Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – October 27, 2019

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Check out the latest on the Bruins and Oilers in the Sunday NHL rumor roundup.


NBC SPORTS BOSTON: Joe Haggerty examined several trade options for the Bruins to address their need for a top-six winger. New Jersey’s Taylor Hall would certainly help but he’s a left-winger and a long shot in terms of trade cost and salary cap. The Vegas Golden Knights’ limited cap space could make Alex Tuch someone to consider but he could cost someone like Jake DeBrusk in a trade package. Minnesota’s Jason Zucker would be an upgrade over what the Bruins currently have but they’d have to give up valuable draft picks and/or prospects plus a young roster player.

Could the Boston Bruins target New York Rangers winger Chris Kreider as a playoff rental? (Photo via NHL Images)

New York Rangers winger (and local boy) Chris Kreider could be a playoff rental near the trade deadline. So could Florida’s Mike Hoffman or the LA Kings’ Tyler Toffoli. A draft pick and a prospect should get it done for either guy.

An affordable gamble could be New York Islanders winger Josh Ho-Sang, who recently cleared waivers. Another would be Edmonton Oilers right winger Jesse Puljujarvi. who’s in Finland awaiting a trade.

BOSTON HOCKEY NOW: Jimmy Murphy believes the Bruins will likely need to move a defenseman when Kevan Miller and John Moore come off injured reserve. He cites sources claiming general manager Don Sweeney is working the phones.

Shopping either blueliner could be difficult. Miller has an injury history while Moore is a third-pairing rearguard carrying a $2.7-million annual average value through 2022-23. The Bruins could also demote Steven Kampfer or Connor Clifton, though the latter will have to clear waivers if he plays seven more games this season.

If Sweeney can’t move Miller or Moore, he could be forced to trade a player he doesn’t necessarily want to move. Murphy suggests Torey Krug could surface in trade speculation. He’s slated to become an unrestricted free agent next summer and would fetch that elusive top-six winger.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Krug would attract plenty of interest in the trade market but I doubt Sweeney will move him. Despite Krug’s pending UFA status, the Bruins regard him as a necessary piece for another run at the Stanley Cup next spring.

Moving Miller or Moore won’t be easy but Sweeney could find a club with sufficient cap space desperate for blueline help. He could also include a draft pick or prospect to sweeten the deal.

Sweeney could wait until the trade deadline approaches to bring in a suitable rental winger. He’s under no pressure to make a move with the Bruins playing well through the early going.


EDMONTON JOURNAL: Kurt Leavins wonders how long it’ll take for Oilers GM Ken Holland to bring in a real third-line center. He suggests Ottawa’s Jean-Gabriel Pageau or Colorado’s Tyson Jost as trade targets.

Pageau is due to become a UFA next summer and could prove too costly for the Senators to re-sign. Jost will be among six restricted free agents for the Avalanche next summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Pageau might be easier to acquire than Jost. With over $57 million invested in 12 players for 2020-21, they can afford to re-sign Jost.

Leavins colleague Jim Matheson recently suggested the Oilers offer up Jesse Puljujarvi to the Arizona Coyotes for center Christian Dvorak.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sorry, Jim, that’s not gonna happen.



  1. What is Jim smoking?

  2. I am surprised there is No Leaf news above .
    Do the Leafs not need a back up goalie, especially with Babcock rotating his goalies on a consistent basis , and Hutchison , playing against the more difficult teams .
    What is going on with Babcock, in regards to his goalie arrangement – SERIOUS issue ….

    Also , of note – Buttons comments – A Lamborghini should perform like a Lamborghini…
    Again, Matthews , Marner and Nylander were no shoes last night – main reason , they cannot afford to trade for a back up goaltender .
    My opinion is – Sheldon Keefe is NHL ready – Babcock’s time is up
    Poor decision making on a consistent basis …. 1st round playoff exit – 3 occasions ..
    No light at the end of the tunnel – as far as Babcock wanting to change – again , another mediocre playoff – in the forecast , or as Button puts it – Are they even going to make the Playoffs …
    Keefe will get more respect from Marner , Mathews, etc , , as a result – much more consistent performance every game night .
    The goaltending scenario will definitely change as well .

