NHL Rumor Mill – October 30, 2019

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Brent Seabrook unhappy over consecutive healthy scratches, the Senators could seek a new NHL home for Bobby Ryan and the latest on the San Jose Sharks in today’s NHL rumor mill.


CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: Ben Pope reports veteran Blackhawks defenseman Brent Seabrook was fuming over being a healthy scratch for the second straight game. He feels he’s playing better and still has a lot to offer to the team. “I’m 34. You guys seem to want to write articles about my age and my speed. I feel like I’ve still got a lot to offer in this league and still be a good player for somebody,” said Seabrook.

Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Brent Seabrook isn’t happy over being a back-to-back healthy scratch (Photo via NHL Images).

Pope feels Seabrook’s situation bears monitoring. The blueliner carries a $6.875-million annual average value through 2023-24 with a full no-movement clause through 2021-22. He’s never spoken about waiving that clause. Pope believes Seabrook’s contract hampers Blackhawks general manager Stan Bowman’s efforts to re-sign younger players or protect them from the 2021 expansion draft.

Blackhawks coach Jeremy Colliton insists Seabrook will get an opportunity to draw back into the lineup. He claims he’s communicating with Seabrook. However, the blueliner said he and his coach hadn’t spoken since Sunday when he was informed he would be scratched from Tuesday’s game.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There’s no indication Seabrook wants to be traded or that the Blackhawks are trying to move him. Nevertheless, this situation could be worth following in the coming weeks.

Seabrook’s performance has declined in recent years, making him the subject of frequent trade chatter last season. His contract, with its hefty salary-cap hit and no-movement clause, would be difficult to move. Even if the Blackhawks picked up half of that cap hit, Seabrook’s age and performance hurt his trade value.


OTTAWA SUN: Ken Warren reports Senators GM Pierre Dorion and Bobby Ryan’s agents are working “behind the scenes” exploring “any and all opportunities for a new NHL home” for the 32-year-old winger. Ryan, the Senators’ highest-paid player ($7.25-million AAV), was a recent healthy scratch. He claims he’s not troubled by the situation and is working to get back into the lineup. Warren believes Ryan’s contract makes it highly unlikely the Senators will find any takers unless they pick up part of his cap hit.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Factor in Ryan’s offensive struggles and that big contract becomes even harder to move. He has a 10-team no-trade list but maybe he’ll broaden it for an opportunity elsewhere. Even if the Senators pick up part of that cap hit, they might have to include a draft pick or prospect to sweeten the pot.


TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports there’s no sign of changes coming to the struggling San Jose Sharks. He said GM Doug Wilson usually doesn’t make coaching changes during the season. LeBrun doesn’t think that’s on Wilson’s wish list of changes. They’d prefer improvement from stars such as Logan Couture, Erik Karlsson, Martin Jones, and Timo Meier.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Wilson could look at a goaltending upgrade if he decides to shake things up. NBC Sports’ Adam Gretz points out Jones and backup Aaron Dell began this week with individual save percentages under .892. If their performances fail to improve, Wilson could be forced into the trade market for help.


  1. Perhaps the only solution for Dorion in Ottawa as it pertains to Ryan is to buy him out. I mean seems pretty clear his contract is ugly and can’t be traded without a lot perks being attached to that transaction so maybe the best solution is a buyout to cut their losses and anything that saves money will no doubt please Melnyk.

    • Buyout doesn’t save money, just cap space. Still have to pay player what’s left on contract, and pay someone else to replace him on roster which actually costs you more.

      • Hi Slick and Joey

        Next buyout window is not until June.

        I posted yesterday (to George) the high level numbers w.r.t. buyout vs trade with 50% retained.

        Cut and pasted here now:

        “Hi George


        Re BR

        If they are basically not playing him ; here is the basic Melnyk economic decision:

        1) trade him now ; 50% retained and get something (anything ) back…. still owed about $4,7 M for balance of this year and $15 M in final two years …. Melnyk pays $9.85 M ; OK for Cap hit this year…. final 2 years Cap hit of ~ $3.6 M


        2) keep him until EOY ; then buyout …. future costs to Melnyk …. $16 M (from now ‘till final buyout)…. and out-year Cap hits of $3.6 M; $3.6 M ; $1.8 M ; $1.8 M

        Methinks option 1 is better

        What team would take BR for effectively $3.3 M cash per for 3 years; and $3.6 Min Cap hit …. and what’ll they pay ….. late rounder in ‘21???

