NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – November 27, 2019

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The Bruins crush the Canadiens, the Flames continue an investigation into allegations of racism and abuse leveled at coach Bill Peters, and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.


NHL.COM: David Pastrnak tallied a hat trick to lead the Boston Bruins to an 8-1 thumping of the Montreal Canadiens. He now has a league-leading 23 goals on the season. Teammates Brad Marchand, Charlie Coyle, and Sean Kuraly each collected three points. Canadiens goalie Carey Price was pulled early in the second period after giving up five goals on 11 shots. The Habs are winless in their last five games.

Boston Bruins winger David Pastrnak lit up the Montreal Canadiens during an 8-1 rout on Tuesday (Photo via NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canadiens’ defensive weaknesses have been on full display over the last five games. Price can usually offset those issues, but when he’s not on his game – which he hasn’t been lately – the Habs suffer. Some pundits believe the Canadiens could pursue a big-ticket scorer like Taylor Hall. They’d be better served to shore up their blueline.

Corey Crawford turned in a 32-save shutout backstopping the Chicago Blackhawks to a 3-0 win over the Dallas Stars, snapping the latter’s seven-game winning streak. Brandon Saad, Patrick Kane, and Connor Murphy were the goal scorers.

Minnesota Wild goaltender Kaapo Kahkonen made 32 saves in his NHL debut in a 3-2 victory over the New Jersey Devils. Ryan Suter’s broke a 2-2 tie in the third period as the Wild extended their points streak to seven games.


CALGARY SUN: Bill Peters will not be behind the Flames’ bench when they face off tonight against the Buffalo Sabres. Management is investigating allegations of racism and abuse leveled at Peters by two former NHL players.

Akim Aliu said Peters hurled racist remarks at him when the two were with the AHL’s Rockford Icehogs in 2009-10. On Tuesday, Michal Jordan claimed Peters kicked and punched him from behind on the bench during a game in 2015-16 when they were with the Carolina Hurricanes. Both incidents have been confirmed by multiple sources.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: At one point yesterday there was a report claiming the Flames had fired Peters, but the club quickly denied it. Nevertheless, there’s a growing sense among the punditry that management could have little choice but to relieve him of his duties.

Jordan’s allegation is also raising questions over the handling of his situation by the Hurricanes management and coaching staff at the time. That includes current head coach Rod Brind’Amour, who was an assistant under Peters when the incident allegedly took place. Brind’Amour declined to comment.

The Peters situation comes on the heels of allegations of abusive behavior leveled at former Toronto Maple Leafs coach Mike Babcock following his firing last week. Some observers believe this could be the start of a culture shift as players speak out against the abuse by so-called old-school coaches.

LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL: Vegas Golden Knights goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury left the team yesterday for Quebec because of a family illness.

LOS ANGELES TIMES: Kings defenseman Alex Martinez is expected to make a full recovery following surgery for a wrist laceration suffered during Monday’s 4-3 loss to the San Jose Sharks.

THE DETROIT NEWS: Red Wings forward Anthony Mantha will be sidelined at least two weeks with a lower-body injury.

WINNIPEG SUN: Jets defenseman Nathan Beaulieu is sidelined seven-to-ten days with an upper-body injury.

TAMPA BAY TIMES: Lightning defenseman Erik Cernak received a two-game suspension for elbowing Buffalo Sabres blueliner Rasmus Dahlin, who’s sidelined with a concussion.


  1. If these allegations are true; then not only should Flames fire him; I think the NHL needs to have an appropriate response

    • I can understand a 20-year-old kid feeling intimidated and not saying anything when it happened – but I also get the feeling that, had that been Jarome Iginla or Donald Brashear on the receiving end, Peters would have spent the next few days in a hospital.

      • George O, I don’t know if i agree with that statement. I know what you’re saying but you’re talking about a young man trying to stay in the NHL the man with the power who decides if you stay or go is the one doing the bullying. Most will just shut up and hope it stops for fear of being demoted and losing their NHL shot.

        Physical toughness and mental toughness are very different and no player should ever be subject of racial slurs or being bullied because of anything.

      • What I’m saying is, given the history of both players named of not suffering fools gladly, I sincerely doubt Peters would have intimidated either. Maybe I’m wrong – but I don’t see it.

        As for the kid, it’s a damned shame he had to put up with that BS to protect his future in the game.

