NHL Rumor Mill – November 19, 2019

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The latest on the Flames, Leafs, and Oilers in today’s NHL rumor mill.


SPORTSNET: With the Calgary Flames struggling to score and tumbling in the standings, Eric Francis reports general manager Brad Treliving is looking long and hard at possible moves to bolster his roster. With NHL GMs meeting in Toronto today, Treliving has an opportunity to commiserate with Leafs GM Kyle Dubas. Francis suggests a swap of Tyson Barrie for TJ Brodie but their salary-cap hits would make that move difficult to achieve.

If the Calgary Flames miss the playoffs, could they consider shopping Johnny Gaudreau? (Photo via NHL Images)

Francis also said unhappy Flames fans are calling for winger Johnny Gaudreau to be traded. He feels the odds are against Treliving doing anything that monumental until next summer. “However, should this team fail to make the playoffs or fall short of winning at least one round this summer you can bet Gaudreau will start to be shopped,” said Francis.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Brodie’s recent health scare makes him difficult to move right now. His name came up in off-season trade speculation but there’s no indication the Flames were looking into trading him during this season. If the Leafs were to move Barrie, they could have better options than Brodie in mind.

As for Gaudreau, I don’t believe Treliving intends to move one of his leading scorers. Maybe he’ll consider such a shakeup if the Flames miss the postseason, but that could be an over-reaction. Gaudreau’s not the only Flame struggling to score right now. After dominating the Western Conference last season, perhaps the roster is guilty of complacency this season.


SPORTSNET: Chris Johnston believes this is not the time for the Toronto Maple Leafs to trade Tyson Barrie. He cited colleague Elliotte Friedman reporting teams had inquired into the right-shot rearguard’s availability.

The pending free agent defenseman is off to the least productive start of any season in his NHL career. His market value is at an all-time low and his cap hit ($2.75 million) with the Leafs won’t free up enough cap room for a suitable replacement.

There’s also no guarantee a trade will help him regain his offensive touch. Johnston feels the best course of action is to see if he can rediscover his game with the Leafs, something both sides are believed to be focusing on.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: At this stage in the season, it’s tough to make a good player-for-player swap. Those factors raised by Johnston make moving Barrie more difficult. The blueliner could surface again in the trade-rumor mill if his stats fail to improve in the coming weeks, especially if the Leafs fail to halt their current slide in the standings.


SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Senators could attempt to move Pageau by the Feb. 24 trade deadline if unable to re-sign him before then. The Oilers could be among the suitors if they’re still in playoff contention by that point. 



  1. Really? Flames fans are calling for the team to trade Gaudreau, one of the most exciting and productive players over the past few years, just because he’s off to a somewhat slow start? Makes me think that hockey fans might be fickle.

    • Hi Howard


      Quite a head scratcher … can’t see them winning a trade that moves him

    • Trading johnny G would be so stupid Calgary fans really….

      • What team would give up a power forward (who Calgary would have to consider to be better) for JG? Jamie Benn? I don’t see it. They have 2 pwr forwards in Lucic and Tkachuk. They don’t need a 3rd….just need for JG to play with a sense of urgency and more compete!

    • I’m an Oilers fan who lives in the Calgary area. A lot of Flames fans are blaming Gaudreau and Monahan for not playing with any heart or pasion. They also don’t like how their team got pushed around in their last game against the Golden Knights. A bunch of them who I talk to on a daily basis think either Monahan or Gaudreau can get them the topline physical power forward.
      They still don’t want to admit that they lost the Lucic trade.

      • Of course we all know Johnny Pocket Hockey is counting the days until he can play for his beloved Flyers.

    • Johnny Hockey sucks in the playoffs. 3 points last two playoff years zero goals

  2. You’re up Rock!

    You chased George away, so how’s about you put in some time, and run some numbers and interesting factoids for the rest of us?

    At least George put time in to his posts, and gave us something else to read other than Fire Babcock or Dubas is the greatest or the Leaf contracts are awesome.

    • Is that why George isn’t on here lately? Not sure George would get pushed away by anyone, perhaps it just got old when guys go after you with mindless drivel.
      Who is Rock?

      • Dwayne Johnson. Played at Miami. Famous for the People’ s Elbow and being the voice of Maui.

