NHL Rumor Mill – November 7, 2019

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The latest Maple Leafs speculation plus an update on Josh Ho-Sang in today’s NHL rumor mill.


TORONTO STAR: Kevin McGran wonders what’s next on the trade front for the Maple Leafs. If they need to get something, and McGran feels a backup goaltender is a priority, they’ll have to move someone off their roster or from their AHL affiliate. General manager Kyle Dubas could be reluctant to trade any more draft picks after giving up his 2020 first-rounder to Carolina in June’s Patrick Marleau deal.

Is a reunion possible for Jason Spezza and the Ottawa Senators? (Photo via NHL Images)

McGran also points out Dubas will have to move a player or two or three to free up salary-cap space for Zach Hyman’s imminent return. Nic Petan was recalled into the lineup against the Los Angeles Kings. McGran suggests perhaps he was being showcased for a trade. He also wonders if Dubas “can package two or three of his spare parts and get something more meaningful than cap space back.”


SPECTOR’S NOTE: Dubas could put one or two players (like Jason Spezza) on waivers but one of them could be plucked away for nothing by another club. He could try to peddle Petan for a backup goalie but there might not be many decent options available right now. He could end up waiting until the New Year before the market improves.

Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman yesterday reported teams contacted the Leafs to see if they were willing to move a big contract. However, they want to evaluate their roster when it’s fully healthy before making any decisions on a larger move. I don’t see him moving one of his expensive players. A forward like Alexander Kerfoot, Kaspari Kapanen, and Andreas Johnsson will draw more interest and fetch a better return. They’re all signed beyond this season with reasonable annual average salaries.

Spezza’s been a good solider thus far but he’s been a frequent healthy scratch with the Leafs. The Senators are reportedly seeking another experienced forward. Maybe they’ll consider a reunion with Spezza. His contract (one-year, $700k) is affordable for the budget-conscious Sens.


SPECTOR’S NOTE: This has been your weekly Ho-Sang update. Tune in again next week for probably more of the same.


  1. “Maybe they’ll consider a reunion with Spezza. His contract (one-year, $700k) is affordable for the budget-conscious Sens. ”

    Thank you, but no. He already said no to a return here so that bridge has been burned.

    • Hi George

      I know that a Spezz return would have an “icky”/“yuk” feeling for many fans ….

      That said…. his mentorship AND at league min. AND costing no assets …. just might be a wise move

      If the fans and Dorian can get past the acrimony …. this would be a very very low risk with potential (leadership/mentoring/stabilizing) good return

      Worst case … and this is a huge long shot…it’s about $580 K (balance of year) for an AHL player…. a more likely investment is $580K for stability/mentorship and small possibility for a team giving a 6th or 7th to squire him as a depth centre (at TDL) for a cup run… and in that case Sens would be paying about $350 K (1/2 year) for that mentorship and leadership PLUS a 6th or 7th rounder

      For Spezza … great opportunity for him to shine …. Babcock treatment (to me) was horrific

      Finally…. just from a points perspective ….. even taking the crap use rate he has from Babcock and using the same minimal minutes …. 580 K from Sens buys 7G 23 A ——30 pts

      I realize your (and many Sens fans) reticence on the potential waive acquisition …. but it is something I would try

      Re Petan ….. if he’s waived I would think it has to be north of 90% probability that he gets picked up

      Re Leafs trade …. I’ll say it again … their window for a cup is NOT this year …. GMKD do not blow young/futures on ANY late 20’s+ UFA

      GMKD …. I know it is reported that you promised WW that you would never trade him … NOTE …. I can’t find any quote by you that actually says that (the most assertive I could find was “It is not my intention to trade William”….. set all that aside … pay his SB on 1/7/20 and then trade him for a early mid 20’s D (with term and less Cap) that is trending/projecting towards top 3

      Cheers 👍

      • Pengy, he knew all that when he was approached by Dorion when a UFA and decided he’d rather sign for minimum in Toronto and be a “mentor” there rather than work with the “lesser lights” among the Ottawa prospects. THAT was, in effect, the message sent.

