NHL Rumor Mill – October 31, 2019

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Latest on Alex Pietrangelo, Torey Krug, Chris Kreider, Kevin Fiala and more in today’s NHL rumor mill.


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports Nashville Predators defenseman Roman Josi’s new eight-year, $72.4-million contract will affect St. Louis’ Alex Pietrangelo and Boston’s Torey Krug. Pietrangelo and Blues general manager Doug Armstrong are waiting for the other to make the first move. Whatever happens with Krug, Friedman doubts the Bruins will shop him at the trade deadline.

No sign of progress in Alex Pietrangelo’s contract talks with the St. Louis Blues (Photo via NHL Images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Josi’s negotiations reportedly hit a snag entering training camp but was sorted out earlier this week. The same thing could happen to Pietrangelo and Krug. Pietrangelo could seek over $9 million annually but Krug’s is open to a hometown discount.

Speaking of the Blues, Armstrong will look to within their organization for a short-term replacement for sidelined winger Vladimir Tarasenko. He wants to avoid a potential salary-cap crunch once Tarasenko returns to the lineup. Friedman believes New York Rangers winger Chris Kreider would be a good fit with the Blues.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Armstrong could jump into the market near the trade deadline if Tarasenko remains out until the playoffs. Kreider is slated to become an unrestricted free agent in July and could be available if the Rangers are out of playoff contention by February.

Kevin Fiala could be on shaky ground with the Minnesota Wild. The 23-year-old winger has been a healthy scratch twice this season. His talent and favorable contract should make him a good fit with the Wild but they’re going to see what out there in the trade market.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Fiala had a 23-goal, 48-point performance in 2017-18. If he can’t find his footing with the aging Wild he could regain his form with a younger club.

A slow start by forward Andreas Athanasiou could raise questions about his future with the Detroit Red Wings. He’s in a contract year and his previous negotiations were difficult.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Red Wings GM Steve Yzerman won’t be as patient as his predecessor. If Athanasiou doesn’t improve soon he could hit the trade block.

Friedman feels little-used Buffalo Sabres winger Evan Rodrigues could be a good fit with the Ottawa Senators or Toronto Maple Leafs, though he’s not sure the Sabres would want to help the Leafs. Speaking of the Leafs, Friedman said they would move defenseman Martin Marincin, though Jake Muzzin’s health could change that.

The Pittsburgh Penguins are going to add, it’s just a matter of when GM Jim Rutherford wants to. It’s also believed a contract extension for defenseman Marcus Pettersson is all but done but he can’t sign until Jan. 1 at the earliest.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Rutherford is a bold wheeler-dealer throughout the season. He’s already made a recent trade and could pull off another well before the Feb. 24 trade deadline.

With the Calgary Flames struggling, GM Brad Treliving isn’t afraid of making changes. Friedman doesn’t think anything’s imminent but expects Treliving will see what’s out there.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Treliving nearly moved winger Michael Frolik at last year’s trade deadline to Minnesota for Jason Zucker. I don’t think there’s a chance of revisiting that move now but Frolik could be available. He’s a UFA next summer. They also waived Tobias Reider earlier this week.

Friedman also noted the tense situation with the struggling Chicago Blackhawks. Defenseman Brent Seabrook recently expressed his displeasure over being scratched twice from the lineup. Friedman said things got awkward last season when management wanted to see if he’d be willing to move but Seabrook claimed the request wasn’t specifically made to him. Starting goaltender Corey Crawford has to wonder about his future in Chicago with Robin Leher on a one-year contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This could be Crawford’s last season with the Blackhawks if Lehner keeps out-performing him. Seabrook’s hefty contract ($6.875 million annually through 2023-24) and declining play makes him difficult to move.


  1. I expect a hometown discount is a possibility with Petro too–maybe something under $9 million per? I’m real curious regarding term however. I’m hoping Armstrong doesn’t extend the contract too long for a 30 year old d’man. His decision regarding Backes a few years ago has proven correct. How about $9 million for 4-5 years?

    • Hi Iowa Boy

      The Josi (exact same age as Petro….29) contract ….8 years ; to me almost guarantees Petro getting a long term deal.

      Note: Josi in Nsh also has the tax haven advantages

      IMO at least $60 M contract …. 7 @ $8.6M at least

      Cap going up substantially in 2 years so the $8.5 M – $9.5M for top DMan will be the norm

      The big extension IMO will be in July of ‘21 when new TV deal is in place and the then just turned 28 Parayko becomes eligible for signing an extension (note …. I’ve been pro on this kid for a few years….. reminds me of Pronger w/o the cheap shots and ‘tude)…. his could be 10’ish

      • Pengy The blues need a superstar Tarasenko out 5 months….

        Malkin to St.louis

        Alex Pietrangelo to Pittsburgh

        We resign Pietrangelo using Malkin’s money next year

        then get Anthanasiou for # 2 center he can fly only 25… Go Pens malkin galchenyuk due back Saturday

        wont happen because Malkin wont waive his NTC but be nice if he did…

      • At this point in their careers I think you better add something with malkin to get pietriangelo, malkins injuries don’t bode well for him

      • No, Malkin stays. Galchenyuk played against the Flyers. I like Brodie as the target and not just because he’s from my hometown and a third or so cousin.

