NHL Rumor Mill – November 11, 2019

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Could the Bruins pursue Tyler Toffoli or Kevin Fiala? Should the Senators trade Jean-Gabriel Pageau? Should the Leafs shop for a backup goalie? Check out the latest in today’s NHL rumor mill.


BOSTON HOCKEY NOW: Jimmy Murphy recently reported the Boston Bruins are doing due diligence on Tyler Toffoli and other members of the Los Angeles Kings. Murphy cites an NHL source claiming the Bruins’ interest in Toffoli is exploratory at this point as they attempt to determine the asking price for the 27-year-old winger.

Is Los Angeles Kings winger Tyler Toffoli on the Boston Bruins’ radar? (Photo via NHL Images)

Murphy also claims another NHL source said Minnesota Wild general manager Bill Guerin is receiving plenty of interest in Kevin Fiala. The 23-year-old winger is earning $3 million annually on a two-year contract. He’s been a healthy scratch on more than one occasion. The source noted the Bruins looked at Fiala during his days with the Nashville Predators but couldn’t say if they’re revisiting that interest.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bruins GM Don Sweeney isn’t in any hurry to make a move with his club off to a strong start. I wouldn’t be surprised, however, if he’s keeping an eye on the trade market for a second-line winger. That move could come in the weeks leading up to the trade deadline. That’s usually when he makes his biggest in-season deal. He acquired Rick Nash near the 2018 deadline and Charlie Coyle and Marcus Johansson last February.

Toffoli would provide more immediate help to the Bruins. Fiala is younger, has offensive potential and would be more affordable to acquire. Toffoli, however, is a better two-way player with Stanley Cup experience. 


THE ATHLETIC: Graeme Nichols recently made the case for the Ottawa Senators to trade Jean-Gabriel Pageau. He notes the winger turns 27 today and his prime years are winding down. His strong play thus far this season would make him enticing to playoff contenders.

The Senators have also built up depth at the center position and won’t have room for everyone. If Colin White’s defensive game continues to improve it could give the Senators the flexibility to cash in on Pageau’s value now.

Nichols acknowledged there is a risk to trading Pageau for draft picks. He cites their moves during the 2011 trade deadline in which the two additional first-rounders they received failed to pan out.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Pageau’s future in Ottawa could depend upon his willingness to stay with the rebuilding Senators and if they see him as part of their long-term plans. His asking price could also be a factor.


TORONTO SUN: Terry Koshan believes goaltending is an issue for the Maple Leafs as backup Michael Hutchinson continues to struggle in the early going. Hutchinson allowed three goals on the first six shots in last night’s 5-4 loss to the Chicago Blackhawks. Koshan believes few would blame the Leafs if they called up Kasimir Kaskisuo from the Toronto Marlies.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hutchinson is 0-4-1 this season with a bloated 4.44 goals-against average and a lousy .879 save percentage. If GM Kyle Dubas is reluctant to call up Kaskisuo, he could be forced into the trade market at some point in the season.


  1. Isn’t it remarkable that at 27, Pageau’s “prime years are winding down”?!? Boy, the game has changed!

    • @ iowa boy

      If i am not mistaken we discussed Cal Peterson last year
      If i am right I would really like the Leafs and Kings to make a deal here for him if the Kings are going to keep him in the minors …

      As for the contract situation for the players .
      ( not related to Pageau ) ..I know this is going to sound a bit off the wall or crazy ..but I think the NHL should have a……. Franchise player deal for each team ..

      It should consist of ONLY 2 contracts per team that can be maxed out for ANY 2 players on the team …with a max limit $$$ …Say $15 million per player X 2 ..

      it will not go against the cap …this means that any team can negotiate with the top 2 players on the team to give them those contracts if they so choose to accept to play there …and allows the rest of the team ( players ) to get paid properly for the service over the years they play with a greater pool of money as most players now are only playing 3 – 4 years in there prime ….

      Some of the players in the bottom 6 who play the game wayyy differently and sacrifice more on the body playing as a role player for 10 years playing for $750,000 a year is a joke to play PRO sports especially after taxes in Canada…

      Pay the top 2 players on each team LARGE…and not against the cap and allow every other team to use that pool of money ( OR CAP MONEY ) to round out a better team and pay them properly !
      If the players don’t fight for something like this 95% of the league will be squeezed out and under paid and be constantly flipped for younger faster players every 3 years when bigger contracts are required in the 3rd year …Owners will use and abuse !

      have a good day


      • This should only apply to teams with their own draftees.

      • I agree totally there Yes guy

      • Kal El, Cal Peterson is the heir apparent in LA, he will be their starter next year and nothing will pry him away to the Leafs.

        I can guarantee you that.

    • Who says his prime years are dwindling..that’s.. silly/stupid.. Ovechkin is 34 amazing Crosby 100 points the most complete player in the game..Marleau 40 playing well Lundqvist 37 playihg lights out…

  2. Re Pageau: trading for draft picks is always a crap-shoot ,,, unless you’re getting a very high pick and a shot at a so-called “can’t miss” player, and even then there’s never a guarantee (just ask Edmonton or, going way back, Ottawa themselves when they took Daigle # 1 overall).