        As I say, he’s burned his bridges here.

      • Thanks for the link George

        Ya I remember that

        I would still do it (for the reasons I listed)….. low risk low cost move with potential valuable returns

        I’d like him on Pens (I know Deee , BlackNGold et al will freek on that statement)…. but league min for a depth C

        Slower …. yep…. but league min for a depth D…. a fair CF this year …. at current rate (even with his low minutes) … projecting for another 30 points (just in remaking games)…. for league min???

        Just sayin’

        GMJR won’t do it though

      • Neither will Dorion.

      • Their cup window opens as soon as they chuck Babcock out of it.

      • I sign. This Sen fan opinikn differs as i dont fault a guy for wanting to play for his home town on a home town team thatv ooked quite promising.

        He isnt playing so that dream seems to have sailed. If i were him id try to go tk another team that can win a cup soon. Hiwever if he decides coming back to the team he started it all with and mentor the young guys here. He would be one that understands the Ottawa market and how its owner and fans respond to its stars.

        Sign him up. All pros no cons from what i can see. I dont begrudge him if he co tinues to chase a cup on more competitive teams.

    • George O let the kids figure it out themselves. They don’t need a 4th line mentor, taking away the kids ice time. Ottawa has nothing to prove this year just watch the lottery draft and hope the Ball(s) fall your way.

      • You got that right Caper. Nothing to be gained by bringing him back here. Besides, Pageau is veteran enough – and a pretty good face-off man to mentor the kids.

      • That worked so well in edmonton as they moved elite drafted forward after another out. With no mentorship.

      • What screwed Edmonton is paying no attention to their D and goaltending for so long. Ottawa has prospects galore in both cases. They DON’T need another old crock. As I say above, they have a veteran C presence in Pageau who is also damned good at faceoffs AND can skate and back check.

  2. Today it’s Ho-Sang … tomorrow it’ll be Puljujarvi. The question being, which one has the better chance at getting a new start with another NHL team this season?

    Hmmm. Let’s see. Puljujarvi has 11g 9a 20 pts and a +17 in 18 games with a Finnish league club showcasing himself. Ho-Sang, meanwhile, has zilch while working out in some rink in the Toronto area.

    Which one indeed!

    • Hi George

      The only plus JHS has over JP is that he is already under contract and that amount is known

      I don’t know the formulae but WW’s $7.0 M(rounded) AAV became $10.3 M for the Leafs last year (it rises from opening day until the last day it can be signed)…. not sure what JP will sign for this year if he does ; but I can’t see it being less than $1.5 M…. so the math escalator prob means North of $2.0 M (min.) so that limits available suitors

      I’m sensing a better than 50-50 odds that he stays in his homeland for 19/20…. racks up points; and credibility; for a better payoff in July

      Ed will get more in return next July IMHO

      • Pengy…what am i going to freak out about in your conversation with George O…????

      • Hi BlackNGold

        I was referring to my statement that I’d pick up Spezz from waivers to play on Pens …. Depth C at league min …. who has massive experience and can win draws…. waive Ruhweedel ; pick up Spezz …. no brainer for me

        Yes much slower and older; Pens getting younger and faster….. but again …. Spezz Ir Ruhweedel for same cap ….. for me … I’d do it EVERY time

        Sorry…. just my opinion

  3. Im curious as to what “Simmer” thinks Ottawa is going to pay to acquire Spezza. Always great of Toronto media to volunteer teams to take their trash. I hope Dorian charges Dubas a good pick to even accept a phone call

    • Hi Tyler

      Simmer is often confused

      Spezz will be picked up for “free” on waivers I believe

      If Petan goes to waivers … that should be a slam dunk pick up for free

      On Jets they just couldn’t find the right place for him and I think the size issue 5’9” /175 on the heavier/bigger Jets team was a partial barrier

      He’s likely s Cap casualty in Leafland

      He has great speed and potential and size is becoming less and less of an issue for NHL teams now

      I think he’ll get snapped up

      Close to league min with speed and potential …. for no assets given up????? There are teams struggling to produce ….. low risk low cost add for teams with space

      • @ PENGY

        1000% agree..he will get snatched up …

        I think Petan would look great in Edmonton on the 3rd 4th line and maybe slip him in on the power play when double shifting McD and Draisatil…2nd unit !
        ….IMO …

      • The Leafs just put both Marincin and Petan on waivers. Be interesting to see if either gets plucked and by whom

      • The Sens also activated White from the IR and sent him to Belleville for a conditioning stint.

