NHL Rumor Mill – October 5, 2019

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The latest on Connor McDavid and Dustin Byfuglien in today’s NHL rumor mill.

OILERS NATION: Cam Lewis cites Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman suggesting Edmonton Oilers general manager Ken Holland has two years to prove to captain Connor McDavid the club is heading in the right direction.

Questions persist over Connor McDavid’s future with the Edmonton Oilers (Photo via NHL Images).

When asked if McDavid is a patient man, Friedman replied, “I think the answer is no, he’s not patient. But he’s also willing to be convinced. I think they’ve got two years to show him they’re going in the right direction. This year and next year.”

Lewis indicates this is conjecture on Friedman’s part and not something the pundit heard from the McDavid camp or the Oilers’ organization. He also pointed out McDavid’s given no indication he wants out of Edmonton.

Nevertheless, Lewis feels it wouldn’t be unreasonable for the Oilers captain to go to team owner Daryl Katz and chairman Bob Nicholson and quietly demand things get back on track soon.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This isn’t the first time Friedman suggested the Oilers have two years to prove to McDavid they’re on a winning path. While he’s just stating his opinion, I don’t consider it far-fetched.

I understand the sensitivity of Oilers fans on this issue. They’re fed up with pundits from other NHL cities (usually Toronto) examining every one of McDavid’s mannerisms for any sign of unhappiness. I think he’s sincere in his willingness to stay and be part of the solution.

Still, I doubt McDavid envisioned spending the bulk of his career skating with a mediocre franchise. He wants to win and he wants assurances the Oilers are building a contender. If the club is still spinning its wheels within the next two or three years, the speculation over McDavid’s future in Edmonton could become more than just random musings from the Toronto media.

SPORTSNET: Friedman also weighed in on Dustin Byfuglien’s ongoing absence from the Winnipeg Jets. He said the word is they have to talk the veteran defenseman out of retiring.

During his “31 Thoughts” podcast with Jeff Marek (stick tap to Illegal Curve), Friedman added Byfuglien has a really good relationship with Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff. He believes the Jets are willing to wait on the blueliner for as long as they can.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Some observers assumed Byfuglien would return to the Jets once the regular season began. It’s evident that’s not the case.

Byfuglien’s desire to take some time away from the game and ponder his future is genuine. His decision might not be the one the Jets and their followers want.


  1. I respect Buff’s decision to take a step back , he’s been banged up the past 2 years and he is mid 30’s now so not healing as quickly. What’s the point of working your ass off to make good $ if you are not healthy enough to enjoy it when you retire from whatever profession you are in.
    I am sure his teammates will welcome him with open arms if he comes back.

    • Good morning


      First off Iam not looking at starting anything here and I wish BUFF the best in his decision making and I am not trying to be a debbie downer or an inconsiderate
      “A” hole…. I am just simply trying to get to a root of this decision process and why it was not made after this guy watched 2 of the top 4 D men walk !!!

      There has to be more to this than just saying he wants to retire ! Its a smoke screen !

      I don’t know why we have to skirt around this as a possible issue and no disrespect to Buff …but it has always been widely reported that he comes into camp in terrible condition and he enjoys his Summer time off ..

      If this is the case which I believe that it is…. or why would he chose a year where in the Summer he watches the team loose Trouba and Myers and then himself which is the top 4 of this team and choose to Retire ..it doesn’t make any sense in that regard…its pretty simple to me he did not stay in shape for the season and needs this time to TRY AND GET INTO SHAPE to be a professional hockey player …this has been discussed internally with the Management team and is the only way they can do this on the UP AND UP and within the Cap and CBA structure !

      If you are THINKING of retiring you should know WELL IN ADVANCE after May to October 1st which is a 6 month window …to make a final decision and based on what the team is going through should have been a decision he should have made months ago to allow for proper negotiations for RFA contracts to make trades and sign Laine so that this team could recover !

      Now they are hung out to dry at seasons start and have a mediocre D core to start out of the gun …he will come back when he gets in shape ..IMO all smoke and mirrors !

