NHL Rumor Mill – November 5, 2019

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Updates on Tyler Toffoli, Marc Staal, and Taylor Hall in today’s NHL rumor mill.


SPORTSNET: Chris Johnston notes Los Angeles Kings winger Tyler Toffoli is among several notable veterans (including Ottawa Senators winger Bobby Ryan and Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Brent Seabrook) who were recent healthy scratches. He considers them available in the trade market, though Toffoli is younger (27), slated to become an unrestricted free agent next summer and doesn’t carry contract baggage like the others. Johnston suggests Toffoli is a player worth watching near the Feb. 24 trade deadline.

Los Angeles Kings winger Tyler Toffoli has come up in recent trade speculation (Photo via NHL Images).

Johnston’s colleague Luke Fox reports Toffoli’s contract lacks no-trade protection and would be easier to move than an older veteran like Jeff Carter, Dustin Brown, or Jonathan Quick. The winger acknowledged the struggles that led to his recent scratching fueled the trade speculation. “It comes with not playing well and not winning games, so whatever happens, happens,” he said.

BOSTON HOCKEY NOW: Jimmy Murphy wonders if the Bruins will revisit their previous interest in Toffoli or Carter to bolster their second line. He considersToffoli a more affordable option than Carter.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Much will depend upon Toffoli’s performance, the cost of re-signing him, and whether Kings management believes he has a role in their rebuilding plans. General manager Rob Blake could be open to enticing offers. If he decides to shop Toffoli it could happen close to the trade deadline to get the best return possible.


THE ATHLETIC: Rick Carpiniello believes the New York Rangers will eventually part ways with Marc Staal. The 32-year-old defenseman was a healthy scratch from their last three games. The Rangers are bringing in younger blueliners. That won’t leave room for Staal, who’s signed through 2020-21 with an annual average value of $5.7 million.

Carpiniello believes Staal could still play in a lesser role with a better team. The Rangers could try to trade him but Staal must agree to waive his no-movement clause. They would also have to pick up part of his salary-cap hit.

That move, however, might not come until next summer and could mean taking back a bad contract at another position. A contract buyout next summer would cost the Rangers $3.5667 million next season and $1.067 million the following season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Staal will have to get into some games if the Blueshirts hope to drum up some interest in his services. He could agree to waive his NMC if a playoff contender comes calling this season. The Rangers would likely agree to pick up part of his cap hit rather than back a toxic contract or buying him out next summer.


THE SCORE: Josh Wegman cites NHL.com’s Michael Morreale reporting Taylor Hall’s agent will meet with New Jersey Devils GM Ray Shero at some point during the club’s upcoming Western Canada road trip. The two have spoken regularly but this will be their first face-to-face meeting since training camp.

Hall is slated to become an unrestricted free agent next summer. Wegman speculates Shero could trade Hall if he’s unable to re-sign him before the trade deadline.


  1. After getting hammered by Sens last night, Staal will likely be back in lineup tomorrow. There’s a reason he’s never really been in any rumors. He’s got a full nmc, and has no desire to leave NY. Quinn seemed almost apologetic about scratching him, and unless team totally commits to youth and scratches him regularly, he’s not going anywhere. There will always be some excuse to have him in lineup. More likely to get bought out in off season.

    • Good morning gentlemen

      Just a few things ..to try and keep an even keel here this morning as per some posts …

      #1) The content posted here is just a finger on a pulse of what is going on around the league and presented in the best fashion possible on Lyles behalf…I have been posting here for 7 years now …and I keep trying to HIGHLIGHT that this is a place to TALK hockey regardless of what the rumors are or where they come from …
      it should be a space that gives each of the posters here a platform WITHOUT retribution a space to converse and discuss ideas …and to join in a forum for a love of the game …

      Lyle is not a fortune teller and neither is the press gallery …

      substance and talk has to come from the people who visit here ….you don’t need to be a CAP GURU …to be here ..we are all just arm chair GMS anyways !!!
      and you dont need to BE RIGHT ALL THE TIME EITHER ….the space is for a platform to where hockey is a discussion and if one wants to express a trade scenario …they should be able to do so without being cursed at or told they are a moron …

      after watching a myriad of trades happen over the years now while on this site …it can be well assured that not all trades are even …and some are down right head shakers by the people who get paid the big bucks to make them …so if the pros are doing stupid things then anything can literally happen and does …

      As Brian Burke says all the time you’d be shocked at the anchor trade scenarios that get thrown at the GMS on a daily basis ..that are absolute jokes …just because we don’t hear of them doesn’t mean they don’t happen …so what gets posted here from fans that have wishes or desires to see there teams make a move for certain players may not be always be so far removed from the truth ….just enjoy the discussion and allow for people to give an idea and back it up with reason … If you really want to be shocked go through the past 10 years of multiple player deals and trades ….and see how crazy some are in hinsite ….and how they just have not panned out for most teams after 2 years …regardless of whether or not it was a quality trade on the opinion poll of posters here or not !


