NHL Rumor Mill – October 29, 2019

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The latest on the Senators, Oilers, and more in today’s NHL rumor mill.


Ottawa Senators winger Bobby Ryan has struggled to produce through the early going (Photo via NHL Images).

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch wonders what’s next for Senators winger Bobby Ryan after he was a healthy scratch on Sunday. He’s their highest-paid player but he isn’t producing. His contract would make him difficult to trade. Garrioch doubts there’s much of a market for the 32-year-old winger.

THE ATHLETIC: Hailey Salvian also considers Ryan’s contract too expensive to move. He’s signed through 2021-22 with an annual average value of $7.25 million. Salvian feels it would take packaging Ryan with a first-round pick to make him palatable in the trade market. With the Senators in the throes of a rebuild, that’s something they shouldn’t do.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly indicates Ryan has a modified no-trade clause listing 10 preferred trade destinations. Given his cap hit, age, and declining production, I doubt the Senators would find many takers.


EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples wonders if the Oilers should “go nuclear” to address their lack of scoring depth beyond Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl. That option would include shopping Jesse Puljujarvi for help on the right wing. Staples is against moving Puljujarvi, preferring to let him play out the season in Finland before a decision is made. Nevertheless, he feels that move could land a second-line winger or a third-line center.

THE ATHLETIC: Jonathan Willis wonders if the Oilers should trade for a veteran NHL defenseman. He pointed out Florida Panthers’ defenseman Mark Pysyk has frequently surfaced in recent trade rumors and could be a fit on the Oilers’ second pairing. However, the Oilers have weathered the absence of sidelined blueliner Adam Larsson. Young Ethan Bear has emerged and sidelined rearguard Joel Persson is close to returning.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I think the Oilers’ secondary scoring is their main concern. If Puljujarvi would fetch a second-line winger or third-line center I believe general manager Ken Holland would pull the trigger. However, that option probably isn’t available now. I don’t doubt there are clubs interested in Puljujarvi but they won’t part with the type of player suggested by Staples.



  1. The Senators have as much chance of moving Ryan as Pittsburgh does of shedding Johnson. Probably more so. Yet one more of the so-called “albatross” contracts that become constant reminders to management to exercise supreme caution was handing out large deals and for long term, often with NM clauses or limited trade options. They can – and do – come back to bite you in the ass far too often. Okposo, Seabrook, Hayes are 3 more.

    • In Vancouver, ownership gave Benning the green light to do as he pleases with Eriksson. That in turn allowed coach Green to scratch Loui for 9 games.

      Played lastnite and came out hungry and contributing on 4th line.

    • Agree. Hayes fortunately is not movable for the first 3 years. After that, his contract may be the NMC…

      The guaranteed money thing has to change…
      Players can not continue to not live up to their end with no repercussions. There has to be some kind of way to release a player that is not producing. (see NFL).

      • Today the Predators signed Roman Josi to an 8-year deal at just over $9 mil per. Now this is a GOOD d-man who will be a Norris winner not too far off … but he will be in his 37th year when it expires. I guess, in his case, they simply had to go down that road now to avoid losing him to UFA status and worry later about how the advancing years will affect his play.


      • Great point . These players need to be held accountable .

    • Bobby Ryan to Boston for Backes and Ottawa retains $2.250 of Ryan contract. Yes Ryan is a better player but that extra year would be a killer.
      Ottawa gets out a year early but hold $2.25 in the third year Boston gets $1.250m in cap space and maybe a rw for Krejci.

      • I think this is fair if the held salary makes salaries equal.

      • Caper, I’m not a Ryan fan so would pass.
        Backes at least competes hard every shift and is a useful 4th line guy.
        Has put his ego to the side and woks his butt off.
        Just a really expensive, tough character 4th line guy.
        If Ryan doesn’t work out on the 2nd line (more likely than unlikely IMO), or work hard enough to be valuable outside the top 6, what do you do with him?
        And ya, to your point, considering all that, the extra year is a killer.
        Too risky IMO.

    • As a Red Wings fan I humbly offer Ottawa a 2rd round pick and their choice of Helm, Abdelkader or Nielsen in return for Bobby Ryan and a non-lottery-protected first round pick.


      • I bet you would. But it wouldn’t get any farther than finishing that offer on the phone following by a loud CLICK and a dial tone 🙂

    • Sorry George but I think the Pens would have no problem moving Adam Johnson. He’s still on an ELC and he can skate and play defense. Unless you meant the Jackhole, in which case you are right. I’m sure he wants to disown his last name along with his parents.

      • LOL

    • Hi George

      Even though a fairly realistic statement; that shot over the bow hurt 😢

      • The teams we follow each has problems that will be the topic of discussion for some time yet. 🙂

      • Hi George


        Re BR

        If they are basically not playing him ; here is the basic Melnyk economic decision:

        1) trade him now ; 50% retained and get something (anything ) back…. still owed about $4,7 M for balance of this year and $15 M in final two years …. Melnyk pays $9.85 M ; OK for Cap hit this year…. final 2 years Cap hit of ~ $3.6 M


        2) keep him until EOY ; then buyout …. future costs to Melnyk …. $16 M (from now ‘till final buyout)…. and out-year Cap hits of $3.6 M; $3.6 M ; $1.8 M ; $1.8 M

        Methinks option 1 is better

        What team would take BR for effectively $3.3 M cash per for 3 years; and $3.6 Min Cap hit …. and what’ll they pay ….. late rounder in ‘21???

