NHL Rumor Mill – November 27, 2019

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Update on Jesse Puljujarvi plus the latest on the Sharks and Sabres in today’s NHL rumor mill.


SPORTSNET: Mark Spector reports it seems certain Jesse Puljujarvi will remain Edmonton Oilers property to the end of this season. It’s also certain the restricted free agent winger won’t be signing with the Oilers, or any other NHL club, before the 5 pm ET deadline on Dec. 1. That will make him ineligible to play in the NHL for the remainder of this season.

It’s unlikely the Edmonton Oilers will trade Jesse Puljujarvi before Dec. 1 (Photo via NHL Images).

During a recent radio interview, Oilers general manager Ken Holland said all’s quiet on the trade front. He’s spoken to several teams but there’s nothing new to report. Holland indicated he’ll probably end up dealing with Puljujarvi’s situation at next year’s NHL draft.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Puljujarvi will probably be traded during the 2020 NHL draft weekend. What the Oilers get in return depends upon his performance in Finland, and several European tournaments, during this season. As “Cousin Mark” points out, Puljujarvi’s NHL stock will suffer if he does poorly or fails to be named to Team Finland.


THE ATHLETIC: During a recent mailbag segment, Kevin Kurz was asked if the San Jose Sharks could make a move in the net if the club remains around .500 and starter Martin Jones fails to improve. He believes it would be complicated. The Sharks need help on the right side, but lack suitable trade assets to address both needs.

Kurz feels a few tempting goalie targets could become rental options later in the season. They include Chicago’s Corey Crawford or Robin Lehner, Detroit’s Jimmy Howard, Ottawa’s Craig Anderson, Philadelphia’s Brian Elliott, and Anaheim’s Ryan Miller. All are slated to become unrestricted free agents next summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Sharks have improved in recent weeks, taking some pressure off GM Doug Wilson to shop around for help between the pipes. If Jones and backup Aaron Dell continue to improve, Wilson will likely stick with them for the remainder of the season. Should one or both struggle again, he could end up shopping for an affordable rental to keep his club’s playoff hopes alive.





  1. Montreal should try and trade price try and get a 1st and a quality d man

    • Name one team that you think would be willing to relinquish a 1st and a quality D-man for a 32 y/o goalie costing $10.5 mil off the cap who will be going on 39 when that contract expires, who has a history on injuries, and who is showing signs of breaking down. Just one.

      • @ George O ….

        LOL…Florida …???…LOl

        They did it with Luongo ??

        Obviously not doing it now with Brobovsky …but I thought id answer your question ..LOL

        Price will retire a HAB …hes not going anywhere…

      • In all fairness,,,, you have to love how we breakdown trades with such simplicity.

        Team x takes our problematic contract / player for things that will make my team much better.

        Our problem solved and is now team x’s problem. We save cap space and get 2 valuable assets in the process.

        My work is done here.

      • @ George O….

        Islanders comes to my mind

      • The Islanders?? They seem to be doing pretty good with Varlamov (2:70 gaa – 0.912 save % in 10 gp) and Greiss (2:15 gaa – 0.930 save % in 12 gp). Varlamov, 31 y/o, has a $5 mil contract that lasts through the 2022-23 season, while 33 y/o Greiss, who is a UFA next year, costs $3,333,333. Combined, that’s some $2.2 mil less than what Price is hauling in.

        Why would Lamoriello upset that tandem by bringing in a goalie making THAT much who is showing signs of breaking down?

    • Wait for SEATTLE lol Bribe them to take him

      • Price has a full nmc. Good luck with that. He is owed roughly 43 million in signing bonuses over the next 6 years, 14 million in base salary and a cap hit of 10.5 per.

        He currently ranks 45th in both gaa and save%.

        That would have to be one hell of a bribe!

        Seattle will have much better and cheaper options than Price.

        I’ll have to side with Kal el…. Price is going nowhere! Whether Montreal likes it or not.

      • agreed…..

        and to think they had a chance not to re-sign him and go full rebuild. hmmmmmm

    • I totally agree as Hab fan. However, it is now quite apparent that it was / is a bad contract. Would likely have to eat some of it. $15,000 ,000 this year for an average goaltender at best!