    Kyle Dubais has to be accountable as well ..
    He has openly admitted to making mistakes …

    Leafs were so close …. now another downward trend in Leaf land …
    Shanahan -R U listening !!

    • IN Ranger land, if you would like to trade us Matthews & Maricin for Kreider, Strome, Andersson & Smith I will gladly do it. Cap is about even and you guys get depth.

      Thank you.

    • Right on!! Babcock must go for Keefe before they fall out of playoff contention. Dubas needs to show some guts and fire Babcock. Not his pick for coach. Keefe is. GM entitled to HIS coach. This oe move will turn everything around immediately.

    • Ken, Hutchinson has played the 2nd game of 4 back to back games. Team records in the 2nd of back to backs is significantly worse than the their records when not. Across the league. The Leafs have had 4 in Oct which is a lot, and will now get a break from them.
      You can debate the wisdom of using your backup in this situation, but it seems like most coaches employ this strategy.
      I would like to know your reasoning for stating that Keefe would get more respect from Marner, Matthews etc. What has Keefe done to earn that respect?
      Does a coaches message get stale after time, seems like it does. Look at Julien in Boston. Great coach, but the change worked in Boston. And MTL improved under Julien. Still the same coach, just a change of scenery. Cassidy made some minor changes but the system didn’t change much.
      Babcock is a very good coach, perhaps a wake up call is required for the players, and a new coach may help with that, but Babcock seems pretty consistently good IMO.

  3. B’s have been looking for a scoring winger with size to play on the #2 line 4+ years now so what’s the hurry

  4. Sweeney can call Guerin if and see if he is nervous on how Minny is playing and will go for

    to MIN: Backes & Miller
    to BOS: Rask & Foligno

    Boston gets a big body upfront for depth along with another center who is younger & cheaper than Backes. The leadership in BOS can do wonders for players careers.

    Minny gets Defensive depth upfront and on the backend. Backes’s contract is also up sooner.

    Backes is a leader who can get a chance to display that int he Minny locker room where Boston’s is clearly established by the way they play and how consistent they are.

    BOS can package up Rask in the offseason to clear more cap. Lower cap hit will be easier. Playing in BOS could reignite his career to increase his value

  5. Penguins – Jack Johnson
    Winnipeg – Souvenir shovel used for ice scraping at Heritage Classic (Pens must add 4th round pick if they want a COA)


    • Hi Ron

      COA? This dumb guy here only knows COA as the Canada Ontario Agreement (on the Great Lakes) ? What is COA?

      No need for the souvenir shovel

      JJ & 3rd for a jar full of Heritage Classic Zamboni ice scrapings

      Not only is Jimbo brain dead in keeping JJ; Sully started JJ on top pairing…. so Sully brain dead as well

      A couple of days ago they waived Trottman …. they could have waived JJ; played Trottman ; and saved $1.08 M in Cap!!!

      JJ once again horrific last night ; brutal on breakouts; out of position in his own end; mistake after mistake after mistake; if it weren’t for Murray and 4 other Pens on the ice every shift saving his butt ; Pens could have been down by 3 midway through the 2nd

      Pens were playing on pins and needles every shift that JJ was on

      Then the epiphany of all epiphanies happened… Sully finally sat JJ for two of his scheduled next shifts (I couldn’t believe that it was finally happening) ….Pens relaxed and played with tremendous spark…. and finally scored and then another only 100 seconds later

      Late late in the game with Goalie pulled ; Sully has another brain fart and puts JJ out …. within seconds he almost cost Murray a shut-out (which he’s done multiple times over the last 13 months).

      Riikola was absolutely great; and worked very well with Marino

      WTF has Sully been smoking all along having JJ playing D instead of Riikola????

