NHL Rumor Mill – November 29, 2019

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Would Taylor Hall be a good addition for the Canadiens? Who could the Oilers target to bolster their secondary scoring? Find out in today’s NHL rumor mill.


MONTREAL GAZETTE: Stu Cowan cites TSN insider Darren Dreger suggesting Taylor Hall would be a good addition for the Montreal Canadiens. The New Jersey Devils winger is slated to become an unrestricted free agent next summer.

Would Taylor Hall be a good addition for the Montreal Canadiens? (Photo via NHL Images)

“I think that Taylor Hall would be a good addition for the Montreal Canadiens,” Dreger told Toronto’s TSN 1050 OverDrive show. “I don’t understand why they wouldn’t have interest and I’m not so sure that, given the opportunity, Taylor Hall wouldn’t sign in with the Montreal Canadiens.”

Dreger said Hall’s agent and Devils general manager Ray Shero have “nibbled at parameters” of a new contract but no solid numbers have been proposed. He believes the Hall camp wants to see how this season plays out. Dreger also feels Hall wouldn’t be concerned over the pressure of playing in a Canadian market, citing his years with the Edmonton Oilers.

NHL.COM: In a recent mailbag segment, Dan Rosen included the Canadiens among the clubs he feels could pursue Hall if the Devils decide to move him before the Feb. 24 trade deadline. Other destinations could include the Colorado Avalanche, New York Islanders, Calgary Flames, Dallas Stars and Edmonton Oilers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hall would improve any team’s offense, but he can’t fix the Canadiens’ porous defense, and that’s what killing the Habs right now. Rather than waste money and assets on Hall before the trade deadline or in next summer’s UFA market, Montreal GM Marc Bergevin should instead bolster his blueline depth.


SPORTSNET: New York Rangers winger Chris Kreider, Ottawa Senators center Jean-Gabriel Pageau, and Calgary Flames winger Michael Frolik are among Sonny Sachdeva’s list of suggested targets to bolster the Edmonton Oilers’ offensive depth. Others include Frolik’s teammates Andrew Mangiapane and Mark Jankowski, Pageau’s teammate Vladislav Namestnikov, and New Jersey Devils winger Nikita Gusev.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Acquiring Kreider or Pageau would be expensive, but they would have the biggest positive effect upon the Oilers’ secondary scoring. Oilers GM Ken Holland wasn’t afraid to make significant moves near the trade deadline during his long tenure with the Detroit Red Wings. He could do it again this season if the Oilers stay in playoff contention.


  1. Hall is not the answer for Habs. Défense and big centre with hands and a two way game are. Backup goalie is still an issue. Hall will demand Marner, Matthews money. Bergevin has his own big negotiations coming just for Domi. Nope Hall not going to Montreal.

  2. “Would Taylor Hall be a good addition for the Canadiens?”

    Well, at least they know how to shut him down, even with a lousy D. He was held pointless last night in that 6-4 loss. At home. To a team near the bottom. With “the best goalie in the world” in the nets again. I suppose that’s better than having $10.5 mil sitting on the bench.

  3. Spector, are the Islanders a viable option for Hall? What would it cost the Islanders to get him if he is?

    • If the Isles keep playing as well as they have, they’ll have little reason to trade for Hall. I expect the Devils’ asking price could start with a first-round pick, a top prospect, and a good young NHL-ready forward. Re-signing him beyond this season is unlikely. They have over $65 million invested in 17 players, with Barzal, Pulock, Toews, Greiss, Martin, and Brassard to re-sign and/or replace.

    • Good thought.

      Hall would give the Isle some added punch on the wing.

      I could see that happening.

  4. I agree that the Habs biggest need is on D. Unfortunately, I don’t see anyone available now that would help too much. But one thing they don’t have is a high end forward. Taylor Hall is a high end forward. Getting him would help the entire team. Definitely worth pursuing.

    • At what cost? Picks prospects and roster pieces that may set them further behind than they are? If it’s me and I have to pursue Hall and the price is high I’m making Alzner part of the package they have to accept in return. Halls contract would be large and Alzner going out provides cap space.

      • And the devils say….no thanks!

  5. I dont see Hall signing in montreal. They are not even close to being a contender. I can bet this thanksgiving hangover he signs with one, in the states.

