NHL Rumor Mill – November 25, 2019

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Could the Oilers pursue Ottawa’s Jean-Gabriel Pageau? What’s the latest on the Sabres and Leafs? Find out in today’s NHL rumor mill.


THE ATHLETIC: Allan Mitchell believes the Edmonton Oilers still need a third-line center. He feels a trade is the best option to address this issue, but the best options might not become available until closer to the Feb. 24 trade deadline.

Could the Edmonton Oilers pursue Ottawa Senators center Jean-Gabriel Pageau? (Photo via NHL Images)

Ottawa Senators center Jean-Gabriel Pageau would be the best option, but Mitchell feels the Sens will work hard to re-sign him before the deadline. If he becomes available, the asking price could be steep.

Mitchell also thinks Minnesota’s Joel Eriksson Ek or Winnipeg’s Mathieu Perreault could be worthwhile targets. He suggests offering up a defenseman like Kris Russell or Matt Benning in return.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Pageau would be the best fit but also the most expensive. Eriksson Ek’s name has surfaced in the rumor mill, but it remains to be seen if Wild GM Bill Guerin intends to move him as part of a roster rebuild.

The Jets have rebounded from a shaky start. Their need for blueline depth isn’t as dire as it was a month ago. If they stay in playoff contention, Perreault won’t be going anywhere. He also has a five-team no-trade list.


WGR 550: TSN analyst Darren Dreger said he’s been informed Buffalo Sabres general manager Jason Botterill has made offers for forwards, but he doesn’t know which teams or forwards Botterill has targeted. He also said the conversations are ongoing as Botterill sees his forward depth as an area of concern.

Dreger also indicated Botterill and other GMs interested in making trades are facing the problem of several teams having players on long-term injury reserve. He estimates there are 10-12 clubs in that position.

Botterill could be open to just about anything. Dreger feels Botterill might prefer adding a top-six and a bottom-six forward. Acquiring a top-six forward would mean giving up a piece from the roster.

Dreger suggested the return of defenseman Zach Bogosian could mean parting with a blueliner such as Marco Scandella. If Botterill is reluctant to draw upon his defensive depth, Dreger thinks it could take moving “a pretty damn good prospect or a prospect and a draft pick.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A player-for-player swap isn’t impossible at this point in the season, but finding the right fit is an issue. As Dreger indicated, the unusually high number of teams with players on LTIR make it more difficult to swing a deal. With his club sinking in the standings, Botterill is under growing pressure to do something soon.


TORONTO STAR: In a recent mailbag segment, Kevin McGran was asked if the Maple Leafs could also pursue a trade after bringing in Sheldon Keefe as their new head coach. He feels GM Kyle Dubas will want to evaluate the club’s performance under Keefe and give it until Christmas.

McGran points out the Leafs have extra forwards and need a backup goaltender. He feels Pittsburgh’s Tristan Jarry ($675K) would be a good fit under the Leafs’ limited salary-cap space, speculating the asking price could be one of a Leafs’ fourth-liners or scratches.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If that’s all it would cost for Jarry, I think that deal would’ve been made by now. Penguins GM Jim Rutherford isn’t in any hurry to move him, perhaps hoping to drive up the goalie’s trade value.


  1. Yeah, like anyone is going to get Jarry for “fourth-liners or scratches.” Who the heck is McGran?

    • I dunno George. Sounds like a good trade to this pens fan. Anything that brings even the tiniest taste of the leafs to my pens. Just a sliver of that leafiness could satisfy me for a whole season.

      • Mouth is watering…dont you dare say we can have JJ…I’ll lose my mind.

      • Hell no! Jj is ours now and forever! Removing the Mario statue to make way for his.

      • Chrisms

        Imbibing early today???

        Jarry must must must stay a Pen

        I suggested below G-Chick (at 20 % retained) for Scands …. thoughts?

    • I apologize to all my friends and family as well as the people who post here …

       I have fallen off the wagon today ….I have relapsed …sorry …

      Just an FYI …Bogosian and Montour = $8.6 million in cap space…they are on LTIR and Buffalo with its current roster sits at a negative $- 450,000 cap hit

      with Okposo dealing with concussion issues he may go to LTIR not sure yet …

      but if he does that buys the Sabres a little room but still need to get rid of almost $ 3.5 to $4 million to have both Bogoasian and Montour back ….they can not fit all the D men in…

      Scandella is going to be hard to sell as he is a UFA…you will have to almost give him away …Bogosian is also a tough sell …aging and cap hit as well…they are not moving out McCabe Dahlin or Jokiharju..even if they did it does not amount to any savings per say ….it looks as if Buffalo wants to get a decent top 6 forward in the mix they have to move out Ristolainen as he is the one that carries the biggest cap hit …and is the easiest to deal and get a quality return for.

