NHL Rumor Mill – November 26, 2019

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Updates on Kyle Turris and Chris Kreider, plus the latest on the Oilers in today’s NHL rumor mill.


THE HOCKEY NEWS: Jared Clinton reports Kyle Turris has become frustrated over his limited playing time with the Nashville Predators. Despite the club’s recent slump and winger Viktor Arvidsson sidelined for six weeks, Turris has been a healthy scratch from three straight games.

Kyle Turris’ status with the Nashville Predators could be coming to a head soon (Photo via NHL Images)

Clinton speculates Predators general manager David Poile could be amenable to trading Turris, if for nothing else than to get some salary-cap relief. Considering how much Poile gave up in a three-way trade with Ottawa and Colorado to get Turris (Samuel Girard, Vladislav Kamenev, second-round pick), Poile won’t want to move Turris for next to nothing. However, the 30-year-old’s annual average value ($6 million) and declining production means his trade value is low right now.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Clinton points out there’s no simple solution here. Turris is unhappy over his situation, but coach Peter Laviolette seems to have no interest in playing him. His trade value is low and he’s carrying a hefty cap hit. Unless Poile is willing to take on a toxic contract, he could be forced to absorb a big chunk of Turris’ AAV and accept a low return to move him.


NEW YORK POST: Noting the Rangers’ video tribute and ovation for former Blueshirt Mats Zuccarello last night, Larry Brooks wonders if Chris Kreider will be in a similar situation next season. The 28-year-old winger is slated to become an unrestricted free agent next summer. Kreider said he remains unworried about his future, focusing instead on the present.

Brooks observes there are salary-cap issues ahead for the Rangers, wondering how much the club would be willing to invest in Kreider. Both sides have kept mum over the winger’s contract status.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I believe the Rangers will shop Kreider if they’re out of playoff contention leading up to the Feb. 24 trade deadline. Kreider’s asking price could be over $6 million annually on a long-term deal. Cap Friendly indicates they have over $65 million invested in 14 players for 2020-21, with restricted free agents Ryan Strome, Tony DeAngelo, and Brendan Lemieux in line for big raises. There won’t be enough room for Kreider.




  1. Lyle
    These long term deals are hurting the game. Incentive is gone if you are on a fixed income for the next 8 years. These kids don’t all have the love of the game over money their predecessors had.

    I for one am watching a few very over paid guys on the Flyers not bring it on a nightly basis. What’s the fix? An NFL style contract with the ability to cut a player mid contract?

    Gotta do something. Cant have Jake taking Couts hard earned money every night…

    • @ badcowboydan

      Good morning

      I respectfully disagree with you here ..only about 10 % of the league has what you would call WELL paid players of star status …the rest of the league has a shelf life of about 3 – 4 years in the NHL …3 of those years are on entry level deals and teh rest of those players that move on end up being ROLE players and bottom 6 players who make NOTHING in comparison to what other PRO ATHLETES make …when you break it down every will be upset with at least 1 contract on every team ….

      I am a huge advocate for NHL players to make market price for their skills …when ever they can …the owners have done everything possible to take that away from these guys over the years ..GO back and check out what the salary cap was coming out of the last lock out ….CRAZY how these guys were taken advantage of !

      This is one of… if not the hardest pro sport to play… and one of the lowest paid players associations are the lowest paid players in Global pro sports…

      Only 700 plus players play in the best league in the world per year …only 2 players per team out of that are really ober paid as you say …its noty that they are over paid …its just they are not performing…and that makes you mad….

      but Iam sure you would have no issue trading that OVER PAID player you dont like for another OVER PAID player that you like better RIGHT NOW but maybe not in 3 years ..
      ..funny how that works

      Just sayin…


      • Not mad at all. I see a problem that continues to have long term effects on everyone involved. There is no place in either the US or CAN (besides civil service) that you can expect to be paid regardless of how you perform.

        It DOES need a fix, it all evens out for the owners it is a very unfair system for most of the players and the fans. You have a few guys that light it up at just the right time and they end up with a great contract for a long time and they never live up to it. Meanwhile, the other players are not able to get value for themselves and the fans get a lesser product.

        Jake and Couts are a good example. The team cannot cut Jake, and they cannot restructure Couts contract. (that would be the fair thing to do) They would be able to do this in a different system.

