Will the NHLPA Opt Out of the NHL CBA?

by | Sep 6, 2019 | Soapbox | 3 comments



  1. It all sounds bad to me. Open the CBA to fix the escrow and the owners will want something the players don’t. It’s obvious the current CBA is working for the owners and for that to change in the form of a modified escrow, well I can’t see the owners giving that up without something in return and that something might be worse – who are we kidding here it will be much worse if history has shown us anything. It could be a five year max contracts, later UFA eligibility, who knows? Wait until ‘22 and go from there.

  2. This is starting to take on similarities to the Meech Lake Accord 🙂 Opening that can of worms can lead to no good either.

  3. Jonathan Toews apparently lost in excess of one million dollars in salary last year due to escrow.
    Multiply his loss by every player in the league and it becomes a huge issue.
    People need to remember this when they moan about players’ salaries.