NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – November 16, 2019

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The Bruins down the slumping Maple Leafs, the Canadiens upset the Capitals, an update on TJ Brodie and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.


NHL.COM: Two third-period goals by Brad Marchand lifted the Boston Bruins to a 4-2 win over the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Bruins snapped a four-game winless streak while extending the Leafs’ to four games. Charlie Coyle picked up two points for the Bruins. Leafs forward Trevor Moore left the game in the first period with a shoulder injury. Earlier in the day, the Leafs revealed center Alexander Kerfoot is sidelined indefinitely following surgery to repair dental fractures suffered during a Nov. 5 game against the Los Angeles Kings.

Boston Bruins winger Brad Marchand scored twice in a 4-2 win over the Toronto Maple Leafs (Photo via NHL Images)

Tomas Tatar scored and set up three others as the Montreal Canadiens upset the league-leading Washington Capitals 5-2, snapping the latter’s 13-game points streak. Phillip Danault had a three-point performance for the Habs, who are 7-1-1 in their last nine contests (25 points). They sit three points behind the Atlantic Division-leading Bruins.

New Jersey Devils goaltender Mackenzie Blackwood made 38 saves in a 2-1 victory over the Pittsburgh Penguins. Travis Zajac and Blake Coleman tallied for the Devils. The Penguins are winless in two games without captain Sidney Crosby, who’s sidelined for six weeks recovering from sports-hernia surgery.

Zach Werenski scored in overtime as the Columbus Blue Jackets edged the St. Louis Blues 3-2. It’s the Jackets second win in their last nine contests.

The Ottawa Senators picked up their fourth win in five games by nipping the Philadelphia Flyers 2-1. Tyler Ennis and Filip Chlapik tallied for the Senators as they ended the Flyers point streak at seven games.


CALGARY SUN: Flames general manager Brad Treliving said tests to determine TJ Brodie’s collapse during practice on Thursday returned negative. The defenseman was treated and released from the hospital and is resting at home with his family. He’ll be meeting with a neurology team and will undergo examinations by specialists. The team doctor suspects Brodie’s collapse may have been caused by a syncopal (fainting) episode. There’s no timetable for his return.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’m relieved that Brodie appears to be okay. Hopefully, whatever caused him to collapse will be a minor, treatable issue.

THE DETROIT NEWS: Red Wings defenseman Patrik Nemeth could be sidelined three weeks following an infection after blocking a shot in a recent game. Blueliner Filip Hronek is expected to miss today’s game against the San Jose Sharks following a bruise from a shot block during Thursday’s 3-2 loss to the Kings.

NEWSOBSERVER.COM: Carolina Hurricanes removed forward Jordan Martinook from injured reserve.

THE SCORE: Sportsnet is considering new formats to replace Coach’s Corner during the first intermissions of its Saturday night broadcasts. Don Cherry, the long-time star of that segment, was fired earlier this week over comments aimed at immigrants leading up to Remembrance Day.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There was speculation Cherry’s co-host Ron MacLean was considering leaving Hockey Night in Canada. MacLean denied the rumor.


  1. I suspect that if the Leafs lose tonight against the Penguins, it’ll be downhill from here on..

    I just have no confidence on this team (too many injuries) to even win 50 percent of the games they’ll face.

    • Hi Antoni

      As a Leafs and Penguins fan ; their match ups are games I look forward to all year.

      I watched both games in full last night (PVR).

      Leafs were in this game and the score could have been reversed. Great chances, great shots, great saves…. the game result quite literally could have gone either way

      Pens are completely hampered with injuries …. they’ve had massively more Cap room injured than any other team….. waaaay more

      They lost another centre in Bjug last night

      They outshot ; out chanced ; out hustled; out played them for the whole game . Blackwood stood on his head. Absolutely in his head

      An absolute freak first goal that pinballed around from a weird angle and went off a visor and in behind Murray. Winning goal was an awkward weird save and play that ended up with a gaping net tally for them.

      Complete dominance the whole game by Pens and they still lose.

      To top it off …, the only Pens goal was by JJ …. the leagues worst player. Rutherford needs to trade him at Peak Value …, LOL

      When Pens and Leafs play I always hope for the game to go past 60 so that both teams get points.


      I usually hope for the extra point to go to whichever team has less points pre game and in the case that they are tied in the standings I cheer for the visitors to get the extra point

      They are tied with 22 points

      Tonight I will have to go against my norm and cheer for Pens (even though they are at home) to win in OT to get the extra point …. because they have been so absolutely decimated with prominent injuries and have lost 4 games in the last couple of weeks where they massively outplayed ; out-hustled ; out-shot and out-chanced their opponents …. weird bounces , deflections , posts, cross-bars ; opponents’ goalies having unbelievable nights… have all been going against them

      So ….. 3-3 after 60….. OT goal by Pens late in OT ; game filled with speed, chances, great goals; spectacular saves…. is what I’m hoping and praying for

      If Coach’s corner has Burke …. wont be watching


      • Leafs are too top heavy you have the top four than johssson and kapenan who feed off the top 4 but than it drops off a cliff , and well the defence is just not good trading Madrid for Barrie just wasn’t smart! When is dubas going to figure out you need more than just skill

      • Hi Pengy

        I think Johnson has been playing a little bit better this year than you give him credit for. He’s the lone physical defenseman the Pens have and the hardest to play against. The Johnson/Rikola pairing actually gives me less worries than Schultz/Pettersson. Stats dont tell the whole picture but Johnson”s ga/60 Is 1.7 this year. Schultz/Pettersson are 3.0/2.9. The Pens biggest need right now is a top 4 d-man, any suggestions? It should be a good atmosphere between the Pens and Leafs tonight as a lot of Toronto fans always make the trip down. My all time favorite Pens/Leafs moment was when Jarko Ruutu and Darcy Tucker went at it in an epic brawl and a fight broke out in the stands right behind them at the same time. I miss those games !

