NHL Rumor Mill – November 4, 2019

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Could the Blues pursue Taylor Hall or Chris Kreider? Are changes coming soon to the struggling Sharks? Should the Blackhawks shop Erik Gustafsson? Check out the latest in the NHL rumor mill.


NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks suggests Taylor Hall didn’t sound like he’s planning to re-sign with the New Jersey Devils after he went off on Devils fans following a 7-6 loss to the Tampa Bay Lightning on Wednesday. He wonders if Devils general manager Ray Shero will start soliciting trade offers if the pending UFA decides to move on or wait until the trade deadline.

Could the St. Louis Blues look into acquiring New Jersey Devils winger Taylor Hall? (Photo via NHL Images)

Brooks thinks the St. Louis Blues could be primed to land Hall sooner rather than later after losing winger Vladimir Tarasenko to shoulder surgery. He also speculates they might have some interest in New York Rangers pending UFA Chris Kreider.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless Shero gets a great offer for Hall before January he’ll probably wait until close to the Feb. 24 trade deadline to move the winger. The Devils will want a significant return for the 2018 Hart Trophy winner. Kreider will be a more affordable acquisition than Hall. Time will tell if the Blues are among the suitors for either guy.


THE MERCURY NEWS: Curtis Pashelka wonders if a small or drastic move might be ahead for the San Jose Sharks. With a record of 4-10-1, they’re sitting at the bottom of the Western Conference standings.

Pashelka pointed out GM Doug Wilson made moves to snap his club out of previous doldrums. The biggest was in 2005 when he acquired Joe Thornton from the Boston Bruins.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Sharks are struggling in goal and still haven’t adjusted to the offseason departures of forwards Joe Pavelski and Joonas Donskoi. If Wilson decides to make a significant move it could be in the crease. However, there isn’t much of a market for goaltenders right now.


CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Jimmy Greenfield believes the Blackhawks should trade defenseman Erik Gustafsson for a return that helps their ongoing rebuild. If recent call-up Adam Boqvist proves he’s here to stay, Gustafsson no longer has an obvious spot in the lineup.

The pending UFA is coming off a career season (60 points) but he’s struggled this season and was a recent heathy scratch. Greenfield feels there’s little chance Gustafsson re-signs with the Blackhawks.

GM Stan Bowman could wait until the trade deadline when Gustafsson’s value could be higher. Greenfield speculates Bowman explored this summer’s trade market and didn’t discover much of a market for a blueliner with one good season in his resume.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Gustafsson’s performance doesn’t improve he won’t fetch much of a return regardless of when he’s put on the trade block.


  1. Best quote from Brooks column
    “ somehow I don’t get the impression that Josh Ho-Sang’s request to be traded by the Islanders has been especially beneficial to his pro career.“
    IMO. Rangers extend Kreider. I just don’t see how you bring in Panarin, and then trade your next best left wing. They’ve put together one of the best prospect pools in league. Sooner or later you need to start moving forward, which they did by bringing in Panarin and Trouba.

    • 7×7 for Kreider… 28 goal career year. Its too much

      • Panarin had 28 goals last year! 6.2×8! Front loaded with signing bonuses. Next Captain

      • @Slick62
        Panarin vs Kreider puck possession are worlds apart though-
        7×7 for CK is tough pill when you will need new contracts for kids in 2-3 years
        I’d give CK 8.5x 3 years. and the C.

      • DS. Kreider and Panarin different players. Agreed. But Even if Kreider was asking for 7mil, that’s a lot less than 11.5! As far as needing new contracts for “the kids”. They’re all cost controlled for foreseeable future. Plenty of salary coming off the books in next few years

      • I could be convinced on a 7m for 3 years but not 7 years. way too long and ties up available cap for future moves in the next few years when good cap comes off FINALLY.

    • Good morning, Mr. Slick

      The Blues will trade Zack Sanford, Robert Bortuzzo and a 5th for UFA Kreider–we’ll sweeten it if he resigns long term.

      • No thanks. I see Kreider getting a contract similar to Schenn’s

      • I don’t see NY trading Kreider and taking a Bortuzzo back.

        Ny doesn’t need any more healthy scratch d-men on the roster. Staal , and Smith should have that need covered.

        I think a lot of NYs $$$ problems would go away if Lundqvist would walk away.
        He swallowed his pride for the rebuild. He looks like he’s losing his starting job to Georgiev. And Shestyorkin is coming. Is he ready to be a backup?

      • Would Henrik ever ask for a trade? Would Gorton ever ask him if he would accept one?
        Henrik seems like a guy who has earned the ability to live and play where he wants, so I would think Gorton wouldn’t approach him. He is also a smart guy who can see he isn’t the Rangers best option today and wouldn’t get in the way.
        Awkward situation, but one that seems could be handled with class and the Rangers seem like the organization that will honor their contract and Henrik will take the form of mentor and backup. He doesn’t totally suck, the other guy is just really good and needs to play.