      • Heh. Still hanging around guys – but just watching and reading for now. According to Rock I apparently “intimidated” him and that’s why he reads but doesn’t post. So, 4 days ago I gave him the floor. So far, nada. Must be someone else who also intimidates him.

        He also accused me of “dominating” the threads, so I went back over the previous week from that point to see if I was “hogging” the site. In that span I commented 21 times, There were a couple of others who were in excess of 35, so not sure where he got that idea.

        I’m also a “know-it-all” – well, I dunno if I’d call it that, exactly. I’m sure as hell opinionated … can’t deny that … but then, so is everyone else in here. 🙂 Hell, isn’t that the nature and purpose of the board? To voice differing opinions? Besides, when you’re pushing 82 you do tend to accumulate a lot of comparable (and often useless) information – especially when your memory is bordering on eidetic (a bloody curse at times).

      • Welcome back George and KalEl

        Love this forum

        Learn from it every day

        Love your posts (as I do most regulars posting here) and oft in sync with your thoughts/posts; and l’m sure I learn (and gain!) more from our disagreeing exchanges than those we are simpatico on

        I never challenge anybody’s passion for their viewpoints and I strive for diplomacy in my dissenting opines

        If I’ve failed at that… humble apologies to all

        I like to throw out zany trade proposals …. knowing full well even though they may fit within Cap and may satisfy the needs of both teams …. the likelihood of actually happening in is slim

        It’s food for thought and perhaps it spurs in a much more palatable (and likely) trade

        I absolutely love the humorous posts (I still say Chrisms King if humour here)

        All for enlightenment and truly enjoyable

        I’m a dual proud fan of both Leafs and Pens; with my third fav team being VGK

        I am not blind to the fact that this is a weird insight/pathos dynamic …. it is what it is

        I also have a bromance for Sid …

        I have some serious peccadillos and blatant biases ….

        Unless JJ or Hunwick have ever read this site I believe that I have not deliberately offended anybody

        If I have offended any here; I apologize…. take me to task on it …


    • @ shoreorrpark

      I agree …

      I have stopped posting as well and Iam sure to the likes of many from the feedback I get on my posts due to very harsh words on my simple posts…I will most likely get ripped again for posting this one…for sure!

      I always try and say good morning and try to relate to everyone…

      I have never disparaged anyone ..2 days ago I got ripped for even trying to prop up another team ..who is like our worst enemy …I just cant win.

      Iam not sure what Ive done to anyone ..I am always curtious.
      I realize George is a great guy and good poster and I love to interact with him …like I do MOST..everyone…everyone who posts her is important if you have quality to say and interact with some sort of dignity.

      I just like to have simple Hockey conversations …just because one has a different look or view from another doesn’t mean you have to rip into guy or disparage him…I follow up all my stuff with facts as well…and try to cover all teams…for the past 8 years …now….I really like to post here but have been very reluctant to engage with others due to the very negative tone in some replies and posters who don’t post here very often.

      just becuase one doesn’t agree with what I say or what one may say ..I have a lot of respect for everyone on the site as I know what it takes for Lyle to run business like this …and would like to participate more ..but it becomes not very much fun when you get ridiculed and ripped a new A hole for having a very simple opinion and have some fun…I run a very stressful and successful business and come here for a good talk and have some fun …not to be put down and fricken crapped on each time …I post regardless of my own opinion …which I feel is relevant most times.

      Always good to read quality content and interact with quality people in a quality forum with having to feel or made out to be a moron for being more interactive than the next guy.

      Have always enjoyed NY4 Life
      Caper , Pengy
      George , yourself ..Canadian king and Old Blue dog, Iowa boy and even Shticky at times back in the day …lol

      Not whining here …but it gets really tough to come on here and try to have fun when you get run out of town every day for just simple posts..that are not directed at hurting anyone ..

      PS not looking forward to the leafs get crushed again tonight


      Anyways …Cheers… take care, have a good day guys.

      • Hi guys. There are (I imagine) a large number of people like me who read this site daily but don’t comment much. I really enjoy comments by this group you mention and find the aggressive naysayers tremendously irritating. I also miss Striker’s viewpoints. 😀

        Anyway, keep up the good work and thanks for all the interesting and respectful dialogue.

      • I enjoy reading your stuff, KAL.

        I don’t always agree, but thats my problem, not yours.

        Keep em coming.

      • Bang on there shoreorrpark. Hell, if we all agreed on everything this would turn into a boring mutual admiration society.