      • Hear, hear! Very well put. I’ve been following Spector’s hockey for more than 10 years, posting less than 10 times my self. I want to thank Lyle and all of you regular posters for both the information and amusing posts! I especially love the special banter among some of you and I hope it will never end. I also respect your knowledge, which mostly keeps me from posting. Who wants to look a fool 😉
        Keep up the good work, please!

      • Hey, DeeBee, never worry about “looking the fool.” We’ve all managed that at some point. Your opinions are as valid as anyone else’s. Please join us on a regular basis.

      • DeeBee, I protest your handle with every fibre of my soul.
        The real Deee

      • @Kal El: Well Said

  2. As per usual, there is nothing of substance here. When will this website deliver legitimate trade rumors, or details of player movement?
    It never happens. The moderator only talks about people with inflated salaries who likely can’t be moved due to salary cap restraints or no-trade-clauses.
    My point is, no one here knows anything.

    Disappointed in Las Vegas

    • Yo mamma.

      • He probably looks at blogs as the source of “legitimate rumors” … as for “player movement” if he’s talking about players going on IR or the repeated ups and downs of insignificant AHL yo-yos, he can get those at CapFriendly.

    • to be fair —i’ve read this site for 7 years daily—its the best information on nhl—other than friedman

    • Oh, your looking for the Psychic Sports Reporter!
      Let me know if you manage to track him down.

    • If you’re looking for insane , zero probability type trade rumors…. come back in an hour. They’ll be no shortage by then.

      By the way what the hell is a “legitimate trade rumor” isn’t that like “jumbo shrimp” “ act naturally “ “ clearly confused” etc?

      I’m taking it your favorite team doesn’t get mentioned enough?

      • HAHAHA

    • Perhaps you miss the point of this site.

      And just because its 10am, you’re in a casino, drunk, lost your shirt at poker table and the cocktail waitress keeps thwarting your cheeeezy advances is no reason to take it out on Lyle here

    • I don’t post often, but I read this page daily. Why? Because Lyle saves me hours of wading through “wishful thinking” sites and provides what insiders are hearing in a brief form. As for your contract assertion, just a couple of months ago, Lyle discounted rumors about Neal and Lucic possibly being traded because of their contracts and we all know how that turned out.
      So, either buzz off, actually contribute something, stop your whining or have Mommy change your diapers.

    • Regardless of whether you approve of the content on this site, Lou, I still appreciate your support. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

      I also appreciate the support of those who regularly visit and express their views in the comments section. You folks make it possible for me to do this on a daily basis. Cheers!

      • Cheers yourself Lyle! Sent from my local in Stockholm, Sweden.

      • I’ve been following this site since the early 2000’s. I rarely post but visit everyday. I love how all the juice is right here. I’m also entertained by the comment section by lifers here. Keep it up Lyle!

      • I rarely comment but have visited this site since the early 2000’s. I also enjoy the comments from the lifers here. Keep up the great work Lyle!

      • Thanks Lyle For Your Website: I learn stuff here from many of those who post here who are devoted hockey fans with info pertinent about many teams.

        I wish I could say I was as informed about as some of your posters but I do learn and I do appreciate their dedication but most of all, I appreciate that I too, can post with a certain amount of respect even though my knowledge base is not as great or as detailed as some of the other posters here but I do learn and thank you all, you too Lyle for the help

    • We know who played last night and the results of the game(s), We have players we like on our teams, players we like to see on our teams, players we like to see off our teams, we know the players who have the biggest cap hits and the player who brings the best value. We know all the players that have a large salary and or cap hit and is not performing close to the expectations and they are the players that are discussed in the rumour mill.
      As posters you are correct we don’t know anything about any trade and that is the same for Lyle; in fact they’re just a handful of insiders who may get a scoop but more often then not they generally don’t find out until a couple of hours before the actual trade happens.
      The only thing we know is some sports writer pandering or a headline of a scratch player that then leads to what this forum is Rumours and we all chime it.
      Don’t over think it, Lyle does a great job of summarizing many newspaper clip or over forums of social media so you don’t have to search or if you happen to find the link the Lyle posted interesting you can click on it to get more in depth reading.
      Enjoy it for what it is a, place where we come to give our opinion on all things hockey and remember on this site our motto is “unless you agree with my opinion, you are wrong.”