      It almost looks inevitable …as I don’t see any team taking on 2 UFAs and giving much back for them in the way of top 6 players …

      Even if the Sabres trade Ristolainen…and they are getting a top 6 player back ..that guy will be coming in with a significant cap hit …at LEAST $5 million plus …that still does not solve there cap issues…when Bogosian and Montour come back ….it looks as if they need to get rid of at least 2 D men ….and it looks as if it is 2 of 3 players …Bogosian ,Ristolainen and or Scandella ….

      Id like the leafs to try and pry out  Ristolainenen if possible..

      ok….. I will go back to my corner now and shut up …and re enter the NHL Blog posters re hab facility..

      Have a good day …until my next relapse…or day pass 

      • Hi Kal El

        Re Scands

        I suggested below

        G-Chuck (20% retained ) for Scands

        I think it’s fair … thoughts?

      • @ Pengy

        I only make that deal ..if Pitt moves out Shultz first and makes room …

        picking up that 20% on Chucky is a tough one and then having 2 puck movers at $10 million is to much for this team cap wise …I think???

        I think Bujgstad is the easier to move and let Chucky walk at the end of the year instead..you wont find many takers for him…

        This years UFA class is a weird one it is VERY TOP HEAVY on D men …so a guy liek Scandella may sign in season with Pitt and take a bit less than he is worth for more security …he is not going to jump the line over ..guys like Barrie Pietrangelo …Krug and so forth …so if Pitt can get him ( Scandella ) in the mix and look long term with him at a decent cap hit he will be the better option …IMO …I dont know ..what do you think ?

      • Hi Kal El

        I would have offered up Bjug …. but that’s a no go for another 8 weeks (IR)

        Both Scands and G-Chuck are UFAs …. the 20% retained basically makes Cap hit identical …. $3.92 M vs $4.0 M with Pens eating the extra $80K… annual … so extra $60 K for balance of year

        It’s basically a flip of a Fwd not producing for what I believe would be a valuable add to D

        If that trade is made …. in reality Sully would have no option but to sit JJ

        In no particular order

        Tanger, Dumo, Shultz, Pettersson; Marino ; Scands; Riikola; Trottman

        ALL massively better than JJ

        With Shultz out


        When Shultz returns:


        G-Chuck has no G’s; 7 A’s in 14 GP…. Cap hit of $4.9M

        If he breaks out of his slump in next couple of games …. then hopefully he’s turned the corner

        If held pointless tonight and next game …. time to move him me thinks

      • @ Pengy ….

        yes great deal for Pitt …but this would net eleviate any problems in any of the areas of concern for Buffalo…

        so I am not sure if they make that deal..if it ends up just cancelling out the money evenly …and no upgrades have happened ….Sabres said they are looking for an upgrade and a scorer …Chucky has not been that!!!

        ..I just don’t see them ( Buffalo ) making the deal …

        I also have to admit ..Iam shocked that HONKA has not been signed …3 years ago on this site ..he was GOLD for Dallas highly coveted and I think could really help out some teams for next to nothing on the bottom pairings !

        Not sure but he has been blacked balled for some reason??

      • Hi Kal El

        Yes good deal for Pens but could be for Buff as well

        They were sitting Scands … so it would be a trade of a press box guy for a forward that may or may not get better with a change of scenery

        Both UFAs … the proposal I gave basically has a straight Cap swap with a tad favouring Buff

        I’m still grasping at straws for any move that has JJ not playing for Pens (press box as the nutty Jimbo failed at moving him)

        Letang apparently playing tonight but apparently the d pairs at practise had JJ matched with Marino… their trying to destroy the confidence of this young man 🤬

        Easiest solution is JJ out Riikola in


  2. Who to heck is George O.

    • Who the heck is Vinnie?

      • Who “to” heck is Vinnie

    • Vinnie your continued attempts to get George to respond clearly aren’t going to work at this stage , May be time to move on and choose another poster to stalk relentlessly .

      Keep up the good posts George , and stick to responding to those who contribute something back to the site , that’s not you vinnie .

