NHL Rumor Mill – November 23, 2019

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Check out the latest on the Canadiens, Predators, and Senators in today’s NHL rumor mill.


THE ATHLETIC: Arpon Basu wonders if the Montreal Canadiens are hoarding their salary-cap space for a big move at some point in the season. Noting the Habs have over $6.3 million in salary-cap space, Basu points out general manager Marc Bergevin will have plenty of room to go on a spending spree near the Feb. 24 trade deadline if he so chooses.

Mitch Melnick, meanwhile, believes the Canadiens’ recent struggles are indicative of a team in trouble. With Jonathan Drouin sidelined, Max Domi mired in a goalless drought, and Jesperi Kotkaniemi battling a sophomore slump, Melnick feels it’s time to make a significant move for scoring punch before the season goes sideways.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bergevin could be stockpiling that cap room in anticipation of a big trade at some point. Then again, he also had lots of cap space last season and made only minor moves that did little to boost his club’s playoff chances. If there’s a deal to be had that can help his club, one that won’t gut his depth in draft picks and prospects, Bergevin will make it. Otherwise, he’ll bank that cap space and seek more affordable options.

Is Kyle Turris on the outs in Nashville? (Photo via NHL Images)


NASHVILLE POST: Michael Gallagher recently wondered where Kyle Turris stands with the Predators after being a healthy scratch in consecutive games this week. Unless he’s nursing an undisclosed injury or the Predators are saving him for a potential trade, Gallagher finds it puzzling Turris is being scratched in favor of less-productive players such as Mikael Granlund, Craig Smith, and Austin Watson. He feels it’s a situation that could be worth monitoring in the coming days.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Turris was the subject of frequent trade speculation throughout the calendar year. Despite his improvement this season while bouncing around the Predators’ lineup, his $6-million annual average value is considered a deal-breaker.

Unless the Preds pick up a healthy chunk of that cap hit or take back a toxic contract, they’ll have a difficult time finding suitors for Turris. Banishing him to the press box will keep him healthy if a deal is being worked on, but it could also hurt his value if interested teams can’t evaluate his performance.


OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports Senators GM Pierre Dorion’s been shopping around for a defenseman for his banged-up blueline. Christian Wolanin (shoulder), Andreas Englund (lower-body), Erik Brannstrom (hand), and Cody Goloubef (undisclosed) are currently sidelined. Meanwhile, Nikita Zaitsev is in Russia attending to a personal matter but should return Monday. The Sens recalled Max Lajoie and Christian Jaros on Friday.


  1. As long as it isn’t Jack Johnson – go for it Pierre.

    • Alzner in MTL ??

      Staal in NY??

      • IHC

        Smith for JJ straight up ….. gedderdone

        Staal (40 % retained) for JJ …. gedderdone

        In the words of Rob Schneider ….. “You can do it ….”

      • Unfortunately, Staal not going anywhere. Besides nmc, he’s out A few weeks after ankle surgery. Wonder if Rangers would entertain offers on Skjei? It’s becoming clear this team will be lucky to make playoffs, and their 2 rookie left D are playing well. With Staal still having another year on his contract ( as well as former dman, and current 4th line winger Smith) and good chance top prospect K’Andre Miller could sign at end of this years college season.

      • @slick

        I think it would behoove NYR to listen to offers for Skjei especially since K’Andre may come aboard next season.

        Package with Kreider for a bounty if possible.

    • George

      Play nice … I promise to give you a sweetheart deal

      JJ & Ruhweedel for a 7th in 2028


      Don’t worry George …. GMJR and Sully think light shines out of JJ’s butt…. they seem completely oblivious to how bad he plays and the detriment he has on the team …. they put Riikola in the press box and increased JJ’s mins ; and brought up Riikola and Trottman

      Massive head scratcher

      • JJ gonna fetch you Lucic

      • Pengy….. without salary would you

        to Pitts: Turris
        to NSH: Bjugstad & JJ

        I ask…bc as Malkin and Crosby get older…. perhaps Gino moves to the wing (or 1 C when Crosby is out and vice versa) and Turris slots 2 c ?

        or is the term too long?

      • ds

        If the caps matched ….. that’s a deal I’d take EVERY SINGLE DAY

        Lucic is a better DMan than JJ …. booyah!!!

      • Hi IHC

        Re Bjug & JJ for Turris

        If term was identical…. done and done

        The out years at 6 an issue


        JJ & Bjug (50 % retained ) & Ruhweedel (50 % retained)

        For Turris (50 % retained)

        Pens then go out at sign McQ


  2. Ottawa doesn’t need to trade for a dman when you have a guy like Adam Mcquaid unsigned. Won’t cost much an just let him go waivers when healthy if not working out.

    • Hi Caper

      I’ve said all along he’d be a great pickup

      Want him for Pens instead of Ruhweedel on the RHS

      I know he’s got concussion concerns and health comes first … but if he’s willing to play …. excellent pick up

      • PENGY.. GALCHENYUK for Turris….

        Nashville has $3.64 million in cap space

        Turris is a good player was at worlds this year..he gives us good insurance with malking and Crosby battling in and out of the lineup.

        Galchenyuk $4.9
        Turris $6.0

        Turris is 3o contract runs out t 34 not too bad he is a gritty player who has scored 27, 25 18 and 23 goals over the last 5 plus season….just one bad season…

  3. I have never recalled where a player is traded while injured. Signed yes but not moved on less the injury is on the down low which have occurred.

    Not on any topic but is it just me or is PK Subban brutal. I don’t mean off, declining, but just bad in all areas. Still has a shot but can’t get it through can’t make a decent pass, getting caught and even made to look the fool (see recent game against Boston) . A whopping 5 points for $9million. Wow.

    • Silver seven it does happen, I think the teams just have to agree on it even though the player can’t clear a medical. If I remember correctly Kessel was recovering from surgery when he was traded to Toronto and missed the first 10–15 games of that first regular season. Also the guys on LTIR that are traded are still considered active players that are injured, obviously not what you meant but would still technically be the same thing. It does happen with players that are still returning to the game, don’t think it’s very often though.

  4. Montreal could use Turris.

    • Yes, yes they could.
      They’re going to do something, you can count on that.

      The Habs are only a couple of peices away, from being a couple of peices away.

      • LOL. Well put.

    • Burris for Alzner

      • Henry?
        That’s an overpayment.

      • Rofl I meant Turris

  5. The Sabres GM is a dope with cap, why in the world would you re-sign all the bottom 6 guys to raises when you could have added cheaper, younger, faster and more skilled guys? Now we have zero cap and when Bogo comes back the team will be over. A bad team should always have some free cap space 3-5 million to work some deals.