      • Yup. And most of us never argue here … we just explain why we’re right. As for me, I’m never wrong … just different levels of right 🙂

      • I was thinking I’ve never been wrong George, but then I remembered this one time when I thought I had made a mistake….

      • Keep on clickin’ Lou!!

        Been reading here daily for whats gotta be 10 years now, some posters are clueless here but not the sites owner/operator/all around good Guy…

    • There is no such thing as “legitimate rumours” just like there is no such thing as tall midgets and being a little bit pregnant. There is such a thing as dopey comments and you are a world champion in that department. If you don’t like this site you can stick to your professional wrestling “rumours” site that for some reason just seems more accurate to you. We won’t miss you.

  3. Agree with disappointed in Vegas.

    • Your solution is quite simple. Take a hike!

  4. With you on this one George, though would say it differently. I don’t want Lyle inventing rumours.If there are no rumours, there are none. Go to one of the hockey sites that encourage more speculation. They are (to my mind) often not worth reading precisely because of the invented rumours which are often juvenile.

    It is an open site. If you want to start a conversation on a player, potential trade, or management decision, I have found is to ask a question of fellow readers. You will usually get a thoughtful response. To me this one of the things, most enjoyable about this site.

    • LOL. Totally agree old blue dog. As for me, I would never have made a good diplomat. I’ve always believed in taking the direct approach and never to sugar-coat s*^t as I’m not Willy Wonka.

  5. Hey, as the only rare Canucks fan on here, I somewhat sympathize with that guy but whining about it isnt going to help. When there’s Vegas rumours, Lyle will post it by the reputable source, not an Eklund rumour.

    Do enjoy your day gentlemen

    • Yeah, I’m a Habs fan, and even though we get some decent media, we’re still not represented much in comparison to the big hitters (Leafs, Rangers). It’s an unfortunate part of the deal, but not Lyle’s doing!

      That said, what trade do the Canucks need at the moment?! What an unexpectedly great start for your boys!

      • The only one I can think of at the moment is the same one that’s been bandied about for months – Loui Eriksson, he of the $6 mil cap hit for 3 years (including this one) – a 34 y/o albatross frequent scratch with 5gp 0g 0a 0pts. The Bobby Ryan of the Western Conference who also has 3 years left (including this one) and an even bigger albatross at $7,250,000 per – although he does at least have 1g 3a 4pts in 11gp.

        But let’s face it, although their names pop up now and then in “trade rumors” the ONLY way will get moved is if the teams hold back significant cap space and the pots are really sweetened with picks/prospects.

      • Ha, yes, George! It’s not really a rumour, in that sense: “Canucks desperate to get rid of Eriksson” or “Sens would weep for joy if they could trade Bobby Ryan”.

        Unfortunately, there’s no real rumour as there are understandably no interested takers!

      • Sorry for late reply Paddy. Yes, there is definately a nice buzz in Vancouver. Its one thats been missing for a good period of time.

        Im sure as soon as Benning can figure a way to offload Loui, he will. Right now Loui on the 4th line isnt hurting us. At this point ppl need to disregard the 6m cap hit and look at him as a body.

        As to what we still need, I think they’re still figuring out what they’ve got. There seems to be a log jam of depth with Virtanen, Leivo, Ferland, Gaudette, etc, and Baertschi, Goldobin still in the minors.

        Finally for once they’re experiencing champagne problems

  6. Lou

    I can’t disagree with you more

    I love this site.

    Rumours becoming reality are rare but this site is excellent for information and a great forum for discussion

    There are times when many here see “eye to eye” on a topic; point; rumour; opinion

    There are more times with differing (and very passionate ) opinions

    There are posters here (as locals to their team) that provide insight that many others here were unaware of and are greatly appreciative of

    I know I learn from this site every day and enjoy participating here as perhaps my few eggs of knowledge/insight might inform others

    I truly believe that the sharing of information here and the banter exchange is greatly enjoyable

    Thank you Lyle for diligently providing this to us

    I enjoy the humourus exchanges here (I still say that Chrisms is the one liner and Pun king)

    I am in my late 50’s and learn from not only my elders here ((George, OBD) but from the many here much younger than I


    You don’t have to read this site as gospel; just read it as insightful and perhaps you will change your viewpoints

    I will leave you with a “rumour” that I would like to start and hopefully it will take hold and come to fruition….

