NHL Rumor Mill – November 1, 2019

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A review of TSN’s first trade-bait board of the season in today’s NHL rumor mill.

TSN: New York Rangers winger Chris Kreider, Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Martin Marincin, and Edmonton Oilers winger Jesse Puljujarvi top Frank Seravalli’s first NHL trade-bait board of this season. Dallas Stars defenseman Julius Honka and Calgary Flames blueliner Travis Hamonic fill out the top-five spots.

New York Rangers winger Chris Kreider tops TSN’s first NHL trade-bait board of this season (Photo via NHL Images).

Kreider is slated to become an unrestricted free agent next July. With the Rangers still feeling its rebuilding pains, Seravalli wondered if the speedy winger might be a good fit with the St. Louis Blues now that Vladimir Tarasenko’s sidelined for five months.

Marincin could be moved as the Leafs clear salary-cap space for Zach Hyman’s return. Seravalli said Oilers general manager Ken Holland will be in Finland to check on Puljujarvi’s progress. The winger will be taking part in the Karjala Cup next weekend.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless the Rangers get an enticing offer I believe they’ll hang onto Kreider until February. The trade deadline is Feb. 24 and that means more suitors and better offers. Marincin could end up getting waived.

Puljujarvi is a restricted free agent coming off his entry-level contract. Holland can take his time and evaluate offers for the 21-year-old winger. If Puljujarvi isn’t re-signed by Dec. 1, he’ll be ineligible to play the remainder of this NHL season. Nevertheless, Holland could be content to let him play the season in Finland and try again to re-sign or trade him next summer.

Honka’s status is similar to Puljujarvi’s, except there might not be as much interest in the young blueliner. Seravalli wonders if the Flames uneven start might prompt GM Brad Treliving to shake things up. He also suggests Hamonic, an unrestricted free agent next summer, could finish the season in Calgary if the Flames get back on track.

Columbus Blue Jackets defenseman Ryan Murray, Leafs winger Nic Petan, Detroit Red Wings winger Andreas Athanasiou, New York Islanders winger Josh Ho-Sang and Los Angeles Kings goaltender Jonathan Quick fill spots six to 10.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Murray’s currently sidelined three-to-four weeks with a broken hand. The Leafs are reportedly trying to trade Petan. Given their need to make room for Hyman, they could be forced to put him on waivers if not takers are found in the trade market.

Athanasiou’s slow start and restricted free agent status next summer are behind the chatter about his future with the Wings. However, reports out of Detroit indicate they’re optimistic he’ll snap out of his scoring funk soon. The Islanders are trying to move Ho-Sang but so far there are no takers.

Quick’s poor start has prompted trade conjecture. His hefty contract, declining performance and injury history makes him a tough sell.

Flames rearguard T.J. Brodie, Nashville Predators center Kyle Turris, Philadelphia Flyers blueliner Samuel Morin, Winnipeg Jets forward Jack Roslovic, and New Jersey Devils winger Taylor Hall round out the bottom five.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Like Hamonic, Brodie’s a UFA next summer. Despite the Flames’ recent struggles, I doubt either blueliner hits the trade block this fall. That could change, however, if they’re still struggling in the New Year.

The Predators reportedly tried moving Turris during the summer. Signed through 2023-24 with a $6-million annual salary, he’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Morin’s struggled to crack the Flyers lineup. He might benefit from a change of scenery.

Roslovic frequently surfaces in the rumor mill as trade bait for a defenseman. GM Kevin Cheveldayoff’s shown no interest so far in making that move.

Hall is the biggest name potentially available in next summer’s UFA market. With the Devils stumbling from the gate there are growing questions over his future in New Jersey. As long as he remains unsigned he’ll be a fixture in this season’s rumor mill.


  1. Here is the thing with Jesse Puljujarvi if he doesn’t change his mind and Holland wants to prove a point or can’t get an offering of his liking making and doesn’t move JP before December 1st then he has one year left before Seattle claim him. Edmonton not going to waste a roster spot on him. If JP is set on his decision bets to move him before December 1st.

    • @ Caper

      I agree with you ..I don’t think Holland has a luxury here to try and prove any point …this team just went 1 & 5 in last 6 games …they need second tier scoring from the bottom 6 and more from a 3rd line …I think that wasting this time now is crucial to a post season bid or not …if there is ANY decent trade which IMO there has to be for Puljujarvi……you have to make it now ..and get a body that can inject some decent play on that 3rd line who can also be a player that with some projection could mix in with the 2nd line at times.
      This team has no time to waste on keeping players in the dog house..to prove a point …they need help right now and put an end to the scenario …it may have to be a bit of a larger deal to invigorate the areas of need however …but it needs to happen…. and now !