        Just food for thought”

      • Buy outs do not pay player full contract value.

      • Hi Chrisms

        My math already took that into account.

        The SB’s are paid in full and the balance is 2/3 owed over twice as many years.

        After this year BR is owed $4M in SBs (he gets no matter what unless he retires) and $11M in Sal (2/3 is $7.3)– so buyout gets him balance of this year plus 11.3…. rounded that is $16M

        trade him now at 50%— balance of contract is about $4.7M this yaer and $15Min out years— half of that is about $9.85M

        Melnyk saves over $6M by trading at 50% retained (over buyout next June) and Cap hit 20/21 and 21/22 almost identical; and he saves the 22/23 and 23/24 Cap hits of about $1.8M if he trades at 50% vs. buyout next June.

        That is why I was advocating for trading at 50% retained

        Still need a trade partner and has to be on one of the teams on BR’s trade list.

      • Sorry pengy. I was responding to slick.

      • Sorry Chrisms

        I guess if I had read the two posts together I should have realized that you were responding to him

        I had come back to the site and saw ur post below mine and my simple mind concluded improperly


  2. All kinds of fans and media were oh so happy when these guys were getting their fat contracts years ago. Now the same folks are pissed that the contracts are giant albatrosses for the teams….shocker. we will be there with players year after year because of the pressure put to sign players and how bad many of the signings are for long term.

    • For every Bobby Ryan there is a Nathan MacKinnon. Or something like that.

      • You can’t just go and buy a player out as there is 2 one week windows of opportunity to do so in the summer and that’s it.!!!

      • Chrisms

        Are you inferring that there are multiple Bobby Ryans and multiple Nathan MacKinnon’s in the NHL—- 🙂 LOL 🙂

      • Chrism in sales they say “good sales hide sins” however when the sales aren’t there well them sins get noticed very quickly.

      • I think I know what that means caper. I just tend to look at that the other way around

    • When Ottawa traded for Ryan in July 2013 he was a big-bodied 26 y/o F with seasons of 31,35,34, 31 goals behind him in Anaheim. When Murray signed him to that 7 year deal in 2014 it seemed like a good deal for both sides. In the end, I think it’s been a case of the league getting progressively faster and since speed was never a part of his game, he has stagnated.

      A buyout is likely in the cards at some point unless a deal can be made where – as discussed yesterday – Ottawa holds back at least $4 mil per for the duration of the contract which has 3 years to run including this one.

      • My recollection of the signing is different. The media generally thought it was a good deal for Ryan and a poor deal for Ottawa. Ryan’s commitment was questioned in Anaheim and not just because he suffered from comparison to Getzlaf and Perry. There were also concerns about his durability.

        He is by no means alone in this regard.

      • Bobby Ryan’s contract was signed on October 2, 2014, when he had 1 year left on his previous contract. This removed the chances that Ottawa would lose Ryan for nothing at the end of that season to free agency.

        Ryan had finished his first season in Ottawa with 48 points in 70 games, or a 0.69 PPG average. His last season in Anaheim he had 30 points in 46 games, or an average of 0.65 PPG. There was no reason to think Bobby Ryan in Ottawa wasn’t the same Bobby Ryan they traded for, hence the market value contract, yes market value.

        Four time 30+ goal scorer Phil Kessel signed a more lucrative contract 1 year earlier than Ryan, under the same situation. Kessel’s contract was for 12.44% of the team cap, and Ryan’s was for 10.51% of the cap hit. Both four time 30+ goal scorers, but Kessel adding in more assists, therefore overall points, and fittingly, for a higher team cap %.

        Ryan followed those two seasons of 0.65 and 0.69 with two more seasons at 0.69 and 0.69 PPG, and playing in 159 of 164 games, but people were complaining about a lack of goals. Different team, different dynamics, and Ryan had to adjust his game, and he continued to produce points at the same rate.

