NHL Rumor Mill – October 1, 2019

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Updates on Jonathan Drouin, Julius Honka, Daniel Sprong, and Luke Schenn in today’s NHL rumor mill.


THE HOCKEY NEWS: Matt Larkin recently weighed in on the trade rumors swirling around Montreal Canadiens winger Jonathan Drouin. A poor performance in a preseason game sparked the speculation, prompting Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin to deny Drouin was on the block. 

All quiet on the Jonathan Drouin rumor front (Photo via NHL Images).

Larkin noted a report about Drouin’s name being “out there” (on the trade block) but his sources claim otherwise. Larkin acknowledged the Canadiens could use a mobile top-four defenseman and suggested Nick Leddy of the New York Islanders as one option. However, the Habs don’t have a surplus of wingers to spare.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As I noted last week, it wouldn’t surprise me if Bergevin is willing entertain trade offers but I doubt he’s trying to move the 24-year-old winger. A player’s preseason performance usually isn’t indicative of what to expect in the regular season. Consistency remains an issue for Drouin but he still has the potential to become a reliable scorer. I believe Bergevin will remain patient. 


THE BUFFALO NEWS: Mike Harrington suggests Anaheim Ducks winger Daniel Sprong could be enticing to the Sabres. The 22-year-old tallied 14 goals in 47 games with the Ducks last season but was placed on waivers yesterday. He was a second-round pick (2015) of the Pittsburgh Penguins “and thus has a relationship with both Sabres General Manager Jason Botterill and assistant GM Randy Sexton from their days in Pittsburgh.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sprong has solid scoring abilities but his defensive play leaves much to be desired. He wore out his welcome in Pittsburgh and now with the Ducks. Sprong can play either wing and the Sabres reportedly seek depth on the right wing. He could be an affordable waiver gamble.


TSN’s Bob McKenzie (stick tap to Account4hockey) reports the Dallas Stars seek “a 2nd round pick or 3rd round pick or young player for Julius Honka.” The 23-year-old restricted free agent defenseman is skating in Finland awaiting a trade.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Media trade chatter linked Honka to the Canadiens and Winnipeg Jets. The Habs were reportedly willing to do a player-for-player swap but there’s no indication who they could offer up in return. Given the decline in Honka’s value, I doubt the Stars will find a club willing to meet their asking price.



  1. Sprong sounds a lot like Dzingel – one-way Johnnies.

    • BBB I think this year is Toronto window. Next season will be interesting to watch, as 5 of their 8 active dman are ufa’s next year and 4 of the 5 will need a raise.

      • I think it is difficult to consider a team to be a SC contender when they start the season with only 4 NHL defenceman on their roster. They have another coming in a month or so but they have absolutely no depth on D. Dermot will certainly help but they need to be super healthy to compete. Also they have no money left to load up for the playoffs or to overcome injuries or replace any poorly performing players.

      • I agree caper, 4 forwards totalling half the cap doesn’t seem like a good idea! And with this yr maybe being their chance a 13 player changeover doesn’t bode well

    • BBB,

      Thanks for posting the article. Pretty much bang on Id say.

      • Glad you appreciate it Ron!

      • Lol 😂Sandin is 100% NHL ready and will be part of the Calder trophy talk.!!!

  2. That’ll sure rub some the wrong way.

    • It’s hard to dispute that Toronto has apparently overpaid their RFA stars unless they perform to their contracts. The Leafs will walk the cap tightrope this year but, if they play well, especially in the playoffs, I for one will be a happy guy.

      • BCLeafFan, the Vegas line has Toronto as tied for 3rd for best odds of winning the Cup if you were to bet today.
        TB, LV, BOS & TOR tied and then COL rounding out top 5.
        There is no way you can’t consider them one of the favorites if healthy.
        I am curious to see how Babcock decides to play. Let the horses run and rely on Anderson when required?
        These boys are gonna score some goals and at very least will be fun to watch.

