NHL Rumor Mill – October 28, 2019

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The New Jersey Devils need a goaltending upgrade, the Senators could acquire another forward, and the Leafs need to make room for Zach Hyman and Travis Dermott. Check out the latest in today’s NHL rumor mill.


NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks believes the New Jersey Devils need a goaltending upgrade as Cory Schneider and MacKenzie Blackwood struggle between the pipes. He wonders if the Arizona Coyotes could be enticed to part with Antti Raanta, who’s recovered from the lower-body injury that sidelined him for most of last season. Raanta has a year remaining on his contract with an annual average value of $4.25 million and is backing up Darcy Kuemper.

Should the New Jersey Devils pursue a deal for Arizona Coyotes goaltender Antti Raanta (Photo via NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Brooks is speculating here. He’s not saying the Devils are pursuing Raanta or that the Coyotes are willing to part with him. Still, it might be worthwhile for Devils general manager Ray Shero to inquire into Raanta’s availability. When he’s healthy he’s outstanding but his injury history is an issue. Coyotes GM John Chayka isn’t under any pressure to move Raanta and could keep his goalie tandem intact for the season.


OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports Senators GM Pierre Dorion is searching for a forward who can help their roster. Calling up Filip Chlapik means little-used winger Mikkel Boedker’s days in Ottawa are numbered.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Boedker could draw some interest from clubs seeking depth at right wing. Cap Friendly indicates he’s carrying an annual salary-cap hit of $4 million. Dorion might have to pick up part of that to move the 29-year-old winger.


TORONTO STAR: Mark Zwolinski reports the Maple Leafs must make room for the return of sidelined winger Zach Hyman and defenseman Travis Dermott. Trading winger Nic Petan ($775K) could be one option as he’s appeared in just four games this season. Petan and defenseman Kevin Gravel both cleared waivers earlier this month and could be assigned to the Marlies. Fourth-liners Jason Spezza, Dmytro Timashov, and Nick Shore “live with the possibility that they could be moved at any time.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Petan would probably attract more interest in the trade market. So what do you think, Leafs fans? Which fourth-liner should be traded or demoted to make room for Hyman and Dermott? Weigh in with your opinions in the comments below.


  1. Re Leafs and needing to make room for Hyman/Dermott return.

    If I remember recent articles ; is it not 3 and possibly 4 have to move down/out for both Hyman and Dermott to come in???

    If correct; and with my assumption that Petan even if tradeable won’t get much at all (for a guy already cleared waivers— 4th?/5th?)— then the safe no asset loss move to Leafs is Petan and Gravel (already cleared waivers) and Timashov (waivers exempt) to Marlies.

    Not sure if that gives enough room for both Hyman and Dermott to return?

    Just throwing out another option (all are painful BTW)— is there a trade market for Hyman? If so, what is the return? He has one more year after this at $2.25M. Not saying at all that this should be the move; but throwing out as an option for rationalization of over-all Cap situation. Just food for thought.


    • Pengy, right now CapFriendly shows the Leafs with the full complement of 23 (14F, 7D, 2G) and cap space of $380,350. If Petan $775,000) and Gravel ($700,000) are sent down to make room for Hyman ($2,250,000) and Dermott ($863,333), the combined hits of Petan and Gravel together with the available cap space gives them $1,855,350. The difference between that and the combined cap hit of Hyman and Dermott is $1,257,983.

      As I understand it, they won’t have to factor in all of the Hyman/Dermott hits as there’ll be a “credit” for games missed. Not sure how this is calaculated, but I doubt it’ll cover that whole differential. So, either they make another move or drop 2 more (Shore $750,000) and Timashov ($69.4,444) and go for a while with a roster of 21 or deal a higher-priced F. And I seriously doubt they would even think about moving Hyman.

      • Thanks George

        Agree that there is very very little chance of GMKD trading Hyman but see my post response to Vinnie.

        What if there was a cheaper (Cap wise) younger version of Hyman??? Leafs window is “21-’24 IMO… so all moves should be with that window in mind and towards their needs: D, D, and more D; better back-up; grit/sandpaper/guile/pugnacity

        Hyman may not be able to be re-signed for the meat of their true Cup window

        Just asking out there; even though my desire would be to keep him; what is his trade value?

      • Well, if they ever did decide that Hyman would be the sacrificial lamb for the sake of the cap, the bottom line is, to do it would be to free up the required cap space so whatever comes back can’t be salary of any significance. It would have to be a very decent prospect or a fairly high pick. In addition to his grit, he has also gotten progressively better from an offensive aspect over the past 3 seasons (10, 15, 21 goals) so any team wanting him is going to have to cough up very good assets.

        Dorion and Dubas already have a history and I imagine Ottawa (especially D. J. Smith) would be all over that like fleas on a dog. They have a boatload of picks over the next couple of drafts and a decent pool of prospects.

