NHL Rumor Mill – November 12, 2019

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Which players should the Kings trade this season? Are there changes in store for the Wild? What next for Jesse Puljujarvi? The latest in today’s NHL rumor mill.


THE ATHLETIC: Josh Cooper wondered if Los Angeles Kings general manager Rob Blake might be too patient with his rebuild. He feels the longer Blake waits, the more likely he’ll be dealing from a position of weakness. He suggested forwards Jeff Carter and Tyler Toffoli and defenseman Alec Martinez as the Kings’ best trade candidates.

Alec Martinez could be the LA Kings’ best trade chip this season (Photo via NHL Images).

Carter was rumored to have threatened retirement last season if the Kings attempted to trade him. A rival GM said Carter didn’t have much asset value. (Spector’s note: In an earlier version, I wrote Carter has a no-movement clause. He lacks no-trade protection. My apologies for the error)

The same goes for Toffoli, who could fetch a second-round pick and second-tier prospect. Martinez has been steady this season and would be attractive to rival clubs.

Cooper doesn’t expect winger Ilya Kovalchuk, goalie Jonathan Quick or forward Trevor Lewis to attract much interest. Kovalchuk has a no-movement clause and is in decline. Quick’s numbers have tanked plus he carries a $5.8-million annual salary-cap hit. An NHL scout said every team has a player like Lewis, meaning he has little-to-no trade value.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Toffoli could be traded unless he and the Kings hammer out a contract extension before the Feb. 24 trade deadline. He’s a two-way forward and a former 30-goal scorer. However, his performance has declined since last season. He won’t bring in much of a return unless his play improves.

Carter is 34 and his best years are well behind him. He’s signed through 2021-22 with an annual average value of $5.275 million. The Kings would have to pick up a hefty chunk of that cap hit. That might not be enough to tempt other clubs.

Martinez might draw the best return. The 32-year-old carries an affordable $4 million AAV through 2020-21 and lacks no-trade protection. I expect he’ll draw plenty of attention in the trade market once the calendar flips to January.


TWINCITIES.COM: Dane Mizutani reports Minnesota Wild first-year GM Bill Guerin isn’t ready to give up on this season. He’s encouraged by what he’s seen from their recent West Coast road trip and thinks they could be heading in the right direction. He didn’t rule out making a move to help his club if the opportunity arises. However, he also didn’t rule out a roster rebuild if things don’t improve as the season progresses.

Guerin’s biggest need is a game-breaker, something the Wild’s been lacking since Marian Gaborik left town. He acknowledged it’s nearly impossible landing that player via trade as historically they tend to come through the draft. He was also non-committal over the future of head coach Bruce Boudreau. His contract expires at the end of this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Wild have recovered somewhat from an awful start to this season. However, they’ve still got a lot of ground to cover to get back into the playoff chase. Time remains on their side but they cannot afford any more long winless skids. Once we get to mid-January, I expect we’ll have a better idea of what Guerin has in store for the Wild.


EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples believes it’s a good idea Jesse Puljujarvi will play out this season in Finland. The 21-year-old winger is coming off major surgery and a bad season with the Edmonton Oilers that damaged his confidence.

A restricted free agent, Puljujarvi opted to return to Finland while awaiting a trade by the Oilers. He could still be moved but that seems less likely now. A strong season in Finland could improve his trade value next summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Even with Puljujarvi off to a good start in Finland, he was unlikely to fetch a decent return right now. Better to wait and see how things unfold over the remainder of the season and attempt to move him next summer.


  1. I don’t see Puljujarvi getting moved until deadline at earliest. Edmonton will see where they are then and will look to sellers to see what they can add to help a playoff push. Pro rated cap hots will be lower. Teams like Rangers, Detroit, Devils, and Ottawa should have interest

    • JP won’t be able to play this season if not signed by Dec. 1st. So it won’t be until the offseason until he is moved.

    • Puljujarvi wont be traded until the summer, imo (maybe trade deadline if he is lighting the lamp in Fin @ double the rate he is currently.

      J.Quick & Carter won’t be traded unless they pick up a ton of their cap + a sweetener (no one wants them)

    • Hi Slick

      If you are referring to deadline as the Trade Deadline (TDL) JP can’t be moved then for a playoff push as he would be ineligible to play at all this year unless he signs a contract in the next 19 days.

