The Edmonton Oilers Could Try Connor McDavid’s Patience

by | Sep 17, 2019 | Soapbox | 26 comments



  1. 😞not you too

    • Not me too what? I’m not analyzing McDavid’s every utterance or expression searching for signs he wants out of Edmonton. I’m merely suggesting the continued losing could end up testing his patience in a few years. That’s hardly a stretch. He might honor the entirety of his contract, but one has to believe it will grate if things don’t improve over the next three or four years.

      • I know I sound like a broken record, but in the end, who wants to live in EDM? That (accept it or not) will always handicap EDM’s ability too sign the talent they need to be significant again…

      • Shut up

  2. This could have been taken verbatim from any one of a dozen awful Toronto sportswriters. Blah blah blah.

    • Except it wasn’t, and it’s not blah blah blah. I’m simply suggesting McDavid’s patience could be tested if the Oilers don’t improve over the next three or four years. What’s so upsetting about that?

      • Nothing is upsetting about it. It’s just the same drivel the Toronto media spits out. Austin Matthews will be demanding a trade to Arizona if he isn’t captain of a winner. Johnny Pocket hockey can’t wait to play for the Flyers. Blah blah. Droll material.

      • Nonsense. Again, I’m merely suggesting another three or four years of constant losing could test McDavid’s patience. Again, I’m not analyzing his every facial tic or monotone tossed-off comment looking for signs he wants out of Edmonton right away, nor am I suggesting he does. That’s what the Toronto media’s been discussing for the past year and change.

  3. Being signed up to 2026, losing McDavid along the way in the same manner they lost Gretzky might just be too much for a damaged collective psyche!

    • For that, Lyle, just consider the thin-skinned the reactions so far! If something along those lines were to happen within the next 4 years they could beat Ottawa to Houston.

      • I’m not willing to go that far, George! I don’t see the Oilers moving even if they stumble along for another four or five years. Hopefully, Holland and Tippett can reverse their on-ice fortunes. They’ve got a big mess to unravel there.

      • 🙄you see what I mean .now some saying the Oilers could move

      • What does one person’s comment have to do with what I wrote?

      • 😆getting a bit defensive there.its not hard when someone talks about the Oilers moving gets talked about.

      • Your problem is kaz, you have no sense of humour. That probably comes from – with one minor exception – year after year after year of getting the 1st pick overall and not seeing anything positive emerge from it – except McDavid, which was as big a no-brainer as Crosby.

        When I suggested – half in jest – that they could beat Ottawa to Houston, it was in reference to the absolute fatal angst that would follow losing McDavid after having seen one one of the greatest ever leave for L.A.

        No one said it WAS happening – just a general, teasing observation of what such an unlikely event would have on the fan base.

        But I guess the sense of humour is the first to go following the brutal history of the past number of years.

    • 😘🤣opps I pulled a sheldon and lyle did not know you were joking

  4. George… I am waiting in H-town, keep talking like that!

    • 🤨get lost ,see lyle this person is why articles should not be written

    • 🙄

      • Bitter little man. Sad, really.

    • BadCowboyDan, the fact Houston, 4th largest city in the U.S., doesn’t have an NHL team yet is a real head-scratcher. The city has a hockey tradition dating all the way back to the late 1940s. Toe Blake once coached there, and when they were part of the Habs system, got to see future Hall-of-Famers Serge Savard, Guy Lapointe, Jacques Lemaire, along with guys like Andre Boudrias, Pat Quinn, Rogie Vachon, Tony Esposito, Jude Drouin, Andre Boudrias, and when the WHA set up shop there, had the great Gordie Howe with sons Mark & Marty.

      It’s long over-due and the instant rivalry with Dallas would quickly match the best of the current city rivalries.

      • I agree with everything you said and… It’s a damn boring place to live! A hockey team would instantly give me pause about moving back to Park City UT or Whitefish MT…

        Don’t get me wrong, the money’s here for sure, but it’s not much different than EDM, just opposite side of the thermometer, and a whole lot more butts for the seats.

        Grew up in Philly, so I will always love the Flyers first, but I could have a second team to root for…

  5. I could see Matthews wanting out of Toronto soon if they keep losing to Boston first round he might as well go to Arizona where the weather is better and lose there.

  6. Nothing wrong with this article. Lyle hit the nail on the head.

    If the oilers don’t turn it around in 2 years , McDavid will want out.

    I’m an Oiler fan. I wouldn’t blame him. I’d actually encourage it as he deserves a chance to compete.

    • 🙄not a true Oilers fan .

  7. Well, the one thing for McDavid to look forward to, is that when his contract is finally up, so is the contract of Tavares.