NHL Rumor Mill – October 23, 2019

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Updates on the Predators, Senators, and Canucks, plus a look at possible trade destinations for Taylor Hall in today’s NHL rumor mill.


TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports contract extension talks between the Nashville Predators and Roman Josi hit a snag before the start of training camp. There was a meeting last week between the defenseman’s agent and Predators general manager David Poile. LeBrun believes Josi’s camp wants him to become the third-highest paid defenseman in the league but the Predators aren’t there.

Nashville Predators defenseman Roman Josi could seek a substantial raise on his next contract (Photo via NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: LeBrun pointed out San Jose’s Erik Karlsson ($11.5 million annual average value) and Los Angeles’ Drew Doughty ($11 million) are the highest-paid blueliners. The Josi camp could seek something between $10.5 – $10.9 million. With over $58.9 million invested in 13 players, the Predators’ cap payroll would be pushed to nearly $70 million, leaving little room to fill out the rest of the roster.

LeBrun also believes defenseman Troy Stecher’s situation is worth monitoring. He’s dropped out of the Vancouver Canucks’ top-four blueline pairings. Stecher’s in his contract year and LeBrun speculates teams could reach out to the Canucks at some point. For now, however, they are finally happy to have blueline depth.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly indicates Stecher’s a restricted free agent with arbitration rights next summer. If he remains out of their top four they might test his trade value. That could depend upon his performance and where the Canucks are in the standings later in the season. If they’re in playoff contention they’ll likely hang onto him.

Darren Dreger reports Ottawa Senators GM Pierre Dorion is shopping for help for his rebuilding roster. He’d like to make an affordable addition to his forward lines similar to his recent acquisition of Vladislav Namestnikov. Dreger said the Senators’ front office know they have to be patient with their young players but would like to be a little more competitive.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Senators landed Namestnikov because the New York Rangers wanted to shed salary. I daresay Dorion will be contacting cap-strapped clubs looking to move out a player or two.


SPORTSNET: Luke Fox recently proposed the Colorado Avalanche, Montreal Canadiens, and Anaheim Ducks as possible trade destinations for Taylor Hall if the New Jersey Devils move him before the trade deadline. The three clubs have the salary-cap space to pick up Hall’s $6 million salary-cap hit.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Fox isn’t ruling the Devils out of the playoff race despite their slow start and he’s not saying Hall won’t re-sign. He’s just spitballing over the winger’s future. If Hall becomes available, the Avs, Canadiens, and Ducks have the cap space and depth in prospects and young players to entice the Devils. Much will depend, however, on whether Hall wants to re-sign with the team that acquires him.


  1. Sabres on a warpath!

  2. Ottawa looking for affordable additions should look no further than Stecher. Still a young guy certainly alot of hockey ahead of him. Was a part of 2 losing seasons but it certainly wasnt due to him

    Benning and Dorian have made deals in the past. Benning isnt in a hurry to trade Troy but he finally has youthful push from Utica.

  3. Spezza may be available. He would be a good add .Maybe even Nick Petan.

    • Great options out there from a ton of teams looking to clear cap.

      Dorian is in a good position to grab some 1 – 2 yr guys to mix in and grab some picks along the way.

  4. I really don’t understand why people think Dorion knows what he is doing.
    Draft picks are great, but you need to develop them in a good atmosphere. It’s early I guess but the early results are not looking good and this the 3rd year of problems. His first year was a fluke ,they weren’t in the playoffs the year before or the year after. He misread and made many bad trades going for it. Look it up.
    Even Gord Stellick knew when he was in over his head.

    • With all due respect, I believe that the Josi contract ask could be lower than you’re suggesting. Using Capfriendly’s tax calculator, Doughty’s $11m would net about $5.3m after taxes and Karlsson’s $11.5m would net $5.5m.
      At $8.75m Josi would have a net of approximately $5.2m.
      Much closer to Hedman, whose $8m salary nets him $4.75m.

      In addition, the difference in the cost of living in Cali compared to Nash and Florida only increases the value of their take home pay even more than the actual dollars.

  5. Habs do not need another winger; as elite as Hall is he does not fit the needs of large centre and a top six right D. Additionally Hall’s salary could cost Habs a player down the road as Gallagher and Domi have contracts coming up. Both will command significant increases.

  6. Throwing out a scary thought here

    TDL comes and TH available ; NJ out of running; and Bruins swing a deal to get him ☹️😢

    That just might assure them of getting back to the SCF

    Bruins fans…. thoughts ?

    • to BOS: Hall & Greene (to make the cap hit work)

      to NJ: Krug, Backes, Heinen, top prospect and 2nd rd pick

      yesterday 1 person did not like that…


      • Let’s do it

      • IHC

        Good sir …. you keep throwing all these other deals out there and you are supposed to be on assignment on behalf of GMJR…. gedderdone

        Re Bos and Hall….

        Krug; Bjork ; Khulman ; 1st

        For Hall & Morrow

        Now don’t forget …. you can firm up that deal after you’ve finalized the Pens deal

        I’m upping your commish to a $40 Tim’s card ☕️ 👍

      • I was that person. However it’s not a matter of like or dislike. It’s a matter of reality in the cap world. Especially TODAYs cap world. You do not see trades like this …. ever. Way too much salaried players in this deal. Way too complicated.

        We could argue over the possibility of breathing under water all day, but it’s not realistic. And it ain’t happening.

        Side note, and I don’t mean to be rude or insulting, the minute someone uses “works from a cap perspective “ you can usually throw that deal away.

        To NY Rangers: the entire Tampa roster

        To Tampa, the e entire NY Rangers roster….

        It works from a cap perspective…..the money works, etc.

        Who’s in?

      • I hate Crosby isn’t Backes beat up… who’s HeineN? and what prospects..

        Hall is a really good player….and if he went to Boston or Pittsburgh wow..

        what about to Pittsburgh:
        Taylor Hall

        To New Jersey
        Brian Rust
        Nick Bujgstad
        Erik Gudbranson




      • Hall to Boston makes some sense.
        Would cost a top defenseman, top prospect and first rounder and Backes to make the money work.
        I don’t think they want Krug unless he signs an extension.
        Would cost imo Carlo,Heinen, good prospect or two and first rounder. Not saying I would do it maybe if he signed a friendly extension.

    • A guy like Hall isn’t going for players like that. Rust (on LTIR 3.5 per 27 years old).
      Bujgstad (ir, 4.1 per 27 years old)
      Gudbranson (27 years old, 4.0 per)

      NJ is a young team with no immediate window. They’re going to want picks and young cost controlled assets if they trade Hall.
      Pittsburgh, is barren of young talented prospects. I don’t see a deal here.

      • You still try to reason with this man?

  7. Georg O, r u ok?

    • George

      I second that

      RU OK? Not seen u on hear for a bit

      • I for one hope George is ok and worry bout the oldster. But he’s been absent longer before. He’s a tough ol bugger and I suspect he outlives half the people on here

  8. You might see some movement at the quarter pole . I hope so otherwise the long run to the trade deadline.
    Injuries are starting to mount. Rantanen’s did not look good and White will miss a minim 10 games. The league is all about attrition.