The Latest on the NHL’s Notable Unsigned UFAs

by | Sep 4, 2019 | Soapbox | 5 comments



  1. Has Ben Hutton signed somewhere?

    • He might not be the best D-man to come down the pipe but you have to think a 26 y/o 6′ 2 206 lber with 276gp under his belt and 11g 59a 70 pts coming off a $2,800,000 cap hit would be a better choice in a 5/6/7 role than a Phaneuf.

      Have he and his agent priced/termed themselves out of a job?

      • Hi George

        Some GM I s going to pick up Hutton in a $1.5 M 1 year show me deal ; and I believe he will show them

        That team is rewarded in his play; and has added bonus of having his rights to extend him or move him at TDL for pick/prospect

        I’d absolutely love for GMJR to pick him up for that

      • You’re probably right, but that will be a big come-down from his expectations after hauling in $2,800,000 last season. No one likes an almost 50% cut in pay. Having said that, if someone does get him at $1.5 for 1 year on a “show-me” deal they’ll be getting one hell of a motivated player. And I can think of at least 10 teams that could use a big D-man somewhere in their top 7.

        Lyle, from your perspective why did you exclude Hutton from that list?

      • Space constraints and name value as I was highlighting the notable unsigned UFAs. Compared to the others, he’s not that notable.