      I think he stays in Scandinavia for balance of season and Ed gets much better return next July

      His Cap hit this year if signed in next 2 1/2 weeks will be higher than his out years (just as WW’s was last year ….10.3 M vs $7.0 M ) due to the CBA clause that penalizes teams signing after opening game

      This then means trade partners need that extra space …. thus lower number of potential trade partners

      • Pengy…..Hypothetical here? I like Galchenyuk he just hasn’t hit his stride yet?

        To New York Rangers
        Alex Galchenyuk 25 $4.9 UFA

        To Pittsburgh Penguins
        Chris kreider 28 $4.6 UFA

      • Pengy. I’m referring to Oilers playoff push. The team acquiring Puljujarvi will be a team not in playoffs, hence they don’t need him this year. Sorry if there’s any confusion. I

      • pengy check out my proposed deal would you do it?

      • Maybe they pitch in Deangelo for Johnson…. because he hasn’t hit his stride either?

      • Hi Slick

        Sorry I misinterpreted that…. yes that makes sense … Oil gets a push asset

      • Hi BlackNGold

        Just reading this now… to be fair I have not liked what I’ve seen so far from G-Chuck

        I like Kreider much more. Pens get an older player yes; but bigger, certainly grittier and IMHO better

        I would do this deal in a minute

        Methinks Gorton would pass on that deal… if NYR not keeping him; his trade value at TDL worth much more than G-Chuck

        I am still hoping for something like

        Bjug & Ruhweedel (Or JJ but that’s just a dream)


        Fiala & Soucy

        Waive JJ

        Team improves on D TREMENDOUSLY and Pens free up an extra $2.13 M

    • Slick62, not sure what date you meant by deadline; however if he isn’t signed by December 1st he cannot play in the NHL this season.

      Edmonton off to a great start but are just one MacDavid, Draisaitl away from it collapsing.

      Not sure what the return would be, but i don’t see it changing much in the off season.

      Edmonton has $4.7m in cap space but $4.1m will disappear when Larsson returns so there isn’t much room to take on a NHL player salary.

      With a lot of money coming off the books next year might be better but a lot will go to Darnel Nurse who’ll get a raise over his $3.2m salary

      • That’s a heck of a trade proposal…Galchenyuk was a bad subpar return for Kessell…so let’s try to parlay him into Chris Kreider…nope.

      • Caper, as I mentioned above, and based on teams I proposed, it would be a trade to a team that isn’t looking to win now. And as I said, at trade deadline. Cap hits for roster players are lower at deadline.
        Does anyone know this guy Matheson? Saw this on Twitter

        “Jim Matheson says he has no doubt the Rangers tried to get Puljujarvi for Lias Andersson, another former first-round pick who seems to be spinning his wheels in the NHL. Matheson says Edmonton would rather have a winger than a centre if a trade for Puljujarvi is going to be made.“

  2. WILD

    Good morning ..
    I am really perplexed about the state of the Wild …what more does this ownership and organization need to see here …REALLY ??

    They have had almost the same core for over 5 – 6 – 7 years now with Parise, Suter, Dumba, Koivu,Spurgeon Brodin and Dubnyk…marry go round !

    while they have played some good Hockey over the past years this team is not going to the promise land ..Parise and Suter have fought off long term injuries ..have not produced in the playoffs are always a wild card team and have just been OK …while the complimentary players have not done there job to help out depth wis.

    While I like the player the signing of Zuccarello to that deal must have been a guy who writes on here blogging like myself …LOL… I would not even come up with that ..LMAO just a stupid crazy long term cap heavy signing ..just like I say people who blog here have better ideas than the GMs themselves most of the time ..stupid signing !

    …this team is not in flux anymore …and if the Management thinks they are ..they need to clean house ..this is the same…. old same old ..you know what you got here …there is no more to evaluate !!!

    The best years of this core are long gone and this team is too old and run down …a RE TOOLING Here is not the way to go ..it needs to be blown up and start over again …or its going to be more of the Zuccarello / Stall style signings if you ask me …NOT A GOOD way to go here !

    They need to go Ottawa style here ..and just grin and bare it for the next few years and give the fans some hope long term and get faster and younger !

    Sorry Wild fans for my rant ..but..I don’t think I am far off here
    ..thoughts ?

    Lest we forget …
    Have a good day ..cheers !

