Struggling Blackhawks Have Fascinating Future

by | Nov 9, 2019 | News, NHL | 3 comments



  1. “Although the San Jose Sharks are struggling this year, in many ways they are the perfect example of a well-managed club that hasn’t won it all yet, but that does things the right way and is a playoff contender far more often than not.”

    So, ’tis better to be a perpetual bridesmaid but never the bride??

    I suppose if, as a fan, you’re prepared to wait 52 years for that big moment (assuming you’re still alive) then that is “the right way.”

    • The Sharks are a team that had the talent and the opportunities to win a Cup in the last decade. They had the Kings down 3 – 0 in 2014, but collapsed. I can’t think of another team that was so consistently a legitimate contender for so long that didn’t win it all.

      That isn’t the fault of management, George. All a GM can do is put the talent in place – and Doug Wilson assembled a roster that could – and should – have won the Cup at least once.

  2. Really good article Lyle! I enjoyed reading every sentence. I always enjoy hearing about the poor OLD chicago team.
    Seabrook is just one of the many over rated players who under perform. I enjoy every article saying he’s a health scratch again – pays for all those years of hearing how great an average defenseman was on a good team.
    The other side of the coin is I don’t think it will be intriguing as hell watching the chicago team try to have their team resurrected from the bottom of the standings. I DO think it will be enjoyable watching them finish out of the playoffs AGAIN – just can’t seem to get enough of that.
    Hopfully they won’t tank it this year and go for the #1 overall pick with a 31st finish in the league.