  6. I felt that Montreal would sign Jake Gardiner last summer and, if it’s true that he’s on the Devils’ third pairing now, maybe Montreal look at him in a trade.

    • I think you mean the Hurricane’s third pairing (unless I missed something)

      • Speaking of Gardiner, not counting the lock-out season he has averaged 7 goals 28 assists 35 pts per season. Seems to me that’s why they signed him to that 4 year $4,050,000 per cap hit. If Carolina is playing him as a 3rd pairing D-man, it would seem to be extravagant for 3rd-pairing minutes. So far he’s on a pace for his lowest pts production in 7 years. Then again, even with the reduced minutes he’s managed to chalk up a -15 so far.

      • Thanks, George.

    • @ BC Leaf Fan ..

      GO Leafs today ..hope hutch plays well…

      Regarding Gardiner …is there not a quote about doing something consistently being a form of insanity …LOL…

      They signed a Gardiner dopleganger 2 years ago in Alzner …

      But yes ..the rumor was true about going to Montreal …it has come back and into the open that the Habs offered him more money that the Canes but he turned it down …as he did not want to play in the spotlight of the Habs team like he did the leafs again !

      I hear this on the record on TSN …radio …however if he does not have a no movement clause he may just end up there …LOL

      I think the Habs need some D men that are of AGE to play in the NHL top 4 which they have NONE…except Weber of course …

      To many Rookies and to many bottom 6 – 7 D men on that team…playing over there heads…

      • According to Capfriendly Gardiner has a 7 team no trade list.

        I don’t think Montreal and Carolina will be trade partners in the near future.

  7. Maybe Montreal could trade for Ron Hainsey and Zaitzev from Ottawa. They have helped Ottawa go from 31st to 28th. 3 spots is alot and put Montreal into the playoffs.

  8. This is Hall 10th year in the league and he has been to the playoffs once. This season he is on pace for 14 goals.

    I would think Hall wants to sign were he has a chance to play in the playoffs and compete for a cup.

    Hall is 28yrs old and will want a 7yr contract at $8 $9 mill. Personally i let someone else give him that contract mine max out at the age of 32 for a forward.

    He be a nice addition for the Bruins in a cup run and be worth the 1st round pick , Danton Heinen and a prospect.

  9. In my opinion the Habs should blow it up they are not good enough to win it all and to good to finish last. Trade Price and Weber and start the rebuild it’s never fun to admit it but the quicker you start the faster your back to compete for Lord Stanley.

    • Agree Obe, but it sure would have been easier if they decided that before they signed Price. Agree with those that state that he would be nearly impossible to trade.
      I suppose MTL could eat half his salary, but still a tough pill due to the term.

    • Good luck trading Weber or Price! If they find any takers NY raises one Lundqvist and Staal at 50% retained and a couple of picks.

      • You gotta love those flippant “all they have to do is trade our over-paid stiffs for high picks and quality prospects and start the re-build” proposals. No problem – they were SO good at one time that teams will be falling all over themselves to re-organize their rosters to accommodate those umpteen million multi-year deals ….

      • Nyr4life, i don’t think moving Weber is an issue his cap hit is $7,857,143 but his actual salary is as follows;

        19-20 $6m
        20-21 $6m
        21-22 $6m
        22-23 $3m
        23-24 $1m
        24-25 $1m
        25-26 $1m

        My concern would be for Nashville is Weber decides to retire after the 22-23 season because of recapture penalties.

        Weber this season has 8 goals and 20pts and a plus 6 in 25 games. Tied for 7th among dman in scoring.

        Side note, i still waiting for PK to become a better dman then Weber.

      • Disagree if I’m Leafs I move Nylander for Weber in a heartbeat. Weber is still an awesome d man and would be there best.

      • I’m not knocking Weber. I’m knocking hi contract that takes him to 40 years old.

        Teams aren’t so quick to take on another teams problem these days (unless it’s for a problem of their own going the other way) given the current state of Rfas.

        If Weber has 2-3 years left, this would be a different conversation entirely. An 8 million cap hit for a 38-39 yo d-man is an awful lot to take on.

        Not only does Nashville have to worry about him retiring, so doe the team that takes him on.