    • Oh- you call yourself a “blogger”?

    • Watched an interview with Bill Guerin, the Wild’s new GM, and it sounds like he has a plan in place. He is just taking this season as an evaluation of what he has.
      IMO their defence looks pretty strong. Suter isn’t the player he used to be when he signed his big long contract, but is still a good top 4 d-man. That contract will be an issue in the next few years as his play continues to decline.
      I don’t know who the Wild have in the system, although I do like their draft pick from last year in Matthew Boldy.
      It will be interesting to see what Guerin will do from the trade deadline on.

  3. I agree that Kings’ true trade options this year are basically Martinez and Tiffoli …. and in that order

    Carter , 35 in 7 weeks and waning performance; $5.3 M in Cap ($2 M in cash) for two years beyond this is a retirement awaiting to happen.

    If a team could be 100 % sure of him not retiring AND Kings retained 50 % …. $2.65M Cap ,$1M cash; and they had Cap space ; then possibly there is a return….. otherwise it’s heavy retention of Sal/Cap by Kings PLUS incentives just to dump him for Cap space

    To me ZERO demand for JQ

    Kings in very tenuous position

    Toffoli as a UFA …. 16 GP….4-4-8….. is at best a 2nd rounder at TDL

    Martinez …. a stalwart and reliable 32 year old RD with quite a reasonable $4M next year (Cap & cash) …. is the starting point for Blake…. but still a massive uphill battle

    • Nobody wants Quick or Carter, theyd have to pick up 50% cap + add a “Splenda” or 2…

    • First off, Carter doesn’t have a full NMC, or any form of a NTC either. He has nothing.

      As for him threatening to retire, Carter has already come out and said, in an interview, that he will honour the rest of his contract no matter where he plays. The news reports of him retiring if traded is false.

      The debate on his perceived value from other GM’s on the other hand is valid. But before we discuss that further, let’s start the conversation with facts not make believe.

  4. I would like to see the Oilers acquire Toffoli. He is the type of player the Oilers need on the 2nd or 3rd line. Although I don’t know how they could fit his cap hit in the fold. Also I don’t know if LA would want to trade him in their division.

    • Kev, I don’t think LA would have an issue with dealing Toffoli in their division. At this point it’s all about asset management. If Edmonton comes forth with the best offer, Blake would be a luddite if he didn’t take it.

      I often thought Edmonton, Boston Carolina and Pittsburgh would be good trade partners for Toffoli. Question would be the return. Contrary to some belief, LAs not going to give him away.

    • He does Kevjam, but only if he can be signed to a reasonable extension.
      I keep repeating myself with regards to the Oil, but I don’t believe Holland will make any moves for simply this season, even if they are secure in a playoff spot come the TDL.
      IMO they are not in a position to trade away young assets, still too many holes.
      To Capers pint they are an big 2 injury away from struggling. You can’t win the cup without NHL level depth and the Oil don’t have it yet.

  5. I am finding it disappointing that no one has signed Dion Phaneuf? Does he refuse to play for a lower salary or is there no interest in his services?

    I realize his production and speed have declined but he’d be a good addition on the third pairing for many teams out there.

    What gives?

    • Adam McQuad is also unsigned – and he’s 2 years younger than Phaneuf and not quite as slow – although in today’s emphasis on speed he, too, would have trouble keeping pace. They all reach that brick wall at some point in their careers.

      Jason Pomminville also looks like he’s reached the end of the line. And he scored 16 goals last season.

  6. Maddo..both UFA;s Galchenyuk’s young 25 HE could work out in new York? Can’t add too much more both UFA’s..

    Galchenyuks seems to fit new Yorks style open fast free flowing…

    • So does Kreider…..

      • Nyr4life…Well if Kreider fits in new York why is his name so heavily rumored this year to be moved?

    • Have NY and Pittsburgh completed a trade since the Jagr snub?

      Ny is not trading Kreider for Galchenyuk. If ny can’t reach a deal with Kreider….They’ll be much better offers on the table than a project player in his mid 20s. Why pay him , when they can pay Kreider? Why swap UFAs? Zero shot at this deal…. zero

      • Nyr4life what if we add something to the deal say our number # 1 pick in next years draft..

        you get a 25 year old player Galchenyuk with potential who has Scored 3O goals and a number # 1 picK…

        what are we up to now 1%