      • pengy….Gotcha not a bad move Spezza can score would add depth especially for the playoffs.

        Big win last night vs the islanders…this might be the game to get them going…

  4. Havnt seen any mention of trade last night between Blues and Wings. Fabbri for DeLaRose

    • Hi Slick

      It’s on Lyle’s morning coffee section…. both will benefit from change … identical caps ; both RFA next July … JDL 1 year older

      Big diff …. JDL is 5” talker and 27 lbs heavier … StL …. already a big team…. just got bigger

      • Thanks Pengy. Saw it.


        1.Chris Kreider NYRangers
        2. Taylor Hall New Jersey
        3. Marco Scandella Buffalo
        4. Andrea Anthanasiou Detroit
        5. T.j. Brodie Calgary
        6. Jason Zucker Minnesota

        Or one player that you think would work…

    • @ Slick …

      I agree …100%

      Yzerman has just plucked Fabri and Perlini away for peanuts …

      Yesterday …. PRE TRADE ….I posted that I thought a great trade partner right now with the Preds was the Wings for Turris ….

      I really think that they way Yzerman is going and to build with a more youthful but EXPERIENCED style team …Turris would be a great fit on the 2nd line center to bolster and give depth to that position with quality experienced player …there really is no where else in the league you can get a player with that many games under his belt from a team that is looking to unload a contract that fits perfect into the Wings scenario at a cost that is concrete for the next 4 – 5 years and take age into consideration ..he is always pretty healthy as well!
      R N H would be my comparable but hes not going any where right now …and if you can get the Preds to throw in Eeli Tolvanen to unload the Turris contract it could make better sense for Yzerman to make that deal !


  5. Leafs should make a big deal right now, not Feb when it is too late to knit newcomers into the team. Get a deal for WN and for spare parts, in return for a d-man like Pesce or maybe a forward and d from Kings?

    • Hi Jon

      I’ve advocated for a move like that for a long time … that trade more likely on July 2nd now


  6. Sorry, just saw in morning coffee headlines. Fabbri another guy who hasn’t had a great start to career. Maybe Detroit looks to add Puljujarvi as well? Hosang?

    • “He already said no to a return here so that bridge has been burned.”

      Sure, but if he’s waived he doesn’t have a choice, unless he simply retires.

      • I assume you’re talking about Spezza and, yes, if he’s waived and claimed he doesn’t have a choice if he wants to continue his career. But it won’t be a claim by Ottawa. By “burning his bridges” I mean he’s already thumbed his nose at Dorion’s early offer and clearly didn’t want to return here so why would Dorion then turn around and bring in someone like that?

      • Spite?

  7. JHS will not touch the ice for the Isles or BST. The Isles are devastated by injuries and illness right now and they have the next man up mentality. If JHS hasn’t touched the ice in these conditions, especially to backfill those being called up, he never will. BST only won their 2nd game this past weekend and could no doubt use him but I think the horse is out of the barn. Either he trains and is brought directly to the NYI in an extreme circumstance (not going to happen) or IMO will be released as we approach the New Year. He will have zero value at the trade deadline as a rental with little to no real ice time. If anything I see the Isles releasing him to break his contract and let him go to Europe.

  8. I think Nylander will be the forward traded for a defence man next summer. And, further, he will know it’s coming. He has all season to become so good that Toronto cannot think of trading him – so far, not so good.
    Sounds like Zach Hyman’s worth at least a couple of current Leafs – ironic.

