NHL Rumor Mill – November 18, 2019

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Should the Leafs fire coach Mike Babcock or trade William Nylander to shake things up? Should the Rangers consider trading Lias Andersson? Check out the latest in today’s NHL rumor mill.


TORONTO STAR: Rosie DiManno believes the Maple Leafs might be better-served trading William Nylander than replacing Mike Babcock as head coach. She feels the club hasn’t replaced the emotion Nazem Kadri brought to the lineup before he was traded to the Colorado Avalanche this summer. While it appears Babcock has lost the room, she suggests it’s down to general manager Kyle Dubas for assembling the roster the coach has to work with. Dubas reverence for skill came at the expense of every other hockey dimension.

Should the Toronto Maple Leafs consider trading William Nylander to shake things up?(Photo via NHL Image)

DiManno believes something must be done to kick-start the Leafs before it’s too late to save the season. If parting company with Babcock isn’t the answer, then they should make a trade to shake up the team. She suggests it’s down to trading William Nylander or a prospect package that includes Rasmus Sandin “and, seriously, you don’t want to be doing that.” DiManno acknowledged Dubas’ promise not to trade Nylander but says handshake promises don’t mean squat in pro sports.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Babcock has lost the room, replacing him seems the best option. The danger, however, is it could give the players (especially their young stars) the feeling they’re blameless for the club’s on-ice woes. If the front office stands by Babcock, a shake-up trade is the only option.

Dubas promised Nylander he wouldn’t be traded. If he breaks his word, the players could end up distrusting him. Still, if someone offers up a deal that could address the Leafs’ defensive weaknesses, it would be worth serious consideration.


NEW YORK POST: Before the Rangers assigned Lias Andersson to their AHL affiliate, Larry Brooks noted the once-promising young center was mired on their fourth line. He suggested a trade might be necessary to address the situation. Pointing out the Rangers had some interest in Edmonton Oilers winger Jesse Puljujarvi, Brooks felt sending Andersson the other way would seem logical.


SPECTOR’S NOTE: Brooks’ colleague Brett Cyrgalis reports the Rangers still believe in Andersson. They’ll evaluate his performance in Hartford and see how he responds to more playing time there. I don’t know if the Rangers offered Andersson for Puljujarvi. If they did, the Oilers probably weren’t interested.



  1. One thing everyone is missing are the coaching assistant changes this year. Our power play is non existent and our ok is hit and miss.the new assistants are responsible in those facets for the leafs. Maybe they should be changed, not babcock.

    • They entire coaching staff needs to be fired and replaced by keefe and his staff of assistants.

      • You keep yapping about Keefe like he was a sure bet. Have you watched the Marlies they have the exact same problems the Leafs have a so so pk and a terrible pp. Hutchinson stole the game yesterday. Don`t forget Dallas Eakins everybody thought he was ready and the perfect coach for the kids. He was nothing short of a disaster in Edmonton. I really can`t see these overpaid babies listening to a nobody like Keefe

  2. In my opinion the Leafs should have given the GM position to Mark Hunter, just look at the success of the London Knights have had since the Hunters took over.

    • I think the current GM is the problem for sure, Scott . Dubas is responsible for the roster the Leafs have, and the attendant cap problems.

      Comments that Babcock has lost the room are – or should be – nonsene. Babcock has won a Stanley Cup and coached Canada to an olympic gold medal. Who would be better?

      A team of star players in their early 20s think they know better than a seasoned coach and have stopped listening to him? If that is so, what successor to Babcock could coach a team of prima donnas?

      The Leafs roster was unbalanced with spotty defence at the beginning of the season. Nothing has changed, and absent moving a significant offensive player for a significant upgrade on defence will change that.

      • Babcock has lost 8 of his last 9 playoff series. He is constantly outcoached. The roster is excellent. Babcock has no ability to adapt his approach.

        Keefe would have the players believing at at or near the top of the standing. This is 90% on babcock with a need for 1 top 4 d and one fighter that can take a few shifts.