  3. Wasn’t really trying to get George to respond. Kevin Mcgran is a sports reporter. Once again the many alias of George come to protect. Someone once mentioned a clique, maybe their right.

  4. Vinnie, maybe your George?

    • Vinnie is George! George is vinnie! Oh my god! George is a man! George is a man!!!

      • LOL, nice Ace Ventura drop, Chris!

      • LMAO

      • I’m a huge fan. I have a Miami dolphins ray finkle jersey in my closet my grandma made for me in high school for a Halloween costume. I still get people who want selfie with me on the rare occasion I bust it out.

      • I used to live in South Fl and my son played youth hockey with a kid who’s dad was in that movie. I had known the dad for years and never knew he was an actor until we became friends on FB. He’s 1 of those guys that’s in a lot of movies but always small parts.

      • Jellin

  5. Firstly…. I know this is a hockey site….

    …. but congrats out to all Manitobans and Bomber fans outside of the province …. 29 year wait is over 👍🙂

    Now …. although as a Leaf fan …. having Jarry would be great …..but as a Pens fan …. GMJR would absolutely be nuts to trade Jarry …. ABSOLUTELY nuts

    He has THE highest save percentage and THE lowest GAA of any back up in the entire league…. and his Cap hit is absolutely the lowest you can have for anybody in the NHL…. new contracts have to be at a minimum of Cap of $700 K; his Cap is $675K.

    Jimbo …. you better not do it

    Re JGP…. would love to see him as a Pen ….. George …. what’s the cost?

    Re Fwd for D (Sabres):

    G-Chuck (20 % retained) for Scands…..

    IHC ….. can u make it happen? Gedderdone

    • Pengy – not sure Ottawa’s about to move on from Pageau. He’s still only 27, a great face-off C, and a relentless checker with, obviously, some offensive capabilities. Any team trying to obtain him at this early stage of the season can expect to cough up significantly – a top pick and a TOP prospect. Is he worth that? Probably not over the long haul, but Dorion is under no immediate pressure to move him unless he was overwhelmed with an offer.

      Now, as we get close to the trade deadline and if talks with he and his agent indicate they are seeking a long term extension (7 – 8 years) and something in excess of $4.2 mil per, then Dorion will likely trade him at that point. But he won’t be over-whelmed because it will have dawned on the other GMs that the reason he’s being shopped is his expectation of a long-term deal and something over $4.2 mil per. He therefore becomes a rental and hits the UFA market next spring.

      That’s simply the way I see it. Personally, I’d bet he re-ups here at 5 years for $4.2 mil per and continues to be a valuable veteran presence for all the kids coming in.

      • You are prob right …. to me they should keep him…. even if it’s 5*5…. $5M in 3 years basically very close to the proportionate hit of $4M this year

        If they (Sens) walk from the deal only offering say $4.3M…. I think this will bight them in the butt

        Now …. if Dorian gets an offer he can’t refuse …. say younger roster and a prospect …. then maybe he bites on the deal

    • Pengy…..Letang is back today possibly game time decision also T.J. Brodie D-MAN of Calgary is back from that horrific health scare..auditioning maybe tonight Pens are interested or where before the health scare. maybe

      MOVE ONE

      Marco Scandella Buffalo they has limited cap space so they may want a draft pick…. Your idea Galchenyuk for Scandella good we need another dman.

      Here’s my thoughts.

      MOVE 1. Secure Marco Scandella for Zack Aston Reese and a 3rd round pick.

      MOVE 2. Alex Galchenyuk to Nashville Kyle Turris to Pittsburgh he is a solid 2 way center/player who has had goal totals o 23 25, 26, and 19 the last 5 years..
      yes last year was bad for him but he was really good at worlds this year.
      yes he makes $6 million but salary totals match here and Malkin and Crosby both have gone down with injuries good insurance

      MOVE 3. Justin Schultz to Anaheim (they need a RHD) for Nick Ritchie 23 young, grit average 10 goals a year only makes $1.5 Schultz will probably walk next year anyway we get grit and younger.