      • The problem with trading him is those yearly bonuses, which make up the majority of his contract.

        He’s playing below average at the moment. He’s ranked beneath back ups at this point.

        I think Price may be the most difficult player to trade in the league given that horrible structured contract, term and performance.

        I remember when Lundqvist got his horrible deal…. and I said then “ wait until Price gets his day”.

        In all fairness, I think Lundqvist would be almost impossible to move with less term, dollars and a better structure. Even with 50% retained…. I’m not picking on the Habs.

  2. Lyle (and all here),

    Is this logistically possible ….

    Can Holland sign JP B4 Sat (handshake agreement with JP that they’ll trade him) keep him on loan overseas until TDL ; then trade him …. and then could he play this season for that new team?

    I’m not talking probability on this ; just asking …..
    Is that scenario actually possible ?

    Thanks in advance

    • I was wondering the same thing. I’m curious as to what Holland is looking for…help up front or on D? I’d have to think Buffalo is at least mildly interested with their surplus defencemen.

      • I would think that Holland is looking for a 3rd line centre and/or a 2nd line winger. The defence hasn’t been an issue at any point of this season, so I don’t expect Holland to be looking for a d-man. Infact I would think that he will be looking to get what he wants by trading a d-man, possible Russell or Benning. I would prefer trading Russell, but Benning would get the better return. A Russell trade probable happen in the offseason.

    • No, if they sign him before the deadline, he has to return to the Oilers.

      • Thanks Lyle


      • If he doesn’t sign, how long do the Oilers retain his rights?

    • Good morning

      If Ken Holland is keeping J P in Finland just to prove a point …That is really the wrong move for this team and the organization…
      burying an asset is not helping anyone …

      This team needs to be rounded out still …the Oilers have a few trade chips that can be packaged with a J P …to help with that …

      this team needs help now …they can’t go all season relying on just 2 players that have made up almost 70% of its points …I don’t think its sustainable nor is it practical …waiting right till the DEC is fine ,,,to maximize value …BUT ….this deal needs to get done …ASAP…this team needs help and they need to be in a playoff hunt after the new year …keeping him in Finland is helping no one on the Oilers team…and if you ask me ..
      his stock does not go up at the draft …that’s when more and better players are in play creating more competition for other players and deals amongst GMs …

      JP will not be front and centre at that time if at all…IMO !

      If they don’t trade him this week its very very poor management of an asset …AND telling your team that they aren’t going to try and make a huge push for the playoffs..

      • Respectfully disagree Kal El, not taking a shot at you, simply disagree.
        Holland isn’t penalizing or burying anybody.
        JP was offered a contract and a spot on Edmonton’s roster. JP is burying himself because he turned it down and demanded a trade because he want top 6 minutes. His agents words not mine.
        He isn’t a top 6 player today, and taking his puck and going home is hurting his trade value and thus Holland’s ability to give JP what he wants.
        If Holland gave him away for less than he is worth would mean Holland isn’t doing his job. He needs to play better, and may have to even prove it in the NHL in Edmonton, to get his wish.
        This is on JP and no one else. Suck it up princess (JP).

  3. If he signs before or on the deadline date, sure. Why not? But if Holland hasn’t received anything he likes up to now, and since he has absolutely no need for Puljujarvi in that line-up, why – unless it was an overwhelming offer (which is highly unlikely) would he do that? To me he’s already decided to let Puljujarvi dangle in the wind in Finland for the rest of this season.

    Maybe he’ll shine at the shinny tournament known as the World’s and someone will get overly excited and make an offer Holland likes next spring. If not, mark him down as another bust like Yakopov.

    • Oilers can hold JP til they add a forward at the Tdl. a team losing an ufa could accept jp and a pick.
      My gut says Holland holds him til then

      • But if he doesn’t sign with Edmonton before Dec 1, he can’t play there or anywhere else in the NHL this season regardless of what happens at the trade deadline.

  4. Sharks continue to improve, they still need help up front. I couldn’t say what to give up or who to get but they need someone on the right wing.

    I sorta miss Joel Ward.

    • Sharks need forward speed. Game breaking forward speed on the right side. Athanasiou comes to mind. AA and Kane flanking Couture… And unlike a rental like Hall, might be able to afford him long term. Joel Ward is missed by this Sharks fan as well.

