NHL Rumor Mill – October 19, 2019

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A list of players who could be shopped at the trade deadline in today’s NHL rumor mill.


THE ATHLETIC (subscription required): Pierre LeBrun recently listed several players who could be shopped at the Feb. 24 trade deadline. The notables include New Jersey Devils winger Taylor Hall, Los Angeles Kings winger Ilya Kovalchuk, Nashville Predators center Kyle Turris, and New York Rangers winger Chris Kreider.

Could the New Jersey Devils move Taylor Hall at the Feb. 24 trade deadline? (Photo via NHL Images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: LeBrun has his reasons for including those players on his list but you’ll need a subscription to The Athletic to read them. I’m going to offer up my take as to why they could or won’t get traded.

Hall is slated to become an unrestricted free agent next summer. General manager Ray Shero could entertain trade offers if he cannot get the winger signed by February.

If Shero shops Hall near the trade deadline, I expect he’ll want at least a good young NHL-ready player, a top prospect, and a first-overall pick. Whether he gets that return, of course, is another matter. As the Edmonton Journal’s David Staples recently observed, Hall will have more value in the trade market if he’s willing to sign a contract extension with his new club.

The 36-year-old Kovalchuk has six points in seven games but was held scoreless in four of them. He managed just 34 points in 64 contests last season. Cap Friendly indicates he’s carrying an annual average value of $6.25 million through 2020-21 with a full no-movement clause this season. Unless Kovalchuk waives that clause and the Kings pick up a sizeable chunk of his salary-cap hit I doubt he’ll be going anywhere.

Turris, 30, is signed through 2023-24 earning $6 million per season. That’s a lot of money for a fourth-line center, which explains why he’s come up in recent trade speculation.

However, Turris has five points in his first seven games of this season. The Predators could be reluctant to move him if he maintains that production. They could instead try to move him in the off-season when they’ll have to free up cap room for Roman Josi and to fill out the rest of the roster. Even then, GM David Poile could be forced to pick up part of his cap hit.

Like Hall, Kreider is due to become a UFA next summer. He’s not as talented as the Devils winger but his size, speed, and offensive skills will draw interest at the trade deadline. That’s assuming he and the Rangers can’t agree to a new deal by February. If they’re in playoff contention they could be hesitant to move him if he’s playing well.

Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Erik Gudbranson, Buffalo Sabres blueliner Marco Scandella, Ottawa Senators center Vladislav Namestnikov, and Columbus Blue Jackets rearguard Ryan Murray round out LeBrun’s list.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: While Namestnikov was recently acquired by the Senators, I agree with LeBrun that they could flip him at the deadline for a draft pick. Gudbranson and Murray frequently surface in the rumor mill but there might not be much of a market for them.

If Rasmus Ristolainen no longer wants out of Buffalo, the Sabres could be forced to consider trading another defenseman to clear their potential blueline logjam once Zach Bogosian and Brandon Montour return from injuries. Scandella’s a UFA next summer and might not fit into the Sabres’ long-term plans.



  1. Kovalchuk will not be going anywhere. He likes the beach. The only exception would be SJ or Ana . The same for Carter.

    Gudbranson healthy scratch . Might be moving way before Feb. He will be on the cheap and a bandaid for someone.

    • Hi SilverSeven

      Don’t get me wrong …. I love the current success that Pens are having ; but Unfortunately it’s more likely that GudB is traded than JJ.

      However, for the sake of the Pens (team, fans; coaches; management ; owners) success long term; I certainly hope its JJ that gets moved… it has to be 🙏

      The young Marino is doing Yeoman’s work in covering both D spots when JJ is his partner ……but JJ is ruining the young lads stats and development

      If it weren’t for the great work of Marino and forwards helping out tremendously ; the Pens may have lost to Dallas last night and very likely not even got to OT in the Avs game …. all due to JJ ( yes on the ice for key goal for ; but scary/brutal throughout).