      To Pittsburgh in these deals
      Marco Scandella D- man 29 $4.0 million UFA
      Kyel Turris Center 30 $6.0 million
      Nick Ritchie Left Wing 23 $1.5 million RFA


      Justin Schultz defense 29 $5.5 million UFA
      Zack AS Reese winger 25 $1.0 million
      Alex Galchenyuk Winger 25 $4.9 million UFA




      Scandella/ Marino
      Petersson/Rikola (can go get a vet dman later) when you move Bjugstad SALARY

      After the deals

      Malkin Guentzel Rust
      Croaby Mccann Simon
      Turris Tanev Hornqvist
      Blueger Kahun Lafferty

      • Hi BlackNGold

        I heard on radio that Tanger playing but they had JJ practicing with Marino…. Sully is going to ruin Marino by doing this

        Like your trades for this year… issue is the out years … 2 from now and beyond with $6 M for Turris…. it’s a gamble…. if it pays off ….. very very good…, but if it fails… the $6 M sitting out there and taking up valuable space could be crippling

        I’m a Shultz fan but if he won’t be signing… bringing in Ritchie is a good move…. I would think Ducks would need to offer more in the deal… you didn’t have him (Ritchie) on your line combos…, where would you have him play

        BTW ….when Sid gets back… under no circumstances are they keeping Guentz with Geno

        I don’t think ZAR and a 3rd gets Scands though

        It’s too bad Bjug is injured… if not injured …..

        Do ur Move # 3 first…. Shultz (50 % retained) but Ducks also must must must also take JJ…. net $4.5 M extra Cap freed up for Pens

        Bjug (20 % retained) and Simon for Turris (1/3 rd retained) and Carr…. about $0.8 M loss in Cap space for Pens

        Then G-Chuck (10 % retained) Laffy , Ruhweedel for Scands & Rodriguez … cap basically net zero

        Net of all … Pens have $3.7 M extra space

        Sign McQ

        Tanger Dumo
        Marino Scands
        McQ / Pettersson

        Sid Guentz McC

        Geno Rusty Kahun

        Turris Tanev and Horny or Carr or Ritchie

        Blueger and Horny or Carr or Ritchie or Rodriguez

        …. and we still have prob $4 M in space


  6. Maybe Devan Dubnyk would be a option for Toronto as the Wild may want to get younger

    • RR

      Outstanding de of the Cap issue thing …. not a shabby idea

      Wild MUST get younger

      Not sure if they have an appetite to retain 50%…. resulting in Cap hit of $2.15M…. if so …. what’s the ask ?

      • @ Rubin & Pengy

        Oh sorry …also forgot about …Cal peterson in LA ..

        That’s the #1 guy I wish the Leafs would trade for for the back up position ..if LA is willing to deal …

      • Ritchie 4th line Pengy..sorry yeah maybe Anaheim adds but if not we clear $4 million. Maybe j j
        Of course galchenyuk scores tonight.

        They have to decide are we resigning Galchenyuk are we Resigning Schutz and we need to move Bjugstad and release Johnson thats

        $4.9 g chuck
        $5.5 Schultz
        $4.1 bjugstad
        $1.08 waive j j
        $15.8 million

    • @ Rubin….

      good goalie ..terrible cap hit ..no way they can fit that in and no way the Wild can retain anything unless its a multiple player deal …

      leafs have 2 SOLID young Goalies they need to really take care of in Woll & Scott …so I hope that they don’t move ANY of those 2 guys yet !
      similiar styles and size to Carter Hart …

      If possible …to help Buffalo out with some cap issues id ask for Hutton if they are willing to talk…and deal…..

    • Dubnyk would give them solid back-up goaltending, that’s for sure. Playing him on the 2nd (or 1st) of the back-to-backs still left would negate finger-crossing and novenas.

      The only hitch is, that $4,333,333 cap hit with another year to go. The Leafs are up tight against the cap and so salary would need to go back the other way – and that removes just picks/prospects. Without making it Nylander for Dubnyk + that would be tricky. Maybe Minnesota takes a shot at Ceci for the rest of this year. Even up.

    • I like that idea, Ronald.

  7. Who is George O?

    Perhaps the “O” is not the beginning of his last name but the last letter in his last name

    I believe the George posting in this site is 82? Y/N?

    There is a certain Canadian George who is 82 and whose last name ends in “O”
    who happens to be Canada’s best pugilist ever …. no ifs ands or buts…….. winning his last 7 fights; last one after his 41st birthday;

    He knocked out most and he seldom lost …. and when he did lose …. it was oft to World Champs …. Patterson ; Frazier ; Ali (twice ) ; and Foreman

    Ali said he was the toughest fighter he ever matched up against

    George O …. are you THAT George?

    • Nope. But what an attraction he was anywhere he fought. The crowds at Madison Square loved Chuvalo because they knew if it was 12 or 15 rounds that’s what they’d get. The ONLY time he suffered a KO was when he couldn’t continue because of the blood after Frazier head-butted him. Twice.

