NHL Rumor Mill – October 10, 2019

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Potential destinations for Jesse Puljujarvi, an update on the Sharks, and more in today’s NHL rumor mill.


THE ATHLETIC: Allan Mitchell recently explored possible destinations for Jesse Puljujarvi. The restricted free agent winger is playing in Finland awaiting a trade by the Edmonton Oilers.

Will the Edmonton Oilers find a suitable trade partner for Jesse Puljujarvi? (Photo via NHL Images)

Mitchell thinks the St. Louis Blues are the most likely destination, citing their previous trade history as well as Puljujarvi’s potential and his potentially low salary. Mitchell thinks Klim Kostin is the obvious piece heading the other way. If that offer was made and rejected, he doesn’t see the Blues sweetening the pot.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Oilers’ previous trade history with the Blues is probably irrelevant with Ken Holland is their general manager. If the Blues were interested in Puljujarvi it’s probably a low priority.

Mitchell observed Anaheim Ducks winger Nick Ritchie was a healthy scratch from a recent game. He could be a fit on the Oilers’ third line. The Carolina Hurricanes were linked to Puljujarvi, with winger Julien Gauthier mentioned as a possible return. Gauthier was demoted to their AHL affiliate to start the season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Ritchie played on Oct. 8 against the Detroit Red Wings, scoring the game-winning goal. The Hurricanes recently recalled Gauthier but there’s no indication he’s available. 

Speculation also linked the Tampa Bay Lightning to Puljujarvi. Mitchell suggests prospects Alexander Volkov, Alex Barre-Boulet, or Taylor Raddysh as a possible return. He also wondered if the Winnipeg Jets might be interested. The Oilers could use a center like Jack Roslovic, but the Jets could use him as a trade chip to land a defenseman.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Lightning probably isn’t feeling pressure to swing a deal right now. Off-season media chatter suggested reuniting Pujujarvi with former Finnish linemate Patrik Laine. Given the Jets’ depleted blue line, however, I doubt they’re considering that possibility. Speaking of the Jets…


Appearing on SPORTSNET 960 (Stick tap to @Account4hockey) on Oct. 7, Elliotte Friedman reported the Jets may have looked at Mark Pysyk. The Florida Panthers defenseman is believed available in the trade market. However, the Jets are stuck until Dustin Byfuglien decides on his future. Friedman also said the New Jersey Devils and Vancouver Canucks “kicked tires” on Pysyk.


NBC SPORTS BAY AREA: Chelena Goldman speculates the San Jose Sharks might not be done making moves after bringing back winger Patrick Marleau earlier this week. One could be waiving Jonny Brodzinski to make room for Marleau’s $700K salary.

The Sharks also have 10 players slated to become unrestricted free agents next summer. Depending on how determined they are to right the ship after losing their first four games, that could provide flexibility for other moves.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Those UFAs also include Melker Karlsson, Brenden Dillon, Tim Heed, and Aaron Dell. Perhaps one of them becomes a trade candidate if the Sharks don’t snap out of their slump.


  1. The Sharks have already put Brodzinski on waivers, prior to sending him down to the AHL.

    As for Allan Mitchell, that smacks of extensive spitballing simply to fulfill a column commitment. He could take a similar look at the rest of the league as potential destinations for Puljujarvi but the bottom line is, he isn’t going anywhere if Holland insists on getting back a high pick and/or a top prospect or everyday player. No one is going to fork that over for a “maybe” who could be another Yakopov or Ho-Sang, nor is Holland under any pressure to meet his request for a trade since it’s doubtful any return pick/prospect would see ice time in Edmonton for at least a season or two.

    He’ll likely finish out the season in Finland once Dec 2 rolls around and nothing is done.

  2. Jp to Pitt maybe? Destination makes sense due to injuries… return would be tough.

    • Strome?? ;-0

      • LOL that would be hysterical shipping Strome back to EDM for Puljujarvi lol.

  3. I thought Rangers would’ve been a good fit for Puljujarvi over summer, with Namestikov going other way. ( w/salary retention) Strome is a guy I see getting moved by deadline if not sooner. But, he’s not going back to Edm. Jesper Fast is another soon to be ufa that I can’t see Rangers keeping. They also have a logjam of young center prospects that’s already forced Chytil down to AHL and Anderson to 4th line. At this time the 3 centers (Howden being the other) are just as much question marks as JP. With Zibinejad cemented as #1C, could one of 3 be a good swap for JP? Add to fact that Strome and Fast are only 2 right shot forwards besides Panarin, who plays left side.