      • I disagree. He inherited a great team in Detroit. Regarding the Olympics, I believe many coaches could have coached Team Canada and achieved the same results. Arguably, we got very lucky in Sochi; the structure he has the team playing did not maximize the players’ potential. We almost lost. Babcock is an old school “my way or the highway”coach. That approach no longer works in today’s game, with today’s players. He is arrogant, inflexible, and somewhat of a bully – and always portrays himself as the smartest guy in the room. What he did to Spezza at the beginning of the year (and Modano in the past) was bush league and vindictive at best, and was only are only one example of what we see from him. Imagine what goes on behind closed doors. It does now certainly appear that he has lost the room. I am not a Dubas fan, but last time I checked the coach shouldn’t be throwing the GM under the bus (e.g. his response to lack of toughness / response to the hit on Matthews a few weeks ago). Time Babs to go….,

    • Hi Scott, LJ, WendellHiggins17 and Moe (Curly and Larry’s handsome brother!)

      Leafs are certainly not where they could or should be.

      I can’t lay the blame fully on any one individual.

      The players are certainly not playing to their capabilities

      The Coach seems to have “lost the room” so to speak

      Shanny Plan has somewhat diverted a bit

      The GM has gotten himself into Cap hell (I believe much of this has to do with his capitulation on the WW contract)

      GM built roster is inconsistent with the coaching style of current coach (who he did not hire).

      Crap situation; no ifs, ands, or buts.

      I still say that lunacy panic trades (giving up youth and futures for older/established players) right now just to “keep them in the hunt” should be avoided at all cost. Nix Nix Nix any such proposal.

      I posted before and I still remain with the belief that Leafs didn’t have (before season started) and remain without, a chance at a cup next June.

      The window is the 4 following years. All mindset/moves/direction should be with that window in mind.

      Moves next July to improve the Roster and stay within the Cap are feasible ( (1) D needs improvement w/o a doubt; and currently only one D signed past June [Reilly]; (2) P&V/Grit needed; (3) improvement in back-up (4) a coach/roster in sync with philosophy — tough to re-vamp whole roster so this most assuredly means a different coach for ’20/’21.

      As it stands right now; the dynamic of the current roster, the current GM, and the current coach is not working.

      The easiest of those to fix in the short term is of course the coach. Changing the GM does not have an immediate impact on ice; certainly down the road, but not immediate. There would have to be several trades and some significant to rectify anything roster-wise right now.

      A blow-out by LV Tuesday just might end the Babs/Leafs relationship.

      No move should be done before then.

      I have confidence in a deep run type of team starting in ’20/’21.

      Go Leafs Go

      • Just watch this team take off once babcock is fired. They have no belief in him due to his inability to adapt and adjust and they lost any respect they may still have had left when he benched spezza opening night against sens. Like a Roth liner shore for spezza was the key to victory. What a useless disrespectful hasbeen babcock is

      • You’re dreaming wendel the team just isn’t as good as the Toronto media makes them out to be

      • Not a coaching issue…still a player issue. The team is simply not good enough. They are defensively inept. This team is a potential playoff team and nothing more. And due to the absurd playoff structure they won’t get past the first round.

        Just like Calgary, which for some reason was very good during the season last year, may not make the playoffs this year…because they aren’t very good.

  3. “Dubas promised Nylander he wouldn’t be traded.”

    No he didn’t.

    • Hi Garth

      That’s what I’ve said all along

      I couldn’t find anywhere where he could s quoted as saying that

      What he said word for word between him and WW is not specifically known

      What I did hear him publicly state was …. “we have no plans for trading Willam”

      Even if that was EXACTLY truthful …. that was then

      Plans are fluid …. If plans change

      I wouldn’t trade him now …. but definitely next summer

      • “Even if that was EXACTLY truthful …. that was then

        Plans are fluid …. If plans change”


      • Thanks Lyle for confirming my thoughts

        As you have put— it is WW stating the promise and GMKD wording things much much more carefully (IMHO):

        “And my discussion with him, I just affirmed with him that that was not our intention whatsoever.”

        “Our intention was that as long as I was here that I saw him as a part of the Toronto Maple Leafs.”

        Was — past tense and time-frame

        saw— past tense and time-frame

        “intention” – subjective adn not definitive.

        His sole job as GM is to make Leafs better. If it means altering a private promise and/or changing things on the fly to meet the teams needs (team betterment)… then so be it…. please !!!

        Many GMs have actually stated that they were not going to trade a player and then did — Bergevin I believe stated not very long before the trade; that he was NOT going to trade PK

        I can’t see anybody actually challenging GMKD ; on his public statements; as a “going back on his word” if in fact he does trade WW (which I believe he should do next summer).

        I will post a fulsome thread below, on my thoughts w.r.t. leafs and future.