      • I sincerely hope you’re right Ray. Simply because, in our pool, we each draft a complete team as the basis and augment it with 15 rounds of players from undrafted teams (it’s convoluted). Bottom line, I had 2nd pick in the team draft and after TB went first I immediately took the Leafs (SJ went 3rd). Now I want to see goals, assists and blocked shots up the yin-yan – starting tomorrow night against Ottawa. Yes, you read that right. I’m pragmatic if nothing else 🙂

    • so what was all this babble in the last 3 months about toronto can’t crunch the no.s we saw it on here week after week after week after week about the salary cap no.s BORING so what are you guys more upset that toronto got cap compliant or that you were wrong

  3. Today will be interesting to watch will there be any pickup? Winnipeg signed Eric Comrie Sept 7th to a two year deal $700,000 per season. The belief I’ve been told is they’re hoping the 2nd year will help him clear waivers. We’ll see.

    Toronto placed Nic Petan high scoring whl player small in stature will someone like Ottawa or Montreal give him a chance?

    Most teams at close to the max 50 contracts so have room, doesn’t really hurt to take a chance and if doesn’t work out place him back on waivers. The Jets only have 41 contracts.
    I guessing 4 to 6 players will be claimed today.

    • Only one was claimed today, I think there will be trades because of the 50 roster limit. I thought there would be more also

    • And the answer is. Only Comrie to Arizona.

      • Actually, the Jets then claimed Carl Dahlstrom, a big LD, from Chicago

    • Two claimed and the 2nd year added to Comrie didn’t prevent him from being snatched up.

  4. Early trolling are we? No mention of the Leafs but master troll BBB posts old news about them.
    Really rich coming from a guys whose team couldn’t even score a goal when faced an AHL roster in the preseason and a GM that’s a super fan of his average assets.

    • To be fair to BBB, the article was published yesterday.
      Hardly old news.

      Gotta score to win.
      Looks like the top 2 lines in Toronto are poised to do just that.

      I can’t wait for the season to begin!

      • Top 2 lines, its gonna be 3 lines rolling offensively as that Russian kid is pretty damn good.

        Sure its preseason but that last game against Detroit I could argue Mikeyev was our best player.

        The contract situation can’t really be judged fully until these other rfa’s sign their next deals as Toronto’s are all locked up long term.

      • Yes Gary. It don’t look good now but until the backloaded deals come up and the teams have to deal with that then… they might look at marners and nylanders bought up ufa years with envy. (The gms that is).

      • even though they are back loaded do you really think they are going to go up to marner money? None of laine,tkchuck or any of the rfa that didn’t buy up ufa years will get as much as marner did this contract,

  5. Leafs have 2nd best talent in league 1st is tampa) but we have a dinosaur for a coach who accepted 0 accountability for last years playoffs when he was the most culpable person even including Kadri. He cannot adjust and the firing clock starts at game 1. If fired before out of playoff picture and replaced with keefe they or tampa will win cup.

    • Lol oh you leaf fans

    • Leafs have probably 7th most talented roster in the League.
      They have 6 stars if you include Fred, and that makes them a touch better than Edmonton’s big 3.

      • Geez, you’re hurtful today Shoreorrpark. You’re usually quite knowledgeable, you seem alittle off today. lol

      • I mean you no harm, Vinny.

  6. Pengy…..Good grief Johnson will be with the team opening night…and maybe with a promotion..F************K

    • JJ is taking Sid’s place at 1C till Sid is ready lol

      • IHC

        all I can say is 🤬

    • BlackNGold

      I heard something crazy today that they had Riikola playing wing and JJ playing in Riikola’s LD spot with GudB; AND air-head Rutherford is now claiming he never told JJ that he was working on a deal…. this all after many many media sites reported it AND two separate journalists lay claim to specifically speaking to sources who said that

      Jimbo could possibly cost the Pens their playoff streak

      If they play JJ as reg regardless of number of minutes …. ZERO shot at cup ; and equal chance IMHO of (1) missing playoffs (just) ; and (2) out first round

      JJ does not play a single game as a Pen…. I’d say 80 % chance of wining Div

  7. Winnipeg should move big Buff to Carolina for Hamilton helps Jets with cap issues and I think Carolina gets better player short term.