    Whether Pageau remains or is dealt will be determined when Dorion gets a feel for the term and money being sought, as we draw closer to the trade deadline. By then he’ll also have a better idea as to the development of C prospects Logan Brown, Chlapik, Norris, and perhaps a better idea as to whether the futures of Colin White and Nick Paul are better suited as C or at the wing.

    All that will factor into any decision on Pageau as will, of course, what teams are offering for him in a deal.

  3. Do the Leafs need a back goalie?

    They need to rid themselves of a manager who does not think this position important. Who doesn’t think size and meaness is important. Who thinks that the forwards he has can do play hard enough in the play offs while passing the regular with more flybys than Air Canada at Pearson.

    Yes a good back up would be very important but this is a team in structural chaos. And before anyone insinuates or states directly that I am overreacting. Unfortunately, I don’t think I am.

    Someone with power ought to examine what Dubas has created and undo some of it as soon as possible. This after getting Tavarres as a free agent and Matthews as first overall.

    After those two events he has made strategic/structural errors. One of which is the back up goalie. Something especially dangerous about an intelligent young man who is not as intelligent as he thinks he is and does not have the professional experience to see the danger around him.

    • It will b interesting to see if the heat switches from Babcock to Dubas, OBD. I join you in questioning the vision Dubas has. Yes, he pulled off a very clever trade in ridding himself of Marleau, but the structural imbalance of offense to defence is pretty clear, isn’t it?

      • Dubas fits the bill of the classic optimist, i.e., one who figures that taking a step backward after taking a step forward is not a disaster. Rather, it’s a “re-evaluation.”

      • That wasnt a “clever” trade in any sense. Dubas had to surrender a 1st round pick to move Marleau.

  4. Quick goes before Cal Peterson.

    Let see how the Leafs react with Marner out for 4 weeks.
    Leaf Fans hope Anderson doesn’t go down.

    • Kal El is correct–I did have Cal Peterson as a student.

      Real smart, real dedicated, real athletic. He is ready for the next step!

  5. Here is what’s really going on with the Leafs…

    1. Babcock- set in his ways. Message is lost with the millennials.
    2. Barrie- like Zaitsev and Gardiner, Babcock has him pegged for the number two pairing and will not allow him to be more offensive. Barrie was brought in to produce and that means allowing him to play on his strengths. Another coach would realize this. If you need Barrie to be a defensive stalwart at this point in his career you can get someone for min league salary to do that.
    3. Ceci. He looks lost out there. He is holding Reilly back because Reilly has to cover for Ceci’s lack of positioning, awareness and overall hockey stupidity. He belongs on the second or likely the third pairing, and is overpaid for his worth.
    4. McFarland. Useless special teams coach. Nothing is working. How many times do you have to do the same things over and over again and hope for a better result? Get rid of this guy. Put Marner on the quarterback.
    5. Nylander. Too comfortable. Always out of position defensively, and more often than not slow and unproductive offensively. Babcock allows him to float and figure skate out there without positionally “taking his man” something that is taught in high school hockey. Bench him to see if this wakes him up. If not, time to part ways.
    6. Kapanen. Fast. And that’s about it. The other 90% of what he brings to the table is worth as much as Hutchinson’s save percentage.
    7. Hutchinson. 3 goals on 6 shots. Had he kept it to 4 goals against last night it would have actually helped his GAA. Enough said.

    Shall I continue?

    • That’s pretty … well … frank Frank.

    • Might want to add tha Golden Boy Matthews has never seen the corner of a rink either…… soft.

    • can you guys talk about your teams or another team and LEAVE toronto alone i know it is open forum but it’s like you have nothing to talk about how about foligno how about d cherry how about the losing sens

      • I think we’ll talk about them when they’re part of the topic of the day.

        Oh, and by the way , the “losing Sens” have allowed 51 goals – 11 fewer than the “winning Leafs” and have only 3 more losses – so what? That and $3 will get you a decent cup of coffee.

      • they are a part of your topic every day did you forget to read

      • That’s only because they seem to be raised in some way every day – today by old blue dog (who is a long-time Leafs fan) – can YOU read?

    • This is a bang on assessment of everything Toronto is going through this year. And everything really starts with 1. Watching Babcock coach makes you bang your head against he wall. Very few players are put in a position to succeed, and 4th liners play second line (sometimes top line) minutes. It’s infuriating to watch

      They have some glaring holes in the line up, but proper coaching would address that

  6. Something no one has touched on today is an observation by Lyle in the headlines thread that, last night, “Stars forwards Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn were held goalless for the 14th time in 18 games …”

    Let’s see – Seguin, who costs $9,850,000 off the cap for 7 more years (including this one) when he’ll be pushing 36, and Benn, who costs $9,500,000 off the cap for 6 more years when he’ll be 36, have 3g 8a 11 pts (Seguin) and 1g 5a 6 pts (Benn) – a combined 4g 13a 17 pts at a combined cap hit of $19,350,000.

    SOMEBODY better be worried.