        Since then, Kessel hasn’t had the hand injuries that Ryan has had starting in 2014. Yes, 2014 was Ryan’s first hand injury. Visit this page for a partial timeline of his hand injuries.

        People can blame Bobby Ryan for his injuries if they want, but the truth of the matter is, these injuries are the result of hacks and slashes by the other teams players.

        Kessel and Ryan are different types of players, but were in similar situations when they signed their contracts, hence the comparison. Ryan’s contract was a good contract that turned bad because of hand injuries, and that is compounded by his lack of speed. If Ryan hadn’t had so many hand injuries, his production would have been better, and his recent healthy scratch may have been avoided because he probably would have continued to produce on the PP.

        Life happens, but be honest in how we remember how it happened.

  3. Seabrook could find a home with a couple of million held. 50% for sure. There are far worse in the league for $3.4m

    Sens have been trying to move Bobby for years. Not likely now .

    Lots of injuries piling up.

    • two proposals

      to OTT: Seabrook

      to CHI: Ryan ($750k retained)


      to PITT: Seabrook ($250k retained) & 3rd

      to CHI: JJ & Rust

      Pengy and BlackNGold might like this one lol

      • With these guys salaries only option is to trade bad contracts for bad contracts. I would move Backes for Ryan but can’t do it because of the term left on Ryan. Backes only has two years left and can be bought out after this season.

      • Hi IHC

        I didn’t think it was possible for me to nix any trade that had JJ going but I have to politely decline that offer.

        Seabrook on at $6.6 M (with your retention proposal) for two years past JJ term. No can do.

        For Chi, perhaps the trade window is July 2nd … pay his SB and take back 50%— receiving team gets him at $3.4M Cap and cash-wise only $2.06M per year. Note: he still has an NMC– so he’s not going unless he wants to

        Maybe Seabrook at 50% retained and Cagula


        Rust and JJ and Ruhweedel

        Just a stab into the ridiculous dark 🙁

        Gut feeling — Seabrook doesn’t agree to a trade now—- MAYBE at TDL

      • @pengy

        Chicago has not cap room so if they retain the other team would have to retain unless the total dollar for dollar works out

        your proposal does not equal $ for $ in cap hit. it puts Chicago way over.

        I tried though pegny I did really lol

      • Many thanks IHC

        I know you are pulling for me right?

        OK for basically the equal Cap hit

        Rusty (50%) , JJ, Ruhweedel


        Seabrook (50%) and Cagula

        Chi immediately waives Ruhweedel

        Chi extra cap hit then only 63K and they have that in space.

        Pens would replace Ruhweedels spot with one of the trio of fwd call ups they have had recently (at about the same cap hit) so there is negliglbe difference to Pens

        Can you get Jimbo and Stanley to agree on that proposal?

        Many thanks in advance

    • Ryan for Loui Eriksson, Baerschi and a 1st.

      Ottawa eats half of Ryan’s contract. Because Loui only makes 3 mil a tear for balance of front loaded contract Sens actually save $600k a year in cash while Canucks get 2.4 million in cap relief. Sens are looking for and get serviceable talented but oft injured player in Baerchi and take on his cap hit of $3.3 million. They hope Loui can be better in a new system and provide leadership. Canuck get almost $6 million in cap relief (for a first rounder) and a 40 plus point big body in Ryan at 3.6 million. That cap relief will certainly help when they need yo re-sign the kids.

      Of course there are the NTCs that would need to be waved.

  4. While I appreciate Wilson not preferring to change coaches mid-season, when a talented club is playing that poorly, at a certain point that’s where the buck has to stop.

    After watching STL win the cup in a season where they changed coaches mid-season….

    • San Jose really, really needs to shake things up – they actually looked boring (and bored) in Toronto this week – and I think replacing the coach would be the logical move, regardless of Doug Wilson’s preference to wait till the off-season.
      Wilson himself could be out of a job if things don’t change soon.

  5. Don’t know what decent goalies are even available for SJ. Schneider, Quick? Went over it in my head last night hearing and reading about all the Leaf so called problems. What the heck would they do if Anderson got hurt? Do what St Louis did last year; call up the back-up from yourAHL team. Worked ok for them!