      • A clumsy mistake by Dubas to say such a thing. Either Dubas keeps his word, meaning he values Nylander over the success of his team, or he won’t be trusted by other players in the future. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

      • “Kyle Dubas: “Our intention was that as long as I was here that I saw him as a part of the Toronto Maple Leafs.””

        Right, so Nylander said Dubas promised him, Dubas absolutely does not confirm that he promised Nylander.

        But hey, this is the internet, so you should just keep reciting it as though it’s true.

  4. Hate that Dumbass made that promise, but if it’s not in the contract, then he wasn’t serious. Trading is as much a part of the business as holding out for a new contract…

    To PHL Nylander
    To TOR Ghost and Jake w/ 2 mil on the Flyers tab

    • Ghost is the same type of defenseman the Leafs already have. An Offensive one. You need one that actually plays defense

    • Hard pass on that.



  5. great idea- Leaf players cant stand their coach- so we should trade the player that makes the franchise player happy and is the best bargain of the lot. Ridiculous take- shakeups by way of trade help chemistry- this isn’t a chemistry issue- it’s a coach issue- who if you havent noticed is trying to win a war against Dubas. Set in his ways and unbending. From playing his back up against better teams of back to backs, to sitting Spezza opening night in his home town (bc that 4th line centre was going to be crucial, lol).
    So many hot takes, many teams change coaches and prosper, players wont feel empowered- they have been beaten down by this guy for years and stripped of all creativity. They will flourish with Keefe.

    Everyone thinks Barrie just became crap overnight?..how about you give him 1st pp time and rest Rielly since he plays 30 mins a night- how about you leave your stars out for longer than 40 seconds like other teams do…

    Do you really think Nazem Kadri is missed lol. Come on, good player- but he was the 3rd line centre. You could make a case for some grit- but his “grit” was the reason he was dealt!

    Its clear players aren’t responding to his message- he did it to himself. Their defenseman are average at worst, goalie is great and forwards are elite, if you cant coach this team- you shouldn’t be coaching

    • I love how just because the Leafs hit a skid, everybody acts like they are in the dressing room…..

    • do you believe in the blue flu yet?

    • Barrie was terrible in his own zone before he got to Toronto! The guy is a forward not a dman, leaf fans read his stats and didn’t watch his d zone follies! The leafs defence is is terrible even Reilly isn’t very good in his own zone

  6. Leafs too much invested in four players. If one goes down their in trouble. Tavares was out for awhile now Mariner.
    Signing Tavares was a mistake. Then giving the other three those monster contracts will limit the club in other needed areas.

  7. Bruins needed to make 3 moves this past offseason…. a shutdown Dman, a 2nd line goal scorer with size and a player with size and toughness to play on the 4th line ….maybe next offseason

  8. I stated yesterday that it’s early to be pushing the panic button in Toronto; However, if a move is to be made isn’t it Babcock?
    My logic is that Kyle Dubas constructed the team and a team he thinks should be succeeding. Babcock wasn’t Dubas hiring, Dubas needs a coach that will utilize the players and what he envisions.
    This isn’t to say I agree with the move but it would seem logical to me that Dubas wants someone who is align with his thinking or who can deliver the message.

    • Agree Caper, and I think that it will go down that way if the losing continues.
      Yes coaches have a shelf life, but I think this is more about the players, but as they say, you can’t trade all of them.
      Babcock believes in taking care of your own end first and team defense. All 5 guys on the ice have to stay within the structure or it breaks down. Your best players need to lead the way and if hey are cheating for offense or taking shortcuts, the rest will follow.
      I agree with Babcock.
      I could be wrong and the Leafs fire Babcock, play fire wagon hockey and win the cup. Like the 80’s Oilers.
      I will be believe it when a team actually has success doing it that way in today’s NHL. Until then, there is a reason almost every successful coach in the NHL plays a system that focuses on D first and generate your offence by getting the puck back and having it more than the other guys, and more scoring chances than the other guys.
      Maybe a new coach will come in and everybody starts playing the right way.
      If all else fails, then what else is Dubas supposed to do other than lose a trade as the vultures circle.

    • HI Caper

      If Saturday’s Leaf team shows up to play Sunday’s Knight’s team; then a blowout tomorrow is not out of the question; and if that happens; that just could be the final straw and Dubas just might be forced to fire Babcock.