        The fans would win. The underpaid player would win. The underperforming player would have incentive. Not seeing why this isn’t obvious…

      • @ BadCowboyDan

        I would say as with all things business there are always loss leaders associated with any revenue strategy …and in this case ..what ever you feel you have over paid one player …you have definitely made that up on Couts contract over the years …so id say that it evens out most times …

        Id say that you have gotten amazing value out of Couts over his tenure …if not one of the best contracts in the NHL over the past 5 – 6 years outside Scheilflie Marchand Pastrnak and Blake Wheeler

      • I usually don’t agree with BadCowboyDan much on this site, but I kinda do on this one.
        Can’t paint them all with the same brush, some guys have the internal drive, some don’t. Some stay healthy, some don’t even if they can still play. Which Dan mentions.
        So far the solution we have is don’t sign these guys to long term deals, buyer beware. Right now there has always been the GM who does, so that doesn’t work or you will lose your best guys. The NFL system is too far the other way with no guaranteed contracts. Is there something in the middle that doesn’t skew the competitiveness back to the richest teams? I haven’t heard it and that is the point of the cap after all.
        I think we will start to see fewer deals for the late 20’s free agents that last 7 years as the young guys eat more of the cap, but that is about it.

      • Kal El, You just proved my point. It’s only good for the owners, because they are overpaying and underpaying at the same time. So it averages out… for them.

        We need a system that is fair to the players… all of them. System that allows change, or at least the ability to structure more performance based pay as part of the deal. Also really need to be able to up a guys contract mid term if he is outplaying it…

        This will be a plus for the game garnering more interest and less frustration from the fans.

        Ray – There is guaranteed money in the NFL. You just don’t have to guarantee all of it…

      • That’s true Dan, it is becoming a bigger part of contracts for the good players.

      • Wouldnt 10% get “paid as stars” as you say- because ummmmm, not all of them are (or can be) * stars?

    • As a Ranger fan, I’m not so sure I’d like to see Kreider retained over the other 3.

      I’ve been very vocal about not being a Deangelo fan in the past. But I’m becoming a fan. 17 points in 22 games. He seems to have a lot more self control than he’s had in the past. Which was my biggest issue with the guy.

      After last year, I was also very verbal about giving Strome a shot at 2 c . He played very well down the stretch, and is currently holding down the 1c spot in Zibanejads absence.

      How has he responded? By putting up 22 points in 22 games.

      Andersson is nowhere near ready. Chytl is promising, but not there yet. Ditto Howden. Zibanejad goes down after they trade Strome…. then what?

      I wouldn’t sign Kreider for more than 4-5 years given his age. If Kreider is going to cost 2 of the 3 or wants 6-8 years…… I pass and trade him at the deadline.

      They have no shortage of wingers, Buchnevich, Kakko, Kravstov, Panarin etc. But do they have a legitimate top 6 center beyond Zibanejad and Strome at the moment? Not today.

      • Oooooops. Wrong spot!

      • Agreed Kreider moves over Strome & ADA but what do ya give Strome? Is he worth 5.5 for 5 or 6 ? Or do ya move for assets and keep the cap for other RFA or roster players that are part of the long term plan. Tough question really.

        Reminds me of the Stepan situation a bit. Stepan had solid regular season and was signed for 6 and change but booted for failure to produce in the post season.

        Will be interesting how consistent Strome & ADA remain.

      • @ NYR4life

        good morning

        Iam really surprised that you see a long term future for Strome …yes he is having a decent season thus far playing for his NHL career literally …but I think in the LONG TERM …you have to either move this guys ..replace this guy or let him walk at years end …I think you will regret him a year from now at $4 million plus a year for the what ever contract he signs if with the Blueshirts !

        I think this is a one off …situation as he is in a contract year ..I dont see this as a year by year growth for him at this point in his career !

        Centers are hard to come by especially decent cap players for the second line in a rebuilding team …but becuase you are rebuilding I think you have to maximize him now and try and replace him down the road in the off season or via another trade for an upgrade.

        Not looking to be conflicting to your wishes ..just another side of the coin so to speak …you have always seemed to be a more cautious person in these cases ..in the past ..surprised you are at this point of suggestion…regardless of the injury and stats situation ..but more your long term outlook..


      • I definitely never said anything about giving Strome a long term deal. Ny has leverage with Strome and Deangelo. Kreider …..they have zero leverage. They’ll meet his asking price and term or lose him for nothing.

        Ihc, a little too early to say what I’d give Strome. 2-3 years at 5.5-6 wouldn’t be out of the question if he hits 60+ points. Which is less than on pace for today.