        So Rock, if you have something you’d like to contribute – the floor’s still yours. Many of us might not agree, but none among us will deny your right to an opinion. Nor will we label you a “know-it-al.”

      • Hey guys, I too am an infrequent commenter but I come on the site daily and read Lyle’s posts as well as the comments. I enjoy the different points of view. I don’t always agree with them, but I like seeing and reading them.

        Keep up the friendly debating and thanks for making the comments section enjoyable.


      • Welcome back KalEl and George

        Love this forum

        Learn from it every day

        Love your posts (as I do most regulars posting here) and oft in sync with your thoughts/posts; and l’m sure I learn (and gain!) more from our disagreeing exchanges than those we are simpatico on

        I never challenge anybody’s passion for their viewpoints and I strive for diplomacy in my dissenting opines

        If I’ve failed at that… humble apologies to all

        I like to throw out zany trade proposals …. knowing full well even though they may fit within Cap and may satisfy the needs of both teams …. the likelihood of actually happening in is slim

        It’s food for thought and perhaps it spurs in a much more palatable (and likely) trade

        I absolutely love the humorous posts (I still say Chrisms King if humour here)

        All for enlightenment and truly enjoyable

        I’m a dual proud fan of both Leafs and Pens; with my third fav team being VGK

        I am not blind to the fact that this is a weird insight/pathos dynamic …. it is what it is

        I also have a bromance for Sid …

        I have some serious peccadillos and blatant biases ….

        Unless JJ or Hunwick have ever read this site I believe that I have not deliberately offended anybody

        If I have offended any here; I apologize…. take me to task on it …


      • 👑

      • You’ve actually been repeatedly crapped on? Yucky.

        George. I thunked I chased you away.

        Must have missed that rock thing. Guy must have been stoned.

      • No one should ever “stop posting here” if someone disagrees…

      • Kal, thanks for the shout out. I think we can all relate to you on some level here.

        We can piss each other off one day and agree the next, that’s what makes it fun imo, almost validates it to a degree.

        Take care, keep posting.

        Oh and Chrisms, as usually funny as hell. George, welcome back and keep voicing.

      • Kal EL,

        I too have been reading/following this site for quite a while, and have posted infrequently. I enjoy all of the banter, so long as it’s not aggressive or personal. The anonymity of the web has certainly emboldened society as a whole, trolls will be trolls. On the flip side, I have also seen the decency of humanity and society in my experiences on the web, I have interacted with people from all over the world, created friendships, and been exposed to viewpoints and cultures I otherwise would not have experienced. All in all, it is what it is, it’s up to the individual to filter out the noise and appreciate the meaningful interactions.

        PS: Very much looking forward to the Leafs getting crushed tonight.

        GO KNIGHT’S GO!!

        Sorry Kal just had to say it

      • Hey Kal El, seems like we are having a regular old hug in here on the site today 🙂

        I’ll repeat something I mentioned yesterday. We interpret the world through stories. This means that if we expect folks to respond in a certain way then that’s the tone we look for and hear. Not saying it’s not happening or real for the person experiencing just that we may have dramatically different perceptions of the same event.

        One persons “reasonable” response and disagreement is another’s deuce to the forehead.

        For me this means an attempt to think about how someone else will read and experience what I write actually matters. I attempt to disagree with the proposed trade/idea and not make it personal. I am sure that I don’t always succeed on this.

        There are only two things I cant stand in this world. Those who are intollerant of other peoples culture and the Dutch (Michael Caine, GoldMember) Was tempted to change the Dutch to Leafs Fans but thought some might think I was serious 🙂

      • @ Kal El & George O,
        I don’t always agree but I do always enjoy your views, opinions and trade scenarios. It’s why I read the comment section on here. If you quit posting i’ll have nobody’s well thought out hockey talk to regurgitate as my own.

      • Kal El: I probably post less than you. Oddly enough, most of the people you mention in your posting are by and large the regulars on here.

        Without them trying, they collectively don’t appear to appreciate comments or feedback too much out of their own sense of how they see the game of hockey.

        Are they right in the viewpoints or not, opinion’s vary’ but often, they don’t give credence or feedback to others outside of their circle on here but each other and when they do, its often dismissive in nature.

        Some on here are black and white in their veiwpoints and that will likely never change; and there are some who get offended becuz those same people won’t change to their challengers viewpoints.