      • The Knights, Sharks and the Leafs are logical teams for the King to end up, if he’s looking for a legitimate shot at a Cup.
        Probably only take a pick and a prospect.

      • Hi ShoreOrrPark

        Re Hank destinations

        He has a NMC so I’m sure he’d desire a contender

        Certainly can’t see him moved to any of those three this year

        SJ …. no Cap space and would he realistically waive the NMC for a team near the bottom of the League

        Knights … MAF # 1; and very little space; even at 50 % retained ….. $4M + in Cap space is too much for a back up

        Leafs…. same scenario as Knights ….. too much to have in Cap for a back-up to Freddy

        Come July 2nd …. Hank is only owed $4.5 M….. retain 50 % and squiring team gets the King for $2.25 M cash and $4.25 M Cap hit …. He’d still have to agree but there would be more suitors

        One true contender now with enough Cap space …. Avs

        1) would Hank agree
        2) would Gorton take back Sal
        3) if a go (#1 above) and Gorton opts for #2…. what more s return at

        25 % retained?

        33% ?

        40% ?

        50% ?

      • I was talking retirement, not trade. He made it clear prior to the rebuild he didn’t want to play anywhere else when he was approached.

        I don’t see him agreeing to a trade now. I’m hoping his pride won’t allow him to be a back up.

        He doesn’t have the same 35+ cap problem like Luongo had. Ny would gain 8.5 in cap space.

      • Nyr4life, thanks for refreshing my memory.
        How about a nice Head Office role with a big paycheck, but there are probably rules against that.
        $17M is a lot to walk from, especially when you live in NYC.

      • Next year he’s only owed 5.5 million in actual salary. That’s still a hell of a lot of money to walk away from! Lmao.

        Allaire is the goaltending coach in NY and probably the best one in the game. Maybe he takes the Hartford goaltending coach position?

        Maybe he , Bernie Williams and John McEnroe start a Romones cover band and tour the trip-state area?

      • I don’t believe there are any rules that say he couldn’t take a front office job. I believe other players have done it. Didn’t Brodeur retire mid season and take a front office job in St. Louis?

      • @NYR4LIFE

        Retiring at season end wouldn’t be a bad idea. Didn’t something like that happen with Drury and Drury became a top executive?

        Hank is the consumate professional and I feel he would swallow his pride and be backup next season and retire with class and grace.

        Staal being benched is eye opening to how they are handling cap and veteran players.

      • I think brodeur was on the last year of his deal. Not sure if nhl would see that as cap circumnavigation. What would stop a team like Calgary from telling lucic to retire and then hire him to an office job for same money he walked away from? Maybe a bit far fetched though

      • I was kinda suggesting he walk away after this season. Which would pretty much be the same boat as Brodeur. It’s not exactly cap circumvention when the player isn’t on the ice, or is unable to dress for games at all.

        I don’t think anyone could cry cap circumvention under the terms I’m suggesting. Nor do I think NY would be offering anywhere near the 5.5 he’s due to make next year for an office / assistant position.

        There’s absolutely nobody that can keep him from retiring if he chooses. Or taking any other job inside or outside of the organization…. that I’m aware of anyway.

        Does he retire? I doubt he does. But then again, he’s been a pretty competitive guy throughout his career, and one of the best of all time at his position.

        Does he want to sit on the bench and go out like that? We’ll see I suppose.

        Again, I was saying it would make NYs life a little easier. I wasn’t suggesting it WILL happen.

      • And I definitely wasn’t suggesting NY tell or ask him to go away. Zero chance of that happening. I was saying, is this how he wants to go out? Georgiev looks like he’s grabbing the reigns. And Lundqvist looks like a shadow of himself these days. Shestyorkin looks like everything promised. I think his days as a starter are over.

      • Starter in ny maybe. How much does he care about personal stats? A few more years and he could be top 5? Top 7 in wins in nhl history? Higher? He wouldn’t have to move to play for jersey.

      • I don’t think he’ll ever agree to a trade. But if he were to accept a trade for arguments sake, I think it would have to be to a team with a very strong d core. I don’t see NJ as that team.

        His game has evolved and completely changed over the last 2-3 years. He doesn’t play deep in the net and challenges more than he did his first 10 years + in the league. The only way I see him getting better numbers than he is now, is a much more defensive minded team in front of him. NJ is also in a similar state of rebuilding. I think he was okay with that in ny, but I doubt he agrees to start that process again.

      • Henrik doesn’t strike me as a Ramones guy, but been wrong before.
        I respect him even more now even if it easy to play.

      • Just speculating about a team where he would be the starter. Jersey la Carolina.

      • Ray. My grandpap took me to cbgb’s shortly before it closed. You me of my favorite grandpa memories.

      • That is one cool Grandpa.

  2. Sharks are a lukewarm dumpster fire. I’ve watched a total of 1 period since the start of the season. They either need to start the full rebuild now or fire deboer.

    • They’ll be fine.
      Minor changes are imminent.
      Maybe one major change.

      • I wouldn’t be so certain about that shoreorrpark.

