Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – October 13, 2019

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Updates on the Devils, Oilers, and Penguins in today’s NHL Sunday rumor roundup.


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports the New Jersey Devils’ slow start has some observers wondering how patient they’ll be with Taylor Hall. The 27-year-old winger could become the big fish in next summer’s free-agent pond.

Friedman speculates rival general managers could start calling Devils GM Ray Shero about his plans if he can’t re-sign Hall. However, he feels it’s far too early for Shero to consider shopping the winger.

The New Jersey Devils’ early-season struggles is stoking speculation over Taylor Hall’s future (Photo via NHL Images).

Colleague Chris Johnston said there hasn’t been much contract talk lately between the two sides. He feels it’s an ongoing process but doesn’t dismiss the possibility of an extension being dependent upon the outcome of this season.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks suggests the Devils’ sluggish start could put head coach John Hynes on the hot seat. While Shero is a loyal and patient general manager, there’s a sense of urgency this season. Brooks thinks Scott Stevens might make a good replacement for Hynes.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Speculation over Hall’s future has been ongoing since the summer. The longer he goes unsigned the more conjecture will arise over his status with the Devils. I agree with Johnston that this season’s outcome could be a determining factor.

Given the Devils’ big off-season additions and Hall’s pending free-agent status, Hynes must quickly find a way to get his club on the winning side of the ledger or he’ll end up paying the price. A few wins in the Devils’ upcoming games will turn down much of that heat.


Johnston reports Jesse Puljujarvi is comfortable with spending the season in Finland. The 21-year-old restricted free agent winger is waiting for the Edmonton Oilers to honor his trade request. The Oilers have until Dec. 1 to sign him or trade him to a club that will sign him. Otherwise, he’ll be ineligible for the rest of his NHL season.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Kurt Leavins reports there’s some talk the Oilers could have interest in Carolina Hurricanes winger Julien Gauthier, who saw fourth-line duty against Columbus on Saturday. His waiver-exempt status could also make him an attractive trade option.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Should the Oilers continue playing well leading up to Dec. 1 they won’t be under any pressure to move Puljujarvi. If a suitable return isn’t found they’ll let him spend the season in Finland and try signing or trading him next summer.

Unless the Oilers are willing to offer up something worthwhile, Hurricanes GM Don Waddell has no reason to trade Gauthier. Like the Oilers, the Canes are off to a great start and Waddell’s not facing pressure to swing a deal right now.


Friedman reports Pittsburgh Penguins general manager Jim Rutherford is willing to deal from his blueline depth for a forward. However, he hasn’t found anything worthwhile in the trade market. He’s not interested in moving his 2020 first-round pick.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Rutherford will remain patient while Evgeni Malkin and Nick Bjugstad recover from their injuries. If there’s nothing suitable in the trade market he’s got little choice but to wait for his two sidelined centers to return.


  1. The Penguins have “depth” defencemen? Surely not Jack Johnson or Erik Gubrandson?

    Any team starting these two in their top 6 dmen most assuedly doesnt have depth at that position.

    • Ron…overall, Gudbranson has played ok for the Penguins in that 3rd pairing…. We will need his size and grit come playoff time but it looks like he might get moved… This kid Marino is doing pretty well so far although -1 tonight was good in Minnesota and against Anaheim…

      love to move or just release Johnson….

  2. I suppose, Ron, if you look at a dictionary explanation of “depth” – which shows two meanings – it has to be one of them

    1. the distance from the top or surface to the bottom of something.

    2. the quality of being intense or extreme

    It surely isn’t # 2 – or then again, maybe it is “# 2” if you’re describing the substance of Pitt’s D “depth”


    • Suitable return for Puljujarvi is a 6th or 7th round pick. Apparently, no one is willing to offer that.

      • That why I feel Holland’s best bet is to sit on him until next summer and hopes he has an eye-opening season in the Finnish league. You know scouts will be watching closely.

      • My guess is that Holland disagrees with that valuation Jim.

      • I also think other GM’s will want to see how he does in the NHL before offering anything of substance George, at least I would.
        JP may have to suck it up and start next season in the NHL with the Oil.

      • Oh yeah, even a good season in Finland would not result in anything higher than a 3rd round pick and maybe a secondary prospect. But if it drags on well into next summer without a deal then Holland is simply making a point to show him and his agent who’s calling the shots. Can’t blame him I guess.

      • I think he should do what is best for the team, and if that means JP sits until he can prove it in the NHL, than that is on JP IMO.
        Playing for the Oil in the NHL isn’t exactly the Gulag. Methinks JP can survive it.

  3. Wishing all here flying the Red Maple Leaf ; a Happy Thanksgiving

    Wishing an early Columbus Day to those here flying the Red White and Blue

    Re Leafs …. love the late 2nd pass by Kappy up to Mekheyev …. great turning point to game 👍

    Re Pens …. excellent work by the “yungins (?)” …. love to see it. I wasn’t originally one of those saying that Marino was good enough yet to stay …. but he has played with poise and he bailed out JJ no less than 6 times last night so I’m very pleased

    Sid’s goal a thing of beauty😀

    I’d still go out and sign Boyle if he can be had for $1M….. which in reality is only $300 K because someone (a D) has to be sent down to keep roster at 23 …. everyone here knows that I’m extremely pro on it being JJ ; but Sully and Jimbo think smoke sails out of his butt… so Ruhweedel down and sign Boyle ; the extra $300 K in Cap is Malkin on IR for just 9 days so already good to go. Ruhweedel up on 23 man roster; is completely insane with Marino there.