        But that’s wishful-thinking since I just can’t see Toronto parting with Hyman. I also think they will also do everything in their power to keep him when he reaches UFA status in two years.

        I agree with Sam below – Kapanen would be the logical choice to move as they have a load of that type. In that case, however, I think Dorion is not a player and any trade there would likely be with a Western Conference team

      • Peek a boo. George is back.

      • Battling the worst cold I’ve had in recent memory for the better part of 2 weeks do tend to dilute one’s willingness to do much other than bitch and complain.

      • Isn’t that often one of the major functions of this medium George?

      • LOL. So true. And as I keep trying to remind those suffering from terminal angst, it’s Oct-Nov shinny not even closely resembling (for the most part) what the game will become around early December. I know, the holes dug now can be difficult to scale but as St. Louis (tied with Ottawa for 31st overall with 34 pts) and Carolina (tied for 27th overall with NJ with 37 pts) on January 1, both demonstrated this past season, it can be done.

    • Good day gentlemen

      I agree with Vinnie below …there is NO WAY IN HELL you trade Hyman ..he is as Vinnie says exactly the player they need right now …

      For anyone who …has read any of my many posts last year I was ANTI signing Nylander …hence my #tradenylandernow …comments during his hold out !

      If there is any one player right now that needs to go its Willie ! This guy is a GHOST as always …I am really sick and tired of watching his NON Physical baby game its FRICKEN so Swiss elite league big ice hockey he needs to play its not event funny !
      Take Willie off the Matthews line and his is absolutely useless…as Ive stated last year !

      Anyways …I would love to trade Willie for these possible players !

      #1 )
      Alex Tuch on Vegas who was on my wish last year !

      Mike Hoffman ..this guys is MONEY and would fit in really well on the top 2 lines !
      I think Leafs can sign him for $5 million for the remainder of Nylanders contract and save $2 million per year and get better output !

      Victor Arvidson ..great gritty player with great hands always scores a BIG goal!

      Tyler Toffoli and Kyle Clague …reports last year Leafs were very interested in Clague …


      Anyways …my main issue with the Leafs is very clear …just way too soft in the top 6 …and Muzzin has not thrown the body around enough …they still need a BIG Bruiser on the back end.

      The Leafs are way to easy to play against and they DO NOT WEAR opponents down …they just hope to out score..hence why they can not take a lead or carry one !

      They have to start to wear teams down and make them think twice …they just are not doing that ..too small to wimpy !

      Shout out to Pengy and George …take care guys ..

      • And with nylanders contract and his play you’re not getting any of those guys

      • @ bigbadbruins….

        Unfortunately you don’t get to make those choices or decisions !

        And from what I have seen in the way of trades over the last few years …anything is possible !

        My scenarios are not that far fetched …2 of those players are UFAs …and 2 other players have been in rumor mills as well….so

        By the way how many players do you have left from the Seguin deal …LOL…ya there you go !

        Anything can happen…

        I have read here umpteen times ….how many trades were lop sided or done for just a change of culture or to mix it up because a player may be better in another system …so dont try and make things so difficult..and so perfect …

      • Not getting clague… you can have toffoli though

      • Hyman is in no way a difference maker of any sort.kapanen is miles more talented and an occasional game breaker. It would be negligent to keep hyman over kapanen and is a Babcock- like decision.

  2. hey New Jersey.
    We’ll trade “Andy’s” with you.

    You give us Green. We’ll give you Craig.
    Give us a third round or a minor league plug for the slight difference in cap hit.

    Stable goaltending.
    You’re welcome.


    • Go bigger

      to OTT: Schneider plus a bad contract
      to NJ: Anderson & Ryan (1$m held)

      Ryan gives depth and NJ gets a goalie

      ott gets a goalie for a few years

      • …you know….Robert Ryan IS from New Jersey originally I believe.

        I dunno….being saddled with that Schneider contract. I suppose it’s comparable to Ryan’s. Still…it seems like there’s a deal to be made there. In front of a good stable defense Craig Anderson is a very capable goalie.

  3. Pengy, are you kidding . Trade Hyman. He is exactly what the Leafs are missing. A tireless worker who body checks and will fight if needed.
    To be honest I would lose it if they traded him.
    They need more players like him. To me if the whole team played with his intensity and fortitude , they would be almost unbeatable.
    You must have listened to kypreos

    • Hi Vinnie

      I’m very anti- Kypper. I so very very rarely see eye to eye with his thoughts!!!

      As I said, I’m certainly not advocating for moving Hyman. Definitely not my preferable move at all. Agree he is one of the few grit/sandpaper/pugnacious Leafs. Which as you have put; is a great need for the Leafs.

