Five NHL Teams Most in Need of an Early-Season Trade

by | Nov 20, 2019 | Soapbox | 3 comments



  1. The leafs but I don’t know if I’d let dubas make them! The Barrie and Ceci trade look really bad, maybe he should ask Babcock what this team needs instead of more soft players how about some grit and heart

  2. Looks like Calgary needs to trade Milan Lucic for a used bag of pucks … or just put him on waivers! Probably no takers for either.
    The $5.25 AAV anchor and cheap shot artist is bringing his second team in a row down to the Davey Jones.
    And another $5.25 for THREE more years. UGH!
    The Oilers surely robbed the Flames with that trade!
    Milan Lucic: 0 goals in 22 games
    James Neal: THIRTEEN goals in 23 games!

    • All true Nasdaq40 – but then again, Lucic hasn’t had his “bounce back” year yet. 🙂