NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – October 1, 2019

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A look at several notable names on the waiver wire plus updates on Evander Kane, Brock Boeser, and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines. 

NBC SPORTS: New York Islanders winger Joshua Ho-Sang, Pittsburgh Penguins goaltender Casey DeSmith, and Anaheim Ducks winger Daniel Sprong are among several notable name to hit the NHL waiver wire yesterday.

Others include veterans like Edmonton Oilers center Sam Gagner, Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman Luke Schenn, and Vancouver Canucks winger Sven Baertschi. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Click the above link for the complete list. These players will be demoted to their teams’ respective AHL farm clubs if unclaimed by noon ET today. A few, however, could be plucked off the waiver wire before then. I’ll have more this morning in the Rumors section.

San Jose Sharks winger Evander Kane could face a lengthy suspension for shoving an on-ice official during a preseason game (Photo via NHL Images)

TSN’s Darren Dreger reports Evander Kane’s abuse of an official penalty carries an automatic 10-game suspension. “NHL commissioner Gary Bettman will have to confirm and officially enforce the suspension,” write Dreger. The incident took place during a pre-season game between Kane’s San Jose Sharks and the Vegas Golden Knights. 

SPORTSNET: Brock Boeser has been cleared to return to action after suffering a concussion last week. The Vancouver Canucks winger was injured after being hit from behind by Ottawa Senators forward Chris Tierney during a pre-season game. 

NBC SPORTS: The St. Louis Blues received their 2019 Stanley Cup championship rings.

THE TENNESSEAN:  The Nashville Predators and Bridgestone announced the naming rights extension for Bridgestone Arena to 2030. 

NHL.COM: The NHL announced a two-year marketing and promotional platform with the rock group Green Day. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Looks like the league is taking the longview in this partnership. 


  1. Green Day? How very nhl. A decade or two out of touch.

    • Chrisms, better than 99 percent of the shi+÷ out there today….maybe I’m getting old!

      • Gotta say FD, suggesting you may be old because you still like Green Day, makes some of us feel downright ancient.
        But ya, still like Green Day.

  2. Another “notable” name on the waiver wire is Curtis Lazar – notable only in the sense that, a couple of seasons back, I was assured that Ottawa was going to regret trading him to Calgary for, among other things, a 2nd round pick in 2017. Lazar was going to be a “stud” and Dorion was an idiot. Since then he’s bounced from pillar to post and now can’t make the Sabres. Meanwhile, that 2nd round pick turned out to be Alex Formenton of the London Knights, now in the development stage in Belleville.

    • Ho-Sang looks to be another in that same vein. Just can’t cut it.

      • never understood the Ho-Sang hype. scored 32 goals in the OHL and somehow two years later only score 19.

      • Yep. And the most he’s ever had in one season as a pro was 10. 28th overall in the draft year (2014) that wasn’t notable for producing “stars” of any magnitude (so far anyway) other than Ekblad, Draisaitl, Nylander and maybe the best of the lot, Pastrnak who went 25th

      • George, maybe the Sens take a look at Ho-Sang? I know there is baggage but, it’s worth a go.

      • I doubt that – too many kids with more promise in Belleville like Formenton, Abramov, Logan Brown, Norris. Besides, I keep hearing that Ho-Sang might have an “ego” problem and they’ve gotten rid of a couple who were becoming s*&t-disturbers over the past years. I really think he’s shot his bolt.

        I’d rather they take a shot at picking Goldobin off the waiver wire.

    • George, to be honest Lazar had a good camp and it was thought either him or Thompson would stick but when you have an anchor like Okposo around there’s not much that can be done about it. If was me I’d do the same with Okposo as they did with Moulson, bury him in the AHL.

  3. I would expect Schenn, Santini and Hickey to be plucked off waivers

  4. Actually George, I live in the area and it was the Ottawa organization that had the hype for Curtis Lazar so high that it was impossible for him to succeed. They rushed him to the NHL instead of developing him in the minors. Forementon may be better, but looks like they may let him develop. Lazar wasn’t even allowed to finish junior. Don’t break your arm patting yourself and Dorion on the back for having the foresight to trade a player the team ruined.
    If you would like I could provide along list of trades that he shouldn’t have made.
    Went from 1 goal from the Stanley Cup final to 30th then 31st
    I suspect if Dorion is successful it will be by luck instead of foresight

