NHL Rumor Mill – October 18, 2019

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Could the Oilers try to bring back Taylor Hall? Does Jonathan Quick face an uncertain future with the Kings? Are the Hurricanes shopping for a forward? Check out the latest in today’s NHL rumor mill.


EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples cited Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman suggesting the Oilers could be a suitor for Taylor Hall if the New Jersey Devils decide to shop the winger.

Could the Edmonton Oilers attempt to reacquire Taylor Hall from the New Jersey Devils? (Photo via NHL Images)

“It would not surprise me at all if Edmonton is a big suitor here,” said Friedman. “I don’t know if they can make a trade, I don’t know if they have enough to make a deal, but it just wouldn’t surprise me. Put it this way: it’s long been believed that if Edmonton had a chance to correct and bring him back, that they would be interested. But there’s a new GM there now, so we’ll see.”

Hall is slated to become an unrestricted free agent next July. With the Devils struggling, Friedman said the winger’s status is becoming a topic of conversation around the league. Staples notes Hall would have more value as a long-term acquisition. Re-signing him, however, would be very expensive. The Oilers would have to free up at least $10 million in salary-cap space.


SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t see this happening. If the Devils decide to shop Hall they won’t just give him away. I think they’ll want at least a good young player, a top prospect, and a first-round pick. Even if the Oilers came up with a suitable offer I don’t believe they can afford to re-sign him.

Cap Friendly indicates the Oilers have over $57.5 million invested in just nine players for 2020-21. Defenseman Darnell Nurse is a restricted free agent due for a hefty raise and they must re-sign or replace goaltender Mike Smith. There won’t be enough to sign Hall to what will likely be over $11 million annually. That’s assuming he’ll want to re-sign with the Oilers.


TSN: During last night’s “Insider Trading” segment, Bob McKenzie observed Los Angeles Kings goaltender Jonathan Quick’s poor performance has led to backup Jack Campbell seeing back-to-back starts. They also have promising Cal Petersen in their system but don’t want to bring him up yet, in part because Quick is on the roster but also because Petersen will have to pass through waivers next year. Quick seems the odd man out but he’s got four years remaining on his contract ($5.8 million annual average value) and isn’t tradeable right now. McKenzie feels his future is up in the air.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Some readers suggested the Kings should swap Quick with a struggling starter on another club, like New Jersey’s Cory Schneider. Easier said than done. While their cap hit is almost similar (Schneider makes $6 million annually), the Devils goalie has a full no-trade clause. Even if Schneider waived it, the Kings probably wouldn’t be interested. I think they would want to trade Quick and replace him with Petersen.


TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports Buffalo Sabres defenseman Rasmus Ristolainen was a frequent subject of trade speculation after telling management he’d welcome a trade following another losing season. However, Ristolainen indicated he’s happy playing under new Sabres coach Ralph Krueger. LeBrun doesn’t see a trade taking place at this point.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Sabres are off to a good start and aren’t in any rush to make a trade. They’ll have to move a defenseman once Zach Bogosian and Brandon Montour come off injured reserve but that doesn’t mean they’ll trade Ristolainen. If the Finnish blueliner keeps playing well under Krueger they could look at other options.


LeBrun also reports the Carolina Hurricanes are in the market for a top-nine forward. They’ve looked at New York Islanders winger Josh Ho-Sang and inquired into the Edmonton Oilers’ asking price for winger Jesse Puljujarvi.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With the Hurricanes sitting atop the Metropolitan Division they can afford to take their time. They may have kicked tires on Ho-Sang and Puljujarvi but that doesn’t mean they’re on the verge of acquiring either guy. LeBrun pointed out the Hurricanes are also looking at other players.

Of the two, Puljujarvi has the most value. The Oilers are reportedly interested in Hurricanes winger Julien Gauthier.


  1. There is one other problem with Hall going to EDM…
    It’s EDM.

    No way he goes back to that travel nightmare after living within 1 hour of 8 teams…

    • I have to agree there BadCowboyDan. I also seriously doubt NJ will get “a good young player, a top prospect, and a first-round pick” in any trade UNLESS the receiving team has assurance that he would sign a new contract with them. No way any team looking at him as a trade deadline “rental only” is going to pay that hefty price.

