Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – November 10, 2019

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The latest Taylor Hall speculation plus an update on Jason Spezza in the Sunday NHL rumor roundup.


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman considers it unlikely the New Jersey Devils will get Taylor Hall re-signed during this season. While the two sides met recently in Calgary, Hall’s agent Darren Ferris has a history of telling his clients to wait until as late as possible to determine their true market value. Friedman feels it’s up to Devils general manager Ray Shero to decide on his club’s course of action.

It’s looking unlikely Taylor Hall will re-sign with the New Jersey Devils during this season (Photo via NHL Images).

Friedman’s colleague Rory Boylen recently listed eight NHL teams that Hall could conceivably sign with by next July. The Devils are on that list but Boylen suggests their slow start could jeopardize their chances of re-signing him.

Boyle believes the Colorado Avalanche have the salary-cap space to sign Hall to a big contract. He also included Hall’s former club, the Edmonton Oilers, on this list but considers his return to Edmonton a long shot. He also wonders if the Vancouver Canucks, Calgary Flames, San Jose Sharks, Florida Panthers, and Pittsburgh Penguins could be landing spots for Hall.

COLORADO HOCKEY NOW: Adrian Dater examined the pros and cons of the Avalanche acquiring Hall near the trade deadline as a playoff rental. Acquiring him could be expensive. Dater speculates the asking price could be “Tyson Jost/J.T. Compher/Nikita Zadorov/all of the above, plus a first-round-pick and maybe another pick.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hall’s name will remain a fixture in this season’s rumor mill if his camp is determined to wait until June to evaluate his free-agent value. Money won’t be an issue for the Devils. With over $57 million invested in 14 players, they can afford to re-sign Hall to an expensive new contract. I believe it boils down to whether he believes the Devils will provide him the best chance to play for a Stanley Cup contender. In the short term, there’s no indication they’re heading in that direction.

Hall’s only made one postseason appearance in his career. Approaching his 28th birthday, he’s at the stage in his career where he might be unwilling to wait on a rebuilding team for that opportunity.

Shero will set a high asking price if he shops Hall before the trade deadline. Interested parties will attempt to wait him out in hopes he’ll drop that price as the deadline nears.

The Avalanche could express interest but it’ll depend upon where they are in the standings and how long top-line forwards Mikko Rantanen and Gabriel Landeskog remain sidelined. They do have the cap space to re-sign him but must consider how that could affect efforts to re-sign some key players within the next two or three seasons.


SPORTSNET: Chris Johnston reports the Toronto Maple Leafs have to clear a roster spot to activate Zach Hyman this week. It appears center Jason Spezza could be the odd man out.

Spezza’s missed three straight games as a healthy scratch (nine overall so far this season). Johnston said Leafs GM Kyle Dubas and coach Mike Babcock have had a constant dialogue with the veteran center.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Johnston also suggested that situation could change if Mitch Marner is sidelined for any length of time. Marner left last night’s game against Philadelphia with an apparent ankle injury. No word yet as to his status. If Marner is ok, the Leafs could place Spezza on waivers or attempt to trade him.


  1. Agree with Lyle that Devils have no problem paying Hall. I don’t see Halls agents history of going to free agency to max out value being reason he doesn’t sign in season as much as where he wants to play. I don’t think Devils can chance getting nothing back like Isles did with Tavares. Having 2 top picks from last 3 drafts is a nice start to building a nice core. With a few aging vets also hitting free agency, they’re better off trading Hall. I get impression that NJ is not where he wants to spend rest of career.

    • It Has worked out great for the isles since Tavares left, you have to wonder if there was some dressing room problems with him they look like a different team

      • Isles have done well. Wouldn’t have hurt to add a few more picks or prospects

      • You must give Lou and Trotz the credit for keeping the NYI out of trouble when JT split. Lou brought Trotz in and placed a system of us not me into place. Also, the accountability of each player was now going to be a focal point.
        So yes, it worked out, but where would the NYI be if the management/ coach were the same, as before?

    • DEVILS – Hall – ……Preds – Hall

      This to me has all the hallmarks of a David Poile situation and trade …Poile is the best in the BIZ by FAR!

      Even with the AMAZING team that the Preds have right now they still have $3.5 million in cap space… UNREAL!!

      Poile always goes BIG and this seems very likely to me as a deal could get done and Hall even sign afterwards as they have a great core team with Duchene at Center long term !

      Just spit balling here …but what about




      This helps both teams …Preds need room for Josi next year …they have some UFAs they can let go of
      ( Grandlund ) that can help them sign Hall after the season plus they move out Ellis at $6.5 for 7 years …between Grandlund and Ellis thats about $12 million in savings plus another $6 million in Turris out so that about $18 million out …

      sign Hall at $10 – 11 million AAV along with Butcher at $3 million on the books for 3 years …thats only $14 million in…Preds will save $4 million in the trade …Bonino is a UFa they will save another $5 million by years end…

      Devils get an upgrade in Ellis on the Power play and a puck mover out of zone for Hughes and Hischier on the rush …deeply needed on the Devils team …they dont have a puck mover …and need one bad!

      ..Turris is a more rounder player than Zacha to ground the 2nd line Center allowing Hughes to play 3rd line center and take his time learning .. Turris can take preasure off both those guys Hischier …
      insert Toivanen who has an amazing shot on the wing and is very young to play wing with Hughes long term !
      Devils are a young team can grow together still.

      Just some thoughts for a Sunday afternoon…LOL

      Cheers…… have a good day

      • Poile didn’t like giving Josi 9 million he isn’t giving hall 11

      • There are maybe 3 players in the world I would trade Tolvanen for and none of them are available. Butcher is a younger version of Ellis as well.