      What is the difference in compensation going to be like now or a year from now …I don’t see it being anything if not worse !
      Holland needs to make a deal move on an get a grinder on that 3rd line that has some NHL experience and can pot a few goals doing a checking roll and who loves to skate bump and grind …and has something to prove maybe the panthers would bite for Hoffman if you add in a draft pick..just for example maybe a Ritchie from Ducks or a Tyler Bertuzzi from the Wings ..something along those lines …just throwing stuff at the wall.


      • The Oilers are actually 2-3-1 in their last 6 games. The 2 wins coming against the Caps and Blue Jackets, 2 teams that were over .500 at the time.
        Yeah the Oilers bottom 6 aren’t scoring right now which is a concern. How ever the bottom 6 isn’t costing them games. They also have a top 10 penalty kill which is mainly run by the bottom 6 forwards.

      • The Panthers wouldn’t be a good trading partner in this regard. If they move Hoffman (and that’s not likely unless they fall out of the playoff race), it would be for a boost on defense.

      • I have heard a couple different NHL insiders all say that the league he is playing in might be about the same skill level as the AHL. That being said they also indicated that the only real way Edmonton can expect his trade value to go up is by letting him play the year out and then take part in the world Championship in the spring where he would really have to play well, and teams would feel better with what Edmonton wants for him in a trade.

    • The Seattle expansion draft isn’t till June of 2021. That is a over a year and a half away. That isn’t even an issue right now.

      • Re: JP.
        I don’t believe Holland is trying to prove a point to anyone. Holland doesn’t “need” to do anything this year.
        JP is playing in Finland because he chose to. Holland didn’t choose to do anything. If JP doesn’t want to play in EDM, that is his choice. If, when or what the Oil choose to trade him for is Holland’s decision and I don’t think he gives a rats ass, what other people think. He will do what’s best for the team long term. Period.
        I have a hard time believing any team will offer the Oil anything of value until JP proves he can contribute to an NHL team and is willing to do what it takes to accomplish that, you know, like learning English, and playing within a system and contribute offensively. 20 games in a Finnish league a notch below the AHL isn’t going to do that. Perhaps if plays in international tourneys and does well, that changes. If he makes the Finnish team for the WC’s, and does well, then maybe there is a deal that makes sense. Big if.
        If there isn’t, then he plays the year in Finland.
        if JP decides to make a point and still not sign this summer? Then that’s what he does.
        Playing for the Oil with an opportunity to play with high end center’s, isn’t like being sent to the Gulag. JP will be alright if he returns to Edmonton, he may even thrive.
        That is JP’s choice and no one else’s. Holland has proven to be a patient man.

      • Ray no GM should give a rats @ss what some one thinks.
        If Holland doesn’t move JP by December 1st he basically froze an asset for this season and won’t be able to move it to help his team that has a chance of making the playoffs. That isn’t doing what is best for your team.
        If Holland can not get JP to go to Edmonton and doesn’t sign him or trade him by December 1st.
        JP fully aware of all the changes in Edmonton; Is there an issue we are not aware of in the dressing room? Or the player doesn’t like living in Edmonton. (We get that a lot in Winnipeg). I lived in both cities and I take Winnipeg over Edmonton but I do like the fact I can buy a donair in Edmonton.
        Just seem to be more at play then opportunity; which need to be earned not not demanded.

      • I’m not sure Puljujarvi would have to be protected? Don’t you have to play a certain amount of games or seasons?

      • Fair enough Caper.
        I am sure Holland wants to make the playoffs this year, but he has said publicly that this isn’t a quick fix and that this is about long term, sustained success. They need to resolve their cap issues first, and only time will do that. Holland sees the potential in JP and simply isn’t going to trade for less than he thinks.
        I could be wrong but I don’t think NHL teams are offering a player(s) that will greatly improve their chances this year or for that matter a prospect that is worth making the move for.
        JP is a diminished asset, we can all agree on that. Holland seems to be signaling that he isn’t willing to sell low and will wait until he is worth more. If that doesn’t happen he really hasn’t lost much IMO.
        I also don’t think he has given up on JP coming back to the Oil, as unlikely as that seems today.
        Athanasiou demanded a trade when Holland was still GM in Detroit, now he is playing there, so you never close the book on it or burn a bridge.

      • Slick62 only 1st and 2nd year players are exempt.

      • Yes, yes it is an issue.
        It’s being discussed and planned for, and has been since the awarding of the franchise to Seattle.