      Ali once admitted that Chuvalo was the toughest he ever faced. Before their championship bout he composed one of his poems that had Chuvalo going down in 4 I think it was. As Ali related it afterwards, he caught him right on the button in the 4th with a solid right and when Chuvalo just blinked and kept coming in close with the body punches Al told himself it was going to be a looooong night.

      Cus Damato, trainer/manager of Paterson and Tyson – among others – once said if he had had Chuvalo in his teens he would have been world heavyweight champion.

      He’s also led a tough life with family problems and maintained his class throughout. One of Toronto’s best ever.

    • Goerge O ……

      is a guy who has the secret to the grassy knoll…..LOl …

      and is the most interesting man in the WORLD!

      Nice stash George !

      • Yup. Lone gunman my Royal Canadian butt!

  8. If I was George everyone would love me , hug me and never let me go. I love George.
    It would be great, I would be considered knowledgeable, Lyle would love me because I would do his work for him.
    When I was young that would be called a
    Anyway I’m almost 82 and sometimes I forget what I was saying.

  9. Good one Pengy!!

  10. I think Georgiev will be shopped by Rangers in near future. Shestyorkin came over from Russia this year after dominating in KHL and is killing it in Hartford. Has been considered heir apparent to Lundqvist for past few years. Can’t see them keeping him down forever. Also, I think Strome could be moved.
    Rangers just brought up Nieves, who has always played 4th line center. Zibinejad could dress tonight. Chytil has done well at 2C since being recalled. Howden has been 3C. Quinn says he don’t want to move Strome to wing. Something has to give. I think Stromes value will never be higher and I just can’t see Rangers resigning him to more than they’re paying him now. Georgiev and Anderson to Toronto for a Bracco. Strome to Buffalo for a 2nd round pick.

    • @ slick

      good day

      Interesting call…Georgieve has always had the Leafs number when they have played…I love his style …I have seen him in a few other games on the NHL network as well ….quality tendy for sure, actually reminds me of a younger Freddie Anderson to a degree back with the Ducks when he was breaking in…but a bit more agile than Freddie.

      Iam always and advocate in anything business …you have to give up something to get something …but as a very intent leaf fan …I really want to see Bracco in the Leaf line up in the top 6 for at least a half of a season before he goes anywhere VIA trade ….you can have Liljergen and a piece if you want …though !
      Not interested in Strome at all…

      With that ,,,if Hank moves on in a year or 2 …would it not be nice to have both those goalies in your system moving forward at the lost cost …and fight it out over time …keeping a low cap hit in Goal …great savings for you in that area ..as the platoon system is becoming a bit more foreseeable !

      just sayin…

    • Agreed. One of Georgiev or Shestyorkin will likely be traded at or before the draft. The Rangers have a lot of interested trade pieces going into the deadline this year (Kreider, Strome, Deangelo, Georgiev) and are in good shape once the bad D contracts expire and Shattenkirk’s buyout is a reasonable number after next season.

      • Van. There’s no way they trade Shestyorkin. Hank has 1 more year left on contract after this season. Rangers goalie pipeline is pretty deep. I don’t see Georgiev staying. I still think Rangers keep Kreider. I’m ok with him getting an 8 year deal structured like Schenn got with Blues. Slightly less money.
        Kal El. I just threw Braccos name out there. He’s a NY kid. I also think Anderson gets dealt eventually.

    • I think Strome & ADA to Buff for a 3rd plus RISTO
      since ADA will be too pricey to resign.

      • I wouldn’t mind Risto, but sending another defenseman to Buffalo doesn’t solve their problem. Plus, Rangers would be taking on a guy making over 5 mil cause you don’t want to give DeAngelo a raise? He’s still an rfa. I’m not against trading him, but not just cause of new contract.

      • I’m confused. When did the Buffalo GM become a fool and forget how to make a hockey trade for a goal scorer?
        Some of the trades proposed here are so crazy. Buffalo doesn’t want your garbage pile in trade for Scandella or Risto.
        Try to be some what realistic, please.

      • I agree it’s a crazy trade proposal. But for very different reasons. Strome has 21 points in 21 games. Why trade 2 players working VERY well in NYs system for one that may or may not?

        Garbage? Scandella is 29 years old, and right now Deangelo alone is out producing both he and Risto.

        Deangelo… 15 points in 21 games.

        Scandella 4 points in 16 games, Risto 8 in 23 games.