      In addition his breakouts are brutal …. 6 times last night his breakout pass was off the mark and puck ended up with Dallas ….yet he doesn’t get charged for a turnover on these (even though he should) because of (1) great work by his forwards to at least touch the puck that’s 6’ or more off target and (2) if pass was directed “near” his forward and the forward missed it …. because he didn’t “directly” give the puck to a Dallas player …. a skewed way of looking at things if you ask me … I would have given him 4 giveaways at least in those 6 off target breakout passes

      Add to that Murray saving JJ’s bacon on 3 separate occasions last night …… ☹️☹️☹️☹️

      Either GudB with Marino playing his off D side (L); or Marino / Rikkola as bottom pairing for tonight’s game please

      I’m nervous/panicky every time puck is in Pens end with opponents in possession WHEN JJ is on the ice 😢😢😢😢

      🤞🙏 that he gets moved

      With the fantastic play of the call ups Lafferty , Johnson , Blandisi AND the tenacious play of Tanev ; effectively the need for either Rusty and/or Bjug has been seriously reduced if not nullified

      This then allows a trade of JJ with either a Rusty OR Bjug kicker/bonus to much more easily transpire

      Wild are absolutely dying … averaging only 2 GF per GM…..

      (1) JJ & Bjug Or (2) JJ & Rusty ….

      For Rask & Soucy

      • Pengy…the Penguins are playing team oriented hockey..that means a 200 ft game. This is what they don’t do when that lazy ass selfish no defense Malkin is in the line-up

        You have the best OVERALL player in the game and some hungry kids getting the job done.

        Look for Rust and Bjugstad to go once healthy and hopefully J.J.


        Kris will score you a brilliant goal and then look like a pee wee player on a 2 on 1…

      • I agree with most of this but you forgot to mention how good Blueger has been. He is EVERYWHERE. He really worked at his power skating over the summer. Offence/ Defence, plays all over the lineup. You need guys like that to win. He and Tanev PK with the best of them.

      • Pengy

        Rask and Soucy with Pittsburgh would be players taking up roster space but without on-ice positions. Rask makes much more that Rust and a little less than Bjugstad. His $4 million/yr contract might be unmovable for the next 2 seasons. Expect a call from Jim Rutherford, soon, asking if you would please reconsider that trade and tell the coach to just not dress JJ. Rust and Bjugstad at least have some trade value and are the only right-shots besides Horqvist among Penguins varsity.

      • Hi BlackNGold & Deee

        I’m absolutely loving the contributions of the following players at or near league min:

        # 1–Pettersson … only $874 K ? R U sh%#€ ing me???? Agent …. hello McFly ? I know he didn’t have much negotiating power …. but wow o wow

        # 2 – Marino for 925 K
        and a 6th rounder (I think) …. another wowser

        #’s 3A & 3B & 3 C ….. Lafferty at $764 K & Teddy B and “ Hello my name is Simon “…. both at $750 K

        Take a pause here to consider what the above 5 players have and will contribute to this team ….. 5 players $4.06 M

        Now balance that with the damage and horrific play what 1 player named JJ has done for the team ; and add to that the king of press box … the one and only useless Ruhweedel …. total for the two …. $3.95 M

        Hmmmmm …. this is called simple math …. would you rather take 5 players contributing BIG TIME to the team OR for # 2—— 1 player that likely won’t (and should not at all) see any playing time this year AND a horrifically poor player that brings down production ; increases scoring chances for opponents ; plummets team-mates micro stats …. ALL for the bargain basement price if 11K less in Cap …. BtW that’s .01 % of the over-all Cap


        Honourable mentions out to Blandisi and Johnson both also at league min

        I reiterate …. Tanev’s tenacity ; speed ; and ability to draw penalties , plus the play of the above mentioned players … has made likely BOTH Bjug AND Rusty very viable trade chips

        Jimbo …. start Ur engines ; sharpen ur pencils; charge Ur cell phone to full ; and getterdone