  6. Too much talent on this Sharks team to be playing this bad. Jones & Dell not playing great, but the D in their own zone looks horrible. Offense is stagnant, seemingly set to run the same plays over and over again. Sharks switched up their asst coaching staff last year amid similar situation. Might be time to do the same this year. If that doesn’t work, Wilson might be forced to make in-season move by replacing Deboer.

    • From a purely selfish aspect, this Ottawa fan is hoping this is the beginning of a downward trend for the Sharks as Ottawa holds their 1st round pick next draft and their 2nd round pick in 2021 from the Karlsson deal. Should the Sharks finish in the lottery group at the end of this season, that gives the Sens two chances (their own included of course) at the top pick.

      • Hi George

        If I was a Sens fan— my greatest hope would be for Sharks missing the playoffs; Sens finishing last; Sharks win lottery…. Sens pick 1and 2…. Lafrenierre AND Byfield— Booyah!!!

        Watched a couple of games in the last week with Byfield— wow— I truly believe this kid will have a great future in the NHL— great hands and presence; good hand-eye; sees the whole game well—- Oh and and BTW— he only turned 17, 2 months ago and he’s already 6’4″ and 217 lbs…. Hmmmm — good to go 1st or 2nd overall as far as I’m concerned.

        Lafranierre — saw a couple of games hi-lights— another wow


      • Heh. Yeppers. There’s wishful-thinking and then there’s dreaming in technicolor. But, hey, when you boil it right down isn’t that what all of us do on a regular basis when it comes to the team(s) we follow?

  7. Two easiest things to do….blame goalies and coaches…..two hardest things to do….get good defensive D men….get certain types of forwards to back check…

    Look at Boston….they are not overachieving …they are playing like a team ….throughout the roster….hear any excuse making there about Kreichi ..being hurt… NO….they just got on with playing the way they do with what they have…

    I don’t like getting beat by Boston….neither I suspect does Leaf management….don’t bitch about Boston ….imitate them…Shanahan ought to take away Dubas’s key to the advanced statistics room and send him away to talk to players and coaches who have won the Cup

    • even before the salary cap was implemented to win in the playoffs your needed to role 4 lines, 3 rd and 4th lines often won playoff series. With the cap now and young players wanting big money early some gms are worrying about their top lines and forgetting about the bottom lines.

    • OBD, bad goalies equal coaches fired. Always have, always will.

  8. Bobby Ryan to the Habs at 50 percent retained and there 1st round pick

    Ottawa gets Hudon and Habs 1st round pick

    • Lol the sens won’t make that mistake 2 years in a row

    • Not a chance in Hell.

  9. Ovie hit the nail on the head regarding the Leafs….. play for yourself (Matthews, Marner, Nylander) or try to win a Cup.

    Until the Leafs show some grit and sandpaper they will continue to wilt in the spring and be mere fodder for “teams” like the Bruins.

    • Have to have good defense to win a cup.
      Toronto built the team wrong. Should have traded Nylander last year for a defenseman.
      They are near the bottom in goals against.

  10. Pengy..Hearing Rutherford is interested in Andrea Athanasius…

    center 25 30 goals last year has had conversations with Detroit..mmhhh interesting

    • Hi BlackNGold

      And he is very very very fast!!!! would be a great fit on Pens.

      I guess there is no chance for a JJ/AA flip straight up? We could throw in Ruhweedel ; a 3rd and a Sid Tim Horton’s card!!!!

      Would they consider:

      AA and Green ($8.4M)

      For Rust, JJ, Ruhweedel ($7.45M)


      Bjug, JJ, Ruhweedel ($8.05 M)

      • Rutherford usually gets what he wants..he makes faitr trade…

        Living in LA i get all the Kings Ducks games..

        .Gudbranson has played really well so far for the Ducks….. he started wearing number 46 and switched last night to # 6 he looks more comfortable in the west and the Ducks were playing Winnipeg

        J.J could survive out here on a 3rd pairing..he’s hard to move been so much negative press on him…

      • DET says: oh hellz no

      • Hi BlackNGold

        I had no issues with keeping GudB on the Pens

        The play of Marino meant he was expendable (both righties); but that sadly had GMJR focused on moving the big man and keeping the horrific wonder …. did you watch last night’s game …. bailed out no less than a half dozen times by Marino or Murray or forwards doing his job …. and only goal on Murray …. guess who was there for the partial eclipse ☹️😡

      • Hi the En4Sir

        “oh hellz no” I’m thinking is the most common response to a phone call starting with “hi it’s Jim …..”