    • @ BC Leaf Fan

      Fellow die hard Leaf fan here …..I dont think that the leafs can wait until next year to pull the trigger on a serious deal here …it needs to be done ASAP ….
      they do not look right at all this year and Boston is on fire …..they are going no where with this Roster unless the size up …….they will be a desperate team for a wild card spot at this rate …IMO ….Dubas has to unload Nylander …the leafs need a BIGGER STRONGER power forward on that line …they do not intimidate ANY team at this point …

      Dubas also wants a player that has concrete term in that deal back …that is a troubling aspect of any deal that the leafs need to make which makes any deal harder and limits them to a smaller pool of willing teams and players in a return….BUT …a UFA player may be the way to go in a Nylnader deal …Toffoli, Hoffman or Krieder scenario ..not sure if that is worth the risk or not ..may have to ask for a sign a trade type deal .

      If I had a wish for a trade ..Id really like to get Alex Tuch out of Vegas for Nylander straight up …however Ive been told to keep dreaming from other posters here on that one …LOL …oh well…


  9. This is one frustrated Leaf fan….

    Not because of the slow start….not because of the chance they may not make the play offs….not because as a whole they will probably and rightfully regress this year…..

    But because they turned over management control of a large organization to a man too young…too inexperienced for the job…

    He doesn’t seem to see the obvious just the complicated. He does not have the experience that gives insight and creates foresight….He is making the learning experience errors in real time….He will learn from them and the next organization that hires will benefit from these errors while the Leafs will suffer their effects.

    His lack of experience showed when he did not use the power he had when dealing with his RFAs…He negotiated with them as if they had power,as if they agents were credible. Experience would have said, this my one chance to form the mould.

    He was to inexperienced to see the fulcrum point when Nylander was sitting out.That was a gift from the Gods and he was too experienced to see it. Instead of flying to Europe, he should have waited for Nylander to come to him. And then broke him down left to deal on terms that would have served the Leafs well. Anyone remember how . Anyone remember how Yzerman treated Drouin before he traded him for a better player at a more important position. The precedent was there for you Kyle if had the experience to study history instead of statistics.

    And worse than that, unless he trades one or two of those big contacts he will be so tight against the cap, he will have no freedom to enact any decision he may need to make in the future.

    He has made good moves….Tavarres being the obvious one, the Kapanen and AJ contracts aren’t bad, getting rid of Zaitsev and Marleau contracts were necessary…but if he holds tight to not trading any of Nylander, Marner , or Matthews for at least one dominant D and some smothering strength by lower paid forwards this team won’t win

    I have been watching this league for over 50 years and sure there are times when speed beats strength….but it has to speed that can endure pain without whimpering. The league at it’s core is a power and strength league, played by hard men. If you whimper in that league ( like AJ, Nylander and Matthews sometimes do) you just get a double dose of whatever made you whimper. In a league of men,Dubas has signed a bunch of boys to long term contracts. The chances of all of them manning up in the next 2 to 3 years is low.

    Shanahan in his first or second press conference after getting the job said something like ” We need to create a band of warriors”. Then he put Dubas The Statisticsman in charge and let that warrior Hunter go. Strategic error Shanny.

    With all of that, this frustrated Leaf fan does not think all is lost. The assets are there. Trades can be made.

    But fundamental changes are needed. The necessary changes have nothing to do with dime a dozen players like Petan, Gauthier, Spezza, Timoshov, Moore etc etc but need to involve Matthews, Marner, Nylander, Babcock maybe even Rielly.

    Sorry for the lengthy piece, but this a frustrated Leaf fan who can forsee the firing of Babcock made to seem like a panacea when it is just one fundamental decision of 3 or 4 that are necessary.

    I doubt Dubas is the man for any of this.

      • Thanks Kal-El….just looked up the U tube….won’t name the writer/singer….let others looks it up….it is worth the effort….I saw him first as a poet on the UBC campus in the early 70’s….maybe 25 people in the audience and we all went to a house party with him after…different era….