        U all claim, by and large, you all appreciate the various banter, but without even knowing it, you have conditions collectively among you that by and large, exclude people who YOU feel don’t know as much about hockey than you guys collectively you do.

        In my case, I’m somewhere between a novice and your so called level of expertise but I’m ok with that.

        So here’s my question. Why don’t you guys go face off against The Daren Dregers, Bobby Mac, Elliot Friedman, The Over Drive Team and any of the other working pro’s who actually get paid for all this and see who smart you are all then and see how you feel being challenged beyond your own so level of expertise. That’s a different mirror boys.

        Perhaps once some of your bruised heads have to fit yourselves thru your own doors, you’ll be less likely to exclude the rest of us who you collectively feel we are misinformed to fit thru your own doors.

        Just saying. U all be cool

    • Fun post sop.

  3. Re JGP

    If I were Sens… I’d keep him unless the cost to sign is just exorbitant. Just turned 27…. Dorion… sharpen your pencil… there has to be an amenable deal there.

    But if you can’t:

    JGP on Oil would look great… trade cost?

    I’d love him on Pens… they have the Cap space now…. trade cost?

    Sens in rebuild so coming back has to be early 20’s player!!

  4. Seems like a Brodie for Barrie swap is pretty easy to do – Flames just agree to retain the difference in salary- both expiring deals. I dont see a huge difference there but could be a low risk move both teams try before the coach goes (in Toronto)

    • Brodie would be a sideways move at best for the Leafs. IMO Brodie is weaker in his own zone than Barrie, and at best equile to Barrie in the offensive zone and on the PP.
      The Leafs need a top 3 big physical stay at home d-man that can make life tough for the oppositions life difficult in front of his own net.
      Probably will get flack for mentioning this, and I don’t like it myself as I really like Larsson, but Larsson is the type of d-man the Leafs need and maybe available in the offseason.

    • Maybe be hard now after Brodie’s health scare….
      Thought he would be a good fit in Pittsburgh on the second pairing with Schultz.

      just need to make sure he is healthy and ok first..

      George makes more comebacks than the undertaker in WWE…LOL

      • LOL. Naw, never meant to indicate I was done for good. Just that day – opened the door for Rock – he didn’t take the opportunity. Nor for the next 3 days. So, nuts.

        And Chrisms, no one looks forward to your zingers more than me. In fact, I find I try to word things in a way that’ll open the door for a classic 🙂

      • Every door you open must be considered a classic George. And in black and white.

  5. Just curious what type of pick/prospect package sens would want and how much of Craig Andersson’s 4 .75 mill expiring contract they would retain to move him to the leafs?

    • I’ve figured that Anderson would end up in Toronto by the midway point this year.

      The Sens kinda owe the Leafs for Conner Brown.

      That would take care of the tenders for a spell.

      • Not sure about the Sen’s ‘owing’ the Leaf’s 😉 however I’m also wondering if Dubas has touched base with Dorian about Craig Anderson’s availability.

      • Touching base with Dorion about Anderson wouldn’t be a bad idea for Dubas. But it’s not like Dorion needs to move him out to save a few dollars off the cap – especially if he had to hold back some significant amount.

        So, speaking of significant, that’s what the return would need to be and I don’t see Dubas offering up another high pick and/or one of the better prospects for a 38-year-old goalie who becomes a UFA at season’s end.

        Nor does Dorion need another low round pick or some career AHLer. The Sens are going nowhere this season – just looking for steady improvement, and the confidence-building of the young players is better served knowing they have two steady veteran goalies backing them in Nilsson and Anderson.

      • Having said that, IF, as we draw near to trade deadline day, a team still in the hunt finds itself with goalie problems, that’s when Dorion would get the best return for Anderson. Absolutely nothing to lose by waiting until then, If no such situation transpires, he finishes the season in Ottawa. If he then thinks he has another season in himself at 39 he should have no problem hooking on somewhere as a backup – but at far far less than his current $4,750,000. If not, it wouldn’t surprise me to see him staying in Ottawa as a goaltending coach.

        As for the Leafs, once Schneider clears waivers maybe Rutherford would hold back $4 of that $6 mil in a deal that wouldn’t cost the Leafs anything significant in return – although that 4.59 gaa and 0.852 save % in 6 games played – and 3 years to go including this one – is a flashing red light.

      • 3 out of 6.