      They have left just enough cap space to get him back and Laine is reported as an Estimated salary on the cap as well.


      this team is in disarray …Ken Holland can not do anything in 2 years ….they will finish in the middle of the pack and miss out on good draft picks …they will miss the playoffs …and they have no real impact player in the fold waiting to get his chance ..this team will be 90% the same in 2 years …minus a few D men and the bottom 6 turn over which will be a miss mash turn around anyways …there will be no continuity in 2 years time to create a team that will compete …they will have to look at Free agency to make any type of impact next year and they have very little money to do that !!

      Here is a UFA list …for 2020 to choose from to improve this team OUTSIDE any significant trade !

      I don’t see the Oilers being a contender now in 2 years or 5 …IMO …with what they have going on and how they are built and no real # 1 Goaltender and no real # D man or puck mover on the back end …its just a pipe dream in todays NHL without that !
      Sorry to be the debbie downer of reality today ..its Sunny and a beautiful day on a small lake here in Muskoka.. LOL

      Have a good day …Cheers


      Taylor Hall, LW, NJD
      NHL.com rank: 27

      Nicklas Backstrom, C, WSH
      NHL.com rank: 63

      Evgenii Dadonov, LW/RW, FLA
      NHL.com rank: 92

      Mike Hoffman, LW/RW, FLA
      NHL.com rank: 119

      Mikael Granlund, C/LW/RW, NSH
      NHL.com rank: 156

      Chris Kreider, LW, NYR
      NHL.com rank: 158

      Alex Galchenyuk, C/LW, PIT
      NHL.com rank: 177

      Zack Kassian, RW, EDM
      NHL.com rank: 240

      Tyler Toffoli, RW, LAK
      NHL.com rank: N/A

      Mikko Koivu, C, MIN
      NHL.com rank: N/A

      Michael Frolík, LW/RW, CGY
      NHL.com rank: N/A

      Craig Smith, RW, NSH
      NHL.com rank: N/A

      Charlie Coyle, C/RW, BOS
      NHL.com rank: N/A

      Erik Haula, C/LW, CAR
      NHL.com rank: N/A

      Carl Soderberg, C, ARI
      NHL.com rank: N/A

      • Sorry……. here is the D men and Goalie UFA list…

        to complete ..the above my apologies …

        Oilers need a #1 Goalie a #1 D man ..and a #1 puck mover on the D side to compete for a Cup from now to 5 years ..

        Lets just say …for conversations sake

        Oilers sign

        Holtby for his asking of $ 9 million AAV
        Tyson Barrie for his asking of $7 million AAV
        and Tykler Toffoli for his asking of $ 6 million AAV

        They will need to clear out ….about $24 million

        This is what they will need to compete and get to ANY Cup finals…IMO


        Roman Josi, NSH
        NHL.com rank: 36

        Tyson Barrie, TOR
        NHL.com rank: 55

        Torey Krug, BOS
        NHL.com rank: 78

        Erik Gustafsson, CHI
        NHL.com rank: 85

        Alex Pietrangelo, STL
        NHL.com rank: 97

        Jake Muzzin, TOR
        NHL.com rank: 161

        Mike Green, DET
        NHL.com rank: 200

        Justin Schultz, PIT
        NHL.com rank: 242

        Sami Vatanen, NJD
        NHL.com rank: N/A

        TJ Brodie, CGY
        NHL.com rank: N/A


        Braden Holtby, WSH
        NHL.com rank: 62

        Corey Crawford, CHI
        NHL.com rank: 133

        Thomas Greiss, NYI
        NHL.com rank: 136

        Jacob Markstrom, VAN
        NHL.com rank: 170

        Jimmy Howard, DET
        NHL.com rank: 199

        Jaroslav Halak, BOS
        NHL.com rank: N/A

        Anton Khudobin, DAL
        NHL.com rank: N/A

        Craig Anderson, OTT
        NHL.com rank: N/A

      • I agree, something more to it than his health. Maybe he’s just satisfied with where he is in life. Not as passionate about winning as he is about enjoying himself. Just hope he invested wisely and doesn’t end up regretting his decision 5 years from now as he finds himself broke and peddling autographs for $25 a piece in LV…

      • Kal El you need more research into Byfuglien and his decision.
        Decision isn’t that surprising around Winnipeg. Timing not great and holds the team handcuffed, but maybe he had made his decision and the Jets are hoping for a change of heart.