        For maybe 30 years have been going to a cabin in the woods once a month with a group of friends to sing and play guitar, we are old ex hippies and often sing his songs …we do it badly but with pleasure and laughs..

        Interesting selection by you

      • I figured you would get it !!

        LOL ..awesome !!

        Thanks !

    • They tried the “young” approach before with Gord Stellick who was 31 when he took over in 1988 (Dubas was 2 years OLDER when he too over). That didn’t pan out too well either.

      • George, you must remember who was Gord Stellick’s boss back then. Unfair comparison.

      • Oh I realize that BCLeafFan. We have a similar type owner here in Ottawa and it can’t be easy working under those conditions.

        But Stellick had the 6th overall pick at his initial draft in 1988 and took Scott Pearson who would up playing a total of 292 NHL games while scoring 52 goals and 46 assists for 98 points. After him Martin Gelinas, Jeremy Roenick, Rod Brind’Amour and Teemu Selanne went 7th. 8th, 9th and 10th and each wound up playing at least 1,259 games in the NHL and totalled a combined 4,400 points! Pearson? He accumulated all of 98 points in 292 gp for his career. Oh yeah, and a guy named Alex Mogilny went 89th in the 5th round, while Tony Amonte, Mark Recchi and Rob Blake went in the 4th round. Meanwhile, Stellick was busy drafting goon Tie Domi 27th in the 2nd round, Peter Ing 48th in round 3, Ted Crowley 69th in round 4 (Blake went 70th), and Len Esua 86th.

        The next year Stellick used the 3rd overall pick to take Scott Thornton. Right after him went Stu Barnes and Bill Guerin while Bobby Holik, Mike Sillinger and Olaf Kolzig also were drafted later in that round. At the top of the 2nd round was Adam Foote and Nick Lidstrom lasted to the 3rd round, with the Leafs having traded away their pick in the 3nd and 3rd. Sergei Fedorov was a 4th round pick at # 74 after the Leafs used pick 66 to take someone named Matt Martin, Pavel Bure last to the 6th round # 113) after the Leahs had taken Keith Carney 96th and Dave Burke 108th, then took Mike Doers 125th, Keither Merkler 129th, Derek Langille 150th, and Jeff St. Laurent 171st. Meanwile Donald Audette, who would up playing 735 games in the NHL, went 183rd to Buffalo.

        Yes, I know a lot of other teams also missed out on thos guys, but very few of them, if any, were as consistently bad as Stellick in trusting his scouting staff through two drafts. And I doubt Ballard was there prodding the picks. In fact, those performances probably went a long way to his dismissal.

      • Actually, now as I recall, he wasn’t dismissed – he quit. But probably did so because he knew he would soon be canned anyway.

    • I hate to say this and not ment as a trolling post, but this Leafs roster reminds me of the Oilers 2013/14 roster. The only difference is the that the Leafs big three in Matthews, Tavares, and Marner are better than the Oilers big three then in Hall, Eberle, and Nuge. They both seem to have been built with a lot of the same type of players but lack the tough grinding workhorse players that teams need.
      The Leafs also have a better top 4 defence, although they both are missing a couple of those d-man that make life tough for the opposition in front of their own net. Is there a coincidence that Marincin is part of both rosters?
      FYI – be careful what you wish for when trading top 6 forwards. Eberle for Strome. IMO this was the trade that really hurt the Oilers over the Hall for Larsson trade.

    • Ok boomer

      • Haha

  10. What about Hornqvist back to the Preds for Turris with Nashville eating $700k to even it out.

    • To what end for both teams?

      • Bjugstad has been mentioned in a lot of trade rumors so the Pens would need another 3c. The Pens also have a surplus of wingers now so I thought it could work. The Preds are not going to be able to unload Turris without taking back a similar contract. I’m sure he would have been dealt by now if that wasn’t the case.