        Just food for thought

    • George, would Ryan have been a buyout candidate in the summer? If so, that might have been the right move for both the team and the player. I’m sure Ryan could help some team if he was on a minimum contract.

      • Hi BC LeafFan

        I guess we were typing at the same time … see BR numbers re buyout in my response above to George

      • Pengy – BCLeafFan – I think Ryan is one of those veteran players who finds himself in the midst of a re-build, surrounded by much younger players prone to mistakes as they learn to play at the NHL level, and who simply does not want to put in any extra effort on a consistent basis (Boedker is another). In other words, he’ll pick and choose those nights when he can sense the opposition is fatigued and ready to be plucked, pot a goal or two and have the uninitiated thinking “maybe he’s turning it around.”

        I agree, if some team legitimately in the playoff hunt finds themselves needing a veteran type who may be more inclined to work hard every night playing for a contender, perhaps there is a deal there with Ottawa holding back a sizeable chunk.

        St. Louis, with Tarasenko out at least 5 months? Something like that.

    • Would ya do Ryan & Anderson for Schneider plus ?

      • I think Anderson will play out his contract in Ottawa, paving the way next year for Hogberg to share the load with Nilsson.

  2. How would the Oilers trading Pujularvi be “going nuclear”. Most likely scenario is they havent traded him yet because nobody wants an instant migraine.

    Maybe Pens/Oilers make a garbage for trash deal and move Pengys favorite JJ and a 4th round pick for Edmontons problem child.

    • I would love an Eriksson for JJ trade.

      Straight up

      • I promise you Eriksson will to!

      • if VAN holds 50% of salary they can get it done in 2 seconds. Right pengy?? lol

    • Yes and no Ron.
      Yes, likely no offer for JP that Holland likes because JP hasn’t proven he is willing to earn top 6 ice time, which he is demanding or he is going to take his puck and go home.
      I think he comes around and will play in Edmonton long enough to get traded. He needs to prove it in the NHL first.
      The talent is there for JP, just needs an attitude adjustment.
      No to the trade. The Oil got rid of their bad contract, amazingly, no way in hell does Holland want another one.

    • Ron

      You are my saviour if you can get that trade done…. JJ & 4th for JP

      I can’t fathom Holland going for that

      Ousted de of fitting in Cap;
      I’m not sure if he’d go for JJ & Rust for JP

      Currently 23 on Roster @ $70.3 M ; Retained & Buyouts another $4.9M and 3 on IR … Brod , Arch, Nygaard …$3.1…. basically $3.25 M and n space (Note LTIR Larsson $4.2 M ; not included)

      To make things work perhaps it’s

      JJ & Bjug & ZAR ($8.35M)

      For JP (RFA … no $’s right now) Manning & Gagner & Brodz… $6.55 M

      • Manning and Gagner contracts are gone after this season. Some promising young D prospects in AHL who will push for jobs later this year, early next, and Broberg in Europe.
        Bouchard, Jones, Lagesson and Samurkarov are better than JJ today.
        If JJ was actually moved to the Oil, the Pens would need to include a 1st, minimum. Even then the Oil wouldn’t do it IMO.
        Keep trying Pengy, but methinks a guy like Eriksson, Lucic or Ryan would likely need to come back the other way. Retain some $$ if you need to.

      • Hi Ray

        I do keep trying

        I’m racking my brains 🧠 (however limited it may be)!!!! ☹️😡

        The window was 4 months ago …,in June….. he could have been bought out and this year’s Cap hit would have only been $270 K (that’s NOT a typo…. only $270 K!!!!!)

        GMJR’s absolute best move right now is to waive JJ & Ruhweedel …. freeing up basically $1.8 M in Cap….. then sign McQ for $1M……net …. massive improvement to Pens team ; and additional $800 K freed up in space

        Any trade with JJ involved as you ‘be pointed out; is going to be costly (futures/assets and/or crappy contract coming back)

        The only crap for crap that may work for both teams might be Rask/JJ….. but that may involve another player (from both teams) being swapped as well

        I heard on the radio that they may sit JJ every few games … if by “few” they mean every “2” then I’ll be 50 % happy

        GO PENs GO

        GO LEAFS GO

    • Mark Madden, a Pittsburgh sports writer/broadcaster, yesterday proclaimed

      “Maybe 10-15% of analytics geeks use them properly. Many of the rest like to track backward. They conclude a player stinks, then find numbers to support their predetermined supposition.
      Exhibit A is defenseman Jack Johnson. (It’s always Johnson.)”

      I’m not an analytics geek. Can you or someone who is tell me how analytics could be used properly to explain or predict Johnson’s performance such that they would support a different conclusion?

  3. Bobby Ryan the most worthless player in league! Got his big contract then effort was zero. They should take him skiing and push him…

    • I got a trade idea for ya

      to PITT: Ryan ($2m retained) & Boroweicki

      to OTT: JJ & Bjugstad

      Pitts gets some cap relief albeit not much

      Bjugstad is up at seaon end and won’t effect the young kids playing time next year.

      JJ can

  4. With Tarasenko out long term in St. Louis and Landeskog out indefinitely in Colorado, could the Chris Kreider rumors be too far behind? They are all left wingers………Just askin’………