    • I meant Strome to Pitts. unless the tank is coming on strong

      • Oh, I think it is. That’s Pitt tradition after all.

      • I think even a #1 overall isn’t very helpful at this point. That prospect pool is horrible in Pittsburgh. They’re going to need a lot more help than one 1st rounder.

      • @Nyr4life
        thats why they will get a few in a row….

      • A few in a row puts Crosby, Malkin, Letang etc 35-36. They’ll literally rot that core around tanking. I don’t see that as a good option.

      • NHL loves them some Pens

        2006 #2 pick
        2005 #1 pick
        2004 #2 pick
        2003 #1pick

        Almost as much as they love the Oilers
        2010 #1
        2011 #1
        2012 #1
        2013 #7
        2014 #3
        2015 #1
        2016 #4

      • As Leo said, and as George recently reiterated, “Nice guys finish last.” Who could be nicer than Mario and Jim? Look what they did for Jack Johnson.

      • I personally love Pittsburgh’s model. Let’s be honest… there is no teammove deserving of the number one pick than Pittsburgh.

      • LOL. Uh-huh. Thousands will believe you (I don’t). And irregardless of how I feel about it, I just KNOW deep down inside that, even if they get one of the lower % in the lottery, somehow someway they will win it.

      • I can tell you who won’t win the lottery. It doesn’t matter which place they would have: Montreal Canadiens, Vancouver Canucks, Ottawa Senators and…. Colorado Avalanche. Still i belive from those 4 Colorado and Sens will get earlier then Habs and Canucks.
        Gary loves Pitt, Chicago, NJ, Buffalo, and maybe used to Edmonton (i don’t know about his feelings towards their new GM).

      • Look. In my life I grew up with Mario. Adolescented my way through jagr. Had rough few years the matured with Crosby Malkin. It wouldn’t be fair to Pittsburgh fans and more importantly me to take that away. Even if it takes a lost year and another ping pong ball it’s only right that Pittsburgh gets the next generational talent. Trust in Gary.

      • Puljujarvi for Honka? Hello – does this make too much sense for both teams especially after the Larsson injury?

      • Nick cicigio, the Puljujarvi for Honka idea has been kicked around a bit – the fact it hasn’t happened is probably due to human nature – i.e., if one turns out to be a top-notch NHLer while the other stumbles along, neither GM wants to be the one seen as the bonehead who dealt away the star. At least if both GMs deal their player for picks/prospects the return comparison is a season or two away and not immediate.

    • I don’t think Chytl was forced to the AHL. I think he is not near ready to handle a 2 c role on both offense and defense, especially the defensive side of the game. He floats too much. He needs to fix that with quality ice time and 4th line duty in NY is not the place.

      I would like to see Howden as the 4C with Lemieux and Fast
      then move Andersson to the 3c with Chytl & Kratsov as his wingers. Andersson is more responsibly defensively but definitely more upside offensively than Howden IMO. Evenutally those 3 could become the 2nd line.

      Then they can rotate Chytl some games against lesser teams as the 2c and develop him at the NHL level.

      This offseason should be to find that #1A center behind Zib by using pick & prospect to make it happen.

      • I’d strongly disagree about Howden vs Anderssons offensive ability.

        Andersson was drafted as a guy that has a 2 way game. His speed isn’t really there. Howden has already looked a lot better than Andersson.

        Andersson 51 games 8 points
        Howden 68 games 24 points…

        I think Andersson needs to concentrate on his 2 way game as he has spoken about in recent weeks. If he becomes a solid 2 way center that puts up 40 points all is not lost and he’s not a bust.

        Expecting him to produce more than 40-50 per season seems like a stretch. (40-50 may be a stretch) Trying to make him something he’s not will quickly make him a bust.

      • Chytil-I do think he will come back and say I am never taking that bus again

        Lias vs Howden: Lias has never been given the quality of wingers or ice time as Howden. I do think Howden is has a slight edge offensively but Lias’ position is levels above Howden. I still do not think the team needs both. One should be the 3rd line-neither is a 2c or 4c

      • @NYR

        I see the points total but Howden has gotten to play with Kreider, Namestnikov, Lemieux, Strome, Buchnevich, Chytl & Kratsov.

        Lias has gotten to play with Namestnikov, Fast, McKegg, Haley, Smith and Nieves.

        Big difference in output.

        Think we have options going forward.
        I am excited. I think we need better better options on the 4th line to support whichever center is slotted there. Fast is the only 4th liner I am confident in.

        To me the 4th line should be

        3rd line should be

        Fun to watch them learn though

      • @ihatecrosby
        Howden is better offense than as a typical 4th line C. I think one of the kid centers get packaged at some point.