      I get the feeling Hall and his agent, knowing this will likely be his final contract, will want to fully test the UFA waters next spring. Yes, lacking a no-trade clause, he would have no choice but to go to whichever team makes the best offer at the trade deadline (assuming the Devils haven’t climbed back into play off contention by then in which case they may just decide to ride him out) but the “rental” return isn’t going to be anywhere near a 1st round pick + a top prospect + a good young player. Unless they’re nuts.

    • I guess you don’t remember halls feelings being hurt when he was moved . He didn’t choose or want to leave Edmonton . Leon and mcdavid has no problem signing on for the max term .
      Having said that , I do not see a fit here with his contract demands. Nor do I hope to see him back in the room , by his own admission the last time he was there he was an entitled , unproven kid who didn’t feel he needed to be coached .

      • If any team should be looking for scoring its the one line team in Boston with 14 of their last 17 goals coming from the top line.
        Yes they are winning but not sustainable. Heinen for Puljujarvi

      • Exactly Craig, the Oil seem to finally all be on the same page with an increased work ethic and a positive team first culture. Still have holes but headed in the right direction IMO.
        By Hall’s own admission, and also said by a few players who were here then and since moved on, he was the opposite of that.
        Did the trade to NJ change that? Maybe. But still a risk once he has the security of the big $$ deal.
        Also, you can only have so many guys making the big $$ on your team. They better be the right guys or you’re done.
        I’m not so sure Hall is that guy.
        My guess is a polite pass on Mr Hall from Holland.

      • ARG, tell me about it. In my fantasy hockey I’m up against a guy who has Pastrnak. in 2 games this week he has 6 goals, 1 assist, and 5 PPP. Good thing I have Draisaitl. 😉

      • @Caper. That 1 line team which you mentioned, sustained the unsustainable last year, all the way to game 7 of the finals.
        Although the others aren’t scoring, they are generating tons of chances.

        7 games in.

      • @shoreorrpark – Agreed, but right now the bruins live and die with that line.

        @Caper – As a bruins fan does it interest you in Hall coming to Boston? I Know DeBrusk has played RW before and you could slot Hall LW with Krejci.

        I know people talk about losing prospects ect… but a guy like stone last year would have been a game changer for the Bruins and even at 9.5 million this year would be a game changer.

        The Bruins seem to be a different culture and someone like Hall or Puljujarvi could thrive IMO.

      • @greatgonzo Hall is the player that PC wanted. No doubt Boston be a better team with Hall and I agree Debrusk would have to be part of the package going back, as Hall plays LW it would certainly give the Bruins a very good 1 2 punch. Maybe only a rental.

    • I heard an interview the other day with Brian Burke. He said the whole travel thing is a joke now a days. Every team charters and has the same flight staff all season long and everyone has a great time on them. So there is no “travel nightmare” anymore and that is just fans being fans when it’s brought up.
      The Oilers have Nurse this offseason to sign and then Nuge the following season. In order to get Hall signed one of those 2 would be sacrificed, and neither are worth to sacrifice for Hall, plus he isn’t worth $10 million a season. He is too injury prone.

      • Travel is Sportsnets John Garretts favorite excuse when the Canucks lose. On and on ad naseum every single season and every single defeat about how hard it is for Vancouver. Funny how he didnt mention the Flyers playing 3 games in 3 different countries across multiple time zones and 18000km of travel before taking a beatdown last Saturday in Vancouver.

        Flyers sucked hard in Van, Calgary and Edmonton. Kevin Hayes contract is already an unmitigated disaster. I watched all 3 games and Hayes was invisible. Looked like he was out for a Sunday public skate in every game. JVR was no better. 14 million dollars wasted IMHO.

      • Travel is definitely a real thing for western teams to deal with. It is common to play in 3 time zones in the same week. An additional challenge is trying to find days when the team is eligible to call a practice.