        Does anybody think Kreider is settling for 5.5? I certainly don’t.

        As I’ve said, the guy was the best player down the stretch last year. And is certainly out performing his contract and expectations this year. (Strome)

        I think people are zeroing in on his past with the islanders and Edmonton rather than what he brings to the table today.

        And again, they’re thinner at center than they are on the wings at the moment and foreseeable future.

        Brassard was somewhat of a project when he came to NY….. Why is Strome held to a different standard?

      • @ NYR4Life

        No question your need at Center precipitates a long hard look…I just think he is over achieving and you may be disappointed very early on in that contract …BUT you need a lock in that position so it is staking the chance ..Outside of his ( most recent numbers ) his long term projection is what would worry me for the dough ..

        I don’t see him signing for anything less than 5 years as this my very well be his last NHL contract ..if he goes bust in year 2 that contract is stuck ..I dont see many takers there after ..IMO…stranger things though..Lol

        Just out of curiosity…if a player like Kerfoot was on the Rangers and he was putting up these recent numbers in a contract year would you give him ..$5 for 5 AAV ?

        thoughts …cause I see these guys as very similar.
        Strome has definitely benefited from playing with top line players though..


      • He can ask for 5 years , but that doesn’t mean he’ll get 5 years. Given his situation, honestly I don’t see him realistically asking for 5.

        A 2-3 year deal seems more likely. As far as hypotheticals involving Kerfoot or any other player…. I won’t indulge.
        I’ll go with is actually happening today. Today Strome is putting up a point a game, and Kerfoot plays in Toronto with 8 points in 22 games…..

        Today, Strome is worth a short term investment. And this isn’t something I didn’t discuss here PRIOR to this season. He looked good late last year. And has continued to do so today.

        Some will argue he is playing with Panarin… but he’s played as many games with Fast… who isn’t exactly a winger bringing out offense in any center.

        Is it really so hard to believe that a once promising former 1st rounder has maybe turned the corner in his career?

        I’m not saying Strome puts up 82 and continues this pace. But is 60 points out of the question?

        Today…. for whatever reason he’s working well in NYs system. Ny has a lot of players coming off the books in the next 2 years. He ain’t killing them at 6 per for 2-3 years.

        Strome is NYs best center today…..and 2nd best when Zibanejad returns.

        We can argue about what he will or won’t do this year and beyond…. but right now he’s putting up better numbers than any of the hypothetical players most are proposing.

        Today, I’ll go with what’s happening rather than what may or may not happen in the future.

      • @NYR4LIFE

        2-3 yr @ 4.5- 5.5 sounds reasonable…..

        will be interesting where he slots once Zib is healthy and back full time.

      • I think Strome will cost north of 5 million. 4.5 would be a total bargain if he keeps up this play.

        My guess is Kreider will be seeking 6+. He’s one of the rare cases I wish NY gave a 6-7 year deal when he signed his last one.

        Maybe Lundqvist retires and makes a lot of cap problems disappear? Maybe he takes Staal and Smith with him?

      • Nyr4life..is Kreider going to stay in new York? Hell of a player what is he only 28? Maybe a 3 year deal to help the new group an Pannarin along? or n !

    • I’m fine with this so long as the players can cut out from the team at any time when they out perform their contracts.

      • Should work both ways.

    • OTT dodged an expensive bullet (Turris) & cocked-back a hollow point with return fire…

      Lafreniere will look great in a DET jersey

      • It’s clear Yzerman has his sights set on his next “Stamkos.” The problem is, finishing last guarantees nothing. As has been proven in recent drafts, including the last one when Ottawa (Colorado) had to settle for the 4th overall pick.

  2. Nashville doesn’t retain salary. Not sure how they accomplish that in the Turis case. I would keep Kreider over all 3 mentioned collectively. Fill those spots with entry level next year.

    • Ottawa dealt Turris in the 3-way deal in which they got Duchene, ostensibly because he was seeking a much longer term than they were willing to give. Upon conclusion of the deal, Nashville handed him that long term. Then irony stepped in and they handed Duchene the same long-term deal but for $2 mil per more each year. So far he’s given them a modest 6 goals and 11 assists for 17 pts in 22 gp as they stutter along this season currently out of as playoff position.

      The ultimate irony will be if, in about 2 years, they suddenly find his to be yet another albatross contract difficult to move.