  2. Pengy i think we’re pass the point if the allegations are true.

    I believe Calgary is doing the right thing by doing their due diligents.

    This isn’t just one incident 10yrs ago which was extremely bad but more recent in 2015- 16 NHL season. How do you walk that back? You don’t.

    In the end probably today Peters will be relieved of his duties, Calgary doesn’t have any other choice because if the don’t they’ll have to answer for their decision to keep Peters all season, it will become a side show and a major distraction for the team.

    Peters need to public apologize, own his error and admit himself to sensitivity awareness program, show some remorse and maybe down the road he can work his way back.

    For me, it’s disgusting how he made this player feel and had an opportunity to apologize put chose not to. It was 10yrs ago and some people grow and educate themselves or reflect and say this isn’t right and i need to change but in Peters case his actions in 2015- 2016 says that self reflection hasn’t taken place and Calgary is only left with one decision which i believe is the right one. Peters will be relieved of his duties.

    • Interesting, too, that the incident in 15/16 was taken to then GM Ron Francis by some of the players and Bill Peters stayed as Head Coach. One of his assistants then is now the Hurricanes Head Coach.
      Bob McKenzie summed it up perfectly yesterday – this is a long way away from being over.

      • You got that right. And as others have pointed out, now that the door has been opened on two bullies (Peters and Babcock) you can bet there are more than a few others still in the game somewhere, and who have their own skeletons still in the closet, wondering when the next shoe drops.

      • Skeletons in the closets. Can we agree what is socially acceptable today is different then yesterdays what was socially acceptable yesterday?

        I’m putting the racial commets in a different category no time or place for it.

        The bullying by a coach, the hazing by players this was more acceptable not so long ago and i don’t believe that a person should pay for these social indifferences today by losing their employment or advancement for what was acceptable behavior yesterday. I’m not talking about last week or last year but where is the threshold? How far back? Anybody remember Archie Bunker?
        No doubts there is more skeletons in the closet but how old should the skeletons be where we say it was a different time then.

      • Obviously I’m talking about blatant racism. And when that’s involved I don’t give a rat’s ass if it was yesterday, a week ago, a year ago, or 10 years ago. Even then, and for the past half a century at least, there has been NO room for that bigoted crap in the business world or the sports world. Or any other aspect of life for that matter.

    • With you Caper

      I was carefully wording it so as to not come out as definitively stating he was guilty …. I’m fairly confident … just waiting for the “certainty “ announcement post internal investigation

      Guilty…. fire …. plus specific reaction from league (2 year or more suspension of doing anything in NHL/AHL??)

      Can’t remember Caper if you said you were from Manitoba …..

      If so … Monday I did a shout out congrats to all Manitobans for the Bomber GC

      • Totally agree with you on this one, the problem as you state is how long ago, kind of like trying to figure out how long before it’s archaeology and not grave robbing. I now read all of this and think at one point in time both were coaching the Red Wings and there were rumors about treatment of some players and you think now that maybe the rumors had some truth.

    • Calgary is doing their due diligence, and they should, but I don’t think it is about confirming what happened. That is a few phone calls to the witnesses that have already confirmed it did happen.
      IMO this is about firing/terminating with cause. If they wanted to fire him and pay him it would have happened already.
      I would be shocked if they didn’t have a clause in there about bringing shame to the Flames organization, and when it comes to what he did, it doesn’t matter if it happened 10 years ago as it it obvious that it is impacting the Flames today.
      Perhaps they settle on half the value to avoid a fight and have it go away quickly.
      He will be gone as soon as that issue is settled, as he should be.

  3. Nobody hazes a Bruin rookie Chara won’t allow it and pretty sure you wouldn’t want to answer to him.

    • True that Obe, the B’s go out of their way to be inclusive to rookies to help them succeed. Seems like a no brainer. Yes and it is led by Chara. He didn’t like when he was a rookie in Long Island and wasn’t gonna let it happen in Boston.
      I would also add that if Babcock had pulled that crap in Boston while Chara was on the team, he would have addressed it with Babcock face to face.

      • well, face to chest at least, but a true statement otherwise.

  4. Kinda sounds like us old guys were a bunch of pansies.
    We allowed racism bullying , couldn’t stand up for ourselves.
    Thank God the younger generation has some backbone and won’t take it anymore.