        The Jets finally had their first team practice of the season this week. Due to game days, travel days and CBA required days off the team had not practiced prior to or within the first 7 games in the season. This abscence of practice time compounded issues with having a young team and significant defensive personnel changes.

        To the point being made – the players may not mind the travel much but it does make a different challenge for coaches and GM’s.

      • Philly deserved to beat Edmonton. Koskinen kept them in it, Hart had a tough night in his home town.
        Philly out shot them more than 2 to 1, and chances were even more lopsided.
        Oilers won and Tippet wasn’t a happy coach and made it clear what he thought.
        Can’t speak for the rest of their trip out west.

  2. And good luck trading Quick who’ll be 38 when he becomes a UFA in 4 years – at a cost of $23.2 million. He’s just one more in a growing list of aging veterans who have priced themselves out of the game with their diminishing abilities combined with high cost. I doubt anyone would take him even if L.A. held back $2 mil per!

    • Treliving like to trade for untradeable players. LOL

  3. Friedman states ” it would not surprise me at all if the Oilers were a big suitor” for Taylor Hall.

    Old Blue Dog states ” it would not surprise me at all if Friedman’s only motive were a few more clics and credibility be damned”.

    • Pengy states : “ OBD, True Dat!”

  4. Hall back in EDM makes them even more top heavy. Plus, Hall has proven he can be “the guy”, do we really expect to see him take a back seat to McDavid? Hate to say it, but I can see Taylor Hall in a Kings jersey.

  5. B’s don’t have any secondary goal scoring ….LOL. And they haven’t for the last 4 years that’s the FO job to get the players they need, one line teams will get you into playoffs but not championships

  6. I can see Hall signing as a UFA with either Detroit or Philly in the offseason.

    • For how much per cap hit and for how long?

      • George I have heard as high as $10 per will be the expected ask. I am guessing 7 years as well. I have my opinion of Hall, but you can’t argue with the physical talent.
        Not someone I would spend that much on though. But my opinion means exactly nothing, and somebody will.

      • The problem is Ray, the list of “somebodys” keeps shrinking in terms of cap availability (a growing number have sunk big dollars in their top 4/5 players) and when you add in places he likely wouldn’t go on a bet, it shrinks even more.

      • Ya, when you actually look at who might qualify, NJ looks about as appealing as anybody.
        Combine young talent, cap space and an 8th year and it seems to hit many of the marks.

      • On the surface Yzerfan’s suggestion Detroit might be a player looks plausible considering that they “only” have just over $44.6 mil invested in 11 players next spring. But they also have 7 RFAs currently making around $11.3 mil (Mantha, Athanasiou, Bertuzze, Erne, Hirose, De La Rose and Ehn) and have to either re-sign or replace UFAs Green, Daley, Biega and Howard who now account for $13 mil. So that cushion is going to be whittled down pretty quickly, especially if Mantha (now at $3.3 mil) continues to shine. He alone could command upwards of $7.5 or 8 mil depending upon how the rest of the year goes. Same with Athanasiou who’s at $3 mil (although he’s off to a sluggish start). Green and Daley ($8.5 mil combined) are the 2 veterans on D and while it’s fine to think the Wings will just move on from both, they’d better have something in the mill to replace them.

        How do you see things unfolding there Yzerfan?

      • I see them going for a defenseman if there any of note.

        They will resign Martha probably around 7. If Athanasiou can recover then he could be around that or probably around 6 mill. Bertuzzi around 5 mill.

        A lot of the rest(the lower guys) will come in lower around the 2 mill mark.

        I believe Yzerman will test the waters with Hall.

        We also need a goalie if they don’t sign Howard again.

        They have some decent D in the pipeline and forwards.

        This is a rebuild for sure.

    • Based on what Yzerman has done in Tampa I don’t think he will go that route. More likely he will look for an experienced D man ( hopefully Krug) to replace Daly/ Green and continue to develop young talent. There is no need to rush things and get into unnecessary cap trouble by signing Hall.