        I prefer Lias’ edge

      • @ds

        Exactrly why i’d keep Howden too as a 4Cand build a fourth line not just as a checking line but a physical scoring line. Lemieux and Howden then maybe someone else of that ilk that can play low, be good defensively and actually score goals.

        Nieves, Lettieri, McKegg, Haley, Smith and some other options are just not that. When those are on the ice noone is worried about them scoring and I think NY should try and role 4 good lines not 2 and a partial 3rd line and garbage 4th line.


      • Kravstov has yet to play an nhl game?

        I don’t think NY should be thinking about packaging any of them. They need to see how these guys develop.
        Imo, Howden and Chytl are the better offensive players over Andersson.

        I get that Andersson has had horrible line mates. But there isn’t a lot of upside for him offensively. He does a lot of things well, but not great. His shot, skating abilities etc. aren’t anything special.

        I believe he could be a good 2 way center, but I see him more of a 3c, pk kinda player. Maybe a soft 2b, but I think that’s stretching it. Especially considering the talented wingers ny has or has coming. I don’t see a fit with Kravstov and Chytl.

        I’d imagine one of or both Kravstov and Chytl are on their way back up this week. Ny is currently carrying 21 players on the NHL roster.

      • @nyr

        I agree that chytl and kratsov may most likely find their way up when there are more games back to back.

        Sending them down may be in part due to cap control, then giving them game time during the long days off inbetwen the nhl games for the start of the season.

        Namestnikov gone should definitely garner more ice time for the boys.

        Again…going to fun watching them learn on the flow Just want Chtyl to play good D and not disappear like Vesey lol.

  4. One of the issue of trading JP is what can the Oilers take in return. According to capfriendly they $172,000 can’t really do much of anything for that.
    Boston could use a 2nd line RW and he could be the answer or he could be a bust.
    Maybe a player like Danton Heinen should do but Edmonton can’t afford the $2.8m salary. Plus the fact Sweeney wouldn’t do that deal.

    • Agree that if part of the return for Puljujarvi is an everyday player Holland would have to simultaneously move someone like Kassian or Chiasson. Which is why I think he’d settle for a pick and a prospect. The problem is, how high a pick and what calibre prospect? And because I don’t see any team giving up a high pick and a top prospect for a guy who has proven zilch at the NHL level and figure Holland sees no immediate advantage for settling for less, Jesse is just going to have to put up eye-opening numbers in Finland. And I mean, eye-opening, before anyone bites.

      • would Holland

        to Pitt: JP, Chiasson, Russell

        to EDM: JJ & Galchenyuk (pitts hold salary on Alex to balance out cap)


  5. I truly doubt Holland – or anyone else – is going to take Johnson … unless the Pens agree to toss in their 1st pick this summer – NOT lottery protected. Failing that they’re as stuck with him as SJ is with Vlasic. Simply too much term left.

    • Horny & JJ for Vlasic? If I were GM JR I would

      what say you Pengy???

  6. JP spends the year in Finland. Oil don’t need him in the lineup and are getting nothing much in return at this time. He will be part of a bigger package one day.

    • Perhaps Holland offers JP to OTT for Logan Brown and see if Dorion bites.

      • Why would Dorion bite on that trade? Logan Brown is a big C – has to prove he belongs in the NHL yet by showing some consistency and so the jury is still out, but he’s only had 6 games in the NHL while Puljijarvi, a RW, has had 139 gp. And hasn’t really impressed anyone at any time.

      • never said he would bite but a phone call costs nothing to make so to speak.

    • It’s hard not to think that’s the way it should happen but then Edmonton is at best a bubble team in spite of Neal’s hot start and JP is a diminishing asset that isn’t necessarily going to improve in Europe. Something is better than nothing and right now Edmonton has nothing. Still, maybe cap space keeps things the way they are but this will never be about teaching JP a lesson because that is the team’s priority.

      • PS. Sorry, that reads like you claimed he was being taught a lesson which, if course, you didn’t. I was just pulling in general sentiments overall regarding the player’s situation.

  7. If JP sits the year then what? Sign a one year deal and be claimed in the expansion draft. That doesn’t seem like a good plan for the Oilers.

    • “That doesn’t seem like a good plan for the Oilers.”

      They haven’t really had a good plan in over a decade. Why start now?

      • Bit snarky for a team that just put their plan together in the past couple years?

      • The last couple of years? Where have you been? Edmonton has been on a 10 year rebuild? Stay current!

        Snarky? Reality!

      • Snarky= telling the truth! Lmmfao! Jesus! Pay attention!