    • Vinnie, IMO the Sen’s didn’t ruin Lazar, just like the NYI didn’t ruin Ho-Sang. In one case the kid played in the NHL right away, the other stayed in the minors. Neither made it.
      Lazar was a great Jr player and was the leader of an Edmonton team that in 3 years won 2 WHL championships and lost once in the final. Also got a Memorial cup. Captained Canada to a WJC gold.
      That should give you an idea who he is as a person and a player.
      Lazar didn’t pout and give up after Ott or during his time there, he continued to work during the season and off season to make himself a better player.
      The reason he hasn’t made it yet is because he doesn’t skate well enough and hasn’t been able to overcome that and produce at the NHL level.
      Saying that he allowed himself to be ruined because he got to play in the NHL as a 19 year old is a disservice to him.

      • Ray , that’s your opinion and you read mine . I attend 8 to 10 games in Ottawa a year non of which are Toronto, to much chaos for that. And maybe he didn’t make it because of skating but, the hype was un believable regarding prospects. They are all gonna make it .
        Ottawa is a hype machine.

    • I agree Vinnie Ottawa does bare some responsibility here, Lazar never produced in his two season in Ottawa scoring 6 goals in each of his first two season and the Senators never sent him down. They absolutely rushed him and may have been much better off developing his game in the minors.
      With that said at some point the onus is on the player and it hasn’t worked out for him, but Ottawa did mishandle this player development.
      George not sure why you sound so gleeful that a player didn’t establish himself in the NHL, just because he no longer plays for Ottawa.

      • No, absolutely nothing to do with Lazar himself. Great kid and really did try to change his game to account for his lack of foot speed,

        That was just a reference to Striker who had a habit of jumping on every move Ottawa made and who repeatedly – and I mean repeatedly – chimed in to say how Ottawa would rue the day they dealt him to Calgary.

        There he played in 65 games one season and scored 2 goals. In Stockton in the AHL he did pot 20 in 57gp and appeared to have adjusted his game to account for his lack of foot speed, but Calgary clearly didn’t think so and did not qualify him. He signed with Buffalo this past July as a free agent and is now on waivers – likely headed to their AHL team.

        If he hasn’t been able to improve his skating I think he’s headed for an AHL career.

      • George O ahhh Striker still lingers on after not commenting on here for what must be a year now? Obviously his rehab is going well.

  5. Vinnie go back to bed and than wake up on other side.

    • Just stating facts Obe. Look at his trades. With the theory whoever’s gets the best player wins.
      Nashville and Colorado fleeced him.
      Oh I forgot he got a 19th over all pick.

  6. After watching the replay of Kane ejection for abuse of an official. I certainly hope he does not get 10 games, if anything he deserves an apologise from the over aggressive linesman who knocked him to the ice.
    Yes you’re responsible for your actions and that should go both ways.

    • I disagree. his actions were reckless leading up to the shove of the official. He was raging, took a swing with his stick at a player and may have got a piece of the linesman. He continued posturing aggressively, the linesman grabbed him, they got tangled and went down – not very hard either. He got up to continue the engagement and shoved the official and raged his way off the ice – this was an incident made by Evander Kane.

      • 2.0 I think you need to re-watch, can’t didn’t do anything out of ordinary, there was no penalty, the linesman was the aggressor, he was shadowing Kane, could get a selke for his efforts.
        I’m fully aware most jets fans don’t like Kane but you can’t let that persuade your judgement if you’re one of them.
        No matter it does not warrant a 10 game suspension but that will be Bettman call.

      • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AuOFzXHW5i4

        at the 38 second mark Kane takes a pretty good 2-hander that may have struck the linesman. The penalty was already called at that point (not clear if it was the slash vs Engelland or the abuse of official at that point) as Kane was turning to address the ref who arrives shortly after but before the linesman is shoved. It is a miscariacture of the incident to say that the linesman knocked the player down. He grabbed Kanes sweater and Kane tangled his own feet and went down. Shoving the official comes next and is shown at about the 4 second mark.
        It’s been a long time since Kane played for the Jets, I was a fan of his play then but this is part of his M.O. and to be expected that taking responsibility for his part in incidents doesn’t happen.

      • 2.0 you must be watching a different video. I do not agree with your pov. Kane pushed the linesman after he was knocked down.
        In this case you’re are Dave Poulin and I’m Craig Button. The league gave him a 3 game suspension and I imagine the linesman will be penalized by his boss.

      • 2.0, try again. The linesman tackled him.

        Completely unprofessional conduct by the linesman, full stop.