      When Dumo is back it better be




      7th …. Trottman OR Alamari OR Czusman OR Joseph

      There are still some reports stating that GMJR still trying to move JJ (be still my heart 👍) but it will likely cost Rust

      They already freed up some room moving GudB…. wouldn’t it be absolutely fantastic if NJ decides they can’t re-sign Hall and somehow there is a deal that moves JJ out and brings Hall in ….. many moving parts …. and a dream … but it would be nice

      I just have this gut feeling that Hall will end up in Boston … it’ll start with Krug and a 1st and maybe Bjork plus Trent???

      • Are you on crack???? No way does it cost that to acquire Hall!! Krug plus maybe Heinen would be more than enough. Hall is a free agent aswell as Krug at year’s end and both are near the top in their respective positions. Krug for Hall straight up is even a fair trade

      • Hmmmm.

        Never heard “COA” before but judging by his proposition- it must be “C.ertificate O.f A.uthenticity”…

      • Thanks En4Sir

        Prob right


      • Hi Hawk

        No crack taken here. I may be a crackpot; but I don’t partake. 🙂

        Personally I believe that Heinen’s value is fairly close to Bjork + Trent (note: I’m a big Heinen fan); so really we’re only off the 1st.

        The reported ask is 1st, roster, pick.

        With Krug in there— that is UFA for UFA to start; so NJ would need confidence in re-signing him and/or know they can flip him and keep that value in the back of their minds for the trade equation.

        I really can’t see NJ moving Hall w/o a 1st or 2nd coming back as part of the mix. It would have to be very strong prospects and/or young roster coming over.

        My gut still has Bruins acquiring him and I’m only throwing out Krug as he has been tossed around in many articles and posts as a potential trade chip.

        I truly can’t see Krug plus Heinen being enough.

        It is not what we as Fans see as the value; it is what the two GMs can negotiate on…. their needs now and in the future. It appears that Bruins are in the now and NJ are likely “in the future”

        If NJ is moving on from Hall; then they are giving up for this year and therefore need effective players in the near-future…. hence the reported ask for a roster, prospect and pick.

        With Hall’s calibre as a rental player; that is not far off the mark.

        His impact on a team chasing the cup should be substantial. The injury past is a concern; but his ability to produce is quite valuable.

        Bruins top line, IMHO, is the best in the league. Fantastic last night (and most nights for that matter).

        Bruins are exposed to potential injury to that top line as currently secondary scoring is limited. Hall would be a tremendous influx of production.

        If NJ still in the basement come US Thanksgiving and still without a Hall extension; I would think it is far better than 50% that Hall does not finish the year in NJ.


  6. When Miller and Moore come off injury the Bruins will have 9 dman so something has to give. Don’t see any team trading for someone coming off injury until they have a few games under their belt. Moore be the one I don’t mind trading but Miller be easier to move.

    • Caper, agree, 9 isn’t workable. You live in WPG, the Jets seem like a team that could use a guy like Miller.
      Not sure what comes back, but a 2nd round pick or a prospect coming back should do it.
      If Buff stays away until Xmas (or decides he isn’t returning) the Jets may have the space to do it. Also gives the B’s some extra cap space and flexibility at the TDL.
      Moore can play in the top 4 on a team with less depth than Boston IMO. Good player, but not better than the B’s top 4. A 4/5 type guy. Also could fit with WPG more long term. Needs to get healthy first as well.

      • I don’t know Ray, seem Winnipeg is trying to wait out Byfuglien before they do anything. I would’ve thought they go get Adam Mcquaid as he would be on the cheap and would give the Jets the physical presence they need on the back end, considering the physical teams in their division.

  7. Boston will send Clifton down before he plays enough games to be claimed. Kampfer will play until Miller is ready.
    I would go after Laine for a two defenseman package.

    • Which 2 Dave? May cost McAvoy.
      It is possible that the B’s lose 3 D-men this off season.
      Chara, Krug and Miller.
      They have some guys who may be able to step in from Providence in Vaak, Zboril and Lauzon, but still not sure things until they prove it.
      Or Chara just keeps going.

      • Not saying I would do it but something like
        Carlo,Vaakanienen Heinen and a first or
        Grzelcyk, Clifton, Vaakanienen and first.
        I did say package.
        I believe Laine wants out after watching the contract negotiations similar to what Truba went through.
        Winnipeg needs defense we have it.
        Don’t believe Krug is wanted unless he signed extension which I don’t see happening in Winnipeg.