        On my way to watch the Bruins tonight play Phil the Thrill.

      • Lots to unpack there Kal El, and congrats at being at a beautiful lake on a sunny fall day.
        Buff – has a bad wheel, so likely not in the best shape but what evidence do you have that it is any worse than he usually is in? Or just guessing? I haven’t seen any reports to suggest he hasn’t taken care of himself this summer.
        Oil – stacked up the middle. Short on wingers.
        D – Larsson – #2/3, Klefbom #2/3. Nurse #2/3.
        More D – Bouchard, 10th overall. 6’2″, Elite puck mover/passer, skates well, needs to play faster, specifically on puck retrieval. Great PP guy.
        More D – Broberg. 6’3″, elite skater(maybe best at any position in the draft). Great defender already.
        More D – Bear, Lagesson, Jones – All have a chance to be solid NHL players. 1 or 2 should succeed.
        Goaltenders – Fair enough but goaltending is voodoo, may find one may not.
        WIngers – Prospects PJ, Yamamoto, Benson. But easier to find than D or C.
        Cap space – after this season $5.5 comes off in Manning and Gagner. in 2 years another 3 from Pouliot and Sekera buyouts.
        Cap moves up some so 10-12M available.
        Holland has a reasonable chance to do this without going ape sh** on UFA’s IMO.
        Chance to play with either McD or Draisaitl doesn’t hurt recruiting chances either.

  2. Geez Spec, I would think you, as someone in the media yourself , would not take the easy road of blaming speculation on the “Toronto pundits”. Of course most speculation comes from there. It’s the biggest media market. All of the major sports networks are there. You don’t think anyone in Nova Scotia or Yellowknife weighs in on these matters? Of course they do. McDavid is the best player in the league. Anyone involved in hockey media would be discussing this.

  3. I love lists.
    Keep em coming.
    Saves me so much time and energy.
    Love bullet point the most.

  4. Erik Karlsson,s first game last night minus 4 played like 27 minutes which is nuts. I know it’s early but still say his contract is crazy.

    • Yeah, but don’t you know Dorion is an idiot for trading him away.

      • Finally George you’re making sense.
        Seems when they leave Ottawa they are garbage, when they were there, like he was created on the eighth day by God himself.
        Ceci will be alright too , just has to get the stink off himself from playing in Ottawa.

      • See what I mean Obe?

  5. Big Buff cannot have a great relationship with the GM and owner when he watches the teams defence get traded or leave in UFA way before their training camp opened as he could have told them when they traded Trouba that he is going to ponder his future.!!!!! Possibly retiring.!!!
    He could care less about the JETS and he is showing it right now.!!! Pathetic !!!!

    • I think if he didn’t care less he would have pulled the pin already. Maybe it is the feeling that he is letting down his buddies is what is making the decision so difficult for him.

  6. Little or no chance Holland or anyone else can turn the Soilers into a legit playoff team in two years.

    Cue the Nylander, Sandin and 3 firsts for McDavid rumors. These of course will all originate from Toronto and be pushed on the masses by the Leaf loving TSN and Sportsnet drones.

    • No one said it would be easy Ron!
      The Oil have 2 legit superstars.
      Their D will be a strength soon.
      In 2 years they will have a some cap space to play with.
      I thought they had a shot this year but everything had to go right, which it hardly ever does.
      Losing Larsson in game one was a gut punch early.
      A lot can change in 2 years, and Holland & Tippet will bring stability and structure.
      They need some saves more than anything and a lottery pick this year wouldn’t hurt either.
      McDavid knows Hollands plans. If they execute they could become a very good team in 2 years. Big IF though.
      I like Holland, let’s see what he does.