        Wasn’t Scandella recently a healthy scratch for John Gilmour? That’s Rangers garbage! Lmao

        There’s being a homer and then there’s being a blind homer. Don’t be option 2.

  11. Ottawa is going to trade one of Pageau or Tierney this year. Tierney hasn’t been mentioned much in the rumours and could go at the draft if Pageau resigns (Tierney will still be a RFA). Pageau has more trade value and it sounds like Ottawa would like to keep him, but they have to trade him if he isn’t signed by the deadline. A 5-year, US$4M/year deal is about as high as I would go (max US$4.25M/year). If Pageau wants more than that, I’d trade him.

    Tierney is a solid 3C that can fill in at 2C and would likely be valuable to other teams at the deadline given his one additional year of control. I think they could get at least a 2nd plus another pick/prospect for him at the deadline. Ottawa doesn’t need more picks and I’d rather they package him with other pieces for a high quality piece (scoring winger or top 4D).

  12. I hope Okposo retires, he was washed up at age 29, now he’s just hanging on to get that 6 million dollars, probably next year he will be making 6 million in AHL and have his 12th concussion. No loyalty to a team or fans from players, when you are washed up and done do us a favor and retire. Holding on for next 4 years for every penny shows you to be a jerk.

    Any GM who has a team as lousy as Buffalo shouldn’t be even close to max salary cap, how can you ever add any players? Yet me guess, next year Rodriguez will get another bonus for doing nothing?

    • You could call me a jerk, or anything else for that matter, all day long and I wouldn’t just walk away from $24M…I bet you wouldn’t either.

      At a certain point, these multiple concussions need to be considered life-threatening and/or disabling and these guys need to be granted permanent long-term injury status. That way they can collect their money, and the teams aren’t having to carry their cap-hits.

      • Zibinejad has been out with “upper body injury” for a few weeks now. He made a comment to a reporter today that was pretty much saying another concussion without actually saying it. He’s had like 5/6? Scary. He’s only 25.

      • Didn’t Savard basically go on permanent LTIR for concussion issues while in Boston? So ya, I think they can now.

  13. Can the Bruins do the right thing and trade for Taylor Hall ….LW with size who can score …please

    • He wouldn’t come cheap.

      What would have to go the other way?

      • Backes, DeBrusk & top prospect plus a 1st ?

      • Not only that, he won’t be cheap when it comes to contract time either. I have no idea what he will ultimately command, but I’ve seen $10 mil per bandied about in here.

        How would that sit with long-time Bruins Krejci, Bergeron, Pastrnak and Marchand all making $3 and close to $4 mil per less?

      • think a chance at a cup he’d take less like the leadership did there in bos though? I think he would sincerely consider it.

      • If he was open to that sure – go for it. Adding him to that collection of F and their solid D would make them odds-on-favourites to come out of the East this year – in my humble opinion anyway – and for at least another 2 to come.

      • I think Boston does something similar to last year at the TDL. Nothing too expensive in terms of assets going the other way.
        They got Coyle and Johansson for a combined 2nd, 4th, 5th and Ryan Donato.
        Injuries will play a role in the needs, but if they can get a guy like Johansson for a 2nd and 4th, then that is the route they take.

      • Backes? Was that a bad joke? Or do you really believe that he is going the other way to NJ? If Hall is traded, they’re not taking a guy like Backes.

  14. The Leafs recalled Hutchinson today after a few good AHL starts. I know that last season Hutchinson impressed in Toronto AFTER he had played a lot for the Marlies. His contract fits, his experience with the team fits, and it was pretty obvious that much of his early trouble was driven by some awful defence. Hutch has much more experience than Jarry, so I think we’ll see him get a 2 week try-out under Keefe. The Leafs have another handful of back-to-back games coming up and I’m pretty sure that they’d rather have the experience on the bench than a rookie like Kasiko.
    As for St. Louis scouting, I suspect that Petan and Shore are the players that are being scouted, possibly Ceci and Barrie. Both of dmen have expiring contracts and the Leafs might have suggested STL send a scout back when Babcock and Barrie were looking so incompatible.

  15. Why trade away anything for Hall if really wants to win he will sign with Boston as an UFA. Would have to take a little less in the 8 million range and Boston would have to move a couple contracts and trade Krug. Bruins have great young Defenseman and could afford to move on from Krug. If they want Hall for this years playoffs and he agrees to an extension than move Krug who would also need to sign extension and a couple prospects.