      • @ George O

        Good morning …

        I know we have spoken about this last trade deadline ..but Lyle did report here …that the Sens turned down a deal with the Islanders for Duchene where Anthony Beauvillier was the center piece along with a high draft pick

        ..at that time I did state that I felt that the SENS had made the wrong decision and should have made that deal with the Islanders …as that player would have been a perfect fit in the new direction at his age and skill set ..still feel that the Sens missed out on that deal and have made some poor decisions … However ..I still have them possibly taking a run and being in the wild card race this year as I stated at the start of the season.

        On Turris…. at the time it was reported or
        ” RUMORED ” …that he was asking more than $ 6 million per year from the Sens…so they shipped him out …

        I think Montreal and the Devils should bring him in ..both are wayyyy to you 4 lines deep at the center position and can use him in the top 2 lines ..and give the younger players some room to grow over the next few years ..instead

      • Just to be clear, the negotiations between Turris and his camp and Dorion centred around a 7 or 8 year deal and that a 6 year contract – which Dorion would have found acceptable at the time – was “never on the table” insofar as Turris and his agent were concerned. So that galvanized him into returning Sakic’s call to suggest that, perhaps, they could involve a third team. Enter Poile.

  3. With Malkin & Sid up there in age would GMJR offer 1 goal Alex Galchenyuk & Bjugstad for Turris ($1m retained) ??

    Pitts gets another true center. gives more playing time to some of their younger roster players who are producing. protects against if malkin or sid go down for stretches at a time.

    • @ ihatecrosby

      good morning…

      Arvidson is out at least 2 months right now…

      About 2 weeks ago I had suggested that when Taylor hall was in the rumor mill to move on this had all the Hallmarks of a POILE trade on it ..and I think now more than ever you might see Poile going after Hall instead …I also broke down how that would happen and where they would find the money to resign him and they can do it NO PROBLEM….so Iam sticking with Hall going to Nashville ..soon!!

      UNBELIEVABLY …even with its current amazing roster the Preds have $ 3,076,190 right now …

      If they trade for hall and he is asking $10 million AAV ..all they have to do is let Hamhuis and Grandlund walk at the end of the year as they are UFAs …IF THEY DONT GET TRADED first ..and they can fit Hall in with no problems …

      If Nashville was able to center a deal around either of these guys…


      they can fit Hall in this year and for the rest of his playing days !

      With Arvidson hurt now ..I think this may speed things up for a play by Poile , who is the best GM in the NHL and makes this style deal every year !

      • NJ certainly will want some young players that can contribute. Not sure they want Turris & Ellis or Grandlund (which might be out of their price range to resign).

        Will be interesting to see.
        That is for sure.

        Hall in NSH will be robbery lol They have a good group too.

    • Hi IHC

      BlackNGold & I bandied around a Turris to Pens idea yesterday

      It was convoluted with multiple players moving and Ana involved

      They key to me is term

      If they were the same or similar term ,.,, I’m not opposed to that move … however even at $5M in 2-3 years is risky for Pens

      The other complication is of course that Bjug is out for 8 weeks

      Turris has 4 more years after this one

      Were Bjug healthy….

      Bjug (50 % retained) + JJ

      for Turris (30 % retained)

      So next year Pens paying $2.05 M (Bjug) and $4.2 M (Turris)…. $6.35 M for Turris; but don’t have JJ anymore

      Final 3 years …. Pens pay Turris $4.2 M

      For Nsh …. next year they get Bjug & JJ for a total of $7.1 M (2.05+ 1.80 + 3.25)…. $1.1M more than paying for Turris (who they are sitting) alone

      In June of ‘21 … Nsh can leave JJ unprotected in the hopes that Seattle picks him up and if not can buy him out with Cap hits of 1.1, 1.8, 0.9, 0.9

      Do we have a deal Good Sir

      • If you look at the math your propose…go ahead and calculate the value retained on Turris and add that to JJ. JJ is not worth that price for 4 years let alone one lol.

        I respectfully disagree that Turris @ 5m is problematic. Gives options. BJugstad & Galchenyuk are not looking promising to the future there.
        you are clearing around $8m this year to bring in $5m. leaves cap room for GMJR to play with.

        I still propose

        to NSH: Bjugtad & AG (and whatever cap on both players to balance this years cap hit)
        to PITT: Turris ($1m retained)

        to MTL: JJ
        to PITT: Alzner

        do ya like the MTL trade pengy?