    To Pens M Staal (50 % retained)

    To NYR : JJ (12%) retained; plus 4th rounder

    This year and next … Cap flip identical ; final two years JJ costs NYR $2.85 in Cap; Pens $0.4 M retained Cap



    • Ny isn’t going to dig themselves out of a hole by taking on more term. Zero chance they take on JJ for 4 years instead of Staal for 2.

      • Hi NY4Life


        Was hoping my “rumour” had traction


    • Cap flip identical? This trade has ny now paying JJ 5.7 instead of Staal (2.85 retained + 2.85 for JJ) for the next 2 years, and 2.85 for 2 additional years of JJ.

      Lmao. Wow, that’s creative! Where does Gorton sign up for that bargain? Not to mention all that plus that important 4th.

      Swing and a miss!

      • Didn’t really grasp that my 1st read.

      • Hi NY4Life

        You weren’t supposed to catch the “equal” part on NYR side…. dang …. was equal on Pens … LOL

        You can’t say I didn’t try 🤓

        Give me a counter offer

        I’m trying everything possible to get rid of JJ

        I’m open to trade suggestions

        How about this ….

        Both at 50 % retained

        Pens get Staal for 1.625 (Ret. JJ) and 2.85 (50% of Staal)… $4.475M

        NYR get JJ replacing Staal (who is at Cap of $5.7M) at a lesser hit; and get JJ fir $1.63M in final two years

        Since this nets NYR $1.23 M this year in Cap; I’d have to insist on Ruhweedel joining JJ and pulling the pick from the deal

        Can we shake on this good sir?

      • Pengy,

        There is no deal to be had here. This is still paying 4.75 per for 2 years and being stuck with him for 2 additional years after that…. at any cost.

        Ny already has a logjam of d-men and more coming. Miller , Rykov etc. this hinders ny, not helps clear cap space. Ny would be better off trading Staal with picks and or prospects with 50% retained (2.85) for 2 years then 5.7 clear year 3.

        I’ve come to terms with riding out Staal and Smith. Maybe it’s time you come to terms with the hard reality of…. there is no good out with JJ. It is what it is….

    • Well said Pengy.

      Here’s one: Kuraly to the press box for a spell.
      Studnika to the big club.

      • Kuraly has had a tough start offensively, can’t argue that. But he does get the toughest assignments which frees up the big line, especially when the B’s have the last change.
        Almost 2/3’s of his shifts start in the D zone and the chances for and against are pretty even when that line is on the ice.
        Not bad if you can do that with your 4th line.
        Not much glory in that role, but a valuable guy.

      • I’m big on him, Ray. Really I am. I love his speed and compete, but he’s been subject to turning the puck over in the D zone frequently.
        Simply can’t have that.

        He’s also the owner of a terrible pair of mitts, but his speed ofsets that

        I don’t want him banished. Just think he could benefit from watching one or two from up top.

      • Hi ShoreOrrPark and Ray B

        Yes slow start for Kuraly but I wouldn’t give up on him.

        To me there were more shifts last night where Kuraly was better than Coyle than visa versa

        Not much tweaking necessary right now for a team that is head and shoulders above competitors

        I stick with my call of outside chance that Bruins get Hall at TDL

        That , IMO , puts them at about 80% chance of returning to the SCF…. all depends on what they have to give up

      • Senyshen gets the call in place of Par Lindholm.

        I really hope he does well.

        That poor kids been eating crap since the B’s drafted him.

      • I’m not overly optimistic regarding Senyshen, but ya, hope he does well.
        Not his fault the B’s got too clever with that pick and passed on the guys the majority of scouts had rated higher. Who are thriving in the NHL.
        He can absolutely wheel, just hasn’t seemed to be able to turn that speed into production at the pro level.
        It will be interesting to see where they play him.

      • Welp, looks like Kuraly showed me.

        Wonder if he is a regular reader on here?

    • Well done Peng agee 10% about his site…Whoever Lou is well here’s a though go away delete you account..


      • ok that’s Pengy

        that agree
        that’s 10%

        computer key sticking sorry

  7. Anyone want to entertain a trade between Detroit and SJ? I’m not sure what SJ could give up without unraveling the whole sweater. AA in detroit could probably use a change of scenery. Maybe Milkman and a 5th for AA? It’s not a blockbuster trade but it helps Detroit in the two way game and gives SJ another potential goal scorer. Thoughts?