      • Hi Francis S

        Sorry didn’t see ur post before when I was responding to BlackNGold & Dee

        Good points re limited Righties with Pens but I believe it is easier for a winger to play off wing than a D to play on his Alt side; also Lafferty (once Gino I s back he’ll prob flip to predominantly wing) is a rightie

        Re: “Expect a call from Jim Rutherford, soon, asking if you would please reconsider that trade and tell the coach to just not dress JJ. ”…. I’d be all over JJ not playing another game for Pens …. instead of press box…. waive him and while buried …. save $1.08 M in Cap

        Re Rask as a press boxer …. I’d certainly rather have JJ permanently in the Press box or waived ; and Ruhweedel IS only to be in press box (complete waste of $700 K in Cap)… so Rask in press box and JJ/Ruhweedel in press box is same wasted Cap this year… AND the bonus is JJ has 3 years after this and Rask only 2…. plus with JJ gone …. Pens can’t succumb to brain fart moves of actually playing him if he’s actually traded and on the Wild roster; if Pens “accidentally” play Rask… it’s prob a waste ; but it won’t cost the team in GAs and offensive production; ANYWHERE near as bad as JJ does.

        The bonus is Soucy who is being called a “late bloomer”… he’s big ; in the rise and only 25…750 K cap and RFA after this year…. very low risk and I would love to at least try a game or two with Soucy/Marino …. if it doesn’t work … Riikola/Marino or GudB / Marino…. if Soucy does work out …. fantastic

        All jocularity aside …. with current play of those “youngins” and with Tanev’s virtual replacement of Rusty …. when the team is healthy …. GMJR has assets in Rusty and Bjug that can be traded for fair returns and/or to get rid of JJ…. so he absolutely should be seeking out trade partners


      • Pengy

        I’m surprised that you are so ecstatic over unknown quantities. I try to avoid disappointment, and bankruptcy, by not getting excited about players and teams until Spector convinces me. My pessimist’s thoughts about some players you’ve mentioned are

        *I can’t consider Lafferty a varsity right-shot forward because he’s not a sure bet to make the team. He may be back in the AHL in 2 weeks.
        *Tanev may not be a virtual Rust replacement. A checking-line forward who is paid $3.5 million for 6 years with an NTC could turn out to be a burden. Rust can be counted on for some goals, at least.
        *Blandisi was recently on the waiver list, and went unclaimed.
        *Marino was a 6th-round pick and obtained for a 6th-round pick. Can the Oilers be so wrong so often for so long?
        *Blueger was said to be held back from the NHL by his skating. He presently leads the Penguins in PIM, by far. Is his skating forcing him to slow players by fouling them?
        *I can’t see what Soucy would offer over Gudbransen except cap space if Erik is traded.

        A year ago, many Penguins fans thought Daniel Sprong would be the next Phil Kessel. Good or bad, it didn’t happen.

      • Hi Francis

        All great points

        I’m a little more optimistic on those players than you but your concerns are quite valid and noted

        I’m still very IK with Tanev over Rusty …. term is the issue and I get the backlash ; but in the here and now ; Tanev’s play has given the flex to trade Rusty (to move JJ I 🤞 & 🙏)…. and get more Cap flex

        I just watched the Pens game

        JJ has to go…. IT IS IMPERATIVE…there can be absolutely no question now

        Pens probably wouldn’t have won the game anyway … The Flower was spectacular…. incredible

        Two EN goals are what they are

        Only goal on Jarry…. guess who was 100 % to blame ….. who in their right mind leaves the front of the net on a PK; circles wide around and behind the net ; coming out on his wrong side; to leave a forward completely open…. bing bang boom …. goal

        This was not his only guffaw …, mistake after mistake after mistake…. he followed Gud B into GudB’s own corner 3 more times … leaving Knights forwards in front of the net ; thankfully his own forwards saved him as well as Jarry

        Several times he panicked when pressed and didn’t get the puck out effectively …..He is just absolutely horrific