  11. Ovi is right in what he said. I don’t believe in time lines . The Capitals won the cup when they weren’t supposed to. All their really good teams lost to Pittsburgh.
    When Pittsburgh won in 16 – 17 their defense wasn’t supposed to be good enough.
    As far as Bobby Ryan, that was a bad signing 7 million back then was ridiculous but they thought that was the only way they could keep him.
    Around that time they also signed Jared Cowan, Colin Greening, Milan Michalek to big bad money contracts which the Leafs took off their hands to get rid of Phaneuf.
    I think they thought their players were better than they were. That happens.
    Looks like Benning is doing good work with Vancouver.
    Tampa should take off soon

    • With the leafs having 4 forwards making half the cap and for a shorter time, the cap not going to move up near as much in the near future there is a timeline for the leafs! They have ONE nhl dman signed for next year and besides sandin not much help coming up

      • Unless things change, it will be Nylander who will go to break the cap logjam. He needs to be good to bring a solid return.

  12. to DAL: Drouin, Alzner, 1st & 2nd in non consecutive years and a solid prospect

    to MTL: Benn & Sekera

    • The way benn has played recently drouin at 5.5 is better than benn at 9.5

      • I think MTL would be an amazing location and restart for Benn. Think he will be just fine.

        Benn can take over a game where Drouin has not been able to do so.

        Perhaps Benn is tired of his teammates or Montgomery.

      • Could be but with the prospects Montreal has coming up I don’t think they want a 9.5 cap hit in benn going forward

  13. The team most in need of Jamie Benn is Toronto but they needs lots of everything that is not labeled “skilled but no heart” My view is that Dubas hurts the team not by getting bad players but by not focusing on what a team construct actually looks like. Ovie gives good advice because he lived the career there he was great but the team did not succeed..but that team was a good, hard team: Leafs are neither good nor hard…they let Caps and others run them over all the time and while I know the game and the league has changed, playing while looking over your shoulder won’t get it done.

    • They’re basically built for the regular season but other teams have caught on to play them tough and they can’t use their skill

  14. I’m so happy I no longer have to hear about the “big 4” in chicago which referred to their defensemen – Hjalmarsson, Keith, Seabrook and Oduya.
    Now it’s enjoyable watching Seabrook turn into an anchor who’s a healthy scratch. : )
    These are the good ol’ days!

  15. The En4sir……they have had conversations already how far they have progressed I don’t know…..

    Not sure why Detroit wants TO MOVE HIM…He is off to a slow start and lacking confidence…..they have tons of young talent.

    Brian Rust 27 $3.5 20 goal scorer if healthy
    Back goalie Casey de Smith 28 good NHl back up spot starter.. ONLY MAKES $1 MILLION



    Detroit’s goalies are older and more expensive…

    Howard 35 $ million Bernier 31 3 million

  16. Ron Jull where are your negative comments regarding Vancouver Now,!!!

    • It’s still only October. As I recall, they started last season in much the same way … and then began to fade when the hockey became serious into December.

      • George, it’s what this site is all about. Leafs are a favorite punching bag if you haven’t noticed.
        And I am extremely disappointed that we are going to lose an NHL franchise in this area.
        And I didn’t realize you were Ron Jull.
        Another alias perhaps.

  17. Yes it is early in the season George, but I think May,June, July, August and September was pretty early as well. That’s how long he posted his negativity towards Benning

    • Kinda like your negativity towards Dorion

      • Not even close , Dorian hasn’t done anything. Is Ottawa in a playoff spot George.
        He is consistent though

  18. What I meant – and that should have dawned on you – is that your negativity towards Dorion has been as consistent as Ron’s towards Benning, i.e, May, June, July, August ad nauseam. But go ahead and spin it any way you like. It’s what you also do consistently.

    • Gee, I guess we are more alike than you realize.