  2. NY recently recalled Ruttu form scouting development in Europe back to NY so young Kakko would have a familiar voice and a fellow countrymen as the 18 yr old transitions to North America and the game itself. Apparently, the coaching staff believe it was a factor in his successful game against the Lightning. ( I read this in the NYPost this morning)
    I see no reason why NY shouldn’t implement this concept on the ice by acquiring an additional Finnish player or two to help him transition.
    Does Jesse Puljujarvi play both wings?
    It honestly just feels like the right thing to do, offer Kreider to acquire JP – and do it before Dec 1st. Is it enough, too much, that’s not for me to say. Just seems like a logical decision directly concerning NYR’s most prized prospect.
    Kreider wants 7 over 7 years at 29. As much as I like the guy and his game, it’s too long a request for the cap situation they find themselves in. I don’t think picks and unproven 2nd tier prospects is going to garner the same results and have the most impact as acquiring JP or Honka or some other NHL young Finnish prospect. Carolina has quite a few youngsters from Finland in their farm system. That might be another good well to tap.
    So why not use Kreider as bait to get good young Finnish players to compliment Kakko and easy his transition on the ice.

    • If they can make the cap numbers work (CAR is up against it now), how about Kreider for Luostarinen and a 4th. Upgrade to a 2nd if he re-signs.

      Not sure how to make CAR’s Cap work though. Other pieces would have to be involved.

    • No way ny trades Kreider for Puljujarvi straight up. And Edmonton doesn’t have the cap space to make it work.

      If Draisatl , Mcdavid and RNH can’t get this guy going…. Kakko sure as hell won’t.

      NY has 40 million coming off the books in the next 2 years. They certainly could pay Kreider if they choose.

  3. The main problem the Jackets are going to face in trying to trade Murray is that, despite his talent, he’s spent as much, if not more time on the IR list as on the ice and every GM in the league knows that.

    • maybe Pittsburgh wants him for JJ.. lol

  4. Re :Kreider— I agree— I think he’s more likley moved at TDL

    Re: JP and JH :

    Both playing in Liiga and both w/o and NHL contract right now.

    Question to all — seeing what happened with WW last year— late signing and his Cap hit in first year was substantially higher than other years ($10.3 M vs $7.0 M)… what is the threshold Cap amount for teams trading for either of them (and therefore signing and playing them this year)

    DOES ANYBODY HERE KNOW the actual formula used to Calc the Cap hit for first year for RFAs signed after opening day?

    Just using simple math— if either sign for $2M Cap (not saying that they would , just using this as an example) then the final day signing would be a Cap first year of very very close to $3M right? (10.3/6.96*2.0).

    What teams will have that cap space in 4 weeks?

    My gut feeling , if my math above is correct; the window for trading for JP or JH is in the next week; two at most— after that the Cap too big; teams wanting their services and having the Cap space will be very few in numbers.


    • Pengy…….I agree does anybody know? Like the Penguins I have heard after the Erik Gudbranson trade the Penguins had only $667.000 available cap space… i also head that the Penguins indeed have $3 million in cap space available after moving Gudbranson’s $4 million salary????

  5. Kreider & Staal or Smith to DAL for Benn……
    Book it!

    Gives NYR 2 solid lines

    Don’t give me Benn is declining. It’s mindset right now….not age. Still one of the best in the game.

    • Chances of this trade happening….. -100%…. book it!

  6. question for non-Leaf teams…..what is a reasonable trade involving Kapenen for a Defenseman….

    • what side defenseman do you want?

      • I would think RD as Muzzin and Reilly seem like keepers.

      • Salary wise on the right side Carolina is one of the few teams that makes sense. While there are other defenseman as options, I feel they are too old, and costly for what TML is trying to achieve..

        to TML: Pesce
        to CAR: Kapanen



      • The problem is teams know the leafs are in desperate need of dmen and aren’t going to give them up cheap, dubas isn’t well liked with the style of contracts he’s been giving out especially to budget teams ! Look how he overpaid for muzzin!

  7. That’s an interesting question old blue dog. He showed he is a legitimate 20 goal per winger last year and is on a pace to be around there again. On a different (re-building) team he’s likely a top 6 F capable of scoring 25+ (and good on the pk) and, as such, a good deal at $3.2 mil per for the next 3 seasons (including this one). But once Hyman returns, and with the emergence of Moore and Mikheyev, they don’t really NEED him among their bottom 6.

    I think the dilemma here for the Leafs is, will Ceci show any upgrade in his game as the season wears on. Certainly his D so far has been quite decent with his +6 being the best among Leafs D. Barrie, by example, is a -4 and Ceci, offensively, is just 1 pt back of Barrie.

    If they are happy with the way Ceci has been contributing overall, and if they indeed shop Kapanen, it will then become a move to free up necessary cap space and will likely seek a good D prospect and a decent pick in return, but it will have to be with a re-building team needing an upgrade somewhere among their Top 6 F AND the cap space to comfortably absorb his $3.2 mil cap hit (Ottawa, L.AS., N.J.), or a potential playoff team seeking some offensive help (Colorado, Columbus, Montreal).