      • Hi IHC

        When discussing “problematic” re Turris acquisition …. it is more wrt to the out-year risk being a problem; certainly not the player at all

        If he plays at/close to his capabilities…. no issue whatsoever

        The risk increases in the out years

        The risk is the $5M Cap If he plays at his current/recent levels

        The risk is mitigated by moving JJ… he HAS to go

        JJ for Alzner …. absolutely in a NY minute …. to make the Cap work …. JJ & Ruhweedel for Alzner

        JJ & Ruhweedel for Smith

        JJ & Ruhweedel for M Staal (25 % retained)

        JJ for a bag of pucks

        JJ for a 7th in 2065

        Or …. here’s a no brainer …. waive JJ…. sent to WBS…. $1.08 M in Cap is buried and team (big Pens) massively massively massively improve

        I’m open to all of those


      • pengy

        modified jj for alzner trade

        to MTL: JJ & Bjugstad

        to PITT: Alzner & Weise

        saves pitts almost 1m


      • How about JJ to Pittsburgh for the deal they signed him to knowing it was a bad deal!

        Win win for the 30 other teams in the nhl. And a huge win for all the other contributors here that have to read this JJ crap daily…..

        When is the last time JJ was even mentioned in an actual rumor here?

        Seriously…. does it have to be Groundhog Day ……. every single day here?

        Getting old is an understatement. It was getting old 3 months and 6000 of the same exact copy and paste comments / proposals ago…..

        Let it go!

      • Hi IHC

        Will stick with the Alz/JJ flip and get something at TDL for Bjug

    • IHC….yes they would.. I think Galchenyuk might be enough for Turris…

      this guys is a solid center wins face-offs, is tough played well against in the cup finals a couple years back.. his last five seasons goal totals 23, 25, 26, & 19..plays well in the bright lights and as you aid insurance if Sid or Geno gets hurt.

      yes he makes $6 million
      but if you send Galchenyuk that’s $4.9 million

      Then move Bjugstad later when halthy that’s another $4.1 million waive J.J that’s another $1.08 million in cap relief..

      yes I like tat idea IHC move both for Turris if needed but I think Galchenyuk would be enough both need a change of scenery.

  4. And in other news: Tampa purposely hurt another Sabres player and no penalties nothing happened. Buffalo has a soft team, Dahlin gets elbowed in the head, blood on the ice and no penalty and not one sabre does anything. Tampa’s stars have struggled this year but they always score VS Buffalo because nobody will touch them, Kucherov takes out a guys knee that player is out and league does zero. Eichel is hit from behind by the same guy who elbows Dahlin and nothing. It’s time for Buffalo to get a few guys with toughness. I would call up Calgary and offer them 3 first round picks for Thachuk plus anything else they need prospect wise. I miss the old days when Calgary’s Jamie Macouin hurts Lafontaine and next time they played there was a brawl and TIM Hunter ended up with a broken ankle. Nonsense. Such a soft team.

    • Thus making the argument that fighting keeps things honest…

      • Wow, we agree twice in the same day Dan.
        The staged fight is a joke and needed to go. The spontaneous ones where the guy deserves to be punched in the face vs a penalty needs to stay. Hell I believe it has a place in beer league with some of those yahoos running around with their sticks up high.

  5. IHC..
    Pengy and i were discussing Kyle Turris to the penguins yesterday we had different ideas and players moving but agreed Turris would be a good addition.

    his goal totals over the last 5 years
    23, 25, 26, 19 last year was awful but everyone not named Crosby Ovechkin Kane or Mc david has a bad year once in a while

    turris was good at worlds this year but has gallen out of favor with the preds!!

    my proposal

    Kyle Turris 30 center $6.0 million to Pittsburgh
    Alex Galchenyuk 25 $4.9 million to Nashville

    We can move Bjugstad’s $4.1 million for draft pick when he gets healthy leaving us cap space for small moves later

    Turris gives us valuable insurance because both Malkin and Crosby have been out with injuries. PLAYS HE WAS GOOD AGAINST US IN THE CUP FINALS A COUPLE YEARS AGO PLAYS BIG UNDER PRESSURE…

    • Hi BlackNGold

      Still say Poile must retain Sal or take JJ…. He was again brutal last night…. B-R-U-T-A-L

      Since no one is taking JJ

      Turris (40% retained) for G-Chuck (50% retained)

      Nsh frees up extra 1.15 M this year; Pens the reverse… but get Turris at $3.6 M in out years

      Waive JJ … to WBS …. bury $1.08 …. basically this year a swap of G-Huck for Turris for $70 K Cap (annual…. 52K for the balance of the year)…. and JJ not playing …. win…win…win