      • Hi SJF928

        Just reading this now; was out all day yesterday.

        I never challenge JJ’s physical game ….. it’s everything else

        He has nothing between the ears

        His D partners have been bailing him out all year

        I have watched every Pens game this year

        Is JJ playing better than last year …. I’d be really really pushed to declare that

        Statistically better but that for sure is a result of 5 teammates (and often Murray) bailing him out.

        Shift in shift out … he is out of position…. prolonged play in their zone; high danger chances; etc etc fall on him

        Riikola certainly can’t hit like JJ ; but a far superior player

        I actually like the Shultz/Pettersson pairing

        Marino …. very pleased with him

        After Tanger returns:





        waive JJ & Ruhweedel

        Pens problems have mostly been injuries (tough to get consistency and chemistry with lines) and awful luck …. bounces not going their way… 4 losses in last 2 weeks where Pens have outshot; outplayed ; out chances their opponents by a tremendous margin but bounces go against them and they run into goalies standing on their heads stopping close to 50 shots

        Sid being off 6 weeks will hurt big

        Unless there is a huge slide …. I’m hoping for Pens to get 19-21 points in next 17 games (I’m estimating Sid returns against Nsh on 27/12)

        9 @ Home; 8 away

        24 pts now in 20 G

        43 points (19 more points by 27/12)… would likely require them to get 54 points in final 45 games (.600 clip) to get in ….. doable

        Bjug needs to stay health and has to perform much better

        G-Chuck has been a bust in 11 games (just 5 assists no goals)

        Setting aside the Lefty/Rightie thing …. Laffy has played and performed much better than G-Chuck ; is less than 1/6th the Cap cost of G-Chuck; and can play C & Wing

        Under no circumstances should GMJR move Jarry…. flip DeSmith if they have to … a back-up that is holding his own quite well and coming in at 675 K…. should never be moved

        Wait out the storm ; hope for quick return of Tanger and Horny ; pray for huge up-tick from G-Chuck; and a healthy and productive Bjug

        If Bjug has stayed healthy all year and had played much better (1 point in 10 games)..,, a Bjug for Soucy & Dewar would have been a real dream

      • Oops

        Bottom Pairing was to read


        Trottman as 7th D

  2. Bout time for Elliotte Friedman to start opining how long it’s gonna be until Matthews wants out of Leafland.

  3. Is Sportsnet going to force Anthony Stewart on us?

    Doesn’t matter, if I don’t watch it, I guess.

  4. Craig Button said it best in TSN last night…. the identity of the Toronto Maple Leafs is a sloppy defensive team.

    He placed blame on the management, the coaching staff, the coaching system and the players.

    It’s a gong show. This is actually more of an embarrassment than when fans used to come to games with paper bags over their heads. With the calibre of players they have how is it that they can’t string 60 minutes of hockey sensible strategy and work ethic.

    What is the problem here?

    When I see Nylander and Kapanen the millennial twins figure skating with no positional awareness, other players leaving complete open spaces in front of the net, defensemen scrambling because the forwards have no clue what theyre doing positionally there is only one area to blame…. the coaching staff… a useless system, holding players like Barrie back, putting players like Ceci with first line minutes to give players like Reilly extra work to clean up his mistakes, a power play that is impotent, a penalty killing system that mimicked a beer hockey league, a captain who looks confused, 150 pound players that are getting injured with a bodycheck….I had to send my kids to bed early so they wouldn’t have nightmares.

    Shanahan, fire the entire lot.

    Bring back Mark Hunter. Hire a gym and a coach who played the game, get 4-5 players who can hit and understand positional play and get rid of the Hall and Oates song.

    • Guess what Kraft Dinner(Kyle Dubas) Nobody is buying your ballerina act. Your team, as you built it with that legendary coach, is playing out a script off the page of SlapShot 2.

      Sadly, U will fire your 700+ win Coach becuz U think its the only way to save your job and maybe you are right. but you have constructed hockey’s biggest, and most expensive, bag of marshmallows and every team in the NHL knows it too

  5. Austin Matthew (Mad Mooner) 13 of his 14 goals came on home ice. Likes his home cooking. But I think the leafs would like to see more balance.

  6. I’d love to see the leafs get thumped in Arizona and a headline that said “Mathews, leafs get exposed in Arizona”. I’d chuckle.

  7. Guess what Kraft Dinner(Kyle Dubas) Nobody is buying your ballerina act. Your team, as you built it with that legendary coach, is playing out a script off the page of SlapShot 2.

    Sadly, U will fire your 700+ win Coach becuz U think its the only way to save your job and maybe you are right. but you have constructed hockey’s biggest, and most expensive, bag of marshmallows and every team in the NHL knows it too

  8. How does that song go about Marsh mellows being roasted on an open fire only TML style