  9. Babcock hasn’t been a good fit since day 1. But the root of the problem is with Dubas, he has to be held accountable for putting this sad sack of a roster together.
    By going 100% with a roster of speed & talent doesn’t cut it. They are far too soft and too small, & one dimensional; they have the second worst goals against, league wide; he has mismanaged their cap.
    Step 1 has to be fire Dubas!

    • Sad sack of a roster. We are definitely under performing for sure but we should be a hell of alot better than this. I think this is a heart and soul player away from going deep in playoffs.

  10. It looks to me that Babcock is predictable. Maybe that is why Marchand and company play so good against us. If we need toughness why not call up harbur who is big and can fight. Ceci could be benched for sandin or harbur. We need to let forwards be more creative.

  11. Let our stars be stars. Give young stars the ice time to do what they do. Do we have a defence coach? We need to “take the man” then pass to forwards but everyone has to play that way.

  12. Dubas, last time I checked does not decide the lines, ice time, or special teams deployment. Spezza should have played every game up until now, not just half. Reilly, who clearly has something physically wrong with him, is playing too much, and with the wrong guy. Very few if any D men should be top minute players and 1st PP and 1st PK. Barrie should be on the 1st PP, at least once!
    Try Holl with Reilly, Ceci with Muzzin and Barrie with Dermott. Better yet trade Barrie for Hamonic, and let Dermott play 2nd PP. Trade Johnnson for a decent backup Goalie. Move Mihkahev to Matthews line. And Whatever system the Assistant Coaches are using for special teams is clearly not working, so change it or change them. And if the Coach is not willing to at lleast try any of this change him too.

    • Actually Murph you`re wrong GM`s make too many promises when they sign players. Dumbas has shown that he interferes all the time in Toronto. Ceci was supposedly promised a top 4 spot without playing a game for Toronto, Sparks was promised a spot causing one of the problems this year. Dumbas is the one who assigns players to the Marlies and who gets called up not Babcock

  13. Oki Doki — Leafs not where they planned to be.

    Issues— yep

    Discombobulated —- yep


    Finger pointing — yep

    Here’s my take; and I’ve said this all along. The window is not this year. They are not going to win the cup in ’20. Just a fact of life.

    The window for a cup is ’21 – ’24…. All roads and plans need to lead to that end.

    True issues (in no particular order):

    P&V/Grittiness/Pugnacity (pick a weird moniker for it)

    These do NOT all have to happen now; and under no circumstances should there be a change that trades youth/futures for older short term contracts just to steady the slide now.

    A fair deal of this can be addressed in the off-season and with SOME in-year trades that have early 20’s to mid 20’s talent (WITH TERM) coming back.

    Next year, IMHO, the window begins ….. and starts (as at now) with 10F-1D-1G for $65.6 M… even if Cap goes up to $83.5M… $17.9 M to cover 6 D, 4 F, 1 back-up….. NOT enough… No can do…. Nyet!!!!

    Key things for sure required:

    Stronger D, stronger/better Back-Up; and overall grittiness/P&V/Pugnacity MUST be increased.

    The team is very top heavy on spending on top 9 players; especially top 4 Sal taking up 49.7% of max Cap…. Unsustainable.

    To me the Cap issue was confounded due to the error by GMKD capitulating to WW. If he sits the year; his final negotiated Cap much less than 7; AM for sure signs for less and maybe more favourable term to team; and for sure MM is nowhere near the contract he has now. So, I will state up front that I am biased against WW.

    I stated many times that the golden opportunity for a WW trade was this past July 2nd and just after…. He had performed well at the Worlds; remaining owed for this year was only $700K and effectively Cash AAV over the balance of the contract was <$5M per. He could have been easily traded for a early/mid 20’s top 3 D (or trending towards top 3) WITH term and at a much lower Cap hit.

    He is once again owed a fair SB on 1/7/20— trade him next summer after SB paid— then next year only owed $2.5M for ‘20/’21 and an effective cash AAV of just a tad over $5M for balance of contract…. That should easily be able to garner an early/mid 20’s D (either at or trending to top 3D) WITH term; and at a lesser Cap hit. That has to be the start.

    Leafs loaded with young, speedy wingers that have offensive talent but either lack defensive talent and/or lack tenacity/grit/P&V/Pugnacity.

    Other teams have the reverse— make a trade. Think Josh Anderson (of 18/19) type of player…. Grit… you betcha. Size…. Yep … 6’ 3”, 225. Offense… in 18/19—27 G, 20 A, PLUS 25. This year he is down; but I just wanted to show you the “type” of player I was talking about.