      All I was doing is throwing out an option. All moves are not good as the Leafs are right up against the cap.

      The window for a cup is ’21–’24 and Leafs must start next year with a much more solid D core; a much better back-up; and a “tougher” over-all roster. There is no question about that. As at now… just one D (Reilly ) is signed past this year. The rest are 6 UFAs and 1 RFA (Dermott). That has to be addressed no ifs ands or buts.

      So—- again, I’m not advocating for a Hyman move; just asking, with Leafs pushed up against the wall cap wise (for their true Cup window); what would the market bear if Hyman was moved?

      If say the return was a gritty younger version of Hyman on his ELC; that may help Cap situation this year and out years?????

      Hyman only signed through next year; Leafs many not be able to extend him in ’21/’22; just sayin’

      Just an exploratory reach out for possible returns.

      • Pengy, from where is Kypreos pontificating now? I know he was one of the casualties of the network he worked for (along with MacLean and a few others).

    • I have to agree, especially at a little over 2 mill. If I have to move anyone of consequence its Kapanen. He has played well and I like his speed – but he is just more of the same. He is locked on the 3rd line.
      I would target a Josh Anderson- I think he is another Hyman type who can play for short times on any line and really brings some toughness. Also comes in just under 2 million.
      Another option, and it’s a stretch.. Again with Columbus, in a bit of a retool and with cap space, would they move a 31 year old Foligno- with 5.5 left this year and next? of course all contingent upon eating some cap hit. He is exactly the type of player that leafs need going forward.

      • Hi Sam

        I’d wet my pants if Leafs got JA for Kappy. There is no way that is happening though.

        A strapping (6’3″, 225 lb) very gritty 25 year old that got 27 Gs last year and was a +25; at a Cap hit of just $1.85M ….. Karmo K would be silly on that 1 for 1 swap.

        Here is a player that might be worth it in the long run for a Hyman trade.

        You get a bigger (15 lbs and 2″) , younger (2 years) , RFA player of AT LEAST equal playing/production value (I could make the argument that his future has a slight better upside than Hyman) for a cheaper cap hit.

        Trading one Toronto lad for another that is bigger, younger and cheaper. Just food for thought.

        For Karmo, he , I believe , would ask for a kicker….

        JA for Hyman and Petan????

        That’s a $1.1M swing in Cap and seeing as they are not playing Petan really and with my assumption that JA is at worst equal in production to Hyman; but bigger, younger; cheaper; and RFA… it is a trade option that is NOT unrealistic to at least explore.

        If not Hyman and Petan for JA;

        What needs to be added to Kappy to get JA coming in?

      • Pengy- good points – but all depends on team perception- does CBJ have an abundance of speed? I dont know.
        I just dont see the Leafs trading Hyman while Babcock is there and even if so – they need more Hyman types not trading him away.
        I guess all depends on what CBJ thinks they are, for public consumption and reality. Petan isn’t a kicker for me, lol. Add him all day long.

        if not JA can you make a Nick Foligno deal happen( I know he is the captain and a has a NMC) or if not change direction and approach Minnesota about Marcus Foligno – similar to JA- not as refined but a big body.
        I have a feeling one of these teams will be doing business with TML before year is over.

        I love Nylander- but I still dont discount the Nylander – plus for Dumba rumours

  4. Guessing what will happen (without any grasp of reality) is NOT NEWS. If Hyman misses 20% (17 games), his cap hit gets reduced by 20% to approx. 1.75 million = 2 players, not 3.

    • Hi Fred,

      George threw out some detailed math above…. I’m fairly sure that no matter what; if both Hyman and Dermott come back; it is a minimum of 3 going down/out.

      I can’t figure the LTIR rules out at all. I always thought that if on LTIR (min 10 games/24 days) then that fraction of year’s cap gets put back to credit the team.

      However, with that in mind, I couldn’t understand when they kept saying that Pens were still going to be tight on the cap AFTER they quoted Malkin would definitely be out longer than the 10G/24 days… if they get a credit for his time off on LTIR the 10 games/24 days is at a minimum of $1.25 M in Cap savings.

      The absolute earliest they say he would be back is Monday’s Bruins game… if Pens do get credit for time off— that would be $1.5M + in Cap savings just for Malkin.

      So, I’m confused as to why prior to the GudB trade; reports were still that Pens were still in a Cap crunch situation?

      Does anybody here know for sure if there is a full credit of Cap for time off if a player is on LTIR for greater than the 10/24?

      Many thanks in advance

      • I was wrong, because the savings have already been used on replacement players.

  5. Kapanen is proving himself to be expendable. He is fast but there’s a reason he can’t play on the first two lines…he doesn’t mesh with anyone. He is basically out there on his own, blasts of speed with limited finish. He’s valuable asset on the penalty kill but is a 3rd line winger earning 2nd line money. I’m not saying trade him for nothing, but given their cap quandary and the fact that they’ll need to sign Muzzin, Barrie, Dermott and Ceci next year will mean someone will have to go to be able to sign at least two of the mentioned 4.