    • I hear ward is available

  5. Holland has an asset that he is over valuing at this point and for what ever reason he has decided to make JP his example.
    Personally i don’t care one way or another and also glad that JP has told Holland you’re not breaking my will and I’ll play at home.
    It’s been report 3 or 4 teams have circle back to Edmonton over the last couple of days and Holland hasn’t bitten on any deals.

    • Hi Caper

      Prob right on the over-value thing…. but selling now will have less return IMHO than at Draft

      Right now …. fewer suitors with space and need

      Most reports out there are stating Holland looking for RH C (“that can win draws”) ; winger ; D

      I will throw out a ludicrous move just for ships ‘n giggles

      LA needs to get younger; is rebuilding ; has Cap space and will for next 3 years

      Carter (50% retained ) ; Toffoli (50 % retained)….. that’s 4.93 Cap coming over

      For Gagner (3.15) so net decrease in Cap space to Ed is $1.83 M…. which they have


      Jones ; Marody; Yamamoto

      Gagner and Tiffoli are UFAs;

      Out years for both LA and Oil in Carter…. 2 more years … each pays $1M cash with $2.63 M each in Cap

      Then JP & Haas to Buff for Scands (50% retained)

      I told you ….ludicrous move

      • Rumor is Buffalo GM tried to trade for Carter!!! I am so glad he didn’t waive his no trade deal for Buffalo! The guy is washed up, 22 points and 33 last two years and signed for another 4 years

      • Matt, Carter doesn’t have a NTC or a NMC, someone is pulling your chain. This stuff is so freaking easy to research nowadays it’s ridiculous.

        Oh and he’s not washed up, not the same guy as he was 5 years ago, but still able to be an asset for a contender.

      • And the year he got 22 pts, as you mentioned, he did that in just 27 games.

        Nice try though. Maybe you should worry more about that horrible Oshie contract, or paying Skinner $9 mill per for what 9 goals so far? That’s only two more than Carter btw at nearly twice the cap hit.

      • Dude…..seriously? Why would Edmonton do that trade? Chiarelli is gone so I seriously doubt this one comes close.

      • People think it’s a good idea to trade for a washed up forward that’s 34 years old signed for many more years? Not me. Kings stink

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

    Day early but I’m sure we will all be preoccupied tomorrow.

    • Thanks. But here in Canada we had ours on Oct 14. Gives us an extra month to recuperate before Christmas/Hannukah 🙂

    • In Canada Thanksgiving was in October, but enjoy it down there!
      Gotta say you folks do Thanksgiving better than we do.

      • Need that extra day, do you, Ray?

      • Yes BCLeafFan, with NFL football all day too.
        And agree with both ham and turkey.
        Don’t get the sweet potato thing though. Over rated IMO.

    • Back at you IHC

      We had ours 7 weeks ago …. on a whole our harvests are much earlier in the year

      Do you do the Turkey or does Mrs IHC ?

      I do mine (also at Christmas) and some of the veggies veggies (like Brussel sprouts) ; tater peeling and clean up are non-Pengy duties

      Have a blast


      • I do turkey & honey baked ham. Why choose if I don’t have too lol

      • Have Italian in the family. Turkey and baked ziti. Goes together better than you’d think. And sweet potato pie is awesome.

      • Hoo ya. Grew up near Little Italy here in Ottawa during the war years – hung around in all my Italian friends’ houses and often had baked ziti (“you too skinny … eat” was what I heard often).

        ‘Course, if I have it now all that friggin cheese bungs me up for a week 🙂

      • During the war years. As a man who has seen constant wars from dessert storm on that sounds weird. But somehow I feel that I can’t use the term war years cause they don’t equate to ww1 ww2 or even Vietnam. Never been exposed to that type of atmosphere with 9/11 being the only exception.

  7. Impossible to make a trade in Buffalo when your GM is over the cap. Good thing he signed back all these clowns a million here or there extra adds up. A smart GM with a terrible team will save cap space to add a guy from a team looking to clear space or you can take on a salary for a year that a real team want to dump for cup run. Teams will offer first round picks if you take on a bad contract.