  6. I consider this web site a pleasure….thanks to Lyle and others that write here thoughtfully

    As a Leaf fan I do grit my teeth at a couple of contributors here who is every analysis is emotionally based and that emotion is dislike of the Leafs, I have never responded to one of them…..it won’t change them and will just get going on a longer piece that is emotionally based….After all dislike of Toronto is part of the Canadian culture….And I am a proud Canadian

    The anonymous web is great when the contributors are open minded and thoughtful….I enjoy those exchanges. The price of admission are those undeveloped emotional writings.

    The vast majority of writers here improve this hockey fanatics day…..Thank you

    • I love it here too—I have read everything for past 6 years–best hockey site on internet

    • Hey Old Blue Dog!! You asked yesterday about what happens if Nylander asks to be traded. In that instance, or if he comes out and says he understands the Leafs may need to move him and doesn’t hold Dubas to his “promise” then I would see that as a no harm no foul situation.

      • Has anybody ever heard Dubas or seen it in writing that he wouldn’t trade Nylander ?

  7. I don’t understand why the Leafs would need Craig Anderson.
    He isn’t really having a good year and he is to expensive.
    The backup goalies aren’t the problem in Toronto. They need to learn to play team defense. Throw a body check in the defensive zone. Teams aren’t scared to do to the net.
    Hutchinson played well , but you got to have help
    The fella that played Saturday night was hung out to dry.
    The backup goalies didn’t lose the games, the lack of commitment to team defense has.

    • They don’t need C.Anderson

      Way too pricey

      They need a cheaper backup in net + about 5 upgraded dmen,

      not this year, not next year either!

  8. I read most of your posts daily.
    Opinions, opinions and more opinions. Making it interesting enough to read.
    But from the outside, looking in, far too often conclusions are jumped on, questions and clarifications are replied to as fact, there’s a ton of assumptions regarding simple comments.
    its too much conjecture.
    I mentioned a concept once, got it from an article link, the response was 10 fold. Questioning intelligence, mildly insulting. When really, the person never read my comment word for word and then jumped all over it.
    So all of you do little encouraging. None of you seem open to outside ideas. You have a click. go for it. be a click. But know, none of you have ever given me the impression your open minded to others ideas. you barely do it with each other.

    • Fiddlesticks!

      • clique?

    • Baron you make some good points and I’d bet I’m not alone thinking that; which, brings me to my point – isn’t just human nature to question/debate things you don’t agree with more so than ones we do?

  9. Baron , is definitely right there is a click on this site.
    If you don’t agree with certain people, the click definitely attacks you.
    That is a true statement.

    • You were the title character in smear the queer a lot as a kid wernt you?

      Uh oh. Did I just pull a cherry?

      • Thanks, for proving the point young fella.

      • No, people listen when Cherry spoke…

  10. Barrie for Brodie would cost Calgary a good bit extra, both in terms of salary retention and in extra picks/talent….based on past statististics…based on the roles each play…based on Brodie’s current uncertainty in terms of career theatening health concerns.
    Though he has only 6 assists this year, if you watch him play, Barrie has been performing very well in terms of skating the puck out of trouble and setting up plays. I would suggest that 75% of Barrie’s troubles this year have been with linemates not finishing his plays and with a lack of support from backchecking.
    Babcock has identified the Leafs’ main problems before (1) They don’t usually start strong and (2) Too often, his team is focused on padding their scoring stats rather than playing responsibly. Both of these issues can be addressed quickly, *IF* the players buy into the message rather than squeezing the stick harder and trying to play overly agressive with the puck.
    The game in Pittsburgh showed a team that quit on their coach and their goalie in the first 20 minutes. So unless Toronto trades for a leader who forces his linemates to play harder and smarter, no trade is going to help them.
    Tavares and Matthews are great players, but neither one seems to drive a line for more than a couple of shifts a game. Marner when healthy, elevated the play of his peers and gained them more space to opperate. Without him, that well regarded offense is not scoring more than an average team. It reminds me well of the Phil Kessel era in Toronto.

  11. There have been a number of proposed Oiler’s targets lately. Taylor Hall a few weeks ago and now JG Pag. I’m just a bit curious how they are supposed to manage this with the 600 K in cap space they have and, according to the sporting news, the 14th ranked farm system.

    They also may have the least depth on the roster of any NHL team given the disparity between their top two scorers and everyone else.

