. The only waiver eligible or fringe player that saves enough cap room is Svechnikov. I think they move someone and if not Faulk then probably van Riemsdyk.

    • Hi Infidels

      Cap issue as a result of paying $3.8 M and receiving (being gifted …. LOL) a nice $6.25 M in Cap just to get a late 1st rounder in ‘20 or ‘21 (see my post below)…. head scratcher

    • That differs quite a bit from what CapFriendly is showing, Infidels – $1,554,791 over the cap with 24 shown at the ML level. If, as you say, Svechnikov is the only one not requiring waivers, they’d still be $629,791 over the cap so, barring a trade as you suggest, they’d have to risk another of their ELC players to make up the difference. Can’t see Waddell doing that, so it’s almost a safe bet that someone like Faulk or van Riemsdyk gets dealt. Soon.

  5. Erickson is toast on the coast.
    Canes should stick with Faulk And worry about as the deadline nears. They might take a run next spring. Not convinced the goaltending is a Stanley quality and it won’t matter how could the rest of the group is .

  6. Nice to be a club with a “riches” of Top 4 D

    This is great positioning for Canes. This gives them fantastic flex for any moves needed (and as Lyle has noted … goaltending is a concern)

    I seriously doubt all of those 8 are on the roster post TDL

    They also are still developing some possible future NHLers in Bean, McKeown , Proskie

    They are still at 24 players and nigh $1.6 M over the cap ; so a move or still needs to take place

    That Marleau move is becoming double costly now. They paid $3.83 M for a first rounder (likely late first rounder BTW) and now have Cap issues

    That trade (done prior to his SB being paid) absolutely astounds me 🤨🤪

    Good future ahead for Canes

    GMJR …. take note of how to build a strong D core

    • Their future is certainly ahead of them 🙂 No denying that!

  7. Lots of stuff about canes goaltending. Didn’t it get them to conf finals? Reimer doesn’t seem like a major downgrade from mcgillicutty.

  8. Mrazek AND Reimer? Doesn’t really matter who they sign/trade, they won’t have any success at all with that tandem.

  9. After a long stretch of absolutely nothing happening on an unprecedented RFA front, the last few days have seen a sudden shift and, I’m certain, a resignation by some (and their agents) that their initial demands for significant salary increases and term weren’t going to be met (Perlini, Schuldt, Goldbobin, Kempe).

    Expect a few more over the next week, including some of the high-profile ones, but at the same time, barring trades designed to free up necessary cap space, you can almost bet there are going to be more RFAs sitting out the season opener than we’ve ever seen to this point.

    Here are the remaining RFAs in more or less the order of a) their likelihood to be signed before training camps open and b) barring trades to free up cap space, on Day 1 of the season sometime after

    Fiala (Minn)
    Zacha (NJ)
    Comrie (Wpg)
    Rantanen (Col)
    Mangiapane (Cgy)
    McAvoy (Bos)
    Provorov (Pha)
    Werenski (Clb)
    Lemieux (NYR)
    Connor (Wpg)
    Konecny (Pha)

    Marner (Tor)
    Point (TB)
    Boeser (Van)
    Pettersson (Pit)
    DeAngelo (NYR)
    Carlo (Bos)
    Tkachuk (Cgy)
    Honka (Dal)
    Laine (Wpg)

    • Didn’t take long for the first domino to fall – the Jets just re-signed Comrie to a 2-year $700,000 per deal. That leaves them with $15,450,836 to ink both Connor & Laine. I expect Connor will be settled soon as well. Laine, perhaps, has played his last game in the ‘Peg.

      • Right now, CapFriendly shows them with 20 at the ML level, including 3 goalies Hellebuyck, Brossoit and Comrie. Does anyone believe they intend to carry 3 all season? Highly unlikely, so when one goes down (or is lost to waivers maybe?) – they drop to 19. Connor will bring them back to 20 plus whatever comes back in any deal involving Laine if they go that route. It seems Cheveldayov has created a logistics mess.

      • I’ll be amazed, George, if Winnipeg moves Laine but, in this cap world, anything is possible.

      • It would fly in the face of logic all right – but with $15,450,836 in cap space is that realistically enough to get both Connor and Laine re-signed? It’s not as if they have a big contract they can bury in the minors to free up extra cash. Hell, with just 20 signed and back to 19 if one of the goalies goes to the AHL they really can’t afford to send anyone else down.