        From the point at which he cost the only goal on Jarry ; Sully should have sat him for the rest of the game; put Riikola back on D and go with 11 fwds ….. yet Sully didn’t do that and JJ almost cost 2 more goals after that …. a complete muck up

        It is completely heartbreaking to watch him play

        The look on Jarry’s and other teammates faces after that JJ behind the net loop that caused the goal; is priceless

        If that goal doesn’t happen …, no reason to pull Jarry for an extra attacker ; no EN goals…, game goes to OT… so Pens at least would have gotten a game point


    • Only way SJ picks up Kovakchuk is if LA retains 80% of his salary. Should be good game tonight in SJ. Always been a fan of Ristolainen. Wonder how he’d look with Karlsson.

  2. IF Namestnikov responds in a way close to or better than his 20 goal season with TB through increased Top 2 line minutes and pp time (although that’s been a complete bust so far) I can see Ottawa re-negotiating a new deal. He’s only 26 with decent C size and a great skater.

    But if, by the trade deadline, he’s sputtering along at his NY production (11-12 goals) then he’ll be gone for the best return they can get as a stretch/playoff rental.

  3. Geez, no Loui Eriksson?

    Guy is on 6th straight healthy scratch

    • LOL. He’s not mentioned because the prospect of ANY team taking him under ANY circumstances (short of 3 straight # 1 picks) is about as remote as Easter Island.

      • I shouldve put an “LOL” in that statement

      • George,

        Sadly the resident genius in Vancouver has already gifted a 1st round pick to Tampa Bay (2020 or 2021).

  4. No good will come for any team signing the always hurt Taylor Hall, he’s going to be 29 years old when he signs new deal and 7-8 years is 5 years too long. Maybe the Kings will sign him they love signing forwards that are old. Don’t forget the fact that Hall will want 10-11 million. Pass on him.

  5. I’m sure this was a typo…Devils won’t ask for first overall but just a 1st round pick.

    • I’m sure you’re right on that score Dan – otherwise Shero would somehow have to know which team is going to have the 1st overall – and then we’d KNOW there’s some sleight of hand going on 🙂

  6. On Buffalo moving a Dman…

    20 UFAs Scandella, Bogosian, Nelson, Gilmore , Montour ( RFA—UFA 21)
    21 McCabe
    22 Ristolainen, Miller

    The youth the have…

    LD— Dahlin, Pilut , Bryson, Hickey, Samuelson, Johnson
    RD — Jokiharju, Borgen, Lasksonen, Fitzgerald

    Expect Scandella to be tradedwhen a Pilut is healthy.

    When Montour come back Joki can be sent down to Rochester.

    When Bogosian comes back he likely plays then is traded.

    Buffalo wants a solid top 6 young player for Ristoor possibly Montour. If Buffalo just wanted a 1st and a prospect then Risto would have been traded.

  7. Granpa Munster got Miller and he fitting in quite well and looking like a good season ahead if playing with Pettersson or Boeser all year.

    ” Lots of golf left” but Buffalo and Vancouver two to watch for most improved.

  8. Pengy….Indeed once rust and Bujgstad are healthy they are likely gone especially Rust..

    Here is my proposed deal..with s**t hitting the fan in Minnesota

    A much as we almost had Zucker and he would be great as a penguin.
    we need a top 4 dman to play with Schultz..that way Pettersson and Marino/Gudbranson can settle in at the 3rd pairing

    To Minnesota:
    LW Brian Rust 27 $3.5 million (will give Minnesota a second line scoring wing which they desperately need)
    D Jack Johnson 32 $ 3.2 million can play on third pairing there western conference slower

    $6.7 million

    To Pittsburgh:
    D Jonas Brodin 26 $4.1 million (our top 4 dman we need to play with Schultz)
    RW Marcus Foligno 31 $3.5 million a gritty physical 4th line guy for the playoffs for the likes of Boston and Washington

    we exchange bad contracts in Johnson and Foligno

    Minnesota gets much needed secondary scoring.
    Pittsburgh gets a second pairing d to play with Schults money ages almost identical