    If Leafs falter steadily, then of course a new direction (coach) is needed. I believe he just might be gone if VGK’s trounce them Tuesday.

    All I’m saying is that panicky forced trades are NOT necessary right now; and we as Leafs fans must accept that they just may not make the playoffs this year… it is not cataclysmic if this happens. Sad and very disappointing for sure, but NOT cataclysmic….

    A new roster mix (less heavily Cap-weighed on 4 players, with grittier players, and stronger D, and a better back-up) is reasonably attainable for the drop of the puck in October of ’20…. And the window horizon then begins

    Fingers crossed


    • “If Leafs falter steadily, then of course a new direction (coach) is needed. I believe he just might be gone if VGK’s trounce them Tuesday.”

      Really hope the VGK’s trounce them tomorrow, we need another game like last night’s again.

      Icing on the cake would be having a deer in the headlights picture of Babcock catching his own cab on the curb of the Vegas Strip.

      Worked out for Turk, maybe Babcock could head to Seattle, how ironic would that be.

      • Hi itsnotmeinLV


        I don’t forsee the Cab chuck out like poor Gerard got — that was ridiculous.

        Is GG’s nickname Turk?

        BTW— after Leafs and Pens my 3rd favourite team is VGKs.

        Was in LV two years ago when they were in the playoff series against SJ. Unfortunately I was in Vegas when the games were in SJ so I didn’t see them live but we had a blast watching with many Knights fans at an outdoor venue (in the old part of LV) with a massive screen and stands — was quite the party.

        Even Mrs. Pengy had fun

        Leafs need the win so will be cheering for Leafs win in OT.

        If it is last night’s VGKs vs Sat nights Leafs— as they use to say on Laughin …. “say goodnight Dick”

      • Yes Pengy,


        We are 2/3 on favorite teams mine are SJ, VGK, and Penguins. Born and raised in the Bay Area started watching hockey seriously when the Sharks came in the league. Really the only sport I follow now is hockey, couldn’t even tell how long its been since I watched NFL, MLB, NBA, or even college football. 28 years later I find myself in Vegas for another NHL expansion team, I was all in on day one, put my deposit in for season tickets, best money I have spent in years. I figured I could go to see all the top talent in the league come through Vegas and beat up on the Knights, never expected all the success, it been quite the scene here in Vegas, but then again everything is a scene in Vegas. The best thing that the VGK has given me is my wife has finally started to follow the games, she was always a hockey widow once the season started. I watch at least one game a day throughout the season, usually 2, and attend games when my schedule allows. It’s been real fun to bring her into the league with the VGK, doesn’t hurt that they have been good. At any rate I will give you the tie in tomorrows game so long as it’s the VGK with the 2 points. If you find yourself heading to Vegas during a game night let me know, myself or my seat mates generally have tickets available.

  14. I don’t think the Rangers have put Lias Andersson in a position to succeed. Haley and Smith as line mates this year? Last year Smith, Brickley, Beleskey? This is the kind of “help” that would make Mcdavid look ordinary.

    Either keep him in the Ahl for now or surround him with better players. Namestikov would have looked better before trading him . or Kravstov now.

    Give him a legitimate chance of succeeding before even thinking about trading him.

    • I always though him as the 3rd line center with Kratsov on his left and Kakko on his right is where he needed to be all along since making camp. Howden to slot 4C with Lemieux on his left and Fast on his right.


      he now reminds me of what they did with Oscar lindberg. slot him 4c and complain he doesn’t generate offence with the likes of guys who shouldn’t be in the league.

      • Andersson at his best could be a two way 3rd line center who is not afraid to mix it up and plays with emotion. Presently he looks bottled up and afraid to make a single mistake while playing with two guys that might not be good enough for the AHL.
        That entire 2017 draft still looks weak and there were no slam dunks at the 7 spot. Andersson was making some noise on the national teams for his 200 foot game

    • This is Quinn’s answer to questions about Lias playing time and who he played with.

      “I get that, and everybody talks about that, but there are things in this game that you need to do regardless of who your linemates are,” the coach said. “This isn’t about points. This is about, you watch the game and a player should be doing this and they’re doing that, a player should be doing this quicker and they’re not doing it quick enough, a player should be physical and they’re not physical. That has nothing to do with who your linemates are.