    Not sure how long they can succeed with 2C, 3C and two top 9 wingers on IR… those 4 alone make up 27 % of the Cap


    Gotta get my Turkey in the oven now …. cheers

    • Pengy…I am one of those who said Marino can hang and he is doing that although minus 1 in Winnipeg tonight been great…VS Anaheim AND Minnesota..

      Feels like this is an audition for Matthew Perreault and Eric Gudbrason rumors floating these two will be exchanged for each other both at $4 million…we need another center and they need a right handed d-man…we will see Perreault has scored vs the Penguins tonight…last checked 1-1 in Winnipeg…

      • Hi BlackNGold

        My TV feed is down so checking in on the radio feed

        I was just so happy that JJ is not playing

        Hadn’t heard about the GudB for Perrault trade rumour

        Yes Pens need another Centre right now …. Perrault has played C in the past ; he’s almost entirely a winger; prior to tonight he may have had a handful of shifts at C in the first 6 games; not sure if they are trying him at. Tonight

        Easiest solution right now is to sign Boyle for about $1M; a DMan goes down to open a spot on 23 man roster ; min going down is $700 K; so diff of $300 Cap is paid for with just 8 or 9 days of Geno on IR


  4. Lou Lamierello should be calling on Taylor Hall. The Isles need a sniper. They have the cash to afford him now and in the future. Stanley Cup winning coach. Check. Doesn’t have to leave NYC area. Will be in brand new building in a couple of years. Familiarity with Jordan Eberle.

    I don’t think the Devils will trade him until closer to the holidays. They are too talented to keep this up. They may not be happy with the coaching job but they also just gave him an extension. They will give him time.

    BUT, if not there are players other teams would love especially for the stretch. If the Devs don’t pick it up Hall isn’t staying.

    • Are they too talented though? Subban hasn’t looked worth his contract in a couple of years and Simmonds was not a good signing , imo kakko was the signing over Hughes Hughes will be good but I think kakko will be a superstar. The devils goaltending is the real weak spot on their team though

  5. From street gangs to hockey teams to religious wars, combatants fight more boldly and bravely when they believe that the toughest guy in the battle is on their side. Add to that Gudbrason’s improved play after leaving Vancouver, and he becomes someone who would be useful to many teams.

  6. @ Pengy: TML fan here: Detroit is just that and TML against better competition so far to date, is not very good in many aspects.

    The Mike Commodore link provided by somebody on here was very ” enlightening” and I do wonder if the current roster feels about him, the same way Commodore felt about Babcock.

    Furthermore, Imagine being Mike Modano, nothing to prove, stuck at 1499 NHL games with 3 games left to play in a REGULAR season and Babcock won’t play him ONE shift so he can reach 1500 games played.

    I don’t know Pengy; but if thats not the definition of a world class a**h**le, I’m not sure what is …Just saying..oh’s the link

    • Hi Joey

      I posted (ranted really) yesterday re the Babcock snub of Spezza and Madano

      I was quite perturbed about the whole thing

      Here is part of my post from yesterday :

      “Should Spezza have played instead of Shore in opening game… this was the most disrespectful thing I’ve ever seen… it’s Babcock’s right as coach to sit whoever he wants… that said …. a bonehead ; rude; disrespectful and disgusting thing to do. Even if Babcock thought Shore was a better player …. I don’t BTW; at the very most it is imperceptibly better ; and it’s for a bottom 6 position so this minor difference in ability wasn’t going to (and didn’t ) make a difference in the result of the opening game.

      Spezza signed at League min and came “home”. Opening game against the team he was drafted 2nd overall to; and played 11 years for; has > 300 goals; almost 600 assists; > 900 points.

      Shore …. a journeyman with just over 230 NHL games and 50 points …. who went through 3 teams last year had 5 goals and 19 points…. played just over 8 minutes in the opener …. instead of dressing Spezza??????

      If this is any game but the home opener … and coach TRULY TRULY believes Shore is the man and will be more of a positive impact than Spezza …. Shore in ; Spezza out …. coach’s decision …. can’t argue

      Not playing Spezza in the opener made me cringe and I was very upset. VERY

      I have normally backedBabcock …. he lost a great deal of respect IMHO ; with that move

      Nanaimowill above stated that Babcock sat Madano for his final 3 games ; sticking him at 1,499…. I didn’t know that…. if true …. also a Brutal stunt

      I believe Madano is (still as of this posting) the best US hockey player ever…. way too early to state that for Mathews.

      I also believe right now; that Spezza is better than Shore; I do

      Setting aside those personal viewpoints ….

      Sitting Spezza in the opener; and if true re MM….. holding him in the stands to finish at 1,499 games ….. completely wrong moves


      GO PENS GO”

      • So maybe Mr. Rutherford is just being respectful to J.J.
        I suppose that’s different
        He might be trying to get him to 1500 games.
        If Modano wanted the games he should have stayed in Dallas . Instead of 1 year in Detroit.
        Funny how Babcock is responsible for finishing history for players that played and starred in other locations
        As you say IMHO

      • No Johnson no problem 7-2 over the jets big two game road swing and the youngsters are getting it done.

        14 goals in Minnesota and Winnipeg wow..

        Jarry was solid in goal..

        That will make it easier to trade Rust and maybe Bujgstad if these guys continue to roll on the 4th line….

        There was a something brewing until Rust hurt his hand so deals got put on hold…Rust and Bujgstad likely gone when they comeback….

  7. I dont see why pens should trade Bjugstad`?