  7. If the oil falter is it that outrageous to suggest a trade of mcdavid to do a restock? Rarely do teams win when they trade the best player but if you could get a lindros type return it could help the oil from being in the not the worst but still out of the playoffs doldrums.

    • Never say never Chrisms, and no it isn’t crazy, but teams hang on to the best of the best, because that is who wins much of the time. My guess is they try the traditional route first. They need a multiple pieces but the hardest ones to find are already there IMO.
      Also Lindros forced that trade.

      • Fair enough. And I’m not troll enough to suggest that’s where mcdavid goes at this time. But the oil seem to be lacking lots of depth in several areas.

        For fun I would think something like mont- primeau cockamamie next two firsts plus a roster player with some salary. Probably a bit more. All in good fun.

      • It’s happened before with big names – here’s some of the most memorable

        Wayne Gretzky – Edmonton to L.A. – 1988 along with Marty McSorley &Mike Krushelnyski for Jimmy Carson, Martin Gelinas and 1st round picks in 1989, 1991, 1993

        Patrick Roy – Montreal to Colorado – 1995 along with Mike Keane for Andrei Kovalenko, Martin Rucinsky & Jocelyn Thibault

        Jaromir Jagr – Pittsburgh to Washington – 2001 along with Frantisek Kucera for Kris Beech, Ross Lupaschuk & Michal Sivek

        Mark Messier – Edmonton to NYR – 1991 along with Jeff Beukeboom for Louie DeBrusk, Bernie Nicholls, Steven Rice & David Shaw

        Marcel Dionne – Detroit to L.A. – 1975 along with Bart Crashley for Terry Harper, Dan Maloney and a 1976 2nd round pick that turned into Jim Roberts

        Paul Coffey – Edmonton to Pittsburgh – 1987 along with Dave Hunter & Wayne Van Dorp for Dave Hannan, Chris Joseph, Moe Mantha & Craig Simpson

        Erik Karlsson – Ottawa to S,J. – 2018 along with Francis Perron for Chris Tierney, Rudolfs Balcers, Josh Norris, Dylan DeMelo, a 2019 2nd round pick, a 2020 1st round pick and a conditional 2021 2nd round pick

        Ron Francis – Hartford to Pittsburgh – 1991 along with Grant Jennings & Ulf Samuelsson for John Cullen, Jeff Parker & Zarley Zalapski

        Joe Thornton – Boston to SJ – 2005 for Wayne Primeau, Brad Stuart & Marco Sturm

        Chris Chelios – Montreal to Chicago – 1990 along with a 2nd round pick (which turned into someone named Michael Pomichter) for Denis Savard

        Scott Stevens – St. Louis to NJ – 1991 for Brendan Shanahan

        P.K. Subban – Montreal to Nashville – 2016 for Shea Weber

      • Almost forgot

        Phil Housley – Buffalo to Winnipeg – 1990 along with Scott Arniel, Jeff Parker and a 1990 1st round pick that turned into Keith Tkachuk for Dale Hawerchuk and a 1990 1st round pick that turned into Brad May

      • George….

        You missed Esposito and Hodge for Ratelle and Park…

      • NYR4life is quite accurate in his assessment that trades like the ones George mentioned, are virtually non existent in todays NHL.

        I wonder if he likes Adam Fox yet?

  8. Please. I like you George. But don’t make a Pitt fan cry with that abomination of a jagr trade memory. Now that Francis trade. Yum yum.

    • I liked old ZZ

  9. George, how about Eric Lindros for Peter Forsberg, Ron Hextall, Mike Ricci, Steve Duchesne, Kerry Huffman, 1st rounder (Jocelyn Thibault), Future considerations (Chris Simon), 1st rounder (Nolan Baumgartner) and 15 million dollars… Nobody says It but Québec made the best trade in history IMO 🙂