NHL Rumor Mill – November 16, 2019

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Check out the latest Taylor Hall speculation in today’s NHL rumor mill.

NHL NETWORK: EJ Hradek speculates the Montreal Canadiens could be a suitor for Taylor Hall if the New Jersey Devils shop him at the trade deadline. The 28-year-old winger is slated to become an unrestricted free agent in July. Hradek believes he could be moved at some point before the Feb. 24 trade deadline.

Could the Montreal Canadiens become a suitor for New Jersey Devils winger Taylor Hall at the trade deadline? (Photo via NHL Images)

Hradek observes the Canadiens have the salary-cap space to take on Hall’s cap hit for this season. He pointed out the Habs attempted to land Carolina’s Sebastian Aho this summer with an offer sheet. Hradek feels the Canadiens still lack depth at center, which a left winger like Hall can’t address. Nevertheless, if Hall hits the block before the trade deadline, Hradek feels the Canadiens could use him.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples cites Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman’s expectation that the Devils will trade Hall. He also notes Friedman last month suggested the Oilers as a possible trade partner.

Staples is skeptical about Hall returning to the Oilers unless it’s as a playoff rental. He doesn’t expect that to happen as the team that acquires him will be the one most likely to re-sign him.

The Oilers lack sufficient salary-cap space. Re-signing Hall would mean gutting the roster to free up sufficient salary-cap space. Staples also points out the Devils’ asking price would likely be too expensive for Oilers general manager Ken Holland.

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Matt Larkin was asked what the Devils could get by trading Hall. He looks to the returns received by the Ottawa Senators for Mark Stone and Matt Duchene at last season’s deadline. “Think first-round pick and elite-level prospect at minimum, plus maybe another decent depth prospect,” said Larkin.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The longer Hall remains unsigned by the Devils, the more speculation suggesting he’ll be moved by the trade deadline. The Devils’ ongoing struggles will only stoke that conjecture.

Hall would be a great addition to the Canadiens’ offense. However, I don’t believe GM Marc Bergevin will sacrifice his first-rounder and two quality prospects for a rental player.

Assuming Hall was willing to re-sign with the Canadiens, Cap Friendly indicates they have over $64 million invested in 17 players for 2020-21. That’s sufficient room to sign Hall for what could be $11 million annually on a long-term deal. However, it would take away money needed to re-sign Max Domi and Victor Mete, as well as address other possible roster needs next summer.

I share Staples view that Hall won’t be returning to the Oilers. They already have $21 million invested in Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl He’ll be too costly in terms of return and salary.


  1. JJ scored Pens only goal last night …. so with his value now at a level never to be reached again… I would like to be the very first to start the “one-for-one swap (JJ for Hall)” rumour

    I titter so 😁

    Kidding aside …. I don’t see Hall likely landing with Oil even though it might be a good move

    Agree that a much higher odds favour him with the Habs

    I would absolutely love to see him in a Pens Jersey .. with current Cap space and with Sid’s injury freeing up a lot more …. it’s doable

    If Bjug’s injury from last night is pro-longed …. more space … Rutherford will have to make a move

    My guess for Hall post TDL

    NJ …. 10%
    Oil …. 5%
    Habs …. 35 %
    Bruins …. 10%
    TBD Western team …. 35%
    TBD Eastern team …. 5%

  2. Taylor Hall would never sign in Montreal, he wants to win and who in their right mind would want to deal with the fans and media there?

    • You must be from Toronto….Take a look at your team

      • As a Habs fan I don’t particularly dislike the Leafs, despite all the hype and blather from Hockey Night in Toronto.

        Let’s face it, 50 years ago is long gone.
        Who cares, really?

        (Boston, on the other hand, I do get interested when we play them.)

        Right now, Toronto would not make the playoffs. With their personnel, that is truly pitiful.
        It’s about being a team.

        Me, I wouldn’t want Hall in Montreal, and I don’t think it’s likely.

        But maybe Toronto fans should look at their own situation, show a little more humility before making disparaging comments about other teams.

        You know, “1967“, and all that?