    • Dave unless that 2 defenseman package is Carlo and McAvoy that deal isn’t happening. Boston won’t be trading either of the two players I mentioned.

      • Mcavoy definitely not.
        A decent one like Carlo and package with a defensive prospect and decent forward or pick could do it. Depends on if Winnipeg thinks Laine will stay for long term.

  8. Bruins traded for Moore last trade deadline “for depth” . Move or risk Clifton and Kampfer or both. Miller adds toughness and can play which is nice to have in the post season.

    I am almost certain that Puljularvi sits all year in Iceland or Finland or wherever he is. The player has no right to ask for anything.

    • Moore was signed as a UFA in the off season.

    • Bruins signed him as FA for 5years!!

  9. The problem isn’t Babcock. Though I think he has worn his welcome and the team may be better off without him. The problem is the roster Dubas has supplied to the coach.

    Maybe because he never played the game, maybe because he was an early proponent of advanced statistics, maybe because he feels hockey at it’s core is is all beauty and speed and not power and grit.

    No matter what the cause he has provided to the coach a team that will not use the body. Therefore, they get too many stick penalties. He has given the coach players who other teams believe they can run at will. Leaf players will not respond in kind. He has provided the coach with $40 million in forwards and a $700,000 a year backup who is expected to play 25 games. Think about the investment philosophy there.

    This Leaf fan has no problem firing Babcock. In fact, it should be done the day after they fire Dubas. He is in over his head. He gave too much $ to Marner and Matthews too early in their career. This Leaf fan imagines how Lou L. would have handled these contracts. His years of experience would have informed him, players have to cave. Then he could have done something about his real problem.

    No hitters no defense, inadequate goaltending tandem. Defense wins championships.

    • Hi OBD

      Agree… the cast in front of the bench is top heavy and grit/pugnacity/push-back deprived; and having a tenuous back-up leaves Leafs potentially one prolonged Freddy injury away from missing the post season

      Agree … Dubas in over his head.

      IMO I trace the Cap issue to the WW capitulation. A more seasoned GM than GMKD would have seen that Leafs were still at least 2 years away (at that time ) from a cup and that being forced to sign at the last minute with two big contracts on the horizon; was not the way to go.

      If WW was forced to sit; he signs for less; AM signs for less (and perhaps a better term) and MM doesn’t hold out and signs for less ….. the net would have been IMHO $3M – $4 M extra Cap space (from those three) which then could have been strategically used much better (D and/or back-up)

      Under absolutely NO circumstances should GMKD be trading futures and loading up for bear at TDL for a shot at a cup in ‘20…. the shot just isn’t there …. this team as at now is not built to win 4 gruelling rounds of playoff hockey

      Only 1 D signed past this year with minimal cap room ….😡😢

      After 1/7/20 SBs are paid …. trade WW for an up and coming early/mid 20’s DMan who is trending towards top 4…. and still has term …. and current cap at $5M or less… Cap saved; one puzzle piece acquired.

      A couple of other assets could be parlayed into another one

      The coach is not off the hook here…. if this team continues in mediocrity past US Thanksgiving …. perhaps the Leafs need a fresh face behind the bench

      The ship can be righted in time for their true cup window (June ‘21–June ‘24) but strategic moves must be made that are geared to that time-frame

      The city’s younger gen (35 -40 and younger) want the all in; now is the time approach

      The “seasoned” fans have been waiting 52 years (I can remember as a child sitting in my late father’s knee , watching the ‘67 cup on a 22” B&W TV) and are more willing to wait for success than blow the wad and fall short this year; ruining chance for down the road


      GO Leafs GO

    • Pretty much bang on….

    • Lou signed Marleau for three years – solid move. Was he part of drafting forwards rather than defence? Think so.
      He’s not a magician and wanting him at the helm doesn’t help the Leafs now.
      Some better play from the current group would help though.