        They aren’t a “young team” compared to many others (average age 29 including two at 40 with one of those – Marleau – being the ONLY player on the team showing a + – +1 to be exact). Their goaltending is mediocre and their ga (56) is one back of the league-leaders (Det & LA) who each have given up 57. Collectively, their D is over -50!

        Don’t know what you see that some of us don’t to be so positive. ALL teams eventually hit a down cycle as players start to miss a step and when it happens collectively the collapse can be (and has been) spectacular.

      • And looking at their AHL team, there isn’t a whole lot there to be optimistic about – they currently sit tied for 23rd overall with Charlotte with 9 pts each – just 1 up on 4 others, so they’re a lot closer to the bottom than they are from the league leaders.

    • to SJ: Hall & Schneider

      to NJ: Jones, Meier & pick

      anyone like it?

      NJ gets younger and value.

  3. It’s bad when you’re referencing a trade back in 2005. I didn’t think DeBoer would survive the weekend.
    The watch is on, Senators are liking what they see but it’s early.

  4. This question solely about timing not an individual player or team.

    Why does everyone say value will be higher at the TDL? If you trade for a future UFA now you get a little more than half season extra out of the player compared to the TDL trade deadline and player and team get much more time to adjust compared to a TDL transaction.

    Can anyone enlighten me as to why the assumption is mor value at the TDL and not now?

    • I think that opinion is based upon teams having almost a full season in and, for those still in the hunt, knowing their weaknesses as a result of either under-performances or key injuries (including the inability to improve by minor league promotions because the cupboard is bare) and perhaps prepared to pay a bit more for a player through sheer desperation.

      It does become a gamble for those teams ready to jettison someone (e.g. Hall) if the conditions just described are neither apparent nor compatible with the team’s sudden needs heading for the playoffs.

      Just one way of looking at it.

    • Hi OBD

      Economically …. more time with the UFA on Ur roster (to make an impact) should mean higher value

      However the biggest thing is that there are fewer suitors (less with available Cap and with uncertainty where they will stand come playoffs) to bid up the price.

      Acquiring now you also run a risk of injury (wasted assets given up) and the risk of potential plummeting performance (less likely but still a factor in the decision to acquire and the assets willing to give up)

      Come TDL ….

      more cap available for more teams;

      more certainty of where they (team)stand ;

      more certainty of performance by UFA trading for (50-55 games to weigh in on vs < 20 now)

      more bidders (either definitely wanting the player OR getting in on bidding because they don’t want a Div rival to get him)

      …. all of that drives up the price

      I’m certainly not saying that there won’t be key UFAs(like Hall) moving in next 4 weeks; it is just much more likely that those key moves happen at TDL and sometimes for considerably overpaying amounts

  5. George, is cap hit lower too at tdl? For Rangers, making playoffs would be nice, but I don’t see them as buyers. I do believe for their situation, deciding who they’re keeping after this season needs to be sorted out. Kreider is key and I would love to see that decision made sooner than later.

    • Oh yeah, the lower cap hit is very much a factor, especially for pure rental pending UFAs. Again using Hall as an example, even though his cap hit of $6 mil is a bargain in and of itself, it will be substantially lower at the trade deadline – not sure how it’s calculated (others will know I’m sure) but it will be a helluva lot less than $6 mil.

      • I’m pretty sure it’s by games. Basically divide his 6 million into 82 games. So if he plays 20 games for a new team, they’re on the hook for 25% roughly…. 1.5 million.

      • Makes perfect sense. It’d be the same with anyone traded who has term left, but that’s where it becomes trickier for the receiving team since the full cap hit must then be factored into their overall situation for the subsequent year or years. This is always at the root of any trade and why I agree with the point you made yesterday about all the “fantasy league” proposals being bandied about, very few of which stand little or no chance of getting off the ground.

        It’s why I shy away from those discussions and rarely propose deals involving specific individuals.

    • Agreed George,

      I think I’ve made a total of 3 trade proposals since I’ve been coming here, and all 3 were in jest.

      I’ll talk value, (what will Nash , Zuccarello, Kreider return be / should be) but never really get into the proposal thing. Most of the time they are just grossly lopsided, cap doesn’t work either immediately or in the future or are just flat out disregarding one teams needs or strengths. Especially these 4-5-6 player trades you see that never happen in the modern nhl.

      Trades are a lot more complex than most people make it out to be.

      • For certain, and in many instances the “proposals” more often than not reflect the fans’ over-blown estimate of the value of their favorite team’s player (the canoe for a battleship proposal). Invariably, when an actual trade does go down involving a “star” or budding “star” the reaction in these pages is usually incredulous at the return, leading to “so-and-so got hosed” opinions.

  6. Blues GM should call Buffalo so he can destroy them in another trade. Berglund and Svobokta lol, what in the world was my teams GM thinking? I would have rather traded ROR for just a first round pick instead of taking on dead cap bums.

  7. The scary think is I bet half the teams GMs are drooling over Taylor Hall, they can’t wait to sign him for 7 years at 11 million per year.