    • Kapanen could be the guy to go when (if) everyone is healthy but it will take more than that to be cap-compliant.
      Nylander may be be the guy who goes.

      • Minny should try to entice TML a Nylander for Rask & 2nd pick. Gives TML $3m in cap and a pick

        Minny gets another look upfront.

    • That seems logical George. The Oil seem to be a team that could use a guy like Kapanen, but difficult to make the dollars work.
      Larsson seems like a guy the Leafs could use, but he makes more $$ and only has 2 years left on his deal.

      • I’ll pretty much guarantee kapenan is not landing larsson lol

      • Agree BBB, I should have said Kapanen plus. But not a big plus. A 23 yr old with a 20 goal season in the bank have value. Plus Larsson is a UFA after next season.
        Oil have prospect depth at D. Bear has stepped up but a small sample size so risky, but they have been fine so far with Larsson out.
        Leafs need to add to make the $$ work as well and when I look at the Leafs roster, it is difficult to find a way. So won’t happen unless a bigger deal.

      • BCLeafFan & Ray, the problem faced by the Leafs right now when it comes to Kapanen vs. Nylander (as potentil trade bait), is that the latter (assuming Dubas would even consider going back on his word) needs to show some team he is worth risking close to $7 mil per for the next 5 years (including this one) after a 7g 20a 27 pts in 65gp last season and a slight drop from 20 to 22 the previous 2. And his 3g 6a 9 pts so far in 14gp doesn’t project to enough to convince anyone he’s worth that much plus giving up a top quality D.

        Kapanen, on the other hand, costs less than half that and for 2 less years. But I agree, it will likely take more than just Kapanen from the current roster to free up enough cap space to allow them to go forward with some wiggle room AND a full 23-man complement

  8. Kreider Would be a nice fit for the Bruins if they could squeeze him in, B’s core is getting older and thus could be the last shot at the S.C. for them

    • The B’s have a large window.

      Kreider isn’t what is needed, although he’s a nice player. B’s are set on the left side.

      They need a right shooting finisher.

      • Strome from NY??

      • Agree shoreorrpark, and good idea IHC!
        Strome has played well in NY and can play 3C in a pinch as well. Or move Coyle up to the wing where he has looked good. Hmmm.
        Get er done!
        2nd RD Pick at the TDL?

      • I like Strome, but I’m sure Gorton does too.
        He’s a useful player.

        I was thinking more along the lines of JG Pageau, from Ottawa.
        He’s probably the only realistic player other than Mike Frolik, that we could land without giving up more than a 3rd pairing defenseman.

        I like Matt Calvert, but I can’t see Sakic moving him.

        I’d give up Krug for Mantha or Josh Anderson, but that’s a big ask on both sides.

  9. I have yet to read a story that says Kreider is asking for 7×7…. I think this is just speculation based on Hayes last year. In fact, I havnt seen much on any discussions involving Kreider. Cap will be tight next year with Shatty 6mil hit, but that would be pretty short sighted to trade Kreider cause of next year. I still think best option for both sides is a 8 year deal in the 48-50 mil range. 6.25 per or less us a reasonable hit for a player with his physical attributes. I don’t see his game changing much when he gets in his 30’s

    • With all respect, Kreider is not a game changer for me to offer a 6.5 plus for a long 8 years. That would take him to age 36. If cap space is there and he was taking 6.5 I may be inclined on a 3 year deal but not more. We have other youth talent and future drafts to get this team there.

      The other talent will also need to be signed to bridge deals. In 3 years those bridge deals will cost more than bridges today because the cap will certainly rise by then thus increasing mid range bridge deals.

      just IMO.

      Do not think Kreider is part of the long term solution. 3 years at most.

      Rather trade Kreider at deadline, if we are out of contention for future assets upfront, including potential center options.

  10. Kreider can help the Blues with some scoring while they wait on Vladdy’s recovery. I propose Kostin (the Blues #2 prospect) and maybe a 4th. Could be adjusted if Kreider signs long term. Fair offer?

    • Is there enough room to resign him long term with your captain still needing a new contract and the eventual return of Vlad?

      Not sure there is room but Kostin & 2nd might get it done.

      so next year


  11. Trevor Moore essentially made Petan redundant in Toronto. Mykelev nailed the coffin shut. I think the Leafs will likely try to make the sort of move that teams make before Christmas, where players too old to develop further are swapped for late-bloomers in other systems. Petan and possibly Shore or Marancin will likely be moved in that sort of deal, Tymashov is more versatile a piece to keep around (in case of an injury). I would not be at all shocked to see Spezza moved as he’s obviously not meshing well with Babcock’s system.