      • Hi BCLeafFan

        Reading this today (Monday)

        Lou’s signing of Marleau for 3 years was silly then (my opinion has not changed).

        It would have been far better for Lou to pay him the exact same total amount but for only 2 years.

        Remember, he got everything but $1.25M in the first 2 years plus 1 day of that contract. Leafs had plenty of space in year one and were expected to have plenty of space in year two. The extensions of young players in year three were known to be out there for year 3.

        The contract was signed AFTER Marleau was 35 so Lou knew that more than $6M in Cap space was going to be hitting them in year 3 for a 40 year old.

        If Marleau stays up on the SJ roster for the year; he ends up with more money after everything (even the buyout); and gets to play in the city most comfortable to his family.

        His break even point is 49 games on the SJ roster (not being sent down)— after that; he ends up with more $’s than if he had stayed with Leafs and/or Carolina; and don’t forget— is in the City he and his family like the most and the one that drafted him in the first place.

        Big big big losers in this is Carolina who paid $3.83 M to buy a first rounder from Leafs.

        Just sayin’

  10. The Leafs have things they need to work out. I don’t see the reason to fire Babcock
    They have had trouble with the 2nd game of back to back. Most teams do.
    If you eliminate the 2nd game losses they are winning at 66 percent
    I think Dermott will help the defense. Tavares and Hyman are soon back as well.

    • I agree with this.
      Back to back games are a crapshoot.

      As soon as Babs is fired,(he shouldn’t be)
      he’ll be picked up by another team.

      What is Gods name has Sheldon Keef done to deserve a shot with the big club?

      Kinda thought the Leafs were rebuilding.
      Wasn’t that the point of hiring Babs?

  11. I can’t believe D.J. Smith is making Bobby Ryan a healthy scratch. He says the 20 best players play. How disrespectful to a veteran player. He only needs 181 more games for 1000. I guess Ryan is the reason they are 2 wins and 8 losses.

    • Well, to be fair. He really hasn’t helped much .

      I personally believe it’s the stink of losing, carrying over with the players and coach they brought in from Toronto.

      Tyler, Ron, DJ and the others need time to readjust. 😉

    • Dog has to wag his tail Vinnie can’t have your players not perform and play crappy in front of your young guys not a good example.

      • True that Obe.

  12. Many, many changes for the Leafs in the offseason. How about we check back in a couple of weeks, assuming Hyman and Dermott are back; and John Tavares is pretty hard to replace, isn’t he,not just a guy carried by Mitch Marner. Sure would like to see the former Colorado guys pick it up. Liking Mikhayev though.
    And, if I never hear about Jack Johnson again, it will be too soon.

  13. Seattle should hire Babcock, and join Francis, if he gets fired…..but I hope he does not.

    Still a good coach. He has had many successful teams under him. Players should give a listen.

  14. That’s true, I agree with accountability. Also the coach has the say regardless of who the player is .
    Funny, it’s not the same when Babcock makes a coaching decision.
    That’s why I put this on here.
    The coach should definitely get to decide who plays

  15. There is no way Boston is in on Hall unless they can drop Backes into the deal. Boston would also want to be able to sign Hall, which is why Backes HAS to be included. Another issue is I can’t see Boston giving Hall 10-12 million a year. Plus Bruins are loaded on the left side they need a right winger so you don’t solve your main issue. So if somehow this all played out the package would be something like this
    To Bos: Hall
    To Jersey:Backes, Debrusk, Fredric, 1st and maybe a 2nd even, taking Backes is the key

  16. I have reviewed some very good feedback on my script from the beginning of this day .
    1 might wonder , what this team would of looked like if Mark Hunter got the title of GM ..
    There is an untold story here , why Hunter really left ..
    I am surprised he wasn’t heavily interviewed …
    Although , we know he wanted the GM post, I feel there is more behind this story .
    Hutchison is not the guy !!!
    A high salaried player has to go , to make room for tweaking the lineup …..
    1 being a back up
    2 being some sandpaper – enforcement up front …
    Matthews is getting “gooned” and is easily thrown off his game , as a result !!!