      • Hi SJF928

        The trade proposal is not way out there…. a tweak plus from Nsh would HAVE to come

        First off Horny holds cards with NTC

        Also, Horny is a fan fav and a great Sh#%*T disturber in front of the net

        The straight up trade (with the retained Sal u proposed) basically has a 32 year old top 9 (often top 6 ) winger traded for a 30 year old 3C

        As you said …. that flip plus a Bjugstaad out for a winger …, has Pens gaining (short term)

        Horny 5-5-10 compared to 4-4-8…. season young ; not a big diff

        The big diff is ‘23/‘24 when Horny contract already over; Pens on hook for $6M Cap for 34 year old Turris

        Again … all moot if Horny declines (and he’d have to be asked to waive first …. again unlikely)…. but if all went down …. Nsh would have to sweeten the deal due to Turris’ final year on contract… one could argue that in 4 years Pens more than likely be in re-tool/re-build mode

        Heh …. if I could waive a magic wand :

        Turris (retained $’s as stated) and Trenin

        for Horny


        2) Bjug to Minn for Soussy and Dewar

        3) waive/burry JJ and Ruhweedel




        Marino / Soussy


        3C is Turris


        Above # 1 net zero

        Above # 2 net extra $3.35 M in Cap

        Above # 3 net extra $1.78 M in Cap

        That would put Pens at basically $8M in Cap space…. and two extra prospects in Dewar and Tenin

        Tenin , Rust , 1st …. for Hall…. leaving still around $5M in Cap space

        Sid Guentz Simon

        Geno G-Chuck Hall

        *Turris *McC Tanev or Kahun

        Bleuger ZAR Tanev or Kahun


        *interchangeable 3C’s who can in a pinch move up if Sid or Gino get injured

        Of course that is a pie in the sky dream magic wand with massive moving parts

        …. but it’s snowing, dreary; and my client’s flight is delayed ….. so just day-dreaming


  11. @ Old Blue. I get your frustration, But I do not lay all of the blame with Dubas. He has done a lot of heavy lifting as you yourself noted, but there is more required. And I agree that the depth guys are not the biggest issue to deal with, as I think they have assembled a good group there. We know that Hyman Tavares and Marner click, and they have not had a chance to even all play together yet. We know the Matthews line can produce, when they want to. The third line, even without Kapanen off it early in the season can be a game changer, which has shown me that Kerfoot seems to be able to play with anybody and get the job done. The fourth interchangeable line needs to get settled so they can build some real chemistry with each other.

    I think the expendable forward piece is Johnsson, not Nylander. I think Matthews made it known to management how important it was to play with WN. Supposedly in the past he was not keen on playing with Hyman, and we see that did not continue. I think Johnnson could be replaced by one of Miykayev, or Moore or even Petan. The third line could be one of Mihkayev/Moore/ Petan and Kerfoot and Kapanen. And for the fourth Line I would like to see whichever of those guys who are leftover, play LW with Spezza and the Goat, cause lets face it, he is not going anywhere. I think the forwards need that veteran presence and when Spezza is given ice and opportunity he can contribute. On the back end, there is a lot I like about Ceci’s game but he and Reilly seem to be on the wrong end of a lot of goals, and while I get that they play a lot of the top lines, they just dont seem comfortable together. Barrie has a whole other level but maybe its not here. I have always believed there are some players who thrive only in the east, or only in the west, maybe he is one. So the point is perhaps Johnnson and one of those 2 D are two of the the parts that collectively or with something else get you a top pairing stay at home Defenseman with some grit who can Penalty Kill and a more trusted backup goalie. I will let everyone else play armchair GM with that. I do not think this is the year for the finals according to the Shanaplan. I think this year is one of the final prep years, to get the core under contract, let them get through any time needed to adjust to their big contracts, push the cap tight to take make the best of all the advantages that gives, and have some depth players that you can test out and possibly extend later. Just my opinion. Go leafs Go!

    • @ Murph & Old Blue Dog

      We can dissect every little nit picking player …the obvious and in short is that this team is getting PUSHED around and outplayed nightly …regardless of the score …or win.

      If you look at Bostons players …they play a COMPLETE game 4 lines deep …their best players bump and grind for pucks ..out muscle and out perform the other teams top lines by will and determination and allow for the natural abilities to come through when they get that chance to bury the opponent !

