NHL Rumor Mill – October 22, 2019

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Latest on the Devils and Penguins plus another update on Jesse Puljujarvi in today’s NHL rumor mill.


THE ATHLETIC: In a recent mailbag segment, Corey Masisak was asked when the New Jersey Devils could decide to trade Taylor Hall if unable to re-sign him during the season. If that comes to pass, it’ll probably happen around three or four weeks before the February trade deadline.

Could the New Jersey Devils consider trading goaltender Cory Schneider? (Photo via NHL Images)

Masisak also dismissed recent trade speculation regarding Devils starting goaltender Cory Schneider. He doubts the rumors are coming from a credible source. The Devils could be in the market for a third-pairing defenseman.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hall will be the biggest name in next summer’s free-agent market if the Devils fail to re-sign him. He will remain a frequent subject of conjecture by hockey pundits and fans leading up to the Feb. 24 trade deadline.

Some observers proposed the Devils ship Schneider to the Los Angeles Kings for Jonathan Quick. They feel a change of scenery might help both goalies but I don’t believe either club is considering that option. Schneider would have to waive his no-trade clause.


PITTSBURGH HOCKEY NOW: Dan Kingerski recently pointed out the injury-ravaged Penguins took another hit with Brian Dumoulin and Jared McCann being scratched on Saturday. He feels it’s time for general manager Jim Rutherford to fix his imbalanced roster, perhaps by trading for someone like the New York Islanders’ Josh Ho-Sang or signing a free agent like winger Jason Pominville.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: McCann could return to action tonight while Bryan Rust and Nick Bjugstad will be traveling with the club this week. Getting those three back soon will relieve pressure on Rutherford. He can afford to remain patient as long as the Penguins keep playing well.


THE ATHLETIC: Allan Mitchell suggests Jesse Puljujarvi’s impressive play in Finland has sparked an increase of interest in the young winger. The Carolina Hurricanes are believed to have kicked tires on the restricted free agent winger.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Hurricanes are said to be looking at adding a top-nine forward. It’s believed the Oilers could have interest in Carolina forward Julien Gauthier. Despite the speculation, there’s no indication the Oilers are any closer to trading Puljujarvi.


  1. Pens are hurtin’ (Pun intended 🤓🧐)

    Again , any move at all has to start with the exodus of JJ…. a MUST

    Jason “Apple Town” (sorry couldn’t resist) is available as stated above but so is Vanek

    Both would be great depth adds ; both 35 + contracts; Vanek 1 yr younger and better (slightly) statistically and faster; so I’d lean towards taking Vanek

    Waive/Bury JJ….. save $1.08 M in Cap…. sign either TV or JP for $1M or less….. team better; save some Cap

    Re UFAs available …. I’m still baffled that no one has picked up McQ

    Think of this simple move for Pens:

    Waive/Bury JJ & Ruhweedel

    Sign Both Vanek AND McQ for $1.0 M or less each…….. diff in Cap is a Max of an extra $225 K (that Pens have coming out of their ying yang with all these injuries)

    Vanek/McQ in; JJ /Ruhweedel out …. no one can tell me that move doesn’t make Pens a much better team!!!!

    Just JJ gone massively improves the team; Ruhweedel useless when in the press box and hurts the team while playing…. replaced by a potential 20 Goals and solid depth D that can fill in as D very effectively whenever needed

    Just sayin’’

    • Pens have injury issues for sure but they are still second place in the mighty Met and they are giving early opportunities to a bunch of kids who are making it hard for them to be sent back down. Dumoulin hurts more than any of the others because he plays a lot of minutes and he’s a big guy that plays great defense. If anything we need to move a dman and a forward for futures. Lafferty can play right where he is for the rest of the season. Adam Johnson can stay as well. No need to bring anyone in. Just weather the storm.

      • Hi Dee

        Agree they are doing great and that Dumoulin injury is a toughy

        They can’t however weather the storm by playing JJ. They just can’t

        They don’t need 9 D even with Dumo injured

        All joking aside; in a heartbeat I would waive both Ruhweedel and JJ and sign McQ… that saves Cap space; frees up a roster spot; and most importantly massively improves the team

        His game against Vegas almost made me hurl

      • Don’t need McQuaid, he’s barely replacement level talent wise and Gudbranson can still beat anyone but maybe Reaves in a fight. That’s more than enough.

  2. Whats the over/under that Josh Ho-Sang never skates in the NHL again?

    • Possible. Pitts should take a shot at him though for depth in their system. Maybe JJ plus for Hickey & HoSang

      • Hi IHC

        It will be plenty of PLUS for that deal …. but as I’ve said to u before …. gedderdone 👍

      • Why would the islanders take a defenseman back in a trade when they have a log jam already? Not to mention that they would be adding cap.

        That’s a terrible proposal.

        To Pitt: JHS
        To NYI: Kessel’s leftover hotdogs

        Start there and work your way down to roll of stick tape.

      • “Why would the islanders take a defenseman back in a trade when they have a log jam already? ”

        Because it wouldn’t make the trade proposal so far fetched and lopsided!

        It like the movie Groundhog Day in here with the constant JJ ridiculousness.

      • Phil!?!?

    • Hi ds

      My guess is less than 5% chance that he NEVER plays in the NHL again

      Someone will give him a shot

      Now …. odds that he will NOT have a lengthy NHL career …. that has to be high 90’s %

      I’ve been proven wrong many times before and this may be another one where I’m quite off

      IMO, He has talent and speed but it’s just not producing what he is capable of

  3. Really not sure why Puljujarvi is getting so much press in his “holdout” as he has proven absolutely nothing in the NHL. Yes, the Oilers screwed up with him initially but the reasons for those screw ups is gone now and he had/has(?) a chance to start fresh with a new coach and more importantly, new management. (I don’t think McClelland was the problem last year at all – his firing was more of a saving-his-own-ass-hopefully move by Chia) Holland has a reputation though for taking potentially irretrievable situations and turning them around for the benefit of both the team and the player.

  4. How far off would a Krug for Hall be

    • Pretty far. It’s a nice piece of the player plus prospect plus pick model though.

      • would it look like this?

        to NJ: Krug, Backes, Heinen, top prospect and 2nd rd pick

        to BOS: Hall & Greene (to make cap hit work)

      • A trade hasn’t looked like that since the pre cap era. Nor will it anytime soon.