      • Hi BlackNGold

        with Deee on this … Gino stays

        My gut feeling is that he comes out gangbusters against Oil


        How about this for economic value:

        3rd cousin or closer in relation = 2 free home game ticks

        4th cousin = 1 free away game (Detroit ?)

        Get out the genealogy charts; verify; cash in! 😁

  2. Roman Josi and Alex Pietrangalo are both 1st pairing defensemen. Torey Krug isn’t.
    He’s a power play specialist who skates on the 2nd pairing.
    He’s actually miscast there as he should probably be on the 3rd pairing.
    Theres several million dollars of difference between the three.

    • Agree with all that shoreorrpark. Better cast as a 3rd pairing guy and plays most of the PP.
      He just happens to be really good on the PP and driving offense from the back end.
      Battles hard, but just can’t deal with the big boys down low or in front of the net.
      Not an elite skater, but good edges and quick. It seems the guys who have the smooth, effortless powerful stride, like a Neidermeyer or Doughty age well. Or the monsters like Chara who can continue to defend well in their own end with reach, strength and smarts.
      Krug doesn’t fit either of those, so a long term deal on a guy like him seems unwise. Good team mate, good player, so you would rather have him than not. Maybe a shorter term deal works for him, but that is a big ask when he can likely get close to what he wants somewhere else.

    • Agree he’s like Karlsson in a way. Not as good though.
      Problem is Chara is close to retirement and losing him and Krug would be a problem. Hopefully a team friendly deal can be worked out. Boston is very fortunate to have so many guys playing for way under market value. Krug is worth around 8 million on the open market. Would he take 6-6.66 million to stay. Notice the 6.66 Pastrnak money and just under Bergeron.

    • So, for the Leafs to get Pietrangelo, besides sending Nylander the other way, what else would it take?

      • Not sure they’d move Petro for a package centered around Willy.

        If I had to guess, it would have to include picks and a top prospect plus Willy.

  3. Still waiting to see what Rangers do with Kreider. If they’re going to extend him, do it now! Team went through this BS last year with Zuc. I can’t see another sell off. Why add Panarin and Trouba and waste their prime years waiting on more prospects to develop? And in a year or 2 you’ll be looking for a guy like Kreider. Does AA play center? He’s listed as a C but seems to be on the wing a lot. Thought he’d be a good fit as 2C for Rangers. Chytil played well the other night after getting called up, but they’ve been rotating guys all season. With Howden and Anderson at 3rd and 4th center, that would mean Strome goes to wing when Zib returns? Yzerman drafted Howden at Tampa, maybe a package of Howden and Strome for AA?

    • Why would NY send that package for AA? And why are NY fans so quick to push Strome out the door? 10 points in 10 games… good enough for 2nd (tied with Panarin)!on the team.
      Howden has 3 points in 10 games…. AA 3 points in 11 games….

      Why would NY make this deal? Just an awful idea…. awful.

      • Strome had his best year last season: 19 goals while shooting over 22%. His contract is a million per year more than AA, (Edm retained part)who as mentioned had a 30 goal season. I don’t see Strome value getting any higher while AA’s according to this post is low. Last year anyone with a brain would’ve laughed at a Strome and Howden for AA trade. I don’t see Rangers giving Strome more than 4 mil next season. AA is faster and more skilled. Put him between Kreider and Buch or Panarin and Fast ( last game) and he’d probably have 7 assists too!

      • Slick not sure I would make that trade BUT I fully understand not wanting to pay Strome above his currently salary to be in the bottom 6 next season.

      • I prefer Strome over Howden every day of the week. Coach seems to love Howden and I prefer Andersson over him too.
        Strome could hit 50 points and have a nice summer paycheck by another team..unless he does a hometown discount.
        Kreider is gone and especially if the TDL market is void of decent forwards.
        Strome can play center or wing. I bet Rangers do not resign him either.

      • I don’t know why you’d have a problem paying a guy who may exceed his value this year, vs. trading for a guy that has one good year and struggling at the moment?

        I don’t even think NY should consider trading any one of Howden, Chytl or Andersson right now. At all. This is still a rebuilding team.

      • @slick
        I think Howden or Andersson is dealt in the next 18 months in a bigger deal. Both 3C potential. Do not need both

  4. “Red Wings GM Steve Yzerman won’t be as patient as his predecessor.”

    Why does AA get treated like a second-class citizen by everyone? He’s a 30-goal scorer. He’s not a “should be a 30-goal scorer if he can stay healthy and stop injuring his stupid hands in a fight” like Anthony Mantha, he’s actually DONE it.

    The Wings should be doing everything they can to get him going because if they don’t he’s going to find the shortest line to free agency and score 40 goals for someone else.