      “I’m not just talking about Lias. I’m talking in general. A lot of players think along those lines and that’s a big mistake, that’s a big mistake if that’s what players are thinking because you should be able to be an effective player regardless of who you’re playing with. There are things this game is going to demand and you should be able to do them regardless of who’s on your wing or your D-partner is, or whoever. There’s an easy evaluation process for an individual.”

      • That is a great quote from Mr Quinn Slick. Exactly how a coach should think IMO.

      • When Quinn was hired, I said that man will never see the end of that contract. He was brought in to help develop players.

        I don’t agree with Quinn’s ideology of bench em all…. when it just starts to become a thing of gross regularity…. it starts to fall on deaf ears and loses all meaning and purpose.

        I think almost every single player past and present have been a healthy scratch or benched under Quinn. It’s probably more of a reward / day off than a punishment.

        Quinn like EVERY college coach to ever sniff the nhl level…. will be an insurance salesman / gas station attendant… lawyer, college coach, astronaut, cowboy, anything but an NHL coach in 3-4 years from now.

      • I read it in Coach Quinn’s voice.

  15. Anderson was considered a reach when taken with the 7th pick overall. Has no value currently, so I can’t see a swap straight up for Puljujarvi. Even though he hasn’t exactly proven himself either, I think most will agree Puljujarvi ceiling is much higher. Anderson going down to AHL is a good move. Playing him 7-8 minutes a night on 4th line did nothing for his development. I think eventually Rangers will trade him or Howden For now let him play 20 minutes a night in Hartford. Get his confidence going. Puljujarvi could still get traded to Rangers, Tjey don’t really need him here this year. I just think Edmonton might want a player back that helps them this year.

  16. DET & TML may make trade partners

    to TML: Green & AA plus 1st & prospect

    to DET: Barrie & Nylander

    AA brings speed and a different look for TML

    Nylander brings back youth to Det

    Essentially Green, 1st & prospect for Barrie

    Green is happy to play 2nd pairing

    TML can flip the 1st for other help in their lineup

    • to TML: Bernier

      to DET: Hutchinson & 3rd

      pick goes back bc 1st went for Barrie

      • Trade makes zero sense for Wings, Bernier has out played Howard and is signed for one more year. He will be starter next year with either a F/A or one of the kids from Grand Rapids.

      • I agree with Mike A.

        This makes little to no sense whatsoever for Detroit. They’re in 2nd to last place in the league…. pretty much looking like a top 5 overall pick, and they’re going to trade that in hopes of re-signing Barrie?

        Why not just wait it out until July 1st ? It’s not like Barrie is going to get them back on track tomorrow anyway.

    • I don’t think Detroit is interested in Barrie, and I’m not sure about Nylander. No way TO gets Detroit’s first + Green for a rental defenseman, especially one who can’t defend in his own zone. If he could, Toronto wouldn’t want or need to trade him.

      • I was thinking Barrie may sign. Daley, Ericksson and Green all gone…room to sign him and would be a good offensive Dman to pair with DeKeyser

        but I get your points. all valid.

        as for Bernier…… think Det needs to go in another direction and Howard can certainly backup next year.

  17. It is not a panic button….it is correcting major structural issues that came about as a result of Dubas inexperience and naivety…..Shanahan’s first strategical error…hiring Dubas was a beauty….it will take 2 or so years to unwind…..so start now….

    Fire Dubas today
    Hunter in tomorrow
    Hunter decides on Babcock tomorrow

    Take a month to rewrite Dubas’s plan….during that month start to trade off the figure skaters on the team…Nylander, etc….the defensemen who seem lost out there Ceci etc…..make any deal that brings you back 80% value on Marner….that boy is not winning a play off series against men….get some real cynical professional mean grit in the room….Malkin made fools of the Leaf D Saturday and nobody took him out…..if you can’t earn respect you can demand it

    Today I have been reading that the Leafs are searching for an identity….

    Bull S..t….

    They have an identity…Ovi said last week it is hockey not ballet….The Leafs over the week end showed their true identity as currently structured…..That it is ballet to them not hockey….

    This Leaf fan is sick of their lack on interest….firing the coach if they don’t like him is the last thing they should do….and I don’t like Babcock ….but he is less to blame than Dubas who should not be allowed to make another major decision…

    Those who believe this is overreacting are not seeing the play I am seeing….I want to be wrong but I don’t think I am

    • I think it was shoreorrpark who said these guys are young and they need time to mature.
      He might be on to something.
      I agree with your assessment OBD, that they are not playing winning hockey. As I mentioned above they are cheating for offense.
      IMO opinion it is the leaders of the young core, not Tavares, that need to change how they are playing.
      I am guessing here but if I had to bet, I would say that is Matthews. Not suggesting trading him as I think shoreorrpark is right, it does take time for some guys to mature as leaders.
      All I am saying is that until he leads the way with how he plays, practices, on and off the ice, they won’t be as good as they could be. Making $11M likely won’t expedite the process.
      This may simply take some time and some hard lessons.