    • Hi JShark

      If you are referring to Melker as the Milkman then just from a selfish entertainment perspective I would ask that he stays …. just listening to the play by play guy lose it when the Karlsson triplets are on the ice at the same time in a Knights Sharks game ; is a spectacle and cracks me up…. 🙂

      • As a long time Sharks fan who found himself living in Vegas just in time to get in on the ground floor of another expansion team I 100% agree, fn hilarious.

    • Don’t know enough about Detroit to offer an opinion on that one, jshark, other than to say Yzerman is not one to sit on his hands for long. But, in general, here’s a sort of a thumbnail look at the greatest needs – and greatest strengths – which could soon generate deals, all based on averages so far

      Top 10 In Fewest Goals Allowed Per GP
      Ariz 2.1
      NYI 2.2
      Bos 2.2
      Van 2.4
      Ana 2.4
      Pitt 2.6
      Dal 2.6
      Car 2.7
      Buff 2.7
      Col 2.8

      Top 10 In Most Goals Allowed Per GP
      NJ 4.2
      L.A. 4.1
      Det 3.9
      Fla 3.9
      S.J. 3.7
      Clb 3.6
      Tor 3.5
      Minn 3.5
      Wpg 3.3
      Wash & St. L 3.1 (tied)

      Top 10 In Goals Scored Per GP
      Wash 4.0
      Nash 4.0
      Van 3.8
      Bos 3.7
      Fla & Mtl 3.6 (tied)
      Car & Tor 3.5 (tied)
      Pitt 3.4
      Veg 3.3

      Top 10 In Least Goals Scored Per GP So Far
      Det 2.1
      Dal 2.3
      Chi, Mnn, Clb, S.J. 2.4 (tied)
      L.A. 2.7
      Ott 2.8
      NJ 3.0
      NYR 3.1

      • Thanks George

        Taking your list; I looked at the top 10 worst GA and top 10 worst GF; and using those numbers— the averages of the differences are disconcerting:

        GF – GA:

        Det Avg. -1.8 …. that’s per game!

        LA -1.4; SJ -1.3; and NJ -1.2…. again averaging…. cause for concern

        Since LA, NJ and Det weren’t expected to be cup contenders this year; and the year is young— not a massive issue.

        However — SJ at 4-10-1 (9 points out of WC right now) and with the knowledge that (per TSN) only 2 teams in the last 40 years that were 6 or more points out of a playoff spot on December 1st; actually ended up making the playoffs …. then they are in a grave concern situation.

        9 out now…. if that grows to double digits by December 1st — (outside of George, you having a great day [lottery pick!!!])— then something dramatic MUST happen or they are basically kissing this year good-bye.

        Add to that …. by YE… almost a third of the cap spent on 3 Dmen who will be on the North side of 30 and all having at least 5 more years left on their contracts!!

        Jumbo Joe, EK and the Pickle — full NMCs

        Couture , Burns, Kane, Jones— 3 team trade list only

        So w/o any of those 7 waiving their rights…. only real options for a substantial return:

        Meier, Hertl, Dillon, *Leblanc

        *RFA in July at $1M — 5-4-9 (in 15 GP)

        Wilson needs to start making calls soon IMHO

      • Pengy, the team that’s looking good right now are the Caunucks – tied at th4th lowest in avg GA with Arizona at 2.4, but whereas Ariz does not appear on the Top 10 of teams with the most goals scored per game, Vancouver ranks 3rd.

        Now, following my own advice, I have to keep in mind that we’re still in Oct-Nov hockey and, just like last season, things can change dramatically once Dec rolls around and the game changes. I’ll look at this again on December 1 or thereabouts, including changes in fortune of any teams involved in trades between now and then.

      • As for SJ, can anyone tell me what was the point of putting Simek on IR yesterday and then activating him today?? Guy has to be the faster healer since Claude Lemieux (or MOST soccer players).

      • Now that’s an interesting list. Thnx

    • JSHark DET has cap space to try something with Buffalo rather than SJ. Not sure SJ has what Det may need going forward. DET has ton of $ tied upfront beyond their prime.

      Think something like this makes sense for each growing club.

      to BUF: AA

      to DET: Risto

      enough cap to make it work

      Detroit can always move Green & Daley sooner than later as well.

      • Id be ALL for that trade (AA for Risto)

        DET fan since ’91, we’d have to add a pick- wouldn’t we?