Multiple Reasons to Blame for Maple Leafs Slow Start

by | Oct 24, 2019 | News, NHL | 23 comments



  1. The reason they haven’t one anything is that there very very week right Vinny

  2. They are to soft. Lots of talent but need to be more physical. No way should Pasternak be able to skate backwards 6 feet from goalie stick his stick between his legs and shoot the puck past the goalie.
    Until the other teams don’t feel comfortable doing that the Leafs will have trouble keeping the puck out of the net.

    • They seem to take lazy penalties as well. Lots of needless stick work, like hooks and trips.
      That kind of stuff will leave their game, with the good experience, and attitude. If they’re willing.

      Leafs should target Craig Anderson.

      Bruins should target Josh Anderson.

      • You’re right , lazy penalties that come from not skating.
        If they work and skate there alright. Need 2 more Muzzin type defenseman.
        To bad they couldn’t have switched Kadri to defense

      • I wouldn’t have traded Kadri.
        That was an error on GMKD’s part.
        Nylander should have been swapped for a Defenseman, imho.

        Shanahan should also be humble enough to know that he isn’t the smartest guy in the/any room.
        We all make mistakes, and hiring Dubas instead of Hunter was his biggest blunder.

        Not sure the Leafs crack 100pts this year, but they are fun to watch, without sound.

  3. KD has constructed one of the most talented figure skating NHL teams one could ask for. Muzzin is the only player they have, other than Hyman, who actually has nasty in his NHL DNA makeup.

  4. Furthermore, the Leafs over the last 50+ games, have been a .500 team and nobody seems to know where to be and when to be when defending.

    I find it hard to believe that these players don’t understand what their coach wants and why he wants so are these guys tanking so that Babs gets replaced.?
    Opinions vary of course but watching TML is painful right now and it seems the more Babcock hollars, the more useless they become.

    • Tuning out the coach, or subtly pouting about him worked for the kids in Calgary x 2.
      They now have Bill Peters. I’m not sure if they like that or not, but the GM usually only gets 3 coaches before they themselves are hunting work, so looks like they’re stuck with each other.
      ( Peters is Babs lite)

      Not sure firing Babschlong is the right course of action.

      If the kids would play like he asks, and be where they’re supposed to be, they’d be much better players for it.

      Theres 2 sides of the puck, and the young Leaf forwards see themselves on the wrong side often.
      Again, that comes with age, attitude, and desire.

  5. Hunter would have been a good hire. I still think Dubas has done well.
    As Joey says he has a team of figure skaters playing in the NHL , nobody else could do that.
    Do be fair he has only been G.M. for 1 and half years.
    I wouldn’t have traded Kadri either but Kerfoot looks like a good player.
    I would have kept Matt Martin as well.

    • @ Vinnie: I was hoping they would have kept Kadri as well but his actions in the playoffs hurt the team.

      As for Matt Martin, he, like Jason Spezza, seemingly only qualify for the press box on a Babcock coached team.

      To me, press boxing two respected players like Spezza and Martin sends a warning to any UFA veteran out there to stay clear of Toronto as a possible destination as long as Babcock is the coach.

      • Well in my opinion, Spezza shouldn’t have been signed. We have lots of players with his talent or better. He was never a defensive player, silly to think he was going to become one.
        As far as disrespecting Spezza that’s baloney I am sure he knew the situation. He is an old player wanting to play in his home town hoping to get lucky and win.
        I kinda get tired of hearing you got to play him cause he is Spezza. He was criticized heavily in Ottawa for not playing defense and making bad passes at inopportune times.
        Spezza knew what his role was going to be. He is hoping for a victory lap

    • @ Vinnie: U R A Legend In Your Own Mind: Congrats: No Wonder George Won’t Respond To Your Legacy of Arrogance and From Here On In, Neither Will I

      Have A Good One Axxhole !

      • Ok , I will miss you. I guess I am supposed to agree with George and you.
        Oh well I was fortunate enough to be raised by parents that allowed me to think for myself.
        Sorry I don’t follow the party line.
        Not a follower never have been

  6. Maybe the core who just signed for big $$ are not handling the money well. Just a guess of course.
    That could be not handling the pressure of living up to a big contract, simply just not driven anymore as they are wealthy for life, or having too much fun with an unlimited budget. Or a little of all 3.
    Happened in Edmonton with guys bragging about being hung over when they show up for AM practice, and then dogging it during same practice. Edmonton folks know who those 2 guys are. Neither is here anymore.
    Some guys deal with the $$ right, some just don’t. Not surprising I suppose. I can imagine how I would have behaved being 21, single and having millions in the bank.
    Might just take a while to wake up.

  7. Well you’re right Ray, I got in trouble and I wasn’t making millions.
    I think people forget it’s early in the process and Dubas probably knows what he needs.
    And most teams aren’t willing to trade them. The fix sounds easy but how many teams will trade an elite defender for 2 elite forwards.

    • Vinnie, I agree they could use that. There are really solid defenders out there that don’t have stupid big $ contracts. They just don’t score much, hence affordable.
      Guys like Carlo, Larsson etc.
      If the Oil keep playing well and winning, Leafs muddling but not living up to expectations, and Larsson comes back and looks healthy, Bear keeps playing like an actual solid top 4 guy…. perhaps there is a deal to be made for a scoring winger?
      Nylander perhaps with the Oil throwing in JP along with Larsson?
      Quite a few if’s but hey, why not.
      Dollars might even work both ways with some tweaks.

      • Well I definitely believe the Leafs have forwards they could move, in exchange for defenseman. Hopefully they will be able to make a trade with someone. I would hope for a defenseman who plays defense with some sand.
        Geez, I miss Joey already

      • Larsson has plenty of sand.
        It’s what he does.

  8. Has anyone else been watching Leblanc in San Jose?

    I admire his confidence in signing the 1mil “I’ll show you now, you pay me later” contract, but it looks to me like he’s playing the wrong way ever since.
    Too much pressure?
    Interesting to observe, nonetheless.

    • You know it’s a tough world when you get ridiculed for taking less money than people figure you’re worth .
      It was sad on this site , people calling him a fool.

      • I don’t think it was foolish to sign that contract .
        Wilson will reward his loyalty, I’m sure.
        He’s just gotta get past the mindset he’s in right now.
        There’s decent leadership in that group. They’ll help him.

  9. Well I would like Larsson, right shot got size , and still young.

    • Very underrated player.
      The bad wrap comes from who he was traded for.
      I’d take him on the Bruins, as he plays their style of game.