        If that cap space was sufficient something would have happened by now to get both under contract. At least one of the two has dug in his heels to the point where they simply cannot sign both. And all indications are that it’s Laine.

      • I will go out on a limb and say that WPG gets them both signed for under $15M.
        If a wild swing offer sheet comes at them, then they match which could throw that # off, but I don’t see that either.
        Neither of them are worth what Aho was just offer sheeted at. I see a bridge for at least one if not both.
        Seems like Connor wants to be a Jet and takes the security of a long term deal, and maybe Laine sits for a while first before he gives in for a bridge. If he wants Aho he needs to become a better all around player.

      • Totally agree with that Ray. Connor, for sure, will sign soon for something in the range of $6.5-7.5 … but while Laine should also come on board for around the same amount, I just get the feeling he’s another Finn who thinks differently from the hoards.

  10. Ericsson was paid $4 million of this years salary in a bonus in july, so according capfriendly he’s only owed 9 million in actual salary over the next 3 years, but its still a cap hit of $6 million a year, maybe if the canucks pick 1.5 – 2 million in salary.
    good deal for a team trying to get to the cap floor, the biggest hold up on this is Lou willing to accept the trade as he’s got the the full no trade clause for this year

    • Every team – including Ottawa – is above the cap floor now, and will almost certainly do it again next season as they deal with key RFAs and any UFAs they wish to retain (or sign) without bailing out Benning by taking on the albatross of a contract of a player who just hit 34, has done very little the past 3 seasons, and is quite possibly finished.

      • Pretty sure Dim Jim will add in a 1st round pick (2021) in any deal.

  11. Loui Eriksson & Sven Baertschi for Bobby Ryan.

    I’d rather have Ryan on the team for the extra 1+mil. Actual money owed to Eriksson over the next 3 years is 9mil (now that the signing bonus for this year is paid out), Ryan is still owed 22.5mil.

    Baertschi is owed 6.1mil over the next two years. Sens save 7+mil, get a comparable player (Bart) for two years and some vet leadership (/a smaller contract whipping boy) for 3.

    • No thank you. In fact, with all the eager kids surrounding him this year (Batherson, White, Formenton, Brown, Abramov possibly) I think Ryan could have his best year in a Sens uniform. As long as he doesn’t try to block any more shots with his hand!

      The eagerness of Van fans to see the last of Eriksson is starting to sound like Pengy’s crusade to get Johnson out of Pit 🙂 Afraid you’re stuck with the guy

      • Ill take Jj over Erickson any day

      • Hi Chrisms

        How much have you had to 🍺🍻🥃🍸🍹🍾🍷

        Talk like that makes me think the Chrism’s liquor cabinet is now bone dry

      • I don’t own one. I do wonder about yours sometimes though. Actually your paranoia and perseveration about Jj makes me wonder if you have a bit of sniff sniff tweak tweak kinda thing going on.

      • 😂

        Nice one

        Never done any powder, mushrooms or man made chems ; tried pot maybe a handful of times almost 40 years ago.

        I’ll have the occasional drink

        My JJ focus must be from “heightened” derangement ????


        All I know for sure is that JJ relative to his team (inflicted damage in scoring and game outcome) is the worst by far of any other player in the league

        I wish I could find the article from late April that cited the stats and JJ relative XGFA% rel diff (XGFA % when he is off ice vs XGFA % when he is on the ice)…. was more than 20%….. the team was more than 20% better when he was off the ice than on

        There was a bunch of players next starting at around 9%

        He stood alone league wide at over 20% and the next worst player was in around 9%

        That on top of what I have watched him actually do to the team throughout the season has lead to my utter disgust in him as a player and my repeated and continued request for his expulsion

        I had to watch two good friends of mine (Isles fans for 40 + years) chant over and over and over again while we watched the series …. “ Play Jack more” “ Play Jack more”

        The games that I’ve been at; you hear people boo when he steps in the ice

        He’s a huge thorn in the side of Pens (players, coaches, owners, fans) everywhere

        All joking aside , I truly believe that Pens have absolutely zero chance at a cup ; if they play him as a regular and they have a chance of actually missing the playoffs by playing him as a reg …. play him top 4 reg and it is almost guaranteed


    • Why would Ottawa want to trade for Canuck rejects? If youre not good enough to play for a cellar dwelling bottom feeder like Vancouver you arent good enough to play anywhere.

      Maybe Bungling Jimmy will toss in his 2021 first rounder…. wouldnt surprise me in the least.