      • @Kal El – What’s so amazing about the Predators? They’re tied for 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th place with 21 points in the west – hardly amazing.
        If Nashville is amazing, then I guess Van, Win, Vegas, Pit, Montreal and Fla are equally amazing since all have 21 points?

  2. Admittedly don’t see a lot of Leaf hockey, but why Spezza is odd man out instead of Shore is surprising. Spezza provides more offense and “veteran presence”.

    • Its aimlly because his roll on the bottom line is defensive and shore is ciewed vetter in that area.

  3. I don’t see the Avs as a great fit. He would play second line and would significantly disrupt their salary structure to resign him.

    As a rental maybe but not at the cost suggested (another team may pay closer to that amount).

    • Would he not be a nice fill in for Landeskog? Would Av’s consider trading him in off season? Maybe part of deal for Hall?

    • I think Hall be a great fit in Colorado, they would have line 1a and line 1b but I agree the cost be to much this season. If the Av’s could fit it in next season, they be contenders.

    • Agreed. The Avs make no sense as a trade partner. Adrian Dater is way off on compensation. As a rental, I’d be willing to give up Jost for Hall … maybe. Taylor Hall was a first overall pick and I think that’s why a lot of people still view him so highly. He never managed more than 27 goals on that fast, offense-first Edmonton ice. He had one really great season in the swamp, but other than that, has struggled to be even a point-per-game guy. That’s not the sort of rental you give up Compher and Zadorov for.

  4. Love to see Hall in San Jose, but seems like a long shot. Not willing to move Hertl or Meier, so Burns, Lebanc and a 3rd? Meh… Don’t think that would go over with rest of the fan base. Nm.

    • Would NJ accept

      to NJ: Tiffoli & Iaffalo plus conditional 1st (if Hall resigns)

      to LA: Hall & McLeod

      • No!!!

      • As an LA fan, what are you smoking? I think you could trade the entire LA roster minus Kopitar and you wouldn’t equal Hall.

    • hmmm…. why not package Lebanc and Dillon with whatever picks for Hall in a “win now” scenario? intriguing Sharks fans.

      • trading Lebanc would look terrible after the contract he signed for the team

  5. I’m going to guess Hall ends up in LA, NYR, or Montreal.

    • Not if, as some suggest, he wants a legitimate shot at the Cup. None among those teams will be serious contenders in the near future.

    • The Canadiens are a legit 1C and a defenseman away from being a serious contender.

      The Rangers are 3 years away, if they stay the course and keep doing what they’re doing.

      I’ll concede the Kings, but changes can come quickly.

      I honestly don’t know if he cares about winning a cup as much as winning at the bank.

      I also think many of these kids feel the same way. It’s a different generation.

      I might be wrong, but I’m only guessing.

      I really wanted the B’s to peruse him, but I’ve since changed my stance on that.

      • I don’t want him on the B’s either shoreorrpark. IMO Hall should stop blaming the organization he is in and start leading. If you are going to have a guy eating $10M of your cap it can’t be everybody else’s responsibility. It should be his as well.
        Enough poor me and pouting, and start being part of the solution.
        Hard pass on Hall for that $$.

      • That seems to sum him up pretty well Ray. As for the Habs being “a legit 1C and a defenseman away from being a serious contender” … well, I’m about a million dollars away from being a legit millionaire. 1Cs and top D don’t fall in your lap without considerable cost and drafting one requires either a lot of luck with your picks or finishing near the bottom and getting either a # 1 or at least a top 3/4 pick when one is available in a deep draft. Like the one coming which, unfortunately does not go deep enough for a bubble team.

      • Fair enough, George.
        It’s just that I consider Montreal to have most of the pieces in place already.
        Elite goalie, top tier defender, a host of high end wingers who play the right way, and some excellent young centers.
        They only need a 1C
        (I also believe the Finn just might be it)and some defensive depth.
        Difficult to acquire?
        It’s way easier to be optimistic, than not.

  6. Hall will end upin Toronto…..

    A) Because Evvvvvvrybody wants to play for the Leafs

    B) Because he can take less money for the privledge of wearing a Leaf jersey. You know, less money like Austin Matthews, Mitch Marner, Nylander and Johnny its not about the money Tavares took.

    C) He knows signing in Toronto means he will still have his entire spring and summer free for vacations and golf.

  7. I think Hall will go for the dough. Last long term deal . That might be in fact the Devils if he rides it out.
    He is quick and a right winger. Checks a lot of boxes for a lot of teams . A good fit for Calgary if they can make dollars work. Frolik clears $4.3 maybe add Kylington a first a third . It would still take another good piece.

  8. Another one of the 50 million dollar stubborn coach’s targets. For some reason once Babcock doesn’t like you, you get put in the doghouse. Tough guy. But he won’t bench the millennial twins Nylander who plays like he does yoga in between periods, and Kapanen who is all over the place and accomplishes nothing. Those guys don’t get benched. They get rewarded.

    Spezza is a classy person. He’s done everything that’s asked of him, he continues to be disrespected by the coach.

    When Ovechkin talked about the Leafs work ethic he agreed with him, embarrassing himself and his own team in the process. When Sparks did it, he was an outcast.

    It’s clear that changing half the roster and the assistant coaches did little to change this teams work ethic.

    Am needs more grit, passion, work ethic, pride, and a coach that can bring that out of his team.

  9. Babcock cannot be the coach of this team if they want to get out of their current plight. They are only playing parts of games, the back-up situation is evidence that Babs cannot adjust or alter his tactics-and virtually every game the Leafs have played is evidence of lack of defensive structure. They rely on individual efforts, not team play and that is coaching!