    Assuming they trade Kapanen and not resign Ceci, that would free up just under 8 million, enough to potentially sign Muzzin, Barrie and part of Dermott. That’s one way to deal with it, as in my view Muzzin, Barrie and Dermott and more valuable to the Leafs long term than Kapanen and Ceci.

    Another problem is Nylander who has no concept of positional hockey 101. He never covers his man, he’s always wide open on cruise control and contributes to odd man rushes the other way because he’s not being held to task by Babcock. Either tell Babcock to hold him accountable, or if he can’t do it, being in someone else who can. Barry Trotz brought the Islanders from worst goals agains avg to one of the best in one year, with most of the same line up.

    Another issue is grit. The Leafs need two wingers that will hit, forecheck, play sound defensively and can run a good cycle game in the offensive zone as well as contain a cycle game in their own zone. The 3rd and 4th line wingers are either too inexperienced, or they can’t or won’t do the job. I’ve been impressed with more grit from Johnsson, Timashov, Moore and Gauthier but two other wingers would help in this area to bring the shots down.

    Another concern is the backup. You can help address this by cutting down the shots, but in the end you have a backup who would be a nightmare if Andersen is injured. No clue on what the answer would be in terms of available options but it’s too bad they let McElhinney go.

  6. While the back up may be an issue, I don’t think that has been the issue. Work ethic has been the problem. The Leafs are big enough to look after themselves, they just have to decide to do it. You just have to be willing to fight and body check. Both Reilly and Matthews are over 6 feet and 220 lbs they need to use it

    • The leafs are soft plain and simple, the trade for Tyson Barrie was a bad one! I said at the start of the season the leafs defense got worse in the offseason and it has ceci is just not a nhl dman that supposed contending teams want on their roster.

      • BBB,

        Leaf fans have little or no interest in the truth.

  7. Well, it’s a possibility they plan on trading Barrie. He is a cheap offensive defenseman that alot of teams would be interested in. Colorado is paying part of his salary.

    • How about this:
      To CLB – Nylander
      To TOR – Savard and Josh Anderson
      Trade Barrie for the 1st you gave up to move Marleau.

      TOR gets the size and grit up front, with some skill and a play hard, defensively sound D man who played really well for CLB in the playoffs last year. At least the games I saw.
      CLB gets an young offensive forward they seem to lack who can play C along with contract certainty. They might be looking for a quick retool here after going all in last year.
      Tear away.

      • Hi Ray

        If I was GMKD I’d be all over that deal but Jarmo won’t bite as it is overpaying to get the underperforming WW

        I would love to have JA on the Leafs

        I also love Savard but he’d be approaching 31 and UFA in Leafs first year of Window …. June of ‘21

        If Torts has any say he’d nix any deal that had WW coming over …. not a Torts type

        Maybe Kappy + Holl could get JA

        WW moved next July 2nd AFTER SB is paid should get a return of an up and coming early-mid 20’s D that is trending to possibly top pairing ; top 3 at least; out of ELC and still with term and at < $5M in Cap…. saving Leafs $2 + M in Cap

        Heiskenen? Pullock ? Sanheim?

        GO LEAFS GO

  8. Spezza would be my choice. Didn’t impress all of training camp and in his few starts he has barely shone. Thought he’d re-ignite his career in TO but apparently his tank is truly empty.

    • I think the rest of the league sees that as well. Even at $700,000 I seriously doubt he’s seen by any other team as an improvement to their roster. He’s certainly burned his last bridge to Ottawa at least.

  9. Well , Ray I would do that but have a hard time believing Columbus would.
    Barrie is worth more than a first. Only have 2.5 million for the rest of the year. Unless you mean he is part of the Columbus trade.
    That would be interesting

    • Ya, I thought it would be tough for CLB as well, but threw it out there anyway.
      Throw in Barrie from TOR, CLB adds a 1st.
      Done deal!

  10. Kal El and Bigbadbruins have made some very assertive remarks above…
    Tyson Barrie is over – rated big time. Kerfoot was a better addition,,,,,
    Ceci is a “bust”
    Nylander is a soft player,,,,

    My notes are ,,,,Matthew Tkachuk, Mikko Rantanen, Pastrnak, Mackinnon, Brayden Point,,,,,just to name a few…
    Are any of these players above, in the elite status, as per Marner and Matthews…..
    Of Course, I am a perturbed Leaf fan….
    The above players, other than the Leafs mentioned do not make more money than Nylander, meanwhile , Marner and Matthews make 4 million each – more money !!!!!
    I would love to view your thoughts ….