      • pengy Poile is not paying 40% of a guys salary to play for someone else without getting something of value in return. AG has no value. lol you dream bigger than me LOL 🙂

      • Pengy…Pens are playing so well…just can’t understand why J.J just keeps getting thrown out there…he should be in the box watching upstairs, on the third pairing or just waive him geez…

        i like that proposal about the retention.. Turris is tough, can win face-offs, WHICH IS something we are having trouble without Sid in there. he gives us grit against teams like the Capitals and Bruins… plus he has scored 20 goals in 4 of the last 5 seasons…. He will neutralize T.J. Oshie who always kills us…

        move Bjugstad when he is healthy to create more cap space.

        i do like Schultz but if he isn’t resigning move him to Anaheim for Ritchie..


      • Is there a thing behind finishing your posts in all caps? Is it like a calling card or something?

      • pengy you can always offer

        to DET: BJug & JJ
        to PITT: Nielsen

        lots of options if you only wish to get rid of JJ lol

      • NO1 WANTS BJUG+JJ without a HUGE dab SPLENDA(or another big sweetener)

      • IHC …. Ur prob right re Poile not wanting to retain but he needs to do something soon


        Agree ; Pens are plugging along despite the major injuries

        I do hope and pray for a trade of JJ but I’m thinking that either JJ has some compromising photos of both Sully & GMJR or somehow they don’t watch game film because they keep him AND keep playing him 🤪😡

        Waiving him immediately frees up $1.08 M and the team performance will increase immediately …. it’s a ZERO risk move with tremendous payoffs and the added bonus of freeing up an extra $1.08 M in Cap space

        Scands Or Brodie would be excellent adds …. but would cost Fwd assets that they are using due to injuries

        Bjug should get something at TDL ur correct

        IHC ,

        have to take a pass on the Bjug/JJ for Frans deal

        In reality , if Pens win tomorrow night and then just play 1 game over 500 over the next 12 games (for likely return of Sid 28/12 ; home to Nsh) then 600 hockey for the balance of the season with Sid gets them in

        That scenario can easily happen with current roster less JJ…. so realistically then no trades in the immediate future need to happen

  6. When Gardiner signed with Carolina it was considered a team friendly deal for a top 4 defenseman. After 24 games he is contributing .25 points per game, good for sixth among Canes defensemen. He has played 42 minutes of power play time and has 2 power play points. He has played a grand total of 27 seconds of short handed time. He has a plus minus of -14, which is the worst plus minus on the team by a considerable amount.

    Gardiner has top 4 talent and his play is trending better but if he remains a third pair defenseman, and the power play is not effective when he is on the ice, then his career as a Carolina Hurricane will be a short one.

    Gardiner seems like a player that needs more ice time to be effective but he is not going to get it from Brind’Amour unless he earns it.

    • We will give canes ceci for gardiner

  7. Chrisms…no sorry man I have this computer the cap bar sticks…its annoying i know…for me too! I think i have taking the cap bar off it sticks and i have gone two ore sentences in caps…..too lazy to go back need to be more careful….LOL

    • You did it again

      • Ha! Nice.

        Seriously bng. That makes no sense. Your caps are always at the end. It’s disconcerting

  8. Little off topic but I have to say this.

    If our no mind Prime Minister can go around wearing Black Face, and not get booted out, I really don’t think Peters should be fired for saying something 10 years ago.

    • We knew better 40 years ago.
      We knew better 10 years ago.
      We know better today.

      One ought to know that you can’t say things like that.
      One probably shouldn’t even think like that, I suppose.

      Striking players during the game is just disturbing behavior all on its own.

  9. Pengy….can it be true jack Johnson is + 5 What ?

    just release his ass I guess they cant because he is so far up Sullivan’s ass. it would require surgery..LOL

    yes the pens had major interest in T.J. brodie before the health scare…..he is back now see if they got scared away.

    If we got Brodie or Scandella our third pairing would be the red hot Petersson an Marino.

    letang/Dumolin Scandella or Brodie /Schultz

    you have the reliable Rikola, Rudwhedel and Trottman in the wings and can go get a vet d-man for the playoffs

  10. Hall 10 Million what a joke reminds me of Marner 11 million how come everyone uses Pasta as a comparison but nobody compares. If a team pays 10 bills they will regret it year 3 no way he’s worth that kinda cash even as a UFA it’s like Buffalo paying Skinner 9 crazy no wonder they can never win nothing.