    • Hi Garth

      Reports (SN and TSN) mentioned GMJR interested in AA

      Fantastic speed; would look great as a Pen

      Great speed; great potential; only 25; $3M and RFA in July

      If he continues to falter in Det and is traded; I believe he will shine in a new city

      He has the ability to turn things around In Det…. the season is young ; many players have slumps; this just happens to be at the beginning of the season where slumps tend to be perceived in an exaggerated fashion

      • Or the GM who drafted him maybe able to find a way to acquire him.😉
        Neal – Nuge – Athanasiou 👍

      • Pengy if ya want to deal with Stevie Y you should look to try

        to DET: JJ & Bjugstad

        to Pitts: Nielsen

        Pitts get a solid 3rd line center and can keep Rust for his speed. Frans can also 2c if Malkin or Crosby go down for long stretches of time. He is durable and plays 200 feet.

        Det gets a big body and cap room next year if they do not resign him

      • Hi IHC

        well I like the

        “To Detroit : JJ “ part

        Can’t see (and don’t hope for) GMJR going for a 35 yr old C with 2 more years after this at $5.25M in Cap and who is doing very very poorly this year

    • Garth, you make a good point that AA has actually scored 30, but then you project him as a possible 40 goal guy? In other years he’s failed to hit 20. Us Ranger fans go through it with Kreider. IMO, I like both players as legit top 6 forwards regardless. Would love AA in NY. Think he can be 2C and insurance at LW if they do trade Kreider.

  5. AA would look great in teal.

  6. Seabrook should do the hockey world a favor and retire since he’s washed up.

    • Should have front loaded his deal so he can pull a Hossa.

  7. Agree with Friedman that Kreider is a good fit for the Blues, however as a “rental” it’s hard to determine what it would take to acquire—is Kostin (#2 prospect) for Kreider fair??

  8. Big Bad Bruins……I totally agree with you about adding something…TO Malkin.

    although this is a hypothetical trade it would work well for both teams……

    Maybe add a 27 year old speedy winger who can score 20 goals in Brian Rust @ a fair $3.5 million or a # 1 or # 2 draft pick instead…of Rust?

    Malkin helps then greatly for the next two seasons and when Tarasenko comes back that’s a good onEe two punch along with Orielly..

  9. I hare crosby…you proposal is good Nielsen for Bujgstad and J,J.


    • Thanks man! Finally got a deal done. lol

      • makes sense…. Nielsen how many years left do you know?

      • BlackNGold and IHC

        See my post on this above

        Pens have been sliding towards a younger overall roster

        Adding a 35 yr old C ; making 5.25 M for 2 years after this AND who had been very poor so far this year …. should not be what GMJR moves on

  10. Dee… i also like Jonas brodin and he would be great but Nikita Zadorov is better, more physical which is something we need plus he skates well and is a good passer.. $3.2 million

    Brodin $4.1 million

    Minnesota may soon be dealing..

    Colorado is in dire need of forwards with Rantanem and Landescog out long term Brian Rust to Avalanche for Nikita Zadorov

    • blackngold, that is tough for COL, but they might be able to hang in until these guys get back.
      Not going to find a replacement for those guys with out creating another hole.
      Good thing they had a hot start, and good thing Sakic added quality up front with Kadri.
      If they can play 500 hockey for a month or so they should be OK. Just need to make it to the dance.

      • Ray Bark….They may be able to hang in there.. Landescog is out a while and Rantanen is on IR long term too??

        Avalanche have depth at defense and we have depth at forward.. salaries super close.

        When Rantanen and Landescog come back Rust fits in nicely on the second line with Kadri…

        I guess it all depends on how long those two are out..Landescog sounds like a month or more not sure about Rantananen!!
        He is in IR and if you are there you have to miss a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks or 10 games…something like that..

        we will see..

    • Not Brodin, TJ Brodie from Calgary. Zadorov has had a long time to develop and still really hasn’t.

      • Dee…. oh got you both are good T.J. is better…

  11. Dee..i watched parts of that game and i didn’t see Galchenyuk in the game…are you sure?

      • Yeah Galchenyuk played second line with JMac and Rust. That’s a new lone that’s not clicking yet. They should have left Tanev on that line because of how good he is in the neutral zone.


    • Galchenyuk has that maddening ability to be invisible despite skill and strength. 😉 Opps, just outed myself as a Habs fan.

      • You must be very happy with the domi for galchenyuk trade than!

  12. Since Fiala is in the mill now perhaps Minny will be making some moves and I suggest the following

    to WPG: Spurgeon & FIala
    to MIN: Ehlers & Pionk

    Spurgeon replaces Big Buff on the backend and gives more top 6 minutes to Roslovic, etc..

    Ehlers help rebuild Minny youth upfront. Slot him on 2nd line with Koivu & Zuccarello.

    Pionk can easily pair with Suter on the 2nd pairing.

    to WSH: Foligno & good pick or prospect
    to MIN: Wilson

    Wilson is a more offense force and can play top 6. I suggest 1st line with Zucker & Staal.

    Caps get cap room to resign Backstrom & Holtby.

    Rask can play 3rd line center with Parise & Donato

    Cap works……

    That is how I’d rebuild Minny this season.

    • And a good way to turn the Jets into a lottery team.