      Leafs do not dictate play …overwhelm or fight for 50 / 50 pucks ….and I think its an absolute DISGRACE that NOT one player has taken it upon themselves to stick up for another player when taken advantage of !!!
      This is not a team that is going very far …TOGETHER !
      If the Kerfoot hit was not a rallying cry and carter gets to walk off into the sunset after that hit …this team is in for a LONG SEASON!!

  12. In general I agree…but ask anybody, including Kerfoot and they say the hit was clean. I hat when teams go after players on a clean hit. Dirty hits, thats another thing altogether. Somehow the big, skilled and tough players seem to elude the Leafs. Right now Leafs are taking more (lazy) penalties thean they are drawing.

  13. A non leaf fan perspective. Toronto has all the offense it needs can play an up tempo game but may not win a series playing while trading chances.
    Looking in a see a dynamic offense team, that lacks team toughness and any kind of defensive structure. The need to play a different game defensively and have the forward commit to a different style when they don’t have puck possession.
    I think trading Kadri was a big mistake, he loved playing in Toronto added offense and grit, but the other big ingredient he brought that is being missed the most, was he could shutdown the other teams top line. Maybe i’m bias although i’m a bruins fan i’m a huge Kadri fan and that’s is because he is the full package.
    Personally I think Toronto would’ve been sending Nylander in that deal and not Kadri and that would’ve saved Toronto another $1.6m in cap space to do a little more.

    • Good summary, Caper, I think Zach Hyman will help a lot and John Tavares, healthy, will stabilize the lines.
      Special teams are mediocre at best and they need to stop with the stupid penalties.
      How far they go depends on how willing the top players are to play the 200 foot game. It’s time for the yòung guns to grow up.
      Oh, and they need a good backup goaltender.

  14. Good points Caper, but 2 years in a row Kadri failed the team when it needed him the most. I loved Naz, but discipline is critical. We can say the Refs put away the whistles in the playoffs, but they cannot not call what Kadri did the last two plaoff series. we need a few Kadri’s with discipline.

    • Murph , Caper, Kal El, OBD,

      Leafs need grit/P%%%ss & Vinegar; and size; and definitely need to get better on the back end

      Anybody think GMKD can get Jarmo drunk on Laaka and/or Sima and trade

      WW, Holl , Barrie for

      Josh A; Boone & Savard

      Tee-heee 😎

      BTW …. no I’m not imbibing …. client flight delayed and I’m day-dreaming

      • Hey Pengy

        Saw some rumors linking the Pens with Fiala. Maybe Bjugstad for Fiala straight up?

      • Hi SJF928

        Hadn’t heard that


        Methinks that Minn would have to give up more….

        It does benefit Pens in Cap but Fiala struggling AND Bjug is a centre ; with the added feature of being much much bigger …. 8” and 20 lbs AND a “home-town” boy

        If they would only do

        Bjug and JJ


        Fiala and Soussy 🤞🙏😁

  15. Wow! Good thing there was no internet in the 80’s. Let’s remember that the teams that come out on fire at the beginning of the season usually fade.
    The Leafs still don’t have their official roster on the ice. Yet trade this guy, fire that guy. Relax! Yes the Leafs could use some toughness and a back up goalie, indeed. However, Matthews, Marner, Tavares and Reilly, them are some very good players. Let’s wait and see. Did I mention the Blues sucked last year, got hot in January and we know how that story ended.

  16. At my age patience is not a virtue it is a luxury. How credible are the follwing

    Travis Harmonic with a + for ….Tyson Barrie…

    logic both are UFAs next year….Leafs have to many offensive ( pun intended) …Calgary needs more offense

    Kaponen for Adam Larson….

    logic….Oilers have done well this year on the back end without Larson and have a good reserve of young D on the books….not many players can skate with McDavid….Kapanen can…maybe open the potential of Draistle and McDavid each leading a line….which I think will have to come if the Oilers are to move ahead…Leafs need D oriented D men….not the figure skating D men they currently have