Maple Leafs Report Card: Evaluating the Coach and GM

by | Nov 17, 2019 | News, NHL | 4 comments



  1. Guess what Kraft Dinner(Kyle Dubas) Nobody is buying your ballerina act. Your team, as you built it with that legendary coach, is playing out a script off the page of SlapShot 2.

    Sadly, U will fire your 700+ win Coach becuz U think its the only way to save your job and maybe you are right. but you have constructed hockey’s biggest, and most expensive, bag of marshmallows and every team in the NHL knows it too

  2. Joey your wrong in many ways and this comment repeated 4 times doesn’t make it any righter.
    After 5 years and these poor starts and missed assignments seem to convey the players may be tuning out the coaches. Mind you besides a good ⅓ of your team revamped as well as new assistant coaches, it’s is a recipe for failure.
    Good news is it’s only year 6 in the rebuild and the core players are all under 24. Lots of time and great assets to make that happen…how? I don’t know.

    • Ron: take a shower: look in the mirror: The team stinks as built: U don’t agree? That’s ok. I don’t care

      I stand from what I see and I see no heart, no grit and no give a s**t and you want me to somehow see it your way?

      I don’t think so Ron but Thanks for telling me that NHL girl guides paid NHL salaries are worth watching on prime time TV and all calling themselves NHL players at the same time

  3. Habs fans would say: “ca c’est horrible!”