        Yep, Kane shoved him which he still should not have done but 3 games in 3 too many.

  7. Re yesterday’s waivers

    Some teams are taking the gamble that there are few teams out there that would actually do a claim today (so many either at/above/dang close to cap ceiling so as to make it illogical for the to claim

    The small handful that can claim… will they

    Pens took gamble on placing last years back-up DeSmith on waivers over Jarry (younger but with less experience at NHL level) just to make the just under the $81.5 M

    Not many looking for extra goalie ; and his AHL Sal guarantee is $1M… so odds that he is snapped up are low …. but still there

    Hickey IMHO should be picked up… fair grab at $2.5 M

    I don’t understand why they would expose him (can only bury $1.08 M and they are already well below the line)????

    NOTE : Clb showing at 19!!!! and tons o’ space

    They could fill from their own system but are at 48/50 so could snap up to 2 waiver players

    Will be interesting to see who gambles today and who got screwed by their waiver gamble of yesterday

    Still UFAs out there (McQ!) and of course Honka

    Plus teams still needing to be Cap compliant by 5 today (I think)


    I still think Dorian will get feeler calls as they are sitting with space …. negotiating driver seat for GMPD if he so desires to make a tweak move

  8. Im one of Pierre D’s biggest detractors. He’s a great scout, but that’s not what he’s been pigeon holed into here. He’s absolutely handcuffed by the owner lack of cash. “magic beans” for Karlson may end up being pretty good because of Karlson’s failing health. Similarly I think he dodged a bullet with Turris (though he didn’t mean to).

    Colorado deal….he got what he paid for. Would have been nice to keep Duchene but the deal was fair at the time. The guy is a top player. These people cost what they cost.

    They’ve sort of turned a corner. If the Duclair Initiative works out, he’ll look like a genius.

    I think DJ Smith is the genius – you have a kid with speed who has refused to learn the defensive side of the game that would make him a more complete player. What do you do? Put him on the penalty kill. He learns angles, offensive-defense strategy, which he can then take to 5 on 5 play. Excellent coaching.

  9. First the Sharks receive a major penalty in game 7 against Vegas. The officials terrible call decided the series and gave the Sharks a ticket to the next round and left the Knights wondering if the officials were wearing Shark jerseys under their striped shirts.
    NOW kane is crying because he thinks the officials are picking on him. Do you think this is similar to kane playing the race card or not? Either way, one thing that doesn’t seem to change is kane is a constant disruption to his team. The Sharks seem to like the “bad boy” image sometimes but when they try to play that role against Vegas, they’re clearly outmatched – whether it is Reaves vs. kane or kane continuously crying.
    Give kane the 10 games. He’ll still be crying “poor me” and never have the attitude of a leader or winner.

  10. Question to all re waivers and getting to $81.5 M or less by 5 PM today (it is 5 today right)? :

    9 teams over now and with waivers sent yesterday and ability to send down waiver exempt players today and IR Cap savings …..7 of 9 can get to 23 and under 81.5 today… Leafs; Canes; Flames; Sabres, Canucks; Coyotes; Knights

    The two I just can’t get the math to make it work are Wash and Pitt (see below) so they either have to trade or put a player on LTIR???

    Wash : with their waivers of yesterday and moving all else listed as waiver exempt, down today… they get to 23 but still 6 K over …. no one else after that waiver exempt so can’t go down; George … is my math correct? If so…. trade or LTIR

    Pens …. at 26 ; waived (buried) DeSmith ($1.07M) and can only send down Marino (per Cap Freindly) as waiver exempt …. leaves them at 24 and only $635 K over; so any one player will drop them below 81.5 and at 23…. but how is that done if the pre-season waiver wire closed yesterday AND there is no other player that can be sent down w/o clearing waivers???? That would mean (1) a trade or (2) more likely ; LTIR for Rusty???

    Am I missing something?

    • Oops

      Math was off re Wash

      They can’t get to 23 and 6 K over

      Listed now at $5.9 over , 29 players; waived 3 ; leaves them at 26 and 3.22 over

      Only 4 can still go down w/o waivers … they total $3.35 M

      So it’s 22 to start with 130 K room or (1) LTIR or (2) trade

  11. There was no way he can’t get 10 games. The call on the ice was “abuse of an official” it carries an automatic 10. Takes betman, an appeal, and any additional player “whinge’ing” out of the equation.

    I’d like to thank Game of Thrones – the Hound for the “whinge’ing” .