    • I agree with you about Babs / Dubas, but Shanny owns the problem. He has a GM and coach who are 180 degrees apart on what/who can win in the NHL, and how it is done. Since Babs has won before, and Dubas has not, I would say give the benefit of the doubt to Babs, and I am not a huge Babcock fan either, since we got to see firsthand his shortcomings here in Detroit. Whatever the case, Toronto has to get a GM/Coach combination who can work together and are on the same page.

  18. Seeing that Calgary and Tampa are struggling like the Leafs. How about a three way deal in which they exchange coaches. Teams might have to retain some salary or throw in some picks.

    • Lol

    • Hi YesGuy

      Food for thought— LOL

      I realize that Bolts certainly under performing and way below last year…. but only 2 points behind Leafs and 5 (FIVE) games in hand.

      Bolts Game points per game played is higher than Buffalo’s and just shy of FLA’s.

      I have doubts w.r.t. Leafs and Flames making playoffs this year; I don’t have those same doubts with Bolts.

      • Let’s throw Minnesota into this “trade coaches” deal because I want to see Bruce Boudreau behind the Leafs’ bench and doing press conferences – unless we can get Paul Maurice back just for his quick quips, in which case, add the Jets to the mix.

  19. So much for the Shanascam….

    Fire Shanahan, fire Dubas….Hire Mark Hunter as President and GM. Let him decide Babcocks fate.

  20. Imo firing Babcock would send the wrong message to the players. Dubas and the players are to blame.
    This roster imo is made to win in the regular season, not in the play-offs. Too many soft and offensive minded players that play with no heart. Dubas should have traded Nylander instead of Kadri!
    The “Blue and White Ballet” 😀

  21. Ok

    Just received the absolute penultimate answer for all Leafs fans.

    I have to give full credit to my VP on this.

    It is brilliant

    Tannenbaum cuts a cheque for $25M directly to Katz

    To Oil:
    Shanny and downward (every single player and staff member down to the puck boy)

    To Leafs:

    Holland and downward (every single player and staff member down to the puck boy)

    Brilliant 🙂

    • Lol

  22. There is some debate here over whether Dubas promised Nylander he wouldn’t be traded.

    People interpret the world through stories. The world’s leading expert (in my opinion) on behavioral integrity is Dr Tony Simons from the Cornell hotel school. Tony defines integrity as following through on promises and acting in a way that is consistent with the values you express.

    We see integrity violations when folks fail to follow through on their promises. The catch is that sometimes we have different perceptions of what that promise was. I think it’s reasonable to say that Nylander (and most others who have written or commented on this) feel that Dubas promised he wouldn’t trade him as long as he was GM.

    Garth has argued that Dubas used vague language to avoid making the level of commitment that Nylander clearly heard. While this argument may be put forward in a court of law it will have little relevance when it comes to Dubas reputation with Nylander and other players.

    The time to correct any gap in understanding was immediately after Nylander made the comments. It doesn’t appear that Dubas did that.

    The only thing less relevant in this whole discussion is whether we think Dubas made a promise or not. Unless we are going to sign as Leafs and with that defence Garth I think you and I might make a reasonable 3rd pair 🙂

    • I have to admit that Styx may be my least favorite band of all time.
      That aside, great post.

      • Lol

    • So, how’s that theory work if Nylander requests a trade?

  23. If Dubas made that promise and therefore refuses to trade Nylander….the Board should fire Dubas for making such a restricting promise…it runs against a fundamental employer -employee agreement …RFAs can not receive a none trade clause….Dubas words contravene an employer right….unless he had specific beforehand agreement from the Board he had no right to do so

  24. I think Dubas should be fired if any one !!

  25. I think it’s good the Leafs are struggling, otherwise this site wouldn’t have much to talk about.
    People either hate them or love them. They obviously are the most important franchise in the NHL.
    Sportsnet, TSN and many other talk shows wouldn’t be around without the Leafs.

    • Not even close nobody has talked about them after April for majority of what a half century?