    • @Matt Typical leafs fan comment. Have you looked at the standings lately? Or watched any habs game this season.
      Hall will look great on the habs roster. I don’t think habs need help at the center position with Domi, Danault, Suzuki and Kotkaniemi, Thompson and farm player Poehling who all play the center position. They need a talented winger like Hall

      • hall would definitely put the habs in contender category if they aren’t all ready there! Habs have the most 5vs5 goals and the most balanced scoring through their lineup

      • The Habs need a top 4 d more than they need another forward. Scoring hasn’t been a problem and it would take just one of Weber or Petry – who eat a lot of minutes per game – to go down and the Habs would be in trouble.

      • Any team that lost a player of Weber or Petry category would be in trouble! The habs have Juulsen in the minors who would be up with the big club but they don’t want lose one of their d depth on waivers

      • The Leafs are the best in the league upfront no one even close.!!!!!!!!!!

      • Way to troll Frank. Did it take you all day to come up with that? Impressive for a Leaf fan, good for you.

      • Lol frank stats sure don’t say that! Is your defence the best in the league too? Lol

  3. wow all this talk of Hall and the return in a trade just emphasizes how badly chia was hosed that and the trade with snow is why no team should ever give him a chance again were talking beyond Milbury territory

  4. Hall as a rental for the Sharks. Far fetched, but why not. Makes either top line absolutely lethal. No way he signs for long term deal without major shakeup, but would be fun to watch.

  5. Would the Oilers have room for Hall if they traded Nugent Hopkins for him just a question I’m not sure of the Oilers cap space for next season.I just think then with Neal and Hall as wingers they could split up McDavid and Leon to have two scoring lines.

    • Oilers have like 30 million in cap space next summer and then 50 million the year after that Give or take a bit

  6. Nothing against the Habs. They’re going in the right direction. However, Hall has been to the playoffs once, I believe. His teams have had the first overall pick, almost every year he has played. In saying this I believe he is going to land on a team with recent success.

  7. I don’t see Habs trading for Hall for a couple of reasons (much as I think he could do great in Montreal)

    – MB unlikely to trade the required 1st rounder the year the draft is in Montreal. Teams love drafting 1st rounders in front of home audience

    – Is Hall worth $11M? Possibly, but I wouldn’t call that a slam dunk. He may perform to that contract but is very unliky to outperform it. I think any “market value” UFA signing is a decent risk. However, the cost for Hall wouldn’t be $11M per. It would be a first and two prospects PLUS $11M per. That is a *huge* risk for any team. MB loves acquiring picks and not overspending on UFAs. He seems a very unlikely GM to take this risk

    • I agree! I think they would be more inclined to to get him as a FA rather than a trade but with Caufield coming up maybe they don’t bother with hall. It would be like the leafs signing Tavares before the rebuild was complete and that hasn’t really benefited them

    • Do the Habs think they can make moves to be able to take out the Bruins or Caps in a 7 game series?
      I agree they need a constant threat like Hall added but a top 4 D just as much as someone mentioned above.
      Their 2020 1st might be in the 20s and with their youth they can afford to trade it but why for Hall who most likely will not sign longterm

  8. I would love to see him on the Islanders, paired up with Barzal and Ebs…The would be a solid combination.

  9. Taylor Hall? I see a few teams that could reasonably afford him and fit him in. In no particular order, Anaheim, San Jose, Los Angeles, and Vancouver. Each of these teams are either “changing the old guard” or almost ready to do so.

  10. Off topic but what about the Darnell Nurse to Toronto rumour ? I’d really hate to see him leave Edmonton but he’s everything the Maple Leafs want in a D man. Size, toughness, grit, and a great defenseman.
    What kind of return would Edmonton get ? I wonder if Kapanen and Sandin for Nurse and Puljujarvi moves the needle for either side?

    • Darnell Nurse isn’t being traded to the Leafs. The Oilers have no reason to make that deal.

    • Come on PF really? A top 4, good young dman and a former 4th overall, albeit struggling, but still young, for a top 9 forward and a guy who is not yet an NHLer.

      Lyle’s right, it makes no sense for a team who is first in their division.