    I don’t deny that they could use Taylor Hall and JG Pag. Hell they could use Carey Price and Drew Doughtly to. I’m just not sure how they acquire those players and fit them into their current cap situation.

    • 14th best out of 31 teams isn’t that bad. It’s top half of the NHL. The Hockey Writers have the Oilers ranked 12th, and the Athletic has the Oilers ranked 9th. So take you pick, none of those rankings are bad.
      In the last 10 games the Oilers bottom 6 forwards are slowly started to put up some points. However the bottom 6 forwards run the PK, which is close to the top of the NHL, so their depth has improved from last season.
      Now for the teams defensive depth. The Oilers have improved their defensive play greatly from last season, they have go from one of the worst teams for goals against, 25th, to top 10 so far this season, 9th. That is also done with losing Larsson in the first game of the season. There have also been a couple of other injuries on defence and it has been doing just fine. So the depth on defence has been just fine. Oh and there is also Bouchard and Broberg in the system. Now Doughty would be a nice to have, but is not needed.
      Now for Price, well Koskinen has a .921 save percentage, which is better than Price’s .917. Koskinen has only lost 1 game in regulation. So no idea where you get how the Oilers could use Price.
      Now the Oilers cap space for next season is just under $24 million with 9 players under contract. So now after it wouldn’t be to far fetched to consider the cap will go up by at least 1 million, so we can safely say $25 million in cap space to sign 14 players, one of witch is Nurse. So there is plenty of cap space to get a top 6 winger, Nurse, backup goalie, and another piece or 2 on the bottom 6. That’s how.

      • Hey Kev,

        Reasonable response but I’m not sure they can pay guys with cap space they have next year 🙂

        They are playing a better team game so far this season but certainly don’t have a surplus of assets from which to deal. That means prospects and picks. This to convince someone to not only give up a valuable asset like Hall or JP Pag but to also take on the same amount of salary somehow. I just don’t see it.

        The Oilers just don’t have a lot of depth anywhere. They are top heavy with talent and top heavy in their prospect pool.

      • You guys are both right IMO.
        Agree the Oil don’t have the space to make a deal this year, and Holland knows it, unless there is $$ going the other way.
        The Oil have depth on D which they have shown this year with Bear playing really well in a top 4 role.
        Jones was recently called up and may stay a while, even when Larsson returns. He is over ripe and ready in a bottom pair role.
        Broberg and Bouchard are both quality prospects.
        They have 3 top 6 centers and a good 4th line guy.
        Where they lack dept is on the wing. And it is a serious lack of depth when you talk top 6 and that is what is forcing them to play Draisaitl on the wing. Not a terrible problem, but they will be exposed if one of the 3 C’s goes down.
        The bottom 6 forwards have stopped bleeding goals, and to Kevjams point, are playing well on the PK.
        All in all, a significant improvement. Holland a Tippet deserve high grades thus far.
        It feels different in Edmonton this year.

  12. To Toronto : Johnny Gaudreau (6.75 million) & Travis Hamonic (3.85 million), 2020 2nd round pick.

    To Calgary : William Nylander (6.9 million), Cody Ceci (4.5 million), 2020 2nd round pick, 2021 1st round pick

    • Hey Ron,

      Wow does that looks like a terrible deal for Calgary. They get the less effective but more expensive forward along with the pilon that is Codi Ceci.

      Hamonic is actually a really solid stay at home D man, I’d expect a high second or low first just for him. You’d have to sweeten the offer if you wanted me to take Ceci.

      Not sure I’d take on Nylander’s contract right now if it was offered straight up for a mid to late round pick. He’s got skill but given the overall shortage in cap space and the moderate production he’s been offering?

  13. To Philadelphia : Johnny Gaudreau (6.75 million), 2020 1st round pick (lottery protected).

    To Calgary : James Van Reimsdyk (7 million), Nolan Patrick (925 thousand), 2020 2nd round pick.

    A friend of mine from Calgary told me last night he was hearing grumblings of a Philly/Flames deal for Gaudreau.

    Not sure how that can work considering rosters and cap room. This is what I came up with.

    • Not a terrible proposal Ron. Having said that I have never thought Gaudreau was a guy you invested a whack of cash in. So some bias here.
      Great skill but if he isn’t scoring what is he doing? Not much.
      Good player but more of a complimentary type IMO.