  10. Hall seems like a guy CLB could use.
    Gusev is already in the rumor mill?

    • Gusev isn’t going anywhere, that’s just straight up nonsense. As for Hall, he’s not signing in NJ, so he’ll be moved, my guess is Colorado. If Shero could get a Byram back, I’d have an O

  11. Gusev is now falling in place & getting better. He’s not going anywhere (these scribes throw names out there) I’m hoping Ray can get a decent return for Hall from whomever. Avs would be a good trade partner. (lots of good talent)

  12. Not sure Sakic would want to add whatever Hall and his agent might think he’s worth on top of Rantanen’s $9,250,000, MacKinnon’s $6,300,000, Johnson’s $6,000,000, Landeskog’s $5,571,429 and Kadri’s $4,500,000.

    That’s already over $31.5 mil for 5 guys and he has to deal with UFAs Nieto, Tynan, Barbeiro, Francouz and Wilson (close to $8 mil combined) by either re-signing them or finding suitable replacements, not to mention new deals for RFAs Burakovsky ($3,250,000) and Zadorov ($3,200,000) along with a host of ELCs with RFA status: O’Connor, Jost, Nichushkin. Kamenev, Greer, Dries and Graves).

    Bringing in Hall and signing him to something in excess of $8.5 mil would result in a lot of re-thinking on the rest of the roster.

  13. Of the teams mentioned, Agree with Lyle that there’s no reason for Isles to trade for Hall. There’s also little chance Shero trades him within division. Also think Av’s, Stars and Oilers would have a hard time fitting him in without moving other pieces. All those teams are playing well and don’t need to make big changes. Calgary maybe, but only if Goudreau goes other way. How about Arizona? After trading for Kessel, wouldn’t it make sense to go all in?
    Maybe NJ could take back Soderberg, who’s also ufa at end of season. Add Crouse, D prospect Soderstrom, and a 1st rd pick?
    Also, no way Kreider goes to Edmonton. Doubtful he’d sign extension there as well as what would they have to give up to fit him? Kreider also has an 11 team ntc. I still think he’s going to sign with Rangers. 8 years, 6m per. Structured like Schenns deal in St Louis.
    Maybe Strome back to Oil? Maybe Fast? Both free agents after season.

  14. I watched the Habs game last night as I was interested in comparing Weber to Subban….the big trade years later

    WOW.. what a bad game….both of them were bad …Weber looked glacially slow and Subban looked as if he were on sleeping pills….these were two teams that need to make drastic changes….

    When I read Montreal fans suggest this trade or that trade, I think I would recommend no trades until they make the following change….fire MB now….try to get Dorian out of Ottawa….give Dorian 5 years with total control….then judge him

    In the meantime protect some of the young talent, Kokotami, Suzuki, Fleury, maybe even Mete by assigning them to Laval….it is hard to see what good they are doing in the Montreal scene that will befall them in the next 2 months….it will get nasty.

    The vets Price, Weber, and others I have no idea what I would do them as the excellent Montreal fan base deserve quality entertainment…..but no team is going to win with that core…..Who can figure that one out is a better man than me?

    It is not pretty and will get ugly…

  15. Just announced that the Flames sacked Peters. Hardly surprising – what would have been surprising is if they had kept him on.

    • George, the rest of the story will be if he will be paid what is owing on his contract. I’ll be interested in that issue.

    • Hi, actually they are saying he resigned which I believe gets them off the hook for the rest of his salary…whether they paid him off to resign and avoid the ugliness of a lawsuit after they fired him with cause is a different issue.

      • Yeah, that’s just one more in a long string of “differences without distinctions.” Sure it was termed that way for “legal” implications. Bottom line – he’s out and will likely not emerge anywhere else (in the NHL) for a long, long time. If ever.

      • George, I respectfully disagree as a distinction without difference is just that, no difference. If he indeed submitted a letter of resignation they would not have to pay his contract, which would be a significant difference from firing him without proving cause.

      • What I’m saying is, they can term it any way they like – bottom line is – he’s out. The approach taken was done only after all the scheisters and the NHL were heard from. Don’t think for a NY minute that this is the end of this fiasco. The NHL will now dig deep into what the Chicago and Carolina organizations knew about Peters (due diligence – to use another legalese term) and you can bet the NHL will soon come out with a set of established rules on how any future such revelation is dealt with.

      • Yes, I’m sure there will be some sort of code of conduct for coaching staff that will be in place by next season with some sort of process in place for players to report abuse. I’m sure coaches already have a morality clause or some such but I imagine you’re right and there will be a specific policy around it. It’s easy to think of these players as part of a different world but really they are very highly paid employees…if my boss kicked me or punched me in the back of the head, and I’m sure he’s thought about it, there would be consequences for him.

      • Hell yeah! And as I said the other day, had Peters tossed that racial slur at a Jarome Iginla or Donald Brashear or, in a worse case scenario, Georges Laracque, he’d likely have wound up in a hospital. The poor kid on the receiving end was simply a different personality than any of those three. Lucky for Peters at the time.

      • tb, the delay has been exactly about terminating with cause. I wouldn’t want to pay him a few million after he tarnished the organization.
        It seem achievable from the outside but I suppose it depends on that clause in the contract. And those are standard in the NHL. IMO the only question is that it happened 10 years ago, not while he was employed by Calgary. But methinks past history would be in there.
        Could have made a deal for a portion or maybe he was advised that he would lose and chose to resign as opposed to be fired.

  16. Tricky legal issue as the mistake was when he was on another team’s payroll….Calgary had duty to do due diligence, but I wonder how much financial responsibility they have….

    This had the feel of a lawsuit that wanted to happen before the release of the player’s complaint details…

    • A true can of worms in the making. I wonder if Treleving just turns the team over to the assistant coach for the rest of this year, or brings in someone else?

  17. Why would Montreal want Dorion. So far in Ottawa all you have is we think if the prospects turn out we will be good.
    Everyone says how great Ottawa is playing. Half the games the opposition plays their backup and don’t try until the 3rd period.

  18. I do not think Hall is a player to invest in.

    Scores goals, has the ability to have a great season, yes. Just doesn’t seem to have the leadership quality I would want for the price he is going to command.

    He would be a great piece on a team with a solid leadership core, close to winning.

    However those teams likely could not find a way to afford him.

    A team like Florida would be interesting.

    • Hall in Florida would elevate them from borderline cup contender to one of the favorites for sure. But, like Colorado, they have cap implications to deal with. In their case next season they have 64.5 mil committed to 13 players with UFAs to re-sign or replace (Hoffman, Dadonov, Boyle. Pysyk) now costing them a combed $12.7 mil, and RFAs Hawryluk, Toninato, Malgin, Weegar, Brown currently costing them $4.5 off the cap.

      Mix in $8.5 for Hall (or more) and a cap situation becomes a nightmare.

    • Agree Joe, he isn’t a guy you invest $9M in. Those guys need to be the leaders instead of the complainers when things go wrong.
      People ask if Hall would go back to Edmonton, I think the question is would Edmonton want Hall back?

  19. Oh hum. The Rangers are outperforming the Bruins and are winning 2- 0. Out shooting them by alot.
    Gee I wonder will the Bruins win it in the 3rd period.

  20. Boston wins again. They just turn it on when they need too. They toy with their opponent

    • Seems that way, Vinnie.

      Good clubs find a way to win.

      • After seeing that faraway look on Chara’s face in the final game of the playoffs when they lost, and with the way he’s playing this season, you just know he’s a man on a mission … and God help any teammate that tries to “take a night off.”

        From what I’ve been able to see so far this season, they have to be the odds-on favourite to go all the way. Barring unforeseen key injuries of course – but of course that can apply to any team. Even then the Bruins have solid depth. They’ve been doing their recent winning without Bergeron and a clutch of others.

      • Ya, they have been good overall. I was worried that losing like that, and a long run for older players would be a problem. It wasn’t.
        Hate to nit pic but the tenders have carried them lately with the MTL game the exception.
        The Bergeron injury is concerning as it is the same issue – groin/abdomen – that slowed him down in the playoffs last year. Happened in the first round. Missed the first few games of the year as well.
        Definitely lingering. Didn’t think it required surgery.

  21. If Hall is looking for 9 million plus on his new contract he should sign with the Leafs. Dubas will likely give him 11 million even though Hall would sign for less.

    Everybody in the league knows Toronto loves to vastly overpay their marshmellows.

    • Wa-wa-wa-wawa etc. etc. etc.