How Hockey’s Culture Destroyed Akim Aliu’s NHL Dream

by | Nov 30, 2019 | News, NHL | 6 comments



  1. B4 all the dust settles, Peters will be sued in a civil court for his actions

  2. Consider this. While he writer of this article was not the offender, he and all other reporters in that Windsor dressing room are also somewhat culpable as they stood by and did nothing. You didn’t have to name anyone; just report what was happening. Akim’s career may have turned out differently had you spoken out….and maybe this bullying would have become a topic ten years ago and stopped then.

    • I agree with you Dan..;.Good point !

  3. These hazing,s are stupid and unnecessary not a child or adult should be put through this nonsense. Saying this I also know many millions have and preserved in their careers Akim needed to take control of his journey to the NHL and not blame hazing and name calling for the reason he didn’t make it.

    • Yes, many who are likely of the same cultural and racial background as their offenders. And while this type of behavior hurts everyone, if you are decidedly different from your offenders and even the culture around you, you have that much more to fight through. I also agree with Dan in that if people had spoke up at the time of the Spitfires incident, perhaps the issue would have been pursued more thoroughly. Unfortunately, many of us, including me learn from hindsight and experience to do the right thing.

      • I meant to say that if you are of the